2018 NW Cup round 3 at Mt Hood, OR

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

28 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st60Demetri TRIANTAFILLOUphoto_library 374963Bellingham, WAEVO / Transition Bikes3:34.2383:24.031-
emoji_events2nd678Matthew KOENphoto_library 379171Corte Madera, CAMarin / SR Suntour / WTB3:27.4523:25.3821.35s
emoji_events3rd6Nikolas CLARKEphoto 334728Redmond, WA100% / go to site / Montucky cold snacks / Pivot3:26.8713:27.7433.71s
 4th5Matt ORLANDOphoto_library 295526Gig Harbor, WAEVO / Transition Bikes3:32.5963:30.2046.17s
 5th682Evan GEANKOPLISphoto_library 2900045Fair Oaks, CAibis3:29.8843:30.9956.96s
 6th28Brandan BOHLphoto_library 318538Livermore, CA1 SHOT RACING3:31.7753:32.4868.45s
 7th47Damon SEDIVYphoto 341322Kalispell, MTGiant Co Factory3:36.11103:35.14711.11s
 8th27Jason BOHLphoto_library 365766Boise, ID1 SHOT RACING3:34.2273:35.76811.73s
 9th691Torsenn BROWNphoto 511643Hood River, ORBell Helmets / Dakine / Devinci3:39.26153:36.02911.99s
 10th45Harry HEADphoto Squamish, BCCube / Maxxis / Obsession / Spank / TLD3:39.30163:36.051012.02s
 11th58Todd RENWICKphoto 359655Soulsbyville, CAsensus grips3:35.0493:36.131112.10s
 12th72Jesse RANSAVAGEphoto 303895Seattle, WARansavage Racing3:37.75143:37.741213.71s
 13th31Conrad CULLENEYphoto_library 318536Livermore, CA1 SHOT RACING3:37.65133:37.751313.72s
 14th8Rhys EWINGphoto 286964Eugene, ORDeity / Lifecycle Bike Shop / Sport Hill / team scraper4:41.98243:38.031414.00s
 15th57Bryce KANSphoto_library 534553Maple Valley, WAB-line racing / Canyon Bikes3:36.83123:39.151515.12s
 16th29Bailey VILLALOVOSphoto 470324Federal Way, WAAll Out Racing / FSA3:43.63203:42.021617.99s
 17th10Brian DAVISON 379122Bellingham, WALost Bikes3:44.68213:42.451718.42s
 18th665Kody CLARKEphoto_library 418330Duvall, WAAll Out Racing / Tigatu3:43.44193:43.171819.14s
 19th65Kris CHRISTENSENphoto 259558Kirkland, WAFox Head / Mojo WheelsDNS3:44.811920.78s
 20th35Dylan BROWN (u20)photo 458932Bothell, WAAll Out Racing / FSA / Monster / Tigatu3:44.93223:51.712027.68s
 21st63Cole TOWNSENDphoto 455129Mukilteo, WADakine / Specialized / Spy / Woodinville Bikes3:40.52183:56.292132.26s
 22nd81Wood SKINNERphoto 294580Lewiston, IDDeity / Full Speed Racing / Onyx / Revgrips6:06.70254:07.122243.09s
 23rd14Robert STENSON 279077Bothell, WA100% / ANVL / go to site / Montucky cold snacks / Pivot3:36.27114:14.252350.22s
 24th529Sky DUNN-SARVISphoto 10016173419Argenta, BCSanta Cruz3:39.32174:27.31241:03.28
 4Trevor LEWISphoto_library 498769Renton, WAB-line racing3:28.723DNF
 688Alec WATTS 375721Vancouver, WANorthwest Giant Bikes3:51.9823DNS
 80Brian CAHAL 454235CAPivot / Prologue / SRAM / TLDDNFDNS
 20Eben KIEHLphoto 287787Bellevue, WADNFDNS

