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2018 Canada Cup round 3 at Fernie, BC

(2018 BC Cup, Round 4)

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Elite men  Finish spread

40 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st28Kirk MCDOWALL 10008617119Anmore, BCDevinci / Dunbar Cycles2:38.451-
2nd30Forrest RIESCO 10008550734Gibsons, BC2:43.6825.23s
3rd1Hugo LANGEVIN 10008551037Bromont, QCDevinci Development Racing2:44.4035.95s
4th25Jack ALMOND 10009644612Coquitlam, BCC4 Rider Training2:45.0846.63s
5th16Chris KOVARIK 10003840473Whistler, BC2:45.5257.07s
6th27Anthony EVANS 10013006569Peachland, BCSovereign Cycle2:46.1967.74s
7th12Magnus MANSON 10009819313Victoria, BC2:47.1878.73s
8th2Jonathan LEFRANCOIS 10006835450Terrebonne, QC2:48.2389.78s
9th17Alex SILVERTHORNE 10015304964Calgary, ABPedalhead Bicycle Works2:49.87911.42s
10th36Jake BYRNE Perth, Australia2:50.091011.64s
11th7Luke STEVENS 10007886888Revelstoke, BCFlowt Bikes2:50.111111.66s
12th29Max SCHARF 10009644511Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski2:51.501213.05s
13th21Lee JACKSON 10008589534Squamish, BC2:51.821313.37s
14th5Adam WOODHOUSE 10010037359Anmore, BCC4 / Norco Racing2:53.011414.56s
15th45Dean TENNANT 10005881012Shawnigan Lake, BCDunbar Cycles2:53.471515.02s
16th33Brandon DOUGLAS 10060599924Williams Lake, BC2:53.511615.06s
17th19Cody MACARTHUR 10003901707Squamish, BCDunbar Cycles2:55.581717.13s
18th8Braeden ONCIUL 10012665655Rossland, BC2:56.271817.82s
19th24Chris BENNETT 10008861326Calgary, AB2:56.311917.86s
20th26Aaron DOBIE 10012092951Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles2:57.072018.62s
21st3Liam ROURKE 10010037360Rawdon, QC2:59.672121.22s
22nd39Cole MOONEY 10016173318North Vancouver, BC3:00.262221.81s
23rd13Simon TELLIER 10011237937Victoria, BC3:00.302321.85s
24th11Trevor ATTRIDGE 10056403561Victoria, BC3:01.912423.46s
25th41Jeremy MCDOWELL 10014027089Calgary, AB3:02.852524.40s
26th23Rob VENABLES 10008874268Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:02.882624.43s
27th9Joshua REGAN 10016173924Calgary, AB3:04.322725.87s
28th22Colin GRANT 10015304863Duncan, BC3:05.092826.64s
29th20Adriano DIGIACINTO 10003605653North Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:05.252926.80s
30th35Joshua FULTZ-VEINOTTE 10016174025Canmore, AB3:06.503028.05s
31st37Travis ROESNER 10016174227Kimberly, BC3:08.253129.80s
32nd42Mark ALLISON 10063563474New Westminster, BCgraviti driven3:09.693231.24s
33rd15Dakota BOYER 10013875529Calgary, ABgraviti driven / Intense3:12.663334.21s
34th40Yusuke YAMAMOTO 10059071667Burnaby, BCDunbar Cycles3:13.323434.87s
35th18James FROST 10007546479Singhampton, ON3:13.913535.46s
36th38Nat MCGRATH 10058971738Invermere, BC3:13.963635.51s
37th32Spencer COLETTI 10063693719Prince George, BCPrince George Cycling Club3:21.423742.97s
14Josh DZIWENKA 10016173621Victoria, BCDNS
34Brandon JOHNSON (elt) 10060645794Cumberland, BCgraviti driven / IntenseDNS
31Reid WESTREN 10063598436Calgary, ABgraviti driven / IntenseDNS

UCI: 13-14 boys  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st107Jackson GOLDSTONE 10053812449Squamish, BC2:57.041-
2nd111Bodhi KUHN 10080855241Rossland, BC2:59.3122.27s
3rd104Chance MOORE 10063586615Fort Langley, BC3:16.03318.99s
4th108Coen SKRYPNEK 10055624228Calgary, AB3:23.66426.62s
5th105Trevor MOHL 10063251862West Kelowna, BC3:34.83537.79s
6th106Connor WHITE 10062722709Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:41.44644.40s
7th113Leighton PILLIPOW 10083336320Prince George, BC3:43.83746.79s
8th112Holden FITZ-EARLE 10082671363Colville, WA, USA3:48.28851.24s
9th109Tristan PILLON 10083253969Burnaby, BC4:10.0491:13.00
10th110Kian MERRINGER 10062159806Rossland, BC4:53.54101:56.50
11th103Tom FRASER 10081105926Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING4:57.17112:00.13

