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2018 NW Cup round 1 at Port Angeles, WA

(2018 Pro GRT, Round 2)

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Pro men  Finish spread

73 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st33Magnus MANSON 10009819313Victoria, BCCanyon Bikes2:32.8012:29.711-
2nd37Kiran MACKINNON 10007888104Santa Cruz, CASanta Cruz2:36.4422:31.8322.12s
3rd62Austin WARREN 10007853041Alpine, CAFast house / YT Industries2:39.4982:32.6032.89s
4th12Kirk MCDOWALL 10008617119Anmore, BCDevinci Dunbar Cycles2:37.0032:33.3543.64s
5th17Logan BINGGELI 10005418442St. George, VTKHS Bicycles Inc2:38.8972:33.4153.70s
6th16Nik NESTOROFF 10011011201San Marcos, CAKHF factory racing2:40.3592:33.5563.84s
7th60Demetri TRIANTAFILLOU 10009645723Bellingham, WAEVO / Transition Bikes2:38.0552:33.7174.00s
8th1Carson EISWALD 10015896159Bellingham, WAFairhaven Bicycles / Flat tire desender2:37.5042:34.2984.58s
9th21Jason SCHROEDER 10008862144Carlsbad, CACommencal USA17h59:56.28692:34.4894.77s
10th38Warren KNISS 10010043221Fremont, CA2:43.34142:35.73106.02s
11th9Luke STROBEL 0181052Issiquah, WAEvil Bikes2:38.6662:35.88116.17s
12th51Luca COMETTI 10008834761San Diego, CACommencal2:47.38282:38.77129.06s
13th46Isaac ALLAIRE 10015150976Morrisville, VTDefiant Racing2:48.67372:39.48139.77s
14th43Tanner STEPHENS 10011238644Concord, CA2:46.98252:39.62149.91s
15th4Trevor LEWIS 498769Renton, WAB-line racing2:42.15112:39.711510.00s
16th24Collin HUDSON 256052Grand Junction, COAirborne Bicycles2:44.58162:40.091610.38s
17th6Nikolas CLARKE 10015372157Redmond, WA100% / Bikesale.com go to site / Montucky cold snacks / Pivot2:43.31132:40.131710.42s
18th42Trevor BOLDI 10052416962Reno, NVMDW Sports / Sensus / Stans / TLD2:46.70232:40.301810.59s
19th48Harrison ORY 10010038268Denver, COMojo Wheels2:46.93242:40.471910.76s
20th68Simon TELLIER 10011237937Victoria, BC2:44.98182:41.432011.72s
21st40Wiley KAUPAS 10014688814Silverthorne, COSpecialized2:45.38192:41.842112.13s
22nd47Damon SEDIVY 10015969113Kalispell, MTGiant Co Factory2:50.74432:41.982212.27s
23rd11Anthony EVANS 10013006569Peachland, BCSovereign Cycle2:47.42292:42.272312.56s
24th26Dillon LEMARR 10016065305Amarillo, TXCommencal USA2:49.10382:42.682412.97s
25th28Brandan BOHL 318538Livermore, CA1 SHOT RACING2:48.08332:43.082513.37s
26th34Thomas ZULA USA19920311Dayton, OHAirborne Bicycles2:44.58162:43.142613.43s
27th7Kevin LITTLEFIELD 10008852552Auburn, WAPerfect descent MTB clinics2:53.98522:43.222713.51s
28th449Ken FAUBERT 10010036955Coquitlam, BCDunbar Cycles2:47.60322:43.282813.57s
29th41Dylan CONTE 10008180316Stowe, VTDeity / IRIDE / Schwalbe / SMBC / The Alchemist2:52.06472:43.302913.59s
30th8Rhys EWING 10060189288Eugene, WADeity / Lifecycle Bike Shop / Team Scrapper2:47.58302:43.373013.66s
31st64Mike GIESE 417150Salt Lake City, UTCompetitive Cyclist / Enve / Evil Bikes / Onyx / POC2:51.35442:43.863114.15s
32nd10Brian DAVISON 379122Bellingham, WALost Bikes2:48.41352:43.923214.21s
32nd5Matt ORLANDO 10015056202WA2:49.59392:43.923214.21s
34th27Jason BOHL 10009649662Livermore, CA1 SHOT RACING2:46.38212:43.953414.24s
35th70Liam SMILLIE 10062120396Vancouver, BCSlag Society2:48.15342:43.963514.25s