Cat 1: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st532Zach MCCRACKENphoto_library 501922Snoqualmie, WADad3:46.7223:44.061-
emoji_events2nd158Tyler BOMMARITOphoto_library 492039Renton, WAB-line racing6:05.4193:48.5124.45s
emoji_events3rd453Jake SMITH (u21)photo_library 407417Portland, ORPdx devo3:53.2333:55.58311.52s
 4th107Spencer ERVINphoto_library 504575Bellevue, WAB-line racing / Fox / Race Face4:02.9143:58.74414.68s
 5th181Gavin ULLRICH 530127Hood River, ORDirty Fingers Bike Shop / Full Speed RacingDNS4:01.00516.94s
 6th114Ethan LIEBphoto 460616Bellevue, WADeity / Fanatik Bike Co. / FiveTen / Leatt / Maxxis / Norco / Smith3:45.5314:02.63618.57s
 7th209Riley PLUMMERphoto_library 524408Welches, ORYour Mom4:25.1284:04.41720.35s
 8th99Ezra NORTHERN Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society4:04.6954:06.14822.08s
 9th211Michael BUCKLEYphoto_library 473755Snohomish, WAGerrard cycles / ShimanoDNF4:06.68922.62s
 10th298Riggs BROWNphoto_library 511348Colorado Springs, COLeatt4:07.0464:07.941023.88s
 149Cole HOLLAND 529646Richland, WAFull Speed Racing4:22.907DNS

Cat 1: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st689Forrest TAYLORphoto 507451Spokane, WAMoon Duster / The Bike Hub3:44.221-
emoji_events2nd205Frankie CULHNOphoto_library 485831Kellogg, IDMom and Dad / Spacebrace3:45.6521.43s
emoji_events3rd104Marc SOELBERGphoto_library 503776Valleyford, WASeek MTB / The Bike Hub3:45.9831.76s
 4th556Tyler VILLOPOTOphoto Poulsbo, WARotec Cycles3:46.4742.25s
 5th681Austin LANCASTER (cat1)photo 424651Central Point, OR100% / Galfer Brakes USA / Industry 9 / Royal / Santa Cruz / Schwalbe / Unreal Cycles3:48.4654.24s
 6th662Colton WIERSUMphoto_library 431725Anacortes, WACanfield Brothers / Full Send Racing3:51.3767.15s
 7th547Joseph RAGER IIphoto 292284Amboy, WA3:51.7077.48s
 8th245Rye LIVINGSTONphoto 498560Portland, ORCyclepath3:52.9888.76s
 9th141Max FORDphoto_library 549028West Richland, WADeity / Loose Riders / Onyx Hubs / Schwalbe3:53.9399.71s
 10th685Taber KOHLMOOS 476365Livermore, CA3:54.891010.67s
 11th169Andrew PARKER (u40)photo 485458Loomis, CASanta Cruz3:56.931112.71s
 12th168Chris SANCHEZ 375624Camas, WANorthwest Bicycle3:57.111212.89s
 13th130Walter SORENSONphoto_library 530099Eugene, ORteam scraper3:58.081313.86s
 14th487Ian ROBINSONphoto Auburn, WAFull Speed Racing3:59.561415.34s
 15th163Halvor NORRISphoto 501889Spokane, WANorthwest Bicycle3:59.911515.69s
 16th728Greg DEASYphoto_library 531019Redwood City, CADirt Trail Riders4:01.771617.55s
 17th521Eric EVANS (u40)photo 288604Bellingham, WALost Bikes4:01.801717.58s
 18th183Steve TAUSCHECKphoto 236508Anacortes, WAEpic Racing4:02.971818.75s
 19th117Archie LABINE 481748Livermore, CA4:07.021922.80s
 20th289Dillon THIGPENphoto_library 376911Ashland, ORBear Creek Bicycle4:09.842025.62s
 21st143Tyler COURTRIGHTphoto_library 548503Spokane Valley, WADeity / Full Speed Racing / Schwalbe4:41.692157.47s
 110Michael HOWE 392963Bellingham, WAEterra / Lost Bikes / Skid Steer SolutionsDNS
 325Jackson ZECHNICH 536353Portland, ORRFEADNS

Cat 1: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st112Michael KLENZphoto_library 410331Carlton, OR3:49.721-
emoji_events2nd470Bryson OTTOphoto_library 530077Post Falls, ID3:57.2227.50s
emoji_events3rd481Andrew FRINKphoto_library 244580Seattle, WAMojo Wheels3:59.2439.52s
 4th710Mike WIESER 227734Boise, IDCanfield Brothers / Fly4:04.44414.72s
 5th471Nick LERMAphoto 530102Portland, ORCyclepath PDX4:09.92520.20s
 106Malcolm SOELBERG 546795Valleyford, WASeek MTB / The Bike HubDNS

