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Summer Classic, Cannock Chase

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Male: Shortened 2 Fat Bike  Spread

2 competitors found

Male: Shortened 2 Fun  Spread

71 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Diff
1st287Tim BISHOP 155:55.01-
2nd182Andrew DOWNING 158:00.022:05.0
3rd217Darren TIPPER Team strap on (Tso)158:34.032:39.0
4th135Tony CLARE Banbury MTB Riders - Ales 'n' Trails159:18.043:23.0
5th207James COOPER (opn) 11h00:06.054:11.0
6th276Gavin HAMILTON (opn) Lichfield CCC11h00:08.064:13.0
7th281Nick POWELL 11h02:05.076:10.0
8th300Sander GREVING 11h02:17.086:22.0
9th224Julian HAMMOND Urban foxs11h02:36.096:41.0
10th259Martin LESTER Huffers & Puffers11h03:05.0107:10.0
11th148Dave HIATT Run & Ride11h03:35.0117:40.0
12th1290Andy O'NEILL 11h04:11.0128:16.0
13th291Dave MARTIN Run & Ride11h04:40.0138:45.0
14th254Dan COOKE #TeamAwesome11h05:36.0149:41.0
15th240Karl ADAMS 11h06:00.01510:05.0
16th292Paul TOMKINSON 11h06:01.01610:06.0
17th278Tim WARRENDER 11h06:20.01710:25.0
18th269Tom DELLICOMPAGNI 11h06:43.01810:48.0
19th159Steven HIATT 11h07:41.01911:46.0
20th274Phil JEVONS Here Come The Belgians11h08:11.02012:16.0
21st241Andy BUCHER Team Cherwell11h08:51.02112:56.0
22nd245Chris STILGOE TRI5611h09:01.02213:06.0
23rd297Chris WHEELER 11h09:03.02313:08.0
24th272Andrew FELEDZIAK 11h10:23.02414:28.0
25th192David JEVONS Dreaming Tyres11h11:04.02515:09.0
26th247Adrian BARRON 11h11:05.02615:10.0
27th103Jamie MOSS 11h11:09.02715:14.0
28th250Robert SHAW (gvet1) 11h11:33.02815:38.0
29th147Daniel PHILLIPS (vet) 11h12:16.02916:21.0
30th175Neil BATTISON 11h12:43.03016:48.0
31st283John STOKES (gvet) Sherwood Pines CC11h12:59.03117:04.0
32nd282Jack HARRISON (sen2) 11h13:01.03217:06.0
33rd226John WALKLEY 11h13:27.03317:32.0
34th257Kevin CLARKE Mountain Biking and beer appreciation society11h13:46.03417:51.0
35th263Jonathan LOCKLIN Wrekin Sport11h15:26.03519:31.0
36th132Kevin JONES (mas1) Spiders from Mars11h15:29.03619:34.0
37th266Tim BALL Audlem CC / AUDLEM CYCLESPORT11h15:42.03719:47.0
38th141Ian JAMES 11h16:33.03820:38.0
39th170Graeme LEITHEAD 11h16:47.03920:52.0
40th284David KANE 11h16:49.04020:54.0
41st177Andrew LEM 11h17:30.04121:35.0
42nd149Richard BUNTING (fun) 11h17:32.04221:37.0
43rd299Ben STRATTON 11h17:50.04321:55.0
44th270John BRADBURY Jetlag Racing11h17:59.04422:04.0
45th101Chris MOSS 11h18:32.04522:37.0
46th262Anthony BOOTH 11h18:51.04622:56.0
47th301Joel SCOTT 11h20:48.04724:53.0
48th280Sean HOWARTH 11h21:24.04825:29.0
49th271Jonathan PAUL 11h21:32.04925:37.0
50th1291Simon MANIFOLD 11h22:43.05026:48.0
51st279Lee James DAVIES 11h23:10.05127:15.0
52nd184Leighton RILEY 11h23:25.05227:30.0
53rd630Glenn DAVISON 11h23:45.05327:50.0
54th123Dean RUFFLE One more time11h27:13.05431:18.0
55th122Neil RUFFLE One more time11h27:14.05531:19.0
56th210Scott POWELL 11h27:15.05631:20.0
57th273Richard BLENKIRON 0     
58th293Simon LOVELL 0     
59th183Anthony PARKES 0     
60th129Paul HARRIS (fun) 0     
61st264Jonnie WRAY 0     
62nd290Adrian BARTON 0     
63rd150Dave EGLINGTON Stafford Triathlon Club0     
64th286Mark SMITH (gvet1) 0     
65th261Mark FORREST 0     
66th153Graham REES Saracen Raw0     
67th198Luke WESTERN-SMITH 0     
68th268Andrew WRIGHT (fun) 0     
69th154Valentino BRINDLEY 0     
70th157Thomas HAYWOOD 0     
71st106Ritchie WEBB 0     

Male: Shortened 2 Single-speed  Spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Diff
1st507Matthew WORRALLO Stourbridge CC157:08.01-
2nd610Ian JONES (gvet3) 158:38.021:30.0
3rd483Adam LEAPER 11h08:02.0310:54.0
4th614Nick POWELL 11h08:31.0411:23.0
5th484Andy BURDETT 11h13:42.0516:34.0



Female: Shortened 2 Enthusiast  Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Diff
1st1218Amelie WAYTE 11h09:23.01-
2nd1207Dorota BRYNKIEWICZ Fabryka Triathlonu11h27:44.0218:21.0
3rd1214Kate HALL Amazebirds11h34:21.0324:58.0

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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