2019 NW Cup round 5 at Stevens Pass, WA

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17 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st687Weston POTTERphoto_library 424874E. Wenatchee, WATransition Bikes2:16.9812:15.731-
emoji_events2nd87Chris KOVARIKphoto_library 10003840473Whistler, BCIntense / Kovarik Racing2:19.4432:16.2820.55s
emoji_events3rd4Rhys EWINGphoto_library 10060189288Eugene, ORCommencal / Deity / team scraper2:19.0722:19.1733.44s
 4th43Frankie CULHNOphoto_library 10092646704Kellog, IDAfton / Crank Brothers / Spacebrace2:22.6442:21.8346.10s
 5th12Matt ORLANDOphoto_library 295526Gig Harbor, WATransition Bikes2:25.3482:22.6856.95s
 6th881Tyler VILLOPOTOphoto_library 559840Poulsbo, WAFunn / Rotec Cycles / TRP2:24.8172:22.7567.02s
 7th31Josh GIBBphoto_library 10050430280Redmond, WAFSA / Norco2:26.6892:22.9877.25s
 8th665Kody CLARKEphoto_library 10062110700Duvall, WAAll Out Racing / Specialized2:23.8562:23.2687.53s
 9th9Dylan BROWN (u20)photo_library 10016257281Bothell, WAAll Out Racing / FSA / Schwalbe / Tigatu2:22.9252:24.5298.79s
 10th42Marc SOELBERGphoto_library 10088020410Valleyford, WAMaxxis / The Bike Hub2:27.77102:26.261010.53s
 11th365Jack HILLphoto_library 293720Eugene, ORlifecycle bikeshop / team scraper2:29.58112:29.361113.63s
 12th154Rye LIVINGSTONphoto_library 498560Portland, OR2:30.00122:29.491213.76s
 13th888Kris CHRISTENSENphoto_library Seattle, WAMojo Wheels2:32.07142:29.971314.24s
 14th79Alex WYNAKOSphoto_library 428544Monroe, WA2:30.23132:31.061415.33s
 15th364Ian ROBINSONphoto_library 403742Auburn, WAFull Speed Racing2:36.19152:37.871522.14s
 2Nikolas CLARKE 334728Redmond, go to site / Montucky cold snacksDNSDNS
 78Jason EISWALDphoto_library 468093Bellingham, WADNSDNS

Cat 1: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st106Ethan LIEBphoto_library 10050180104Bellevue, WAFanatik Bike Co. / Leatt / Norco / Shimano2:27.7832:22.611-
emoji_events2nd553Blake RAUSCHphoto_library 10094148079Ranier, WANEM LLC2:26.5322:26.5223.91s
emoji_events3rd119Riley PLUMMERphoto_library 10084174863Welches, ORDaddy2:30.8952:27.7335.12s
 4th126Matt MANGANOphoto_library 10060224553Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society2:22.4212:28.6246.01s
 5th551Brandon DALYphoto_library 546906North Bend, WANorthwest Bikes, Snoqualmie WA2:31.4562:29.0556.44s
 6th501Chayce WILLIAMSphoto_library 499032Auburn, WACenter Cycle2:32.7192:29.0666.45s
 7th62Lantz HARRINGTONphoto_library 574982Steamboat Springs, CO2:31.6272:29.3876.77s
 8th132Tyler BOMMARITOphoto_library 10084256204Renton, WAAll Out Racing2:32.5682:29.3986.78s
 9th123Jacob GUTHRIEphoto_library 555619Bend, ORRiot Freeride / sensus grips2:28.1442:30.1797.56s
 10th862Louie BLAIRphoto_library 474255North Bend, WAFSA / Magura / Tigatu / Transition Bikes2:33.69102:30.42107.81s
 11th70Michael BUCKLEYphoto_library 10078899982Snohomish, WAMom and DadDNS2:39.071116.46s

Cat 1: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st904Max FORDphoto_library 549028Richland, WADeity / Loose Riders / Onyx Hubs2:23.171-
emoji_events2nd877Nicholas FREEDMANphoto_library 295461Seattle, WAHardworker / Unemployed2:35.22212.05s
emoji_events3rd931Branson MORAINphoto 493724San Luis Obisbo, CAAfton / Ryno Power, Renthal / SCOT2:39.63316.46s
 4th542Steve TAUSCHECKphoto_library 236508Bellingham, WAEpic2:45.57422.40s
 5th370Walter SORENSONphoto_library 530099Eugene, go to site / team scraper2:47.90524.73s
 6th547Erik BRUNEphoto_library 485210Duvall, WA2:54.91631.74s

Cat 1: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st147Don BROCKETTphoto_library 554106North Bend, WABDL2:26.031-
emoji_events2nd390Nate CONTENTEphoto Bellevue, WA2:29.2023.17s
emoji_events3rd377Bryson OTTOphoto_library 530077Post Falls, ID2:32.2836.25s
 4th398Sean STEWARTphoto_library 10055071429Vancouver, WAEks Brand Goggles2:33.0747.04s
 5th44Malcolm SOELBERGphoto_library 546795Valleyford, WAThe Bike Hub2:34.1358.10s
 6th372Michael KLENZphoto_