Cat 1: 40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st135Brad DELZERphoto_library 137087Gresham, ORThe govenor Todd Olson3:48.731-
emoji_events2nd692Chris CANFIELDphoto_library 172199Layton, WACanfield Brothers4:02.84214.11s
emoji_events3rd187Tracy WESTphoto_library 37797Spokane, WAThe Bike Hub4:05.50316.77s
 4th394Andy CROCKERphoto_library 80157Gresham, OR4:08.96420.23s
 5th147Matthew MACARTNEYphoto_library 253249Fall City, WAEpic Racing4:16.45527.72s
 6th167Ryan STERNphoto_library 111443Chattaroy, WABike Hub / Indian Trail Physical Therapy4:22.22633.49s
 7th125Ralph HAVENSphoto 15456Issaquah, WAKnolly Bikes4:29.42740.69s
 8th101Erik GRAYphoto_library 530213Yakima, WADesert Velocity Racing4:43.95855.22s
 671Aaron CARTERphoto_library 466043Las Vegas, NVLeattDNF

Cat 2: 0-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st240Peyton PITTSphoto_library 499838Bend, OROGIO and Bend Endurance Academy / Spy4:35.061-
emoji_events2nd302Zachary ATKINSphoto_library Naches, WAAtkins Landscaping4:42.3627.30s
emoji_events3rd356Etan BRAVARDphoto Bend, ORCyclepath PDX4:51.63316.57s
 4th401Taylor DUNNphoto 527185Ellensberg, WAFluidride4:57.70422.64s
 5th136Braden DELZERphoto 403733Gresham, ORLegion of Dirt / Renthal4:57.81522.75s
 6th719Harper ALLENphoto_library Bend, OR4:58.48623.42s
 7th320Oscar RUIZphoto Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society5:01.43726.37s
 8th262Arlie CONNOLLYphoto_library Bend, ORDestroyer / Sagebrush cycles5:01.79826.73s
 9th720Kai HUGGINphoto_library Bend, OR5:11.81936.75s
 10th582Alden PATEphoto_library 557516Snohomish, WA5:14.401039.34s
 11th375Jagger BUCYphoto 530092Snoqualmie, WA5:17.841142.78s
 12th267Sebastian ROTHGEBphoto Vancouver, WASingle Track Minds / Transition Bikes5:24.031248.97s
 13th715August WILCOXphoto_library Bend, ORVP Pedals / WTB5:24.431349.37s
 14th365Gavin STANTONphoto 471850Troutdale, ORFiveTen / profile mtb / TLD5:34.031458.97s
 15th469Ethan EDWARDSphoto_library 555509Cda, ID5:42.09151:07.03
 16th259Wyatt MCKENZIEphoto 472971Clackamas, ORFiveTen / Gravity Cartel / Stikrd / TLD / X-Fusion5:51.24161:16.18
 17th350Colby GROVESphoto 556235Port Angeles, WABike Garage / Groves crane5:51.94171:16.88
 18th723Liam BELLphoto_library Bend, ORSunny Side Sports7:00.69182:25.63
 19th729Grant MAYO White Salmon, WA10:38.73196:03.67
 626Finn KEANEphoto 511549Bend, ORDNF

