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Elite men  Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st13Justin DE JONG 2:37.11212:50.1491-
2nd3Callum DAWES 2:39.55322:52.03921.890s
3rd52Drew GARTERY 2:44.65172:53.60933.460s
4th14Joel HAKKINEN 2:41.15742:59.57449.425s
5th5Ngari JENKINS 3:19.325143:02.626512.477s
6th28Joshua HURLEY 2:42.09463:03.440613.291s
7th54Dylan STONE 3:03.143123:10.112719.963s
8th49Jack VALENTINY 2:41.27253:12.322822.173s
9th27Bryce WING 2:58.093113:12.609922.460s
10th9Craig YATES 2:41.13733:21.9191031.770s
11th20Terence HALL 2:51.20793:39.8961149.747s
12th18Connor WARD 3:06.517134:23.274121:33.125
13th24Jake ALLAN 2:48.70685:47.178132:57.029
22Nathan NEWELL 2:56.83010DNF

Open men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st341Michael TENISWOOD 3:38.3601-
2nd342Michael WILSON 3:42.85224.492s
3rd347Christopher SUMNER 3:49.016310.656s

Expert men  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st2023Jake ANDREWS 2:57.4981-
2nd2005Michael DENTON 3:17.492219.994s
3rd2016Shane DEJONG 3:19.856322.358s
4th2029Cameron BARRY 4:27.30541:29.807
2026Brendan MOORE DNS

U13 boys  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st1306Oscar BAULDERSTONE 3:21.1791-
2nd1307Giles BUTTON 3:40.032218.853s
3rd1312George QUIGLEY 4:11.177349.998s
4th1317Samuel CARRACHER 4:15.700454.521s
5th1318Hunter DODSON 5:56.55852:35.379
6th1302Jett HAKKINEN 6:18.75062:57.571
1305Oliver CORONES DNS

U15 boys  Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st1503Elijah BARNARD 2:49.5161-
2nd1521Charlie FINNIS 3:15.917226.401s
3rd1536Jamie MITCHELL 3:30.782341.266s
4th1519Angus MCCOLL 3:51.07441:01.558
5th1525Tully TWINING 3:51.70751:02.191
6th1509Harry BAWDEN 3:55.61661:06.100
7th1524Harry QUIGLEY 3:58.76771:09.251
8th1531Charlie TWELFTREE 4:04.95881:15.442
9th1532Harry EYRES 4:09.57491:20.058
10th1535Max SINGLETON 4:11.733101:22.217
11th1516Finn GRAZIANO 4:15.212111:25.696
12th1507Otto SPURLING 4:20.199121:30.683
13th1534Dan COWLING 4:42.910131:53.394
14th1520Fergus BAULDERSTONE 4:50.757142:01.241
15th1514Kael FOALE 4:51.180152:01.664
16th1504Ruben DAVIES 5:01.209162:11.693
17th1537Woody GILBERT 5:20.097172:30.581
1506Will WASS DNS

U17 boys  Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st1721Heath HODGSON 3:00.8431-
2nd1709Nick SAMPSON 3:11.738210.895s
3rd1714Max BARNARD 3:12.733311.890s
4th1710Archie BARKER 3:13.962413.119s
5th1726Luke CARPENTER 3:17.520516.677s
6th1722Corey ACKERMAN 3:18.718617.875s
7th1733Harry CHEESMAN 3:32.193731.350s
8th1723Mac COWLING 3:39.830838.987s
9th1728Dylan DRAPER 3:43.462942.619s
10th1708Thomas MATSON 3:54.0701053.227s
11th1718Luke HALL 3:56.4721155.629s
12th1713Zac AINSWORTH 3:58.2671257.424s
13th1711Jonty DAVIDSON 3:59.4171358.574s
14th1720Tristan DAWES 4:02.343141:01.500
15th1715Matthew ALDERSON 4:11.569151:10.726
16th1730Ned HARRIS 4:12.971161:12.128
17th1739Sid REEVES 4:20.565171:19.722
18th1717Jamie BREWSTER 4:42.033181:41.190
19th1732Samuel STEELE 4:45.235191:44.392
20th1724Charlie SILCOCK 4:48.036201:47.193
21st1719Filip PAJKIC 4:57.238211:56.395
22nd1735Connor MITCHELL (SA) 5:00.889222:00.046
23rd1706Nicholas MOWBRAY 5:01.884232:01.041
24th1738Reuben SCHULTZ 5:16.735242:15.892
25th1729Cooper FAGANELLO 6:15.104253:14.261
26th1734Sam BADCOE 7:09.020264:08.177