36th79Gabriel GIOVANNINI 100074947972:47.05262:44.323614.61s
37th78Frederico VIEIRA DA COSTA 10007371273Sail World2:50.57422:44.623714.91s
38th36Adam WOODHOUSE 10010037359Anmore, BCC4 / Norco Racing2:47.59312:44.853815.14s
39th2Kasper DEAN 10015056000WA2:44.15152:45.273915.56s
40th20Eben KIEHL 10015055895Bellevue, WA2:47.36272:45.404015.69s
41st45Harry HEAD 10015117836Squamish, BCCube / Maxxis / Obsession / Spank / TLD2:55.58552:45.664115.95s
42nd31Conrad CULLENEY 318536Livermore, CA1 SHOT RACING2:56.16572:45.734216.02s
43rd39Josh GIBB 10050430280Redmond, WADVO Suspension / FSA / GHY / Magura / Norco / Vittoria4:31.20682:45.834316.12s
44th25Charles FRYDENDAL 0466615Livermore, WAGiant Co Factory2:46.40222:46.284416.57s
45th55Naish ULMER 175253Park City, UTDakine / Park City Brewery / Scott Sports / STORM CYCLES2:59.18612:46.644516.93s
46th57Bryce KANS 534553Maple Valley, WAB-line racing / Canyon Bikes2:53.41512:47.414617.70s
47th49Austin HACKETT-KLAUBE 10054782651Dillon, CODirtLabs / Fox / MRP / Roo / Specialized / The Fix Bike Shop2:42.43122:47.804718.09s
48th75Braeden ONCIUL 10012665655Rossland, BCRevolution Rossland2:51.76462:48.014818.30s
49th71Jake INNES 10059570007Victoria, BCDunbar Cycles2:41.14102:48.284918.57s
50th172Bryce HELBLING 10019649460Midvale, UTDVO Suspension / Knolly Bikes / Laketown Bicycles2:53.29502:48.335018.62s
51st32Chris HIGGERSON Gypsum, COMojo Wheels2:52.70492:48.515118.80s
52nd13Cameron HOEFER USA19880304Kenmore, WA2:52.21482:48.825219.11s
53rd69Josh DZIWENKA 10016173621Victoria, BC2:49.91412:48.855319.14s
54th30Tim PRICE 10005560407Great Falls, VA2:49.67402:49.355419.64s
55th35Dylan BROWN (u20) 10016257281Bothell, WAAll Out Racing / FSA2:55.61562:49.755520.04s
56th67Cody MACARTHUR 10003901707Squamish, BCDunbar Cycles2:51.48452:49.965620.25s
57th72Jesse RANSAVAGE 10060137657Seattle, WARansavage Racing2:55.21542:50.285720.57s
58th54Steve WENTZ 10062068563Reno, NVMomentum Trail / Transition Bikes2:55.01532:50.585820.87s
59th82Jake GROB 10013550577Tacoma, WA2:58.84602:51.935922.22s
60th29Bailey VILLALOVOS 10053233277Federal Way, WAAll Out Racing / FSA3:00.87632:52.456022.74s
61st157Aidan CASNER 420703Montpelier, VTDeity / Onza / POCDNS2:52.536122.82s
62nd65Kris CHRISTENSEN 10062142426Kirkland, WAMojo Wheels3:02.21642:54.966225.25s
63rd63Cole TOWNSEND 10060129775WASpank / Specialized / Spy2:58.21592:55.476325.76s
64th58Todd RENWICK 359655Soulsbyville, CA2:48.49362:57.576427.86s
65th52Brock TWICHELL 10079478649Cedar City, UT100%. Brian / Deity / Red Rock Bicycle Co3:26.58673:09.386539.67s
66th66Josiah TILL 10016257382Boulder, CO3:18.17653:12.466642.75s
67th59Brody JENSEN 506546Meridian, IDDeity / Fly / Intense / Kore North Bikes / The Korrupt Dynasty3:24.98663:20.396750.68s
68th14Bob STENSON 10014689016Bothell, WA2:45.97203:46.77681:17.06
665Kody CLARK 10062110733Duvall, WAAll Out Racing2:56.7758DNS
56Jonathon SIMONETTI 10058764705Reno, NVSunsus3:00.4362DNS
-Torsenn BROWN 511643Hood River, ORBell Helmets / Dakine / DevinciDNSDNS
81Wood SKINNER 294580Hermiston, ORDeity / Full Speed Racing / Lost Bikes. / Onyx / RevgripsDNSDNS
15Quinton SPAULDING 10005581019Harrison, NVKHS Bicycles IncDNSDNS

