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Elite men  Finish spread

30 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st1Dean LUCAS FTF DH4:55.73414:41.7201-
2nd2Shannon HEWETSON FTF DH4:57.69824:45.41323.693s
3rd32Joel WILLIS 5:03.70174:48.91837.198s
4th5Lee ELLIS Red Hill Riders5:00.59354:49.97748.257s
5th4Benjamin ZWAR KVIST Beechworth Chain Gang5:11.707174:50.90359.183s
6th3Liam PANOZZO Team Mt Beauty5:00.08834:51.764610.044s
7th6Dave HABICHT 5:00.37044:51.902710.182s
8th8Chris WHITELOCK FTF DH5:00.65364:52.248810.528s
9th37Darcy COUTTS Club Mud5:06.543124:52.467910.747s
10th48Oliver ZWAR Beechworth Chain Gang5:05.33594:53.3781011.658s
11th7Aiden VARLEY 5:14.974184:55.8071114.087s
12th34Joel PANOZZO Team Mt Beauty5:05.03784:57.6511215.931s
13th11Jai MOTHERWELL FTF DH5:06.801134:58.1531316.433s
14th17Daniel WILSON You Yangs MTB5:07.410145:00.0271418.307s
15th30Jordan POWELL You Yangs MTB5:11.678165:02.2361520.516s
16th45Aaron ANDREWS Red Hill Riders5:15.889195:04.8501623.130s
17th23Kyle COUTTS Club Mud5:26.952305:05.1841723.464s
18th18Haydn WILLIAMS FTF DH5:16.657205:07.9411826.221s
19th42Joshua MCCOMBIE 5:05.552105:08.8851927.165s
20th41Dylan LOMBARD You Yangs MTB5:10.443155:08.9022027.182s
21st10Travis DAWKINS Club Mud5:18.585235:09.7262128.006s
22nd27Harrison TAILBY 5:05.636115:09.9962228.276s
23rd38Callum DAWES 5:17.821215:10.9552329.235s
24th12Mark GILLESPIE Red Hill Riders5:21.390245:12.2502430.530s
25th31Chris O'BRIEN FTF DH5:22.641255:13.3392531.619s
26th39Taran GOIRIS FTF DH5:26.295295:14.2362632.516s
27th26Scott HOGAN 5:25.614275:15.4762733.756s
28th35Bryce PAVEY 5:25.623285:21.0852839.365s
29th46James PERKINS 5:18.284225:21.2812939.561s
30th43Brandon FRIJLINK 5:24.243265:33.6953051.975s

Expert men  Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st301Nigel HEIDT You Yangs MTB5:15.4941-
2nd305Robbie GOODFELLOW FTF DH5:19.37023.876s
3rd304Samuel LANGSTON 5:20.04634.552s
4th308Christopher RICHARDS FTF DH5:22.96547.471s
5th309Matt CURRIE FTF DH5:23.94058.446s
6th303Alex FERGUSON Club Mud5:26.463610.969s
7th312Andrew HAUGHTON FTF DH5:29.861714.367s
8th313Lloyd MANKS GVMTBC5:32.419816.925s
9th318Daniel PAULAZZO FTF DH5:34.177918.683s
10th315James MOUSTAFA Red Hill Riders5:35.2811019.787s
11th325Jesse HANNA 5:41.3581125.864s
12th314Dale LECLUSE 5:43.3081227.814s
13th321Alex WEARNE You Yangs MTB5:47.5891332.095s
14th306Kyle GALAMBOS GVMTBC5:49.8291434.335s
15th316Marcus FRIZZA 5:52.4871536.993s
16th324Dale BARRETT 6:00.7201645.226s
17th320Brady DEAKIN 6:09.1801753.686s
18th317Tom LINDSAY Gippsland MTB6:10.4801854.986s
19th310Jake TROWBRIDGE FTF DH6:53.090191:37.596
20th323Dean ANDERSON 7:19.072202:03.578
322Adam MILLER Gippsland MTBDNS

Sport men  Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st1023Rhys EAMES 5:37.5371-
2nd1024Simon GILLESPIE 5:49.361211.824s
3rd1011Jordan DEAR 5:52.693315.156s
4th1004Luke VANDERREE 6:00.414422.877s
5th1015Tom MORGAN Club Mud6:06.683529.146s
6th1022Kris KOPER FTF DH6:07.983630.446s
7th1001Jaydn BENNETTS 6:10.835733.298s
8th1005Brendan STEADMAN FTF DH6:15.041837.504s
9th1009Luke DALRYMPLE You Yangs MTB6:26.567949.030s
10th1008Daniel MURDOCH You Yangs MTB6:26.8581049.321s
11th1007Darcy CRIPPS FTF DH6:32.3801154.843s
12th1013Mark JONES 6:40.579121:03.042
13th1017Chris ANDERSON 6:49.301131:11.764
14th1006Matthew HYLAND You Yangs MTB6:56.558141:19.021
15th1012Lachlan DEAR 7:22.364151:44.827
16th1019Yael FRY 7:29.763161:52.226
17th1016Brad RICHMOND 7:33.057171:55.520
18th1010Josh KVALHEIM 7:59.379182:21.842
1021Fraser GIBSON Club MudDNS