U19 men  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st1916Luke BRADEY 2:44.04952:56.3851-
2nd1910Jack HODGSON 2:42.47842:56.72720.342s
3rd1913Cooper WEBB 2:50.42173:06.10539.720s
4th1928Dylan HORN 2:49.86763:06.878410.493s
5th1902Sam WALSH 2:36.20513:10.227513.842s
6th1930Max REEVES 2:38.56723:14.058617.673s
7th1907Oliver BUTEFUER 3:05.621113:26.703730.318s
8th1908Eddie HERFT 3:24.966133:28.390832.005s
9th1904Sandy PARTON 2:59.72393:42.221945.836s
10th1920Kye FIELDER-IZZILLO 3:05.596104:03.440101:07.055
11th1905Rhys DOLEY 2:58.92384:28.652111:32.267
12th1919Ethan FIELDER-IZZILLO 3:08.412125:34.224122:37.839
13th1903Jack SKEWES 2:39.87436:42.630133:46.245
14th1906Lachlan BATTY 3:24.970146:43.464143:47.079

Sport men  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st208Michael WILSON 3:45.9571-
2nd224Haiden SMITH 5:29.29621:43.339
3rd225Jack FLETCHER 5:48.09332:02.136
4th217Benjamin KILSBY 6:00.65542:14.698
5th216Zac ANGEL 6:06.79252:20.835
6th219Calum KING 7:55.53964:09.582

Novice men  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st1036Cale HOCKING 2:55.0401-
2nd1038Lewis REDWOOD 4:34.55621:39.516
3rd1033Henry MORTON 4:40.63931:45.599
4th1034Lucas DONLAN 4:46.39841:51.358
5th1035Corey CRAFTER 6:16.48853:21.448

Hardtail: 0-18 boys  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st936Elijah BARNARD 4:05.3111-
2nd933Harry CHEESMAN 7:17.07523:11.764

Hardtail: 19+ men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st903Andrew KUHLMANN 3:48.8231-
2nd901Justin DE JONG 3:54.13025.307s
3rd906Ryan LONGE 4:04.036315.213s
4th902Elton HIBBERD 5:19.25241:30.429

30-39 men  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st3021Ryan LONGE 3:25.6701-
2nd3002Ben ANDERSON 3:31.39525.725s
3rd3014Michael GORE 3:42.822317.152s
4th3005Andrew KUHLMANN 3:48.439422.769s
5th3007Michael TENISWOOD 3:52.233526.563s
6th3008Mark SMITHSON 3:56.370630.700s
7th3022Ben MANGAN 4:27.88571:02.215
8th3013Shane GRAHAM 5:02.97081:37.300
9th3020Paul TOMPKINS 6:47.16093:21.490

40-49 men  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st4008Sam EDWARDS 2:58.2181-
2nd4007Jamie FOALE 3:11.821213.603s
3rd4021Tom GILBERT 3:25.016326.798s
4th4013Scott BAULDERSTONE 3:30.909432.691s
5th4011Luke MATSON 4:14.73151:16.513
6th4010Elton HIBBERD 6:40.72163:42.503

50+ men  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st5005Mark OPIE 3:19.7751-
2nd5001Christopher SUMNER 3:36.321216.546s
3rd5007Theo MITCHELL 3:44.722324.947s
4th5002Russell HORN 3:45.949426.174s
5th5006Rob STRUDWICK 5:44.85652:25.081
6th5003Paul ECKERT 5:50.53862:30.763

Chainless men  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st313Callum DAWES 2:57.3511-
2nd312Sam EDWARDS 3:13.962216.611s
3rd306Shane DEJONG 3:36.200338.849s
4th303Jack SKEWES 3:53.009455.658s
5th316Haiden SMITH 3:56.442559.091s
6th318Cain BRANSTON 4:43.39061:46.039
317Brendan MOORE DNS



Elite women  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st81Phillippa NORTON 4:03.76634:43.6321-
2nd85Emily HILL 3:51.80614:58.449214.817s
3rd84Christina TENISWOOD 3:59.76025:00.893317.261s
4th86Willowa ATKINS 4:41.21145:03.571419.939s

Open women

1 competitor found

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