Cat 2: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st297Matt MANGANOphoto_library 483883Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society4:12.551-
emoji_events2nd116Daniel MCMASTERphoto_library 504092Port Angeles, WAparents4:15.8823.33s
emoji_events3rd352Jacob GUTHRIEphoto 555619Bend, ORRiot Freeride / Village Bike and Ski4:19.1736.62s
 4th279Blake RAUSCHphoto 526890Rainier, WADugan Race Prep4:21.3848.83s
 5th293Chayce WILLIAMSphoto 499032Auburn, WACenter Cycle4:25.18512.63s
 6th367Henri VERGARA-GRINDELLphoto 556231Forest Grove, ORTrailhead cycles4:26.17613.62s
 7th740Liam GILLIKINphoto_library Cashmere, WAFull Speed Racing4:30.16717.61s
 8th444Talon NORTHERNphoto Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society4:32.09819.54s
 9th419Dylan SCHWENKphoto Anacortes, WACanfield Brothers / Full Send Racing4:36.70924.15s
 10th264Emerson BUSSEphoto 555857Wenatchee, WAridge cycle4:37.371024.82s
 11th486Jake WEBBERphoto 556022Bainbridge Island, WA4:40.501127.95s
 12th310Bijan DANIALIphoto 559674Lynnwood, WADeity / Fly / Knolly Bikes4:41.051228.50s
 13th272Jackson KELDERMANphoto 530002Issaquah, WAElk Heights Excavation4:41.421328.87s
 14th329Carter LACEYphoto 529488Bellevue, WAFoes Racing and Schwalbe4:44.211431.66s
 15th424Kaeden EARSLEYphoto Yelm, WAMom and Dad4:44.591532.04s
 16th376Maximus FRAYphoto La Center, WATbr4:48.311635.76s
 17th436Zak TOPOLphoto 556309North Plains, OR4:48.591736.04s
 18th712Canyon WILCOXphoto Bend, ORVP Pedals / WTB4:50.021837.47s
 19th713Mason GOODphoto Arlea, MTKnolly Bikes4:57.841945.29s
 20th457Thomas SCHUELER (u30)photo 556174Bainbridge Island, WA5:03.492050.94s
 21st698Mac POTTERphoto Sandy, OR5:07.862155.31s
 679Ryan RICHARDS Talent, ORLegion of DirtDNF
 359Logan FRITZ Fall City, WANorthwest BicycleDNF
 397Cody MATZ 549569Chehalis, WAB-line racingDNS
 -Alexander PERELMAN Duvall, WAB-line racingDNS
 560Brandon DALY 529531North Bend, WANW Bikes / Rocky Mountain CyclesDNS
 735Samuel DAY Bend, ORDNS

Cat 2: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st528Tyler JAWORSKIphoto Eugene, ORteam scraper4:24.651-
emoji_events2nd683Mitchell SENOURphoto Beaverton, OR4:29.7425.09s
emoji_events3rd371Steven LAUDERBACKphoto Port Angeles, WA4:32.3437.69s
 4th725Cam QUADRELLIphoto_library Langley, BCRedbowl Racing4:35.11410.46s
 5th404Joel MATTECHECKphoto Portland, ORCyclePath Gravity4:36.76512.11s
 6th316Cameron WELCHphoto_library Port Orchard, WA4:42.66618.01s
 7th727Chester LEBSACKphoto 454319Redwood City, CA4:48.93724.28s
 8th718Jackson HOUDEKphoto Eugene, ORUniversity of Oregon4:49.39824.74s
 9th690Kevin NEIDORFphoto_library Portland, ORRiver City Bicycles4:49.98925.33s
 10th418Matt GROVESphoto_library Port Angeles, WABike Garage / Groves crane4:53.961029.31s
 11th693Bryce LAUDERBACKphoto_library Port Angeles, WA4:57.541132.89s
 12th413Ryan ROBLESphoto Jblm, WAFreeriderindustries5:02.041237.39s
 13th364Andy CHAPMANphoto 553512Redmond, WA5:07.111342.46s
 14th414Will DENNYphoto Bothell, WAStevens Pass Mountain Bikers5:12.191447.54s
 15th675Matt SLEUTJESphoto Portland, OR5:14.211549.56s
 16th346Dalton WEBBphoto Port Ludlow, WA6:02.07161:37.42
 697Jordan KUNNISON Eugene, ORteam scraperDNF
 695Spencer EWING Eugene, ORDNF
 230Miles LIND 553813Bend, ORProject BikeDNS
 -Taylor BENOIT Bozeman, MTDNS