U15 boys  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st1501Ollie DAVIS 5:42.3371-
2nd1504Jack PEATLING Gippsland MTB6:32.722250.385s
3rd1514Flynn MCLUCKIE 6:46.75531:04.418
4th1511Lachy ROBERTS 6:47.08741:04.750
5th1503Beau JOHNSON Gippsland MTB6:52.29451:09.957
6th1515Harry BACK 6:59.27761:16.940
7th1512Freddie JILLETT 7:09.10371:26.766
8th1507Adam WILD You Yangs MTB7:10.50681:28.169
9th1509Will CONROY 7:19.39991:37.062
10th1516Ryder MILLER 7:36.093101:53.756
11th1513Liam EATON 7:41.580111:59.243
12th1505Olen DYMKE You Yangs MTB7:49.681122:07.344
13th1506Harper AHLBERG You Yangs MTB8:03.457132:21.120
14th1508Zachary O'LOUGHLAN Club Mud8:15.087142:32.750
15th1510Wilson CRANAGE Albury Wodonga MTB Club10:03.288154:20.951
1502Jordie PETERSEN Club MudDNS

U17 boys  Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st1703Matthew EMPEY Mansfield / Mt Buller Cycling Cl5:43.13455:18.1571-
2nd1701Charlie JONES Mansfield / Mt Buller Cycling Cl5:35.34425:21.27923.122s
3rd1740Lou CHIDIAC FTF DH5:37.96435:23.25535.098s
4th1727Heath HODGSON Inside Line5:38.07445:23.36045.203s
5th1706Tom JEWELL Red Hill Riders5:33.86215:24.78756.630s
6th1702William MASCHIO You Yangs MTB5:48.15185:26.34068.183s
7th1736Kaia ELLIS Alpine Cycling Club5:43.71365:30.639712.482s
8th1746Charlie JAGO 5:59.436135:30.983812.826s
9th1705Tom CARTER 5:47.72575:34.313916.156s
10th1716Raife AARONS Red Hill Riders5:52.663105:36.9511018.794s
11th1713Campbell TELFER Gippsland MTB5:54.937125:38.3641120.207s
12th1707Jay LULOFS Red Hill Riders5:48.82795:41.5781223.421s
13th1733Finnigan ROSSER Alpine Cycling Club5:53.143115:44.8851326.728s
14th1715Isaac DOW You Yangs MTB6:03.638145:52.2681434.111s
15th1709Cooper HORTER Gippsland MTB6:09.124155:52.3031534.146s
16th1710Aaron NOOM You Yangs MTB6:17.828185:53.1001634.943s
17th1717Heath LAMPLUGH 6:17.544176:00.1131741.956s
18th1743Paddy DAVIS 6:20.320196:05.3171847.160s
19th1744Finn HOWLETT Red Hill Riders6:26.019206:19.960191:01.803
20th1738Sam RADFORD 6:14.177166:33.083201:14.926

U19 men  Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st1901Aaron GUNGL Alpine Cycling Club5:01.85114:46.2141-
2nd1933Cooper DOWNEY FTF DH5:03.88624:55.65529.441s
3rd1916Ethan CORNEY 5:18.23454:59.654313.440s
4th1915Jay COTTRELL Team Mt Beauty5:13.16035:01.898415.684s
5th1904Oskar WHITE Albury Wodonga MTB Club5:19.53665:05.399519.185s
6th1903Bryce HEATHCOTE FTF DH5:16.95445:06.542620.328s
7th1909Will ARBLASTER You Yangs MTB5:24.26075:08.080721.866s
8th1925Luke BRADLEY Inside Line5:25.93085:14.878828.664s
9th1905Billy CARTWRIGHT 5:31.00195:15.066928.852s
10th1926Jack HODGSON Inside Line5:48.001165:17.8261031.612s
11th1939Thomas MALOTA You Yangs MTB5:34.291135:18.3771132.163s
12th1919Jake HORN Inside Line5:31.205105:18.6221232.408s
13th1934Louis TANCREDI Red Hill Riders5:32.437115:21.5761335.362s
14th1932Chase HOBSON FTF DH5:32.477125:28.3931442.179s
15th1936Jack TAYLOR Gippsland MTB5:46.824145:36.2381550.024s
16th1935Rory SIMPSON 5:49.290175:37.5851651.371s
17th1914Max GOLDING You Yangs MTB5:56.666195:44.8281758.614s
18th1929Adam BRENNAN FTF DH5:56.006185:46.889181:00.675
19th1920Justin HAJDASZ FTF DH5:58.582205:55.292191:09.078
20th1930Ross NEL Alpine Cycling Club5:47.969155:59.148201:12.934