UCI: 19-29 men  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st115Ewan MACKAY 10011103046Whistler, BCgraviti driven / Intense3:11.691-
2nd126Jordan ROMANIUK 10083331680North Vancouver, BCOTC Racing3:12.1820.49s
3rd114Paul GASCON 10054699900Calgary, AB3:13.9832.29s
4th125Nicholas BARREAU 10063651784Squamish, BCOTC Racing3:15.2643.57s
5th122Ryan LAW 10083424226Castlegar, BC3:17.0855.39s
6th117Jayden GISBORNE 10059974474Ladysmith, BC3:19.8268.13s
7th123Michal CHERAK 10063896611Calgary, AB3:21.5179.82s
8th121Jiayi SONG 10082051472Burnaby, BC3:21.6689.97s
9th120Viktors VILKS Silverton, BC3:23.80912.11s
10th116Lazar DRESEVIC Bellingham, WA, USA3:24.811013.12s
11th118Nicholas BOHLE 10007836772Vancouver, BC3:26.201114.51s
12th127Kolt HOYLE 10062062301Pemberton, BCCube3:30.361218.67s
13th102Zane SIMMONDS 10063692709Whistler, BCgraviti driven3:33.291321.60s
14th100Abdellaziz ZOUAOUI 10063158704Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:41.641429.95s
15th124Owen DE WITTE 10082709052Kamloops, BC3:57.431545.74s
119Aidan JONES 10063971884Fernie, BCDNS

UCI: 30-39 men  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st128Nate BRIGGS Golden, BC3:02.981-
2nd130Dominique FERAUX 10063845350Montreal, QC3:23.60220.62s
3rd131Tobias BETHGE Whistler, BC3:28.61325.63s

UCI: 40-49 men  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st133Arden GREANYA 10058475018Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:11.221-
2nd137Cory LECLERC 10003869068Squamish, BCC4 / Norco3:12.1120.89s
3rd136Michael STEWART 10080373069Squamish, BC3:23.53312.31s
4th134Darren LARSON 10055646961Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:29.97418.75s
5th135Kevin FOWLIE 10059701662Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:31.72520.50s
6th132Brett CARELS 10048444915Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:51.19639.97s

UCI: 50+ men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st141Donald VAN EESTEREN 10063731206Garibaldi Highlands, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:13.961-
2nd140Michael MOONEY 10060952154North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:28.95214.99s
3rd139John NIHSNER 10059414096Golden, BC3:30.13316.17s
4th138Jerrod HOSKINS 10063743229Calgary, ABgraviti driven / Intense4:08.87454.91s

Expert: 15-16 boys  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st82Seth SHERLOCK 10050754929Squamish, BC2:51.151-
2nd84Ethan SHANDRO 10058337194North Vancouver, BCTrek BC DEVO TEAM2:51.7920.64s
3rd81Patrick LAFFEY 10061915812Qualicum Beach, BCGravity MTB2:52.9731.82s
4th80Haydyn WYNTER 10062991275Squamish, BC2:53.1041.95s
5th88Emmett HANCOCK 10063652693Kelowna, BC3:00.0858.93s
6th87Grady FOCHUK 10063452128150 Mile House, BC3:17.93626.78s
7th83Drew MOZELL 10059049035North Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:18.84727.69s
8th85Jakob JEWETT 10061612663Squamish, BC4:00.7181:09.56
9th86Dylan FYSH 10051467675Cochrane, AB5:38.0592:46.90

Expert: 17-18 boys  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st6Kendall MCLEAN 10058887064Victoria, BC2:51.091-
2nd10Keegan FRY 10059879902Rossland, BC2:54.8623.77s
3rd56Logan MERRINGER 10062159705Rossland, BC2:57.4336.34s
4th4Justin CLEMENTS 10058463294Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING2:58.3847.29s
5th57Rylan DYCK 10062219925Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:05.94514.85s
6th55Aaron SIXSMITH 10059714493Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:29.71638.62s

Sport: 15-16 boys  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st93Taylor MUNDEN 10059413086Kamloops, BC3:13.521-
2nd95Pete VERHEYDE 10080052161Bragg Creek, AB3:15.6222.10s
3rd99Kahleb BOSSON 10063653404Grande Cache, AB3:22.9439.42s
4th90Aidan BORTHWICK 10059194636Delta, BCC4 / Norco Racing3:26.68413.16s
5th91Hayden ZABLOTNY 10063636428Coldstream, BCSilver Star Bike Park3:26.86513.34s
6th78Levi WHITMAN 10063961881Kamloops, BC3:27.82614.30s
7th97Matthew DE GIUSTI Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:39.27725.75s
8th98Merek DE WITTE 10082709153Kamloops, BC3:44.85831.33s
9th89Jack FRASER 10060862733Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:50.17936.65s
10th79Gavin LAROCQUE 10060862834Redwood Meadows, AB4:02.181048.66s
11th96Owen MACKENZIE Banff, ABNorco4:12.261158.74s
12th92Jacob WING 10058579189St. Albert, ABDRIFT RACING5:47.96122:34.44
94Yewan FITZ-EARLE 10082671464Colville, WA, USADNS