Cat 1: 0-18 boys  Finish spread

30 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st155Ethan SHANDRO 10058337194North Vancouver, BCTrek BC Devo2:36.0912:34.761-
2nd170Matthew STERLING 295509San Jose, CA100% / Commencal USA / Maxxis / Rev grips2:44.5122:37.6522.89s
3rd216Gideon BENDER 271119Duvall, WAB-line racing / Fox / Kona / Race Face2:48.7032:42.3437.58s
4th160Dante SILVA 288799Chula Vista, CA100% / Afton / Commencal USA / FSA / Onyx / Sens / WD-402:51.5752:43.1548.39s
5th233Haydyn WYNTER 10062991275Squamish, BC2:51.9862:44.99510.23s
6th123Chris GRICE 475460Asheville, NCGrice Financial Group of Janney Montgomery Scott2:52.3282:46.47611.71s
7th122Austin DOOLEY 480139Yucaipa, CA100% / Fox Factory / Maxxis / Monster / MR / Renthal2:52.7692:46.60711.84s
8th120Drew MOZELL 10059049035North Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles2:52.0272:46.82812.06s
9th217Chris WHARTON 473475Sammamish, WAProgression Cycle2:48.7342:46.88912.12s
10th174Justin CLEMENTS 10058463294Calgary, ABCalgary Cycle / DRIFT RACING / Fox / Leatt / Sch / SR Suntour3:02.52142:48.101013.34s
11th512Layton MEYERS 414457WA2:54.57102:50.081115.32s
12th128Tyler ERVIN 472908Alpine, CAAlpineRideShop / Santa Cruz3:06.68162:50.681215.92s
13th162John FRISCHKORN 473555Sammamish, WANorthwest Bike / Rocky Mountain Cycles3:04.37152:51.171316.41s
14th152Jakob SNOW 541119Carlsbad, CARev grips / Spy / Velo Hangar / Wienerschnitzel2:55.83112:51.231416.47s
15th179Dylan FYSH 10051467675Cochrane, AB3:01.12122:56.281521.52s
16th158Tyler BOMMARITO 492039Renton, WAB-line racing3:01.73132:57.941623.18s
17th107Spencer ERVIN 504578Bellevue, WAB-line racing / Fox / Race Face3:52.87302:58.381723.62s
18th103Lane SPENCER 10073462730Henderson, NVDirt Rider Designs / KHS Bicycles Inc / Maxxis / TRP3:12.07202:59.161824.40s
19th231Kai SPAFFORD 10056121655Bend, ORFly / Project Bike3:10.45193:01.751926.99s
20th211Michael BUCKLEY 473755Snohomish, WAGerrard cycles / Shimano3:22.70263:03.582028.82s
21st188Dawson YOUNG 490336Libby, MTRad Medicine Bikes3:12.99213:06.342131.58s
22nd181Gavin ULLRICH 530127Hood River, ORFull Speed Ahead3:10.09173:08.972234.21s
23rd149Cole HOLLAND 539646Richland, WAFull Speed Racing3:19.16253:09.052334.29s
24th298Riggs BROWN 511348Colorado Springs, CO3:29.71283:15.072440.31s
25th159Rylan DYCK 10078912716Calgary, ABDrift Racing- Leatt / FiveTen / Fox / Schwalbe / SR Suntour3:27.34273:15.992541.23s
26th209Riley PLUMMER 524408Welches, OR3:15.61223:16.492641.73s
27th124Amani VIGIL 478195Taos, NMDeity / Heart and Soul Racing / Royal3:18.98243:16.882742.12s
28th180Aiden GREANYA 10058475119Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING / Fox / Leatt / Polygon / Schwalbe / SR Suntour3:10.23183:18.682843.92s
29th182Aaron SIXSMITH 10059714493Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:17.44233:20.492945.73s
30th389Kevin OWENS 496964Bedford, NMAll Out Racing / DVO Suspension / NS Bikes3:41.06293:23.833049.07s