30-39 men  Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st701David FERRONI FTF DH5:13.6741-
2nd708Tory HOSIE 5:19.34625.672s
3rd702Chris HALSHAW Red Hill Riders5:27.729314.055s
4th713David LEACH Red Hill Riders5:32.297418.623s
5th710Brad KENNEDY GVMTBC5:33.358519.684s
6th703John HUNTER FTF DH5:39.182625.508s
7th704Daniel JEFFREY 5:45.452731.778s
8th717Phillip HOSKINS FTF DH5:55.704842.030s
9th705Sam RUSSELL Peel District5:56.255942.581s
10th706Travis CRYER FTF DH5:58.1351044.461s
11th712Christophe CHAN KIN Red Hill Riders5:59.2381145.564s
12th723Stephan COLLIER 5:59.3381245.664s
13th722Ben HALLYBURTON 6:11.1861357.512s
14th720Sam STEINLAUF 6:25.461141:11.787
15th709Glen NEWLAND You Yangs MTB6:29.502151:15.828
16th718Rodney MATTHEWS 6:33.301161:19.627
17th707Jack SHORT 6:37.421171:23.747
18th716Kleat WILSON FTF DH8:26.720183:13.046
715Marcus NEAL You Yangs MTBDNS
721Andrew BARLOW Club MudDNS

40-49 men  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st801Adrian SCHELLEN Gippsland MTB5:20.5981-
2nd803Grant WEIGHTON FTF DH5:25.95625.358s
3rd809Justin ROMANOWICZ FTF DH5:26.84036.242s
4th807Juan RONCALLO You Yangs MTB5:35.747415.149s
5th817Nick MARTIN FTF DH5:36.307515.709s
6th805Anthony MITCHELL Gippsland MTB5:38.792618.194s
7th816Andy MCBRIDE 5:56.539735.941s
8th808Peter CRANAGE Albury Wodonga MTB Club6:08.754848.156s
9th810Scott WATKINS 6:14.979954.381s
10th812Craig PENGLASE 6:16.8891056.291s
11th806Daniel BROOKS Red Hill Riders6:23.338111:02.740
12th815Pac DIESEL 6:29.957121:09.359
13th811Justin ARMSTRONG Albury Wodonga MTB Club6:55.435131:34.837
813Jonathon UREN FTF DHDNS

50+ men  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st906Steve MUNYARD Geelong MTB6:05.1421-
2nd903Adam WHITE 6:30.646225.504s
3rd904Rick HAUCK FTF DH6:32.100326.958s
4th901Hector HENRIQUEZ Red Hill Riders6:37.340432.198s
905Graeme COUTTS Club MudDNS
907Wayne ADAMS Inside LineDNS

Single crown: Expert men  Finish spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st524David ROWLEY 5:25.7781-
2nd1020Tryfan HUNTER FTF DH5:27.60621.828s
3rd522Mitch ROWLEY 5:29.25233.474s
4th503Jacob SCHELLEN Gippsland MTB5:31.22745.449s
5th529Ashley SWANN 5:34.90659.128s
6th515Lochie CAREY You Yangs MTB5:35.41569.637s
7th521Lachlan BALL FTF DH5:36.648710.870s
8th509Nick CURTIS You Yangs MTB5:37.776811.998s
9th523Matt ROWLEY 5:37.810912.032s
10th528Kyle DONOHUE 5:39.3651013.587s
11th525Morgan ELTERMAN 5:43.4451117.667s
12th502Scott CHASTON 5:46.2251220.447s
13th514Mischa COOKE 5:46.5111320.733s
14th516Joel LOUKAS Red Hill Riders5:49.1491423.371s
15th504Tom LEE (VIC) GVMTBC6:03.9081538.130s
16th512Brad AHLBERG You Yangs MTB6:08.8501643.072s
17th506Will TARENIDIS Red Hill Riders6:09.3651743.587s
18th510Danny BLAKE 6:12.1731846.395s
19th513Paul LARKIN 6:15.3961949.618s
20th527Campbell THOMPSON 6:48.494201:22.716
21st526Jarrah SMITH 7:21.197211:55.419
22nd520Shaun BASSETT 7:38.171222:12.393
518Nicholas LEE DNS
519Martin ROGERS DNS

Single crown: U17 boys  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st610Jonah COSGRIFF 5:37.8211-
2nd601Jack APTED FTF DH5:41.62323.802s
3rd609Bailey CAMPBELL LDTR6:54.38331:16.562
4th608Felix DAVIS 7:15.45241:37.631
5th603Christopher DAVIS 7:36.23651:58.415
6th602Rory SMYTH Albury Wodonga MTB Club7:42.79262:04.971
7th1722Finn HALL 7:55.96072:18.139
8th607Harry DOYE Red Hill Riders8:14.79782:36.976



Elite women  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st201Ellie WALE Red Hill Riders6:14.74516:01.6531-
2nd202Sarah SILVERLOCK FTF DH7:12.34227:05.99421:04.341
3rd206Rachel HORE LDTR7:31.31757:29.03831:27.385
4th205Jessica SHERIDAN Red Hill Riders7:16.92237:43.99841:42.345
5th208Tracey MCGUIRE Red Hill Riders8:53.84978:07.88852:06.235
6th203Malory SWINDELLS You Yangs MTB10:19.27989:09.26363:07.610
207Marnie WILLIAMS You Yangs MTB7:22.8324DNS
204Tori BILNEY Club Mud8:21.2436DNS
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