Cat 2: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st699Carlisle DANIELphoto Portland, ORGravity Cartel / Norco / Western Bike Works4:27.471-
emoji_events2nd741Patrick MONAHANphoto Beaverton, OR4:29.3221.85s
emoji_events3rd705Wylie ROBINSONphoto_library Portland, ORRumpl4:37.58310.11s
 4th403Gene KISHINEVSKYphoto 555297Portland, ORCyclepath PDX4:37.74410.27s
 5th353James GARDNERphoto_library 524648Port Angeles, WA4:39.88512.41s
 6th416Jared FARISphoto_library Pasco, WADesert Velocity Racing4:46.97619.50s
 7th523Daniel GRIFFITHphoto Bellingham, WA@Lennys bike shop4:49.92722.45s
 8th265Shane MCKENZIEphoto Clackamas, ORCyclepath / Gravity Cartel / TLD4:50.90823.43s
 9th358Joe FRUECHTELphoto_library Portland, ORPearl Bandits4:51.92924.45s
 10th420Tim HEALYphoto Whitefish, MTCanfield Brothers / Moon dusters4:54.301026.83s
 11th434Leland GIBSONphoto Port Townsend, WA5:06.691139.22s
 12th670Sean LOEHRphoto Vancouver, WA5:22.971255.50s
 13th667John DRASKOVICphoto_library Hillsboro, ORParadise Garage Racing5:33.45131:05.98
 14th412Marc MATTECHECKphoto Arlington, WA5:57.40141:29.93
 15th598Sean STEWART Vancouver, WA11:07.83156:40.36

Cat 2: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st721Jason LEWIS Happy Valley, OR4:42.361-
emoji_events2nd137Federico GONZALEZphoto_library 476785Hood River, ORTeam Finger4:43.5621.20s
emoji_events3rd610Christian HAGEL-SORENSENphoto Sammamish, WA32 / 529 LEGION / Sportslab4:45.5933.23s
 4th577Simon TURNERphoto Battleground, WAOTB freeride co / Single Track Minds4:47.5345.17s
 5th266Randall ROTHGEBphoto_library Vancouver, WASingle Track Minds / Transition Bikes4:47.6255.26s
 6th427Ray DOTTERERphoto Seattle, WANuun Hydration4:54.08611.72s
 7th700Kent ANDERSONphoto Portland, OR5:08.99726.63s
 8th214Todd ERICKSONphoto_library 528106Hayden, IDTwo Wheeler Dealer5:10.06827.70s
 9th313Andrew CAINEphoto 523563Portland, OR5:10.68928.32s
 10th716Justin WILLIAMS (cat2)photo Meridian, IDIdaho Shredder5:18.251035.89s
 11th663Patrick ANDERSONphoto_library Northbend, WAMt. Si Racing / Team Broadmark5:24.341141.98s
 -Michael ORR 524504Duvall, WANorthwest Bikes, Snoqualmie WADNS
 319Dante RUIZ Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt SocietyDNS

Cat 2: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st400David OVERMANphoto Vancouver, WAHigh Mountain Drifters4:36.561-
emoji_events2nd280Larry JACKSONphoto Caldwell, IDJoyride Cycles4:39.0022.44s
emoji_events3rd706Chris PAGEphoto_library Brightwood, ORMetroplolis Cycle repair4:39.0832.52s
 4th357John BRAVARDphoto Bend Or, ORCyclepath PDX4:45.7949.23s
 5th189Ian RUDDphoto North Vancouver, BCBicyclehub.ca5:06.49529.93s
 6th164Jason WEBBERphoto 10057492634N. Vancouver, BC5:06.94630.38s
 7th672Eric MUDGETTphoto_library Wenatchee, WARIDGE Cyclesport5:08.05731.49s
 8th243Marc GAROUTTE 418149Auburn, WAEpic Racing5:22.70846.14s
 9th696Jeff BUCYphoto Snoqualmie, WA5:53.4991:16.93
 10th134Jason GIBBphoto Redmond, WAFly / GHY / Magnra14:01.26109:24.70

