2018 Downhill Southeast round 2 - Massanutten YEE-HA! at Massanutten, VA

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The original results are available at https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/e4c5a7b7-7c7c-4ce4-b548-896adf15f4f2/downloads/…

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Pro men  Finish spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st23Logan MULALLY Morningwood Racing3:04.461-
2nd28Ian NORRIS Phil Downhill Racing3:07.6123.15s
3rd1Loren DEJONGE 3:10.8936.43s
4th22Nathan ST. CLAIR 3:13.5149.05s
5th18Dylan YODER 3:14.3859.92s
6th19Ian TURNER 3:14.91610.45s
8th34Corey ZELL Camp 3 / Dirty Harry's Bike Shop3:16.62812.16s
9th6Owen WITCHER Gravity Crew Doubleblack Bikes3:17.51913.05s
10th25Zach GAREIS Billy Goat Bikes3:21.161016.70s
11th35Oliver LEVICK 3:21.751117.29s
12th9Derek MAIDEN SEI Racing3:24.591220.13s
13th31Andrew SLOWEY 3:24.691320.23s
14th29Jake KAHN 3:24.731420.27s
15th38Justin GREGORY TYB3:29.711525.25s
16th26Robert MONJURE Headqauters Bike and Outdoor3:31.181626.72s
17th17Phillip STEELE 3:31.441726.98s
18th20Andrew PUCKETT 3:37.671833.21s
19th32Matt HENDERSON 3:38.521934.06s
20th33Lucas WEAVER 3:45.802041.34s
21st36Ian BONGARD Go Race Suspension3:51.202146.74s
22nd37Samuel RIX 3:51.382246.92s
23rd30Michael KANE 3:51.972347.51s
24th27Patrick ALCISTO 3:59.512455.05s
25th13Sam KAHN 4:14.02251:09.56
24Matthew SHIRK Shirk's Bike ShopDNF

