2019 NZ National DH round 1 at Dome Valley, Auckland

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The original results are available at https://mtbnz-event-series.cyclingnewzealand.nz/media/4729/4729.pdf

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Elite men  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st5Charlie MAKEA Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club2:05.42142:01.7571-
2nd15Peter BETHELL Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:05.14632:03.27521.518s
3rd4Louis HAMILTON Descend Rotorua2:02.83012:03.35631.599s
4th6George BRANNIGAN Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:15.28282:04.71042.953s
5th8Kyle LOCKWOOD Hunua MTB Club2:08.62162:08.59856.841s
6th9Nathan RANKIN Manawatu Mountain Bike Club2:06.52052:11.62069.863s
7th12Jonty VINK Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:10.65972:16.415714.658s
8th10Jonathan ANDREW Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:04.72822:16.582814.825s
9th7Alex KENNETT Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:16.57292:17.071915.314s
10th11William MACDERMID Descend Rotorua2:19.657102:19.2611017.504s

Open men  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st108Austin SUE Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:12.24112:10.0071-
2nd139Carson RAYNER Pohutukawa Coast Bike (East Auckland)2:13.90222:11.83021.823s
3rd199Joel DEN HARTOG Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:33.753122:12.48232.475s
4th105Caelab DRUMMOND Nelson MTB Club2:15.73732:13.73943.732s
5th103Ryan HUNT New Plymouth Mountain Bikers4:16.787152:15.96855.961s
6th104Patrick HALE Descend Rotorua2:16.23742:17.28167.274s
7th110Luke DAVIS Te Miro MTB Club2:20.62552:17.59877.591s
8th101James CARLEY New Plymouth Mountain Bikers2:26.933102:20.939810.932s
9th147Campbell BAXTER Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:24.33292:21.235911.228s
10th102Logan CAESAR Descend Rotorua2:27.410112:21.9071011.900s
11th140Jonathan KENT Descend Rotorua2:23.20382:21.9371111.930s
12th107Lucas WARREN Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:42.331132:41.1961231.189s
13th109Blake SCHIMANSKI Pohutukawa Coast Bike (East Auckland)2:22.79972:52.1891342.182s
14th106Matthew SPORLE Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:50.840142:52.8091442.802s
15th200Todd WALLACE Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:20.85963:08.8261558.819s

U15 boys  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st122Jake EARNEST Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:24.21022:23.9571-
2nd124Sam VANRAVENSTEIN Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:32.29242:26.21322.256s
3rd132Agusta DIXON 2:50.63592:29.91535.958s
4th125William HARVEY Descend Rotorua2:31.25432:31.10147.144s
5th123Seth STYLIE Auckland Downhill Club Inc3:13.072142:35.364511.407s
6th154Bryn FEARNSIDE Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:39.24862:40.733616.776s
7th128George DAVEY Wellington Mountain Bike Club2:14.97512:42.834718.877s
8th153Ronan FLAUNTY 2:50.998102:48.051824.094s
9th141Baxter HILSON Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:49.02172:48.554924.597s
10th150Samson CLARKE (u19) Descend Rotorua2:50.32582:50.6911026.734s
11th145Callum BOWES Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:59.109112:56.1961132.239s
12th137Heath JOHNSTON 3:14.213152:58.7791234.822s
13th127Kobe PURCHASE Auckland Downhill Club Inc3:07.458133:04.8371340.880s
14th135Dylan WILMSHURST 3:05.547123:32.829141:08.872
149Wyatt MCNAB 2:34.5485DNF

U17 boys  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st114Marcus ROSS Descend Rotorua2:10.83032:08.9091-
2nd111Guy JOHNSTON Descend Rotorua2:09.46712:09.14720.238s
3rd113Riley ADLAM Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:10.32022:10.61931.710s
4th116Max CAULTON Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:12.33042:12.26243.353s
5th112James MACDERMID Descend Rotorua2:13.17752:12.45153.542s
6th148Lachlan STEVENS-MCNAB Descend Rotorua2:18.50962:18.02069.111s
7th118George HARVEY Descend Rotorua2:19.84572:20.559711.650s
8th120Will ADAMSON Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:25.89392:22.833813.924s
9th119Isaac DOELL New Plymouth Mountain Bikers2:23.50782:24.113915.204s
10th143Toby CARR Descend Rotorua2:29.491102:24.2791015.370s
11th121Jesse SCHIMANSKI Pohutukawa Coast Bike (East Auckland)2:53.568132:24.6621115.753s
12th115Taylor TOPP Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club2:29.841112:26.9451218.036s
13th142Matthew DALE Wellington Mountain Bike Club2:35.942122:48.6181339.709s
14th136Connor WILMSHURST 2:57.708142:58.3391449.430s
15th146Connor BOWES Auckland Downhill Club Inc3:45.431153:39.892151:30.983

U19 men  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st60Tuhoto-Ariki PENE Descend Rotorua2:05.28932:02.4711-
2nd52Finn PARSONS Descend Rotorua2:02.88912:02.72620.255s
3rd54Finn HAWKESBY-BROWNE Gravity Canterbury2:05.01422:03.62331.152s
4th51Jayd ADLAM Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:10.14362:06.71044.239s
5th72Blake ROSS Descend Rotorua2:07.57052:07.32954.858s
6th53Alex BARKE Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:05.37642:09.43066.959s
7th69Mischa WOLSTENCROFT Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:13.08692:10.07277.601s
8th61Albe SNEP Wellington Mountain Bike Club2:11.15272:10.12187.650s
9th58Piper MARSLAND-TERNENT Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:16.353102:11.67099.199s
10th55James HARVEY Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club2:18.403112:15.8721013.401s
11th56Ethan BLANCHARD Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:11.52482:15.8801113.409s
12th57Mitchell GOODMAN Tokoroa MTB Club3:06.063132:20.5541218.083s
13th59Will AGNEW Nelson MTB Club2:22.813122:23.6961321.225s

30-39 men  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st152Tom SINCLAIR Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:10.03412:06.5801-
2nd133Matt CABLE Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:11.79832:09.68923.109s
3rd138James BARON Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:13.00742:11.23134.651s
4th151James LAMB Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:11.27122:12.34745.767s
5th14Jason CONNOR Descend Rotorua2:26.26852:28.437521.857s
6th169Ben THOMSON Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:29.36462:31.463624.883s

40-49 men  Finish spread

2 competitors found

50+ men  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st131Paull ROBSON Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:38.96912:42.2481-
2nd130Gordon STILWELL Auckland Downhill Club Inc3:03.19023:03.899221.651s
3rd144Nick BOWES Auckland Downhill Club Inc3:35.83433:09.983327.735s



Elite women  Finish spread

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Open women

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U15 girls

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U17 girls  Finish spread

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U19 women

1 competitor found

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