Cat 3: 0-10 boys  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st355Eliot BRAVARD Bend, ORCyclepath PDX4:28.421-
emoji_events2nd276Kellan GARY 52297Issaquah, WAMt. Si Racing4:31.3122.89s
emoji_events3rd260Max MCKENZIE 472974Clackamas, ORFiveTen / Gravity Cartel / Stikrd / TLD / X-Fusion4:39.14310.72s
 4th676Oliver HUBLERphoto Hood River, ORLeatt / School of Send4:41.42413.00s
 5th714Tanner WILLIAMS Meridian, IDIdaho Shredder4:46.51518.09s
 6th271Camron RATKOVIAK Vancouver, WAiXS / Single Track Minds / Spank / Transition Bikes4:46.94618.52s
 7th643Wyatt DIXONphoto Bainbridge Island, WANight Owl Cycling5:01.91733.49s
 8th731Jack BILLOWITZ Bend, ORSlippery Sasquatch racing5:02.95834.53s
 9th270Noah GREENphoto Vancouver, WAiXS / Single Track Minds / Spank5:03.76935.34s
 10th734Owen DIXONphoto Bainbridge Island, WANight Owl Cycling5:13.311044.89s
 11th736Hunter WILLSphoto Portland, OR5:13.631145.21s
 12th495Elliott KLEINphoto 554673Redmond, WA5:16.551248.13s
 13th724Emmett BELLphoto Bend, ORSunny Side Sports5:28.281359.86s
 14th684Brody BIELASphoto Vancouver, WAMom and Dad5:48.16141:19.74
 15th730Bryce DUNNphoto Ellensberg, WA6:52.44152:24.02
 16th668Gavin PITTS Bend, OR7:49.85163:21.43

Cat 3: 11-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st722Kellen RATHERphoto Bend, OR8:48.201-
emoji_events2nd499Bryce HENRIKSONphoto Fircrest, WAEmpty Wallet9:04.96216.76s
emoji_events3rd468Jobe ANDROCKITISphoto 554577Port Orchard, WA9:05.19316.99s
 4th467Denton JOHNSONphoto_library Snohomish, WATim's Bike Shop9:06.02417.82s
 5th669Wyatt PARKERphoto Ellensberg, WAIron Horse9:24.63536.43s
 6th677Kai SHAYSphoto_library 559859Mosier, OR9:35.11646.91s
 7th497Kepler DE LANOYphoto Bainbridge, WA9:41.21753.01s
 8th496Jackson WICKLUNDphoto Bainbridge Island, WAMom and Dad9:45.29857.09s
 9th590Cash COLEMANphoto Port Angeles, WABruch & Bruch Construction10:14.8791:26.67
 10th395Keegan CROCKERphoto Bresham, OR10:21.91101:33.71
 11th269Eli TURNERphoto Battle Ground, WAOTB freride co / Single Track Minds10:28.18111:39.98
 12th739Boon CHAIJAROENphoto Portland, ORDad10:48.00121:59.80

Cat 3: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st381Johnny PRAYphoto Lake Stevens, WA8:39.131-
emoji_events2nd504Braxton KUHLphoto 558679Snoqualmie, WAMt. Si Racing / Team Broadmark8:58.29219.16s
emoji_events3rd717Mason SMITH (u18)photo Lake Oswego, OR9:00.28321.15s
 4th349Austin WALLERphoto_library 526976Snohomish, WANW Excavating / Tim's Bike Shop9:37.35458.22s
 5th491Jacob ALBERTSONphoto Kenmore, WA10:11.4051:32.27
 6th476Avery OLKONENphoto_library Bremerton, WA12:54.6764:15.54
 466Ethan HUDGINS Everett, WAFat Bramble Productions / Grandpas Garage / O'reilly signsDNF
 605Tyler MATHISphoto Anacortes, WADNF
 348Ansel HIGGINSphoto Redmond, WAKrispy Kreme Factory RacingDNS

Cat 3: 19-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st674Chane DUSTINphoto_library Jefferson, OR8:34.721-
emoji_events2nd651Jason BUCHANANphoto 559811Vancouver, WA8:40.1625.44s
emoji_events3rd490Jeffrey CATTONphoto 555639Bellingham, WA8:54.95320.23s
 4th475Donald RIGGSphoto University Place, WA9:09.24434.52s
 5th703Aaron GREEN Gresham, OR9:31.88557.16s
 6th726Benjamin RIGGSphoto Port Angeles, WA10:30.3561:55.63
 7th702Charley BURNSphoto_library Portland, ORPearl Bandits12:12.7273:38.00