Amateur men  Finish spread

67 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st190Michael FUERST Cycletherapy3:18.901-
2nd162Micah VAN HORN 3:24.9426.04s
3rd211Brian YANNUZZI 3:27.0438.14s
4th172Marcus NOLT Shirk's Bike Shop3:27.2348.33s
5th166Ben RICHTER Commencal Cartel3:29.92511.02s
6th175Cooper RODRIGUES Trek Bicycle Raleigh Holly3:34.50615.60s
7th203Dan CULBERTSON 3:35.52716.62s
8th130Tom NIERI Camp 3 / Renthal3:36.25817.35s
9th317Joe ENGELHARDT 3:40.40921.50s
10th158Matt HEMPEL 3:43.061024.16s
11th195Erik FALK 3:43.811124.91s
12th154Angelo WASH Commencal Co-factory3:45.761226.86s
13th132Taylor ANGLEBERGER Filzbuil / Phil Downell Racing3:45.871326.97s
14th208Logan PELTON 3:46.131427.23s
15th183Evan PICINOTTI Phenom Racing3:48.731529.83s
16th321Grayson TAYLOR 3:49.201630.30s
17th159Cody REBOK 3:49.621730.72s
18th182Jake FIOLA 3:49.931831.03s
19th202Zachary QUAST TrueMx3:50.821931.92s
20th128Zane BARD Phil Downell Racing3:51.742032.84s
21st218Brian CREAN 3:56.252137.35s
22nd163Kieran FRASER 3:56.652237.75s
23rd215Eli PODGURSKI Kennesaw State Cycling3:57.432338.53s
24th197Josh RHODES 3:58.252439.35s
25th177Matthew SPONG Recycles MTB Team4:00.182541.28s
26th135Chad GILBERT 4:00.332641.43s
27th311Ben KEALY Billy Goat Bikes4:01.242742.34s
28th129Andrew FARRELL 4:01.592842.69s
29th145Ben BRYANT 4:02.922944.02s
30th174Matt GRIFFIN 4:05.593046.69s
31st155Salvatore MARTELLI Riot Racing4:06.083147.18s
32nd226Cody GRAY 4:14.803255.90s
33rd193Tyler OLISH 4:15.913357.01s
34th153Gage COLLINA Billy Goat Bikes4:16.133457.23s
35th349Jake WADE A-1 Cycling4:19.81351:00.91
36th296John RENAND 4:20.77361:01.87
37th194Jacob BOTHELL 4:21.39371:02.49
38th139Andrew ISSEM 4:21.58381:02.68
39th201Tim REBOLD A-1 Cycling4:21.95391:03.05
40th204Nolan KOLLMAR 4:23.22401:04.32
41st196Ross RANKIN 4:23.24411:04.34
42nd187Alex HEDDERICK 4:23.43421:04.53
43rd235Chris FREY J.T. Racing Pittsburgh4:26.40431:07.50
44th149Hunter BELL 4:29.96441:11.06
45th310Nathan SMITH (cat2) 4:30.21451:11.31
46th214Zachary SMITH (west) 4:31.30461:12.40
47th220Seth WILSON 4:31.82471:12.92
48th219Christopher ROBBINS JT Racing4:34.23481:15.33
49th213Cody ZELL 4:37.51491:18.61
50th239Angus BIEBEL 4:38.07501:19.17
51st151Jason EATON 4:38.08511:19.18
52nd233Josh KRYNOCK 4:38.44521:19.54
53rd258Ryan MALONEY 4:54.24531:35.34
54th348Kirk HOBSON 5:28.20542:09.30
55th330Jarrod RAY 5:32.18552:13.28
56th147Martin BRZOZOWSKI 6:36.52563:17.62
57th185Connor GOLDHAMER 6:40.31573:21.41
217Tyrone PERKINS FLAT TIRE / J.T. Racing DownhillDNF
319Jack DICHIARA Deity / JT Racing Downhill / MaxxisDNF
236Matt RUTTEN Perfect Line bike shopDNF
141Reece JAKSEC Trailflo RacingDNF
225Brent CARTER Intense BombersDNS
143Zhewei WU DNS

0-14 boys  Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st170Cody PITTMAN Phenom Racing3:51.781-
2nd303Eric WILLETTS 4:00.2028.42s
3rd320Jack SHARPLES 4:01.4539.67s
4th138Axel BRYAN Carolina Syndicate4:01.94410.16s
5th164Corey JACKSON (u18) JT Racing4:19.03527.25s
6th152Colin MULALLY Camp 34:22.61630.83s
7th223Alfie CARBONELL 4:59.8471:08.06
8th241Ryan LITTLE Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing5:05.2581:13.47
9th134Xander GILBERT 5:08.2891:16.50
10th231Gavin SHUM 5:10.67101:18.89
11th169Riley ARMBRUSTER 5:16.74111:24.96
12th230Levi SHUM 5:36.99121:45.21
13th216Michael FIREOVED Reading Racing / Royal5:43.78131:52.00
14th247Thomas CASSADA Azonic / Leatt5:52.83142:01.05
178Tyler TROISI (u18) JT Racing PittsburghDNS
234Connor HUMEN DNS

40+ men  Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st131Jason BECKLEY Community Bikes and Boards3:27.641-
2nd133Michael HUMMEL Camp 33:28.5420.90s
3rd167Andrew RICHTER DoubleBlackBikes - The Gravity3:32.2834.64s
4th146Evan ST. CLAIR 3:36.0248.38s
5th137Chuck PITTS 3:39.01511.37s
6th229Stephen SHUM 3:47.71620.07s
7th173Cecil LINDER 3:53.00725.36s
8th140Ken LEE 3:53.67826.03s
9th148Mark BELL Standard Bykes3:56.61928.97s
10th157David MOCK Filzbuil / Phil Downell Racing4:03.131035.49s
11th179Lander JUNQUEIRA 4:06.391138.75s
12th188Steve KAHN Danny's Cycles4:07.111239.47s
13th160Phillip DOWNELL 4:08.381340.74s
14th200Mike KARFAKIS Spoke Apparel4:19.281451.64s
15th302Clealan WATTS The Gravity Crew4:22.791555.15s
16th161Jason KENDALL PDR4:37.52161:09.88
17th207David CARNAHAN (u50) Commencal Racing and Jakes Bik4:48.34171:20.70
18th238Brien LOONEY Zero Gravity Racing6:58.71183:31.07
237Jason SHERRILL Fly / Merlo & FahrneyDNF
322John TAYLOR Cycle Therapy-ZimmerDNS
222Bryan GAWLER Dirt Church CrewDNS
126Christopher LANE Molly's RacingDNS
346Michael MINNERY DNS
347Stephen GRAY

