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2018 Inside Line SA Series round 6 at Mt Gambier, SA

Wheel nuts

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The original results are available at https://insideline.com.au/results/#res2018


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Elite men  Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st4Conor CLANCY 2:02.20612:01.4871-
2nd3Callum DAWES 2:02.52822:02.19620.709s
3rd1Callum MORRISON 2:04.01452:03.22731.740s
4th22Nathan NEWELL 2:03.46342:05.22643.739s
5th13Justin DE JONG 2:08.11482:06.27954.792s
6th66Jack CAVANAGH 3:02.306192:10.99169.504s
7th12Kieran JENKINS 2:11.71292:13.296711.809s
8th27Bryce WING 2:14.920112:14.406812.919s
9th14Joel HAKKINEN 2:06.68262:14.565913.078s
10th64Reagan HIGGINS 2:17.915142:14.6651013.178s
11th33Lucas PITT 2:17.563132:15.0421113.555s
12th38Thomas HORN 2:02.71332:17.0721215.585s
13th26Geoffrey BATTLE 2:16.254122:19.4161317.929s
14th31James RAUSCH 2:18.583152:20.4711418.984s
15th21Tom MORRISON 2:21.449162:22.3211520.834s
16th49Jack VALENTINY 2:07.22872:24.5271623.040s
17th18Connor WARD 2:31.484172:29.6481728.161s
18th67Michael DENTON 2:12.603102:31.6041830.117s
19th65Josh HOSKINS (SA) 2:36.395182:35.4741933.987s

Open men  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st355Jack CAVANAGH 2:13.9701-
2nd353Reagan HIGGINS 2:26.727212.757s
3rd341Michael TENISWOOD 2:27.300313.330s
4th354Josh HOSKINS (SA) 2:30.169416.199s
5th342Michael WILSON 2:35.948521.978s

Expert men  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st2011Dale IRELAND 2:09.6601-
2nd2016Shane DEJONG 2:15.06325.403s
3rd2026Brendan MOORE 2:16.33136.671s
4th2010Russell MATHIE 2:18.95149.291s
5th2033Sam MADZIA 2:20.953511.293s
6th2034Matthew HALES 2:22.777613.117s
7th2029Cameron BARRY 2:25.272715.612s
8th2035Tom MORGAN 2:26.072816.412s
9th2012Darren MALLARD 2:58.811949.151s

U13 boys  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st1306Oscar BAULDERSTONE 2:20.4631-
2nd1307Giles BUTTON 2:30.883210.420s
3rd1302Jett HAKKINEN 2:32.733312.270s
4th1319Mitchell SANDLAND 2:42.228421.765s
5th1304Izack FIELDER 2:46.673526.210s
6th1320Rylan ANDERSON 2:51.034630.571s

U15 boys  Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st1503Elijah BARNARD 2:08.4551-
2nd1521Charlie FINNIS 2:16.09227.637s
3rd1514Kael FOALE 2:20.819312.364s
4th1506Will WASS 2:25.512417.057s
5th1504Ruben DAVIES 2:28.794520.339s
6th1507Otto SPURLING 2:32.130623.675s
7th1536Jamie MITCHELL 2:32.412723.957s
8th1520Fergus BAULDERSTONE 2:32.990824.535s
9th1530Kyle ANDERSON 2:33.060924.605s
10th1519Angus MCCOLL 2:34.8331026.378s
11th1522Conor KEOGH 2:37.5911129.136s
12th1516Finn GRAZIANO 2:39.4731231.018s
13th1528Deegan NOURSE 2:42.5961334.141s
14th1535Max SINGLETON 2:45.5591437.104s
15th1531Charlie TWELFTREE 2:48.6271540.172s
16th1518Henry MORTON 3:04.3841655.929s
17th1508Lachlan MEASURES 3:30.371171:21.916
18th1517Jackson EDWARDS 4:41.676182:33.221

U17 boys  Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st1721Heath HODGSON 2:09.8251-
2nd1710Archie BARKER 2:13.82824.003s
3rd1708Thomas MATSON 2:16.55536.730s
4th1733Harry CHEESMAN 2:19.79449.969s
5th1726Luke CARPENTER 2:24.747514.922s
6th1732Samuel STEELE 2:24.805614.980s
7th1715Matthew ALDERSON 2:25.872716.047s
8th1711Jonty DAVIDSON 2:30.623820.798s
9th1716Oliver EGLINTON 2:31.192921.367s
10th1719Filip PAJKIC 2:31.7241021.899s
11th1738Reuben SCHULTZ 2:34.6851124.860s
12th1724Charlie SILCOCK 2:34.9621225.137s
13th1713Zac AINSWORTH 2:39.6731329.848s
14th1730Ned HARRIS 2:39.8301430.005s
15th1720Tristan DAWES 2:41.9391532.114s
16th1731Joel SECO 2:43.9891634.164s
17th1714Max BARNARD 3:15.050171:05.225