Cat 3: 40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st704Tyler SPENCERphoto Newport, ORNewport Business plaza / Primaltones8:34.281-
emoji_events2nd380Kerry PRAY Lake Stevens, WA8:36.9222.64s
emoji_events3rd630Brett ANGELphoto Samamish, WA8:50.84316.56s
 4th284Brian OSBORNphoto_library Ontario, ORJoyride Cycles / OZ customs8:53.06418.78s
 5th432Clarke SCRUGGSphoto Silverton, ORFall Line / Fly / silverfalls brewery9:01.33527.05s
 6th493Ron RIGGSphoto_library 555873Port Angeles, WA9:08.17633.89s
 7th732Rodney BILLOWITZphoto_library Bend, ORSlippery Sasquatch racing9:08.99734.71s
 8th296Shannon MANGANOphoto Port Angeles, WA9:26.00851.72s
 9th300Chris HENDRYphoto Port Angeles, WATru-Flow9:31.50957.22s
 10th228Paul BUTORAJACphoto Lake Tapps, WAGHY9:45.25101:10.97
 11th549Todd PLUMMER (40+)photo 558013Welches, OR9:49.12111:14.84
 12th368Gerardo VERGARA-MONROYphoto 556230Forest Grove, ORTrailhead cycles9:49.78121:15.50
 13th711Brad GUTTINGphoto 379925Seattle, WA10:47.25132:12.97
 330Jared SCOTT Port Angeles, WASound Bikes & KayaksDNS
 129Curtis SHEPHERD 546975Kent, WADNS



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st77Sarah OLSENphoto_library 530254Portland, ORCyclepath PDX4:25.8924:20.831-
emoji_events2nd74Kerstin HOLSTERphoto_library 456788Portland, ORChris King / Maxxis / Pivot / Stans / TLD4:22.9914:21.8521.02s
emoji_events3rd701Zoe TAYLORphoto_library 412040Portland, ORDNS4:44.82323.99s
 4th687Kate MEYERphoto 535650Bend, ORCushCore / Deity / Hope / Sagebrush cycles4:42.5634:49.23428.40s
 5th673Celia FERGUSONphoto_library Evergreen, WAaCOS / DVO Suspension / O'Neal5:41.3645:02.70541.87s

Cat 1: 0-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st215Sydney HABERMANphoto_library 497899Redmond, WASweetlines Jr. Racing4:39.2534:32.561-
emoji_events2nd213Ella ERICKSONphoto_library 528104Hayden, IDCommencal USA4:32.4824:37.6825.12s
emoji_events3rd237Autumn PARHAMphoto_library 524759Edmond, WASweetlines Jr. Racing4:41.9844:39.0836.52s
 4th219Brynn BASSETTphoto_library 498790Wenatchee, WAArlberg Sports / Fly / Pivot8:58.4854:53.53420.97s
 5th218Bryce BASSETTphoto_library 503230Wenatchee, WAArlberg Sports / Jr Progression Racing4:10.29132:48.10528:15.54
 204Alli GAERTNER 322900Cda, IDVerticalEarthDNSDNS

Cat 1: 19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st594Elle RUNYANphoto 482316Sammamish, WABroadmark / Mt. Si Racing / Sweetlines Jr. Racing4:40.841-
emoji_events2nd191Agnes SAUVAGEphoto_library 260768Seattle, WA4:51.67210.83s
emoji_events3rd146Michelle MACARTNEYphoto 253252Fall City, WAEpic Racing5:24.14343.30s
 4th452Christine STIVERSphoto 545899Mount Vernon, WADeity / Lost Bikes5:31.67450.83s
 5th132Ashley ST. PIERREphoto 537311Boise, ID5:41.6951:00.85
 6th161Calli TOTHphoto 492103Whitefish, MTCanfield Brothers / Moon dusters5:48.4361:07.59
 7th126Annie CRAIGphoto 526241Issaquah, WAKnolly Bikes5:51.0271:10.18

Cat 2: 0-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st539Brielle STERNphoto Chattaroy, WAIndian Trail Physical Therapy / The Bike Hub5:15.661-
emoji_events2nd303Taylor OSTGAARDphoto 555793Selah, WAAblegate Homes / band aid / MAD Racing / Schwalbe5:38.63222.97s
emoji_events3rd373Brooke ANDERSONphoto 473371Potland, ORSwetlines Jr. Racing / TLD5:40.38324.72s
 4th138Jessi ANDERSONphoto_library North Bend, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:45.18429.52s
 5th308Sierra SEMSAKphoto 497663Issaquah, WASweetlines Jr. Racing6:01.62545.96s