Single crown men  Finish spread

36 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st189Adam ROBBINS 3:12.271-
2nd191Andrew SLOWEY 3:25.65213.38s
3rd256David MILLER THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE3:45.05332.78s
4th205Trey DAVIS J.T. Racing3:46.85434.58s
5th255Ryan CLAEYS Team Dirt3:51.22538.95s
6th242Kyle LITTLE Monticello High School3:51.34639.07s
7th184William DORN J.T. Racing Downhill3:53.72741.45s
8th246Matt STEVENS 3:56.13843.86s
9th186Logan ROBINSON Endeavor Cycles3:58.91946.64s
10th212Daniel WASKIEWICZ 3:59.261046.99s
11th257Brandon DRAUGELIS 4:00.961148.69s
12th250Nick GRIESSER TYB4:01.131248.86s
13th144Calvin ZIMMERMAN Shirks Bike Shop4:05.061352.79s
14th240Ben KEALY Billy Goat Bikes4:14.77141:02.50
15th248Lucas POUND KEEN RACING4:18.17151:05.90
16th142Sebastian SUPPES Just the Right Gear4:28.23161:15.96
17th245Gus GUARNIERI 4:43.60171:31.33
18th244Rex NGUYEN 4:45.53181:33.26
19th254Spencer LINE THE BIKE LANE4:45.60191:33.33
20th165Tomas PARRA-GOMEZ 4:57.75201:45.48
21st150George WILLETTS 5:01.57211:49.30
22nd337Titus MOSCHKAU Suck Creek Cycle5:12.29222:00.02
23rd224Alfredo CARBONELL II 5:14.82232:02.55
24th253Kael GARRITY NOVA Composite5:22.57242:10.30
25th260Alexander LANIER 5:23.05252:10.78
26th251Corey TROXLER 5:24.39262:12.12
27th249Miles FAGAN Goon Squad6:11.73272:59.46
28th176Joseph TAYLOR 6:35.34283:23.07
29th227Champ DASTJERDI 7:28.16294:15.89
30th261Jonathan LI 7:44.55304:32.28
31st252Garrett WATSON 8:21.98315:09.71
32nd228Bobby KANIECKI 8:23.77325:11.50
33rd259Benjamin ABRAHAMS 9:19.44336:07.17
34th232Kalan BUNCH All On My Own15:28.223412:15.95
180Devin CUTTER Blazing Saddle CycleDNS



Pro women  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st102Riley WEIDMAN 4:15.431-
2nd103Amy LEISHEAR 4:21.9726.54s
3rd104Robin CLIFFORD JT Racing Pittsburgh4:39.20323.77s
4th105Allie ADELSON Faster Mustache4:52.55437.12s
5th101Jessica GILBERT 5:01.95546.52s
6th106Alexandria WITCHER 100% / Trek of CLT6:33.1562:17.72

Amateur women  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st181Kristy FIOLA 5:23.131-
2nd168Jordan BELL Phenom Racing5:56.25233.12s
3rd198Grace SUMMERS 6:25.0031:01.87
4th209Kylie GARDNER Juliana Grassroots Team / SDR Cl10:18.2344:55.10
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