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Gender Both

Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st13Aaron GUNGL 2:14.0871-
emoji_events2nd18Hayden STEAD 2:16.84322.756s
emoji_events3rd23Harrison TAILBY 2:17.35033.263s
 4th16Lee ELLIS 2:18.32244.235s
 5th3Jackson WHITE 2:18.54254.455s
 6th5Darcy COUTTS 2:20.52766.440s
 7th4Matt CARTER 2:22.11678.029s
 8th14Lachlan MCKILLOP 2:22.48588.398s
 9th22Elliot RIED 2:24.202910.115s
 10th17Angus JACKSON 2:25.0261010.939s
 11th15Taran GOIRIS 2:25.5711111.484s
 12th24Dylan LOMBARD 2:27.9351213.848s
 13th25Jake SWIFT 2:33.5141319.427s
 14th21Samuel LANGSTON 2:43.2951429.208s
 15th20Andrew HAUGHTON 2:47.6631533.576s
 19Alex HAY DNF

Expert men  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st301Luke STREET 2:28.6151-
emoji_events2nd310Alex FERGUSON 2:33.01024.395s
emoji_events3rd307James MOUSTAFA 2:33.45134.836s
 4th309Ben BLOOMFIELD 2:34.08845.473s
 5th314Tali LANE WELSH 2:36.14457.529s
 6th306Matt CURRIE 2:37.48768.872s
 7th303Mason GARDINER 2:37.75679.141s
 8th305Will SPARK 2:38.731810.116s
 9th311Matthew HALES 2:40.030911.415s
 10th308Jacob HERNAN 2:41.8331013.218s
 11th312Trent ROWAN 2:42.6081113.993s

Sport men  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st1002Daniel MURDOCH 2:40.1261-
emoji_events2nd1008Tom BLAKE 2:44.33424.208s
emoji_events3rd1017Zachary CATLIN 2:48.00337.877s
 4th1007Bren WEBB 2:55.530415.404s
 5th1014Brad GELLERT 3:00.229520.103s
 6th1015Hudson BREMNER 3:06.310626.184s
 7th1016Dean ANDERSON 3:07.103726.977s
 8th1001Hugh MAYER 3:09.476829.350s
 9th1011Matthew HYLAND 3:10.448930.322s
 10th1009Mark KILBOURNE 3:29.6131049.487s
 11th1012Kallum GRALJUK 3:51.488111:11.362
 1006Harry REITHER DNS
 1010Brad JONES DNS
 1013Nathan HARFORD DNS

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

28 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st1527Asher DARLISON 2:34.9631-
emoji_events2nd1513Kade PARKINSON 2:36.00421.041s
emoji_events3rd1503Olen DYMKE 2:37.21232.249s
 4th1523Felix MOORE 2:40.00445.041s
 5th1506Harper AHLBERG 2:44.43159.468s
 6th1511Nathan DABBS 2:46.244611.281s
 7th1501Lachy ROBERTS 2:46.333711.370s
 8th1502Harry BACK 2:48.494813.531s
 9th1505Max ALLEN 2:49.182914.219s
 10th1514Ben HAUGEN 2:49.3081014.345s
 11th1516Freddie JILLETT 2:49.4131114.450s
 12th1528Finn GIBSON 2:49.4821214.519s
 13th1522Rye CARLYON 2:52.1981317.235s
 14th1524Jed STANTON 2:52.4181417.455s
 15th1507Hugo TISCHLER 2:54.2631519.300s
 16th1515Hayden KELYNACK 2:54.8461619.883s
 17th1510Zakary WILLIAMS 2:55.4411720.478s
 18th1529Noah MOLONEY 2:56.5531821.590s
 19th1521Archie O'MAHONEY 2:57.3291922.366s
 20th1520Lewis EMBLEY 3:01.1742026.211s
 21st1508Kieran MARSHALL 3:01.5152126.552s
 22nd1525Bailey TELFER 3:01.6832226.720s
 23rd1517Benjamin BACK 3:05.7512330.788s
 24th1509Oscar DOW 3:08.9262433.963s
 25th1526Bailey TUDDENHAM 3:14.7622539.799s
 26th1519Wilson CRANAGE 3:19.0022644.039s

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st1702Mason FENDYK 2:26.1611-
emoji_events2nd1701Tom CARTER 2:26.90120.740s
emoji_events3rd1710Kye MCCONNELL 2:29.29033.129s
 4th1720Luke BARLOW 2:29.75343.592s
 5th1708Lukas KESSLER 2:34.70458.543s
 6th1706Will PORTER 2:37.583611.422s
 7th1718Ashwin JOSHI 2:38.989712.828s
 8th1716Samuel KESSLER 2:44.074817.913s
 9th1709Jack APTED 2:44.169918.008s
 10th1717Gus MACDONALD 2:45.0461018.885s
 11th1721Ethan HUGHES 2:48.1001121.939s
 12th1714Darcy FISHER 2:48.8631222.702s
 13th1707James BARNES 2:50.5271324.366s
 14th1711Maxwell TAYLOR 2:55.4821429.321s
 15th1715Samuel OCCHIPINTI 3:02.4871536.326s
 16th1719Brodie WALKER 3:04.5861638.425s