Cat 2: 19-39 women  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st737Julie BAIRDphoto_library 493066Prtland, OR5:15.361-
emoji_events2nd415Kristen FARISphoto Pasco, WADVR / Maxxis5:25.91210.55s
emoji_events3rd425Ashley HERNANDEZphoto Bellingham, WA5:34.01318.65s
 4th428Anna SUROWIECKIphoto Woodinville, WA5:34.13418.77s
 5th406Elizabeth FINKELSTEINphoto Portland, ORCyclepath5:35.00519.64s
 6th536Natasha WEISSphoto_library Gig Harbor, WABell Helmets / Northwest tech5:41.50626.14s
 7th311Brooke ONEILLphoto 532017San Francisco, CA5:56.75741.39s
 8th263Nicole WILKINSONphoto 559813Bend, OR6:00.58845.22s
 9th165Jenna NORRISphoto 416511Spokane, WANorthwest Bicycle6:26.1791:10.81
 10th417Becca COOPERphoto Portland, OR6:26.65101:11.29
 11th576Melissa OPPLIGERphoto Silverdale, WASilverdale Cyclery6:35.06111:19.70
 12th686Ashley BILLINGSLEYphoto 549306Missoula, MT6:41.11121:25.75
 13th694Heidi SEEFELDphoto 559420Portland, OR6:45.31131:29.95
 14th738Kelsey PHILLIPSphoto 425714Bend, OR6:45.45141:30.09

Cat 2: 40+ women  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st567Virginie CALMEphoto Bend, ORCyclepath PDX6:00.181-
emoji_events2nd331Susan WALSHphoto Burien, WAEpic Racing6:09.1929.01s
emoji_events3rd431Erika SCHOLZphoto Silverton, ORFall Line / Fly / ONE Bike / Silver Falls Brewery / go to site6:35.63335.45s
 4th708Aubrey ARAGONphoto Bend, OR6:41.12440.94s
 5th324Shannon SUTHERLANDphoto 457882Auburn, WAEpic Racing7:41.4051:41.22

Cat 3: 0-10 girls  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st305Aletha OSTGAARDphoto 555794Selah, WAAblegate Homes / Mad racing suspension / Schwalbe4:35.501-
emoji_events2nd494Nory KLEINphoto 554672Redmond, WASpawn Cycles / Sweetlines Jr. Racing5:18.69243.19s
emoji_events3rd709Natalie SAYERSphoto_library Bend, OR5:43.3531:07.85
 4th664Chloe WALLERphoto 555767Ranier, WADugan Race Prep7:34.4542:58.95

Cat 3: 11-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st277Saylor JACKSONphoto Caldwell, IDJoyride Cycles10:23.471-
emoji_events2nd637Riley HUDSONphoto 507462Bothell, WASweetlines Racing Jr Racing11:13.29249.82s
emoji_events3rd210Mica ERICKSONphoto 528107Hayden, IDTwo Wheeler Dealer11:25.9431:02.47
 4th351Jetta PORTERphoto 502009Bothell, WASweetlines Jr. Racing12:41.5542:18.08
 5th680Julia EHLIS Talent, ORLegion of Dirt14:28.7154:05.24

Cat 3: 19-39 women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st121Holly HAGENSENphoto Camas, WA10:36.471-
emoji_events2nd707Lydia DEESEphoto 507733Tacoma, WAFoxy Moxy Racing12:00.3621:23.89
emoji_events3rd587Jennifer GONZALEZphoto Edgewood, WADirty Jane / Ms.Fit MTB13:39.5833:03.11
 522Vanessa DAVISON Belingham, WALost BikesDNS

Cat 3: 40+ women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st733Layla BILLOWITZphoto Bend, ORSlippery Sasquatch racing12:04.891-
 524Colette BUTORAJAC Lake Tapps, WAGHYDNS
 -Grace JACKSON Caldwell, IDJoyride CyclesDNS
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