U19 men  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st1902Sam WALSH 2:33.615152:03.7451-
2nd1916Luke BRADEY 2:07.44112:06.02922.284s
3rd1913Cooper WEBB 2:08.06222:08.87735.132s
4th1903Jack SKEWES 2:08.06432:08.91545.170s
5th1910Jack HODGSON 2:13.69152:10.84957.104s
6th1928Dylan HORN 2:25.878132:12.36468.619s
7th1918Max HERBERT 2:14.17362:13.14079.395s
8th1905Rhys DOLEY 2:17.03072:13.34889.603s
9th1906Lachlan BATTY 2:17.14882:14.953911.208s
10th1920Kye FIELDER-IZZILLO 2:20.159112:15.3721011.627s
11th1908Eddie HERFT 2:18.65192:16.6301112.885s
12th1919Ethan FIELDER-IZZILLO 2:19.489102:23.5331219.788s
13th1931Callum SANDERCOCK 2:24.838122:25.3061321.561s
14th1925Tom STRUDWICK 2:33.372142:27.6011423.856s
15th1904Sandy PARTON 2:09.04745:50.846153:47.101

Sport men  Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st217Benjamin KILSBY 2:18.3761-
2nd231Nick NEAVE 2:24.29525.919s
3rd208Michael WILSON 2:30.159311.783s
4th232Zac MEWETT 2:32.480414.104s
5th235Fraser GIBSON 2:33.244514.868s
6th230Jacob ENGLISH 2:37.380619.004s
7th216Zac ANGEL 2:38.218719.842s
8th224Haiden SMITH 2:40.615822.239s
9th221Tim GIBSON 2:46.689928.313s
10th234Rory GIBSON 2:49.9381031.562s
11th207Ben MULRANEY 2:55.6161137.240s
12th219Calum KING 4:22.130122:03.754
233Lachlan WARD DNS

Novice men

1 competitor found

Hardtail: 0-18 boys  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st940Jack HODGSON 2:24.1851-
2nd933Harry CHEESMAN 2:26.89822.713s
3rd941Lachlan BATTY 2:27.24833.063s
4th931Eddie HERFT 2:35.362411.177s
5th938Kye FIELDER-IZZILLO 2:40.819516.634s
6th939Heath HODGSON 2:41.376617.191s
7th937Samuel STEELE 2:49.798725.613s
935Thomas MATSON DNS

Hardtail: 19+ men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st901Justin DE JONG 2:29.3991-
2nd903Andrew KUHLMANN 2:36.31826.919s
3rd902Elton HIBBERD 2:44.846315.447s
4th908Sam EDWARDS 3:15.023445.624s

30-39 men  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st3002Ben ANDERSON 2:19.8361-
2nd3014Michael GORE 2:21.57821.742s
3rd3007Michael TENISWOOD 2:25.19135.355s
4th3024Matt ATTIWILL 2:26.53446.698s
5th3005Andrew KUHLMANN 2:29.34959.513s
6th3008Mark SMITHSON 2:29.49569.659s
7th3025Chad WILSON (30+) 2:32.960713.124s
8th3011Tom MASLIN 2:34.032814.196s
9th3023Andrew BARLOW 2:35.467915.631s
10th3016Phillip HARGANS 2:57.3821037.546s
11th3018Scott RICHES 3:12.0531152.217s

40-49 men  Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st4002Cain BRANSTON 2:06.8961-
2nd4007Jamie FOALE 2:08.57121.675s
3rd4008Sam EDWARDS 2:09.65432.758s
4th4011Luke MATSON 2:18.107411.211s
5th4019Brad HIGGINS 2:23.188516.292s
6th4013Scott BAULDERSTONE 2:27.262620.366s
7th4010Elton HIBBERD 2:28.544721.648s
8th4017Bradley FIELDER 2:30.081823.185s
9th4025Andrew HARRIS 2:43.140936.244s
10th4020Heath SANDLAND 2:48.8281041.932s
11th4009Paul HERFT 2:48.9391142.043s
12th4026Alistair SCOTT 3:04.0381257.142s

50+ men  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st5009Greg OSMOND 2:40.1601-
2nd5002Russell HORN 2:41.56521.405s
3rd5010Graeme COUTTS 3:07.204327.044s

Chainless men  Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st313Callum DAWES 2:15.6201-
2nd314Cooper WEBB 2:17.45421.834s
3rd325Jamie FOALE 2:18.31432.694s
4th303Jack SKEWES 2:18.92143.301s
5th327Sandy PARTON 2:19.13853.518s
6th329Dale IRELAND 2:19.19563.575s
7th318Cain BRANSTON 2:21.92076.300s
8th317Brendan MOORE 2:22.13086.510s
9th326Bryce WING 2:23.34797.727s
10th309Thomas HORN 2:24.027108.407s
11th330Matthew HALES 2:25.6911110.071s
12th312Sam EDWARDS 2:27.9091212.289s
13th306Shane DEJONG 2:28.7481313.128s
14th324Kael FOALE 2:32.2611416.641s
15th305Geoffrey BATTLE 2:33.7401518.120s
16th328Michael GORE 2:36.0981620.478s
17th331Will WASS 2:39.2271723.607s
18th332Russell MATHIE 2:39.9341824.314s
19th323Sam MADZIA 2:40.9001925.280s
20th322Izack FIELDER 2:44.0112028.391s
21st333Jackson EDWARDS 2:52.6052136.985s
22nd316Haiden SMITH 2:55.8032240.183s
23rd334Alistair SCOTT 3:00.4352344.815s
24th335Conor KEOGH 3:11.3582455.738s



Elite women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st82Rebecca WILKINSON 2:37.21112:32.8771-
2nd85Emily HILL 2:43.40222:37.43224.555s
3rd86Willowa ATKINS 3:10.65333:22.536349.659s
4th84Christina TENISWOOD 3:21.26643:32.806459.929s

Open women  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
1st686Carrie PARTON 4:24.0141-
2nd685Aimee ALLMAND 5:07.722243.708s
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