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st1903Will ARBLASTER 2:16.8331-
emoji_events2nd1901Cooper DOWNEY 2:20.30923.476s
emoji_events3rd1919Lachlan BALL 2:21.88335.050s
 4th1904Billy CARTWRIGHT 2:22.11945.286s
 5th1902Ethan CORNEY 2:23.46756.634s
 6th1906Tom JEWELL 2:23.76766.934s
 7th1921William MASCHIO 2:24.36177.528s
 8th1913Campbell TELFER 2:31.927815.094s
 9th1912Riley WILLIAMS 2:32.416915.583s
 10th1907Isaac DOW 2:34.0971017.264s
 11th1915William BALCOMBE 2:34.1531117.320s
 12th1920Campbell THOMPSON 2:36.3551219.522s
 13th1908Raife AARONS 2:36.3801319.547s
 14th1910Adam KING 2:38.4601421.627s
 15th1918Luke BROWN (u19) 2:40.4931523.660s
 16th1917Lochie MACDONALD 2:44.4071627.574s

Sport: U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st610Liam EATON 2:44.0661-
emoji_events2nd611Jackson CROWE 2:45.56421.498s
emoji_events3rd607Flynn BESTE 2:50.52836.462s
 4th602Darcy RICHARDS 2:54.227410.161s
 5th609Brody LIGHT 2:58.195514.129s
 6th619Martin AYLWARD 3:00.759616.693s
 7th614Toby WILKINS 3:01.394717.328s
 8th617Riley SMYTH 3:04.200820.134s
 9th615Lachie JOLLY 3:12.137928.071s
 10th605Oscar O'MAHONEY 3:17.6271033.561s
 11th618Max OLIVER 3:21.0471136.981s
 12th616Liam MCROSTIE 3:31.8241247.758s
 13th613Tomasz MALISZEWSKI 3:49.467131:05.401
 603Bryce SHORT DNS

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st714Michael WATT 2:23.7231-
emoji_events2nd701Chris O'BRIEN 2:26.73023.007s
emoji_events3rd702Mark GILLESPIE 2:27.58733.864s
 4th703Jake ROYLE 2:28.92545.202s
 5th704Tory HOSIE 2:30.52756.804s
 6th708Cameron SHILTON 2:31.88168.158s
 7th707Steven SCHROEDER 2:38.061714.338s
 8th706Jack SHORT 2:54.556830.833s
 9th712Michael LOWE 3:00.376936.653s
 10th709Michael SLOMAN 3:04.1151040.392s
 11th711Kleat WILSON 3:06.9941143.271s
 710Phillip HOSKINS DNS

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st801David FERRONI 2:38.7831-
emoji_events2nd804John HUNTER 2:41.70022.917s
emoji_events3rd808Simon GILLESPIE 2:44.48435.701s
 4th802Michael KINNANE 2:51.662412.879s
 5th807Scott WATKINS 3:04.011525.228s
 6th803Justin ROMANOWICZ 5:10.70162:31.918

50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st903Peter CRANAGE 2:41.9581-
emoji_events2nd904Adam WHITE 2:54.352212.394s
emoji_events3rd901Neil STREET 2:57.754315.796s
 4th902Hector HENRIQUEZ 2:58.413416.455s
 5th907Luke CARLSON 3:12.741530.783s
 6th905Mark GARDNER 3:24.764642.806s

Single crown men  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st514Clark AYLWARD 2:27.9361-
emoji_events2nd513Jack ATCHISON 2:29.09121.155s
emoji_events3rd511Jarvis HARROP 2:29.95832.022s
 4th512Lachlan ORD 2:31.88143.945s
 5th501James DAVIS 2:37.34059.404s
 6th510Troy DAVIDSON 2:37.67769.741s
 7th509Jordan EATON 2:37.81079.874s
 8th508Nick SMITH 2:42.234814.298s
 9th515Jarrah SMITH 2:58.870930.934s
 10th507Tyler SLADE 3:05.4981037.562s
 11th506Rylan MAJOR 3:14.5971146.661s
 503Harrison POWELL DNF



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st209Leonie PICTON 2:37.5561-
emoji_events2nd204Amanda MORGAN 3:01.858224.302s
emoji_events3rd202Jessica SHERIDAN 3:13.225335.669s
 4th208Samantha FRYAR 3:21.449443.893s
 5th206Willowa ATKINS 3:22.428544.872s
 6th207Sharni MARTIN 3:30.619653.063s
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