Cat 1: 19-29 men  Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st111Drew BOXOLD 532392Walnut Creek2:52.131-
2nd109Jack HILL 293720Eugene, ORteam scraper2:53.2621.13s
3rd171Yusuke YAMAMOTO 10059071667Burnaby, BCDunbar Cycles2:55.0332.90s
4th104Marc SOELBERG 503776Valleyford, WAThe Bike Hub2:55.6543.52s
5th141Max FORD 549028Richland, WADeity / Full Speed Racing / Loose Riders / Onyx Hubs2:57.5455.41s
6th483Simon PATAMIA 483744Burien, WAKrispy Kreme Factory Racing2:57.5865.45s
7th202Jayden GISBORNE 10059974474Ladysmith, BCCowichan Cycles2:58.0375.90s
8th247Spencer BALDWIN Bellingham, WA2:58.3786.24s
9th245Rye LIVINGSTON 498560Portland, ORCyclepath2:58.6496.51s
10th139R.J. ORR 425244Glendale, AZGordys bicycles2:58.97106.84s
11th117Archie LABINE 481748Livermore, CA2:59.15117.02s
12th474Rowan BATEMAN 382383Portland, ORCyclepath PDX3:00.00127.87s
13th501Brent VAN FOSSEN 266975Seattle, WA3:02.201310.07s
14th169Andrew PARKER (u40) 485458Loomis, CASanta Cruz3:05.761413.63s
15th223Zach ZINTER 551698Shoreline, WA3:07.271515.14s
16th130Walter SORENSON 530099Eugene, OR3:07.481615.35s
17th168Chris SANCHEZ 375624Camas, WANorthwest Bicycle3:08.151716.02s
18th118Ross MCDONALD 389439Albequerque, NMMTB Mania3:11.131819.00s
19th487Ian ROBINSON Auburn, WAFull Speed Ahead3:11.661919.53s
20th183Steve TAUSCHECK 236508Anacortes, WAEpic Racing3:13.342021.21s
21st163Halvor NORRIS 501889Spokane, WANorthwest Bicycle3:13.792121.66s
22nd195Daniel GOODALE 474915Keystone, CO3:26.222234.09s
23rd392Jake WADE 473778Manassas, VAA-1 Cycling3:26.872334.74s
24th110Michael HOWE 392963Bellingham, WAEterra / Lost Bikes / Skid Steer Solutions3:30.832438.70s
25th153Tanner HART 536994Highland, UT3:32.142540.01s
26th488Cameron HALLIDAY 10062468485North Vancouver, BC3:32.332640.20s
27th143Tyler COURTRIGHT 548503Moses Lake, WAFull Speed Racing3:41.852749.72s
28th113Erik BRUNE 485210Duvall, WA3:47.732855.60s
205Frankie CULHNO 485831Kellog, IDSpacebraceDNF
-Liam KAIN North Vancouver, BCteam scraperDNS
484Anthony MARSIANO 401395Burien, WADNS

Cat 1: 30-39 men  Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st206Tom POWER 10063045132Vancouver, BC2:57.981-
2nd112Michael KLENZ 410331Hillsboro, OR3:00.5122.53s
3rd220Sam LARSON 314976Bellingham, WAOprah3:02.5734.59s
4th470Bryson OTTO 530077Post Falls, ID3:03.0945.11s
5th498Don BROCKETT 554106Carnation, WA3:03.8055.82s
6th503Kyle HANLEY 556320Seattle, WA3:05.1767.19s
7th208Jeff REES 93452Spokane, WAWCR3:06.2178.23s
8th235Bryan CRUM 114586Spokane, WA509 / FiveTen / Fox / West Coast Racing3:07.7889.80s
9th471Nick LERMA 530102Portland, ORCyclepath PDX3:08.09910.11s
10th314Tyler BATES 181028Mercer Island, WAPlatypus3:09.101011.12s
11th481Andrew FRINK 244580Seattle, WAMojo Wheels3:12.131114.15s
12th166Paul SCHMIERER 452678Poulsbo, WAMore Cowbell!3:15.111217.13s
13th710Mike WIESER 227734Boise, IDCanfield Brothers / Fly / Super pit3:15.851317.87s
14th186Jason FARNSWORTH 548068Chatsworth, CAMynesweepers / Revgrips / TruckerCo3:19.871421.89s
15th127Austin LARSON Eugene, ORTEAM SCRAPPER!!!3:21.741523.76s
-Kyle HANLEY 556320Seattle, WADNS
106Malcolm SOELBERG 546795Valleyford, WAThe Bike HubDNS

Cat 1: 40+ men  Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st197Brian PARKER 470197Newbury Park, CAKnolly Bikes / Mynesweepers / TruckerCo3:05.851-
2nd184Arden GREANYA 10058475018Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING / Fox / Leatt / Polygon / Schwalbe / SR Suntour3:08.2822.43s
3rd135Brad DELZER 137087Gresham, ORTodd Olson(the govenor)3:08.8533.00s
4th131Darren LARSON 10055646961Port Moody, BCCorsa Cycles / Fox / Race Face3:11.2845.43s
5th187Tracy WEST 37797Spokane, WAThe Bike Hub3:11.8455.99s
6th108Kelly MELVIN 451798Sammamish, WA3:12.5066.65s
7th147Matthew MACARTNEY 253249Fall City, WAEpic Racing3:13.7577.90s
8th144Kevin FOWLIE 10059701662Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:16.40810.55s
9th207Rich DENSMORE 198986Spokane, WAWest Coast Racing3:19.75913.90s
10th101Erik GRAY 530213Yakima, WADesert Velocity Racing3:21.751015.90s
11th167Ryan STERN 111443Chattaroy, WAIndian Trail Physical Therapy / The Bike Hub3:25.811119.96s
12th125Ralph HAVENS 15456Issaquah, WAKnolly Bikes3:38.091232.24s