Sport: 17-18 boys  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st73Gabriel NERON 10064082527Sun Peaks, BC2:58.351-
2nd74Gavin PATTERSON 10062452220Rossland, BC3:12.63214.28s
3rd76Brayden STAFFORD 10063513863Prince George, BC3:19.01320.66s
4th75J.T. BJARNASON 10056379111Fruitvale, BC3:29.30430.95s
5th77Alexander CHA (1) Calgary, AB3:30.43532.08s

13-16 boys  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st143Connor HOSKINS Calgary, ABgraviti driven / Intense4:02.831-
2nd145Jack HEATON Calgary, ABgraviti driven4:13.91211.08s
3rd142Donald COLT Cranbrook, BC4:45.40342.57s
144Bryce SCHAAB Calgary, ABDNF
147Duncan MCCORMICK Calgary, ABDNS

17-29 men  Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st154Harrison TAILBY Melbourne, Australiagraviti driven / Intense3:02.471-
2nd160Evan WALL Revelstoke, BCBlueprint / Flowt / Nobl Wheels / Smith3:03.7021.23s
3rd168Christopher MCDOWELL Calgary, AB3:05.3432.87s
4th153Ben PORTEOUS Nelson, BCDunbar Cycles3:07.9845.51s
5th167Don SPALDING Calgary, AB3:10.0257.55s
6th161Wilson SCHULTZ Wetaskiwin, AB3:11.6369.16s
7th184Jake GORDON Calgary, ABgraviti driven3:17.97715.50s
8th150Dustin TUMBACH Calgary, AB3:20.58818.11s
9th166Eric SCHULTZ Wetaskiwin, AB3:25.21922.74s
10th152Brett WARD Brackendale, BCDunbar Cycles3:31.821029.35s
11th151David SILVERTHORNE Calgary, AB3:35.931133.46s
12th148Kaegan MURPHY Vernon, BC3:39.731237.26s
13th156Lynden CORLEY Grand Forks, BCWildways3:50.521348.05s
14th159Anthony KING (u30) Calgary, ABgraviti driven3:54.271451.80s
15th158Todd BURCHELL Calgary, AB4:07.79151:05.32
16th155Jack HICKEY Revelstoke, BC4:16.59161:14.12
17th149Noah CRAWFORD Wetaskiwin, AB4:29.32171:26.85
157Alex ARNOLD Sparwood, BCDNS

30+ men  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st174Ross ROSEINGRAVE Fernie, BC3:03.971-
2nd176Lee ADAMS Fernie, BC3:10.0426.07s
3rd171Alex MATTHEW 10048951436Delta, BC3:14.23310.26s
4th170James STEWART Golden, BC3:20.92416.95s
5th172Steve WONG Vancouver, BCgraviti driven / Intense3:34.21530.24s
6th175Ben JACKMAN Fernie, BC3:38.93634.96s
7th169Tom PIETROWSKI Squamish, BC3:39.54735.57s
8th183Jason COX (u40) Coleman, AB3:46.91842.94s
173Dave MACDONALD Calgary, ABgraviti drivenDNS

Pre-runner men

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st200Dane JEWETT Squamish, BC3:26.631-



Elite women  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st50Claire BUCHAR 10003378109Whistler, BC3:20.271-
2nd52Laurie CITYNSKI 10063162643Vancouver, BCgraviti driven / Intense3:47.20226.93s
3rd51Kyleigh STEWART 10015304661Kamloops, BC3:47.79327.52s

UCI: 30+ women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st129Caroline ROUSSELLE 10063460010Rossland, BC4:06.501-

15-18 girls  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st69Ainhoa IJURKO 10048305374Brackendale, BC3:24.081-
2nd66Piper ALLMAN 10060293463Sooke, BC3:29.7025.62s
3rd65Bailey GOLDSTONE 10053812348Squamish, BC4:14.82350.74s
4th70Samara KUHN 10061987226Rossland, BC4:35.4941:11.41
5th68Madison SKRYPNEK 10055624329Calgary, AB4:53.8551:29.77
6th67Gabby KEEN 10059846556Port Moody, BC6:17.2262:53.14

17-29 women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st162Jennifer MCHUGH Fernie, BC3:49.461-
2nd181Dre NIMMO Fernie, BC4:22.11232.65s
3rd180Lindsay BISHOP Panorama, BC4:31.20341.74s
163Julia VAN VUUREN Vancouver, BCDNS

30+ women  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st165Laura MISLAN Calgary, AB5:06.321-
164Venessa BENSON Edmonton, ABPrairie Girls RacingDNS
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