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Male: Shortened 2 U12  Lap chart Spread

29 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Spread Total time Diff
1st22Oscar AMEY Team Darenth35:4625:3015:3914.8%16:561-
2nd646Mak LARKIN Rotor RT35:4515:3625:3912.7%17:0226s
3rd26Rupert CAVILL Welwyn Wheelers CC36:0035:5835:5332.0%17:52356s
4th569Connor MACARTHUR Team HUP36:3166:1256:2245.1%19:0642:10
5th38Noah SMITH (u16) Team Darenth36:3166:1146:2455.4%19:0752:11
6th40Alex STANFORD 36:2956:2276:3773.9%19:2862:32
7th34James OATES Lee Valley Youth CC36:2746:2276:42105.2%19:3272:36
8th36Stan SALTER 36:5896:1966:38810.3%19:5783:01
9th461Billy TOMLINSON (u14) Lee Valley Youth CC37:04106:2896:4199.3%20:1393:17
10th2Oliver BEALE Lee Valley Youth CC36:4486:39106:55144.0%20:19103:23
11th28Tommy DICKSON 37:13116:49156:44117.2%20:47113:51
12th27George COLLINS Colchester Rovers CC37:32146:48136:33615.0%20:54123:58
13th37William SMITH (u14) Colchester Rovers CC37:29136:48137:031710.0%21:21134:25
14th16Austin AINSWORTH 37:35156:58166:511310.7%21:25144:29
15th8Nathan GUNNELL 37:28127:00176:58157.2%21:27154:31
16th735Ben HOWLETT Suffolk Youth RT37:48166:41116:581516.7%21:28164:32
17th6Lochlan DYER 37:52177:05196:461216.3%21:43174:47
18th565Samuel BROOK West Suffolk Wheelers27:59207:0418     13.0%15:0318
19th1William BARLOW Lee Valley Youth CC27:53187:2923     5.3%15:2219
20th41Joseph STANFORD 27:58197:2923     6.5%15:2720
21st42Harry TITMAN The Pedal Revolution28:23227:2320     13.5%15:4621
22nd669Ewan MCGHEE C&N Cycles RT / Sutton CC28:24237:2421     13.5%15:4822
23rd738Mikko PALMER 28:26247:2421     14.0%15:5023
24th10Dylan HANKS 28:19217:3625     9.4%15:5524
25th17Dylan CURZON 28:45268:0426     8.5%16:4925
26th9Eddy HADDOCK Summit MTB Club28:35258:2229     2.6%16:5726
27th655Alex ROBERTS (u12) 28:54278:1228     8.5%17:0627
28th667Will ROBERTS (u16) 28:57288:1027     9.6%17:0728
29th665Fraser MACARTHUR Team HUP211:39296:4612     72.2%18:2529



Female: Shortened 2 U12  Lap chart Spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Spread Total time Diff
1st56Zoe ROCHE C&N Cycles RT / Sutton CC36:0115:5616:0312.0%18:011-
2nd47Tulsi BAKRANIA Team Darenth36:3026:2226:3022.1%19:2321:22
3rd53Emily MILLER Cambridge Junior CC36:4936:3536:3533.5%20:0031:59
4th43Katie ALLSOP Hillingdon Slipstreamers37:0146:3946:4745.5%20:2842:27
5th567Abigail BIGGS Lee Valley Youth CC37:1557:0087:0293.6%21:1953:18
6th51Orla KENNA St Ives CC37:3596:5456:50511.0%21:1963:18
7th568Edith DAVIES 4T+ Cyclopark37:3176:5456:5678.9%21:2273:21
8th44Lola ARNOLD Team Darenth37:36106:5456:52610.7%21:2383:22
9th660Ciara BAKOVIC C&N Cycles RT / Sutton CC37:2667:0087:0296.2%21:3093:29
10th54Hannah PHILLIPS Hadleigh MTB Club37:47117:08116:56712.3%21:52103:51
11th7Bethany GOODWIN Louth cycle centre RT37:3487:02107:16117.6%21:53113:52
12th3Isabel BEALE Lee Valley Youth CC27:47117:1813     6.6%15:0512
13th657Charlotte LISSAMAN Newark Castle28:09147:0912     14.0%15:1813
14th50Holly HAZELL Team Darenth27:55137:3114     5.3%15:2614
15th57Ailsa WALTON Team Milton Keynes28:11157:3114     8.9%15:4215
16th644Kerys BAKER Team Darenth28:18167:4116     8.0%15:5916
17th55Zoe PORTER Hadleigh MTB Club28:50178:1517     7.1%17:0517
18th654Imogen OSBORN Suffolk Youth RT29:04188:5818     1.1%18:0218

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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