Pro women  Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st61Kialani HINES 10062059469Seattle, WACush Co / Deity / ODI / Shimano / Stans / TLD3:25.2443:06.251-
2nd18Kaytlin MELVIN 10056739425Sammamish, WA100% / DHaRCO / I9 / Maxxis / Progressio / Santa Cruz3:18.4723:06.2620.01s
3rd50Britney WHITE 10009982492Glacier, WADeity / Fox / Park Tool / Profile / Schwalbe / Shimano / TLD3:20.9233:10.3734.12s
4th19Samantha SORIANO 10064371911Littleton, COCOMMENCAL Junior Cartel3:32.2973:14.4048.15s
5th44Ella MCANDREW 10060355303West Burke, VTTransition Bikes3:13.5113:19.14512.89s
5th154Amanda WENTZ 10011079202Reno, NVFiveTen / Fox / Gamut / Transition Bikes3:29.5553:19.14512.89s
7th74Kerstin HOLSTER 10060180295Portland, ORChris King Buzz / Maxxis / Pivot / Stans / TL3:30.5663:26.33720.08s
8th77Sarah OLSEN 10080140976Portland, ORCyclepath PDX3:37.1183:27.27821.02s
9th76Natalie VITALIE 10055327669San Francisco, CADeity / Dirt Trail Riders / Rhythm Bikes / TLD3:52.60113:36.82930.57s
10th53Amber PRICE 10008592665Cedaredge, COKlim-MaguraUSA3:43.2893:38.011031.76s
11th73Lauren KINNEY 10063863568Winter Park, CO3:43.98103:39.881133.63s
12th23Kim GODFREY 10010104148Louisville, COAlpinestars / Novatec3:56.94123:44.891238.64s

Cat 1: 0-18 girls  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st215Sydney HABERMAN 497899Redmond, WASweetlines Jr. Racing3:32.9333:24.001-
2nd338Aleda TORONITZ 10055352123Brentwood Bay, BCCowichan Cycles / Santa Cruz3:20.3613:24.1420.14s
3rd278Bryce BASSETT 503230Wenatchee, WADad / Jr Progression Racing / Pivot Factory Racing3:52.2673:24.2530.25s
4th204Alli GAERTNER 322900Cda, IDVerticalEarth3:31.8423:26.5342.53s
5th227Gabby KEEN 10059846556Port Moody, BCKINETIC CYCLES / TLD3:43.1253:29.5155.51s
6th237Autumn PARHAM 524759Edmonds, WASweetlines Jr. Racing3:42.7943:32.2368.23s
7th213Ella ERICKSON 528104Hayden, IDCommencal USA3:45.6063:37.05713.05s
8th140Rachael RUDZINSKI 496918Crested Butte, CO3:54.3283:38.82814.82s
9th219Brynn BASSETT 498790Wenatchee, WAArlberg Sports / Dad / Fly / Pivot3:56.5693:44.04920.04s
10th192McKenna MERTEN 378493Jamul, CACissters Racing / Commencal3:59.08105:05.72101:41.72
-Chloe WALLER 555767Rainier, WANEM LLCDNSDNS

Cat 1: 19+ women  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st105Linnea ROOKE 472495Fall City, WAMelvin Racing family3:29.171-
2nd229Connor Shae JAMES 529444Bellingham, WAKona / Liet Unlimited3:38.6629.49s
3rd452Christine STIVERS 10071346716Mount Vernon, WA3:48.63319.46s
4th191Agnes SAUVAGE 260768Seattle, WA3:50.44421.27s
5th132Ashley ST. PIERRE 537311Boise, ID3:51.95522.78s
6th102Hannah JOHNSON 413637Kirkland, WA3:55.78626.61s
7th161Calli TOTH 492103Whitefish, MTCanfield Brothers / Mom and Dad4:14.75745.58s
8th22Kristine KRAUSS 502770Louisville, CO4:15.33846.16s
9th126Annie CRAIG 526241Orting, WAKnolly Bikes4:17.02947.85s
10th146Michelle MACARTNEY 253252Fall City, WAEpic Racing4:19.871050.70s
11th222Lisa HONG 316400Seattle, WADWB4:23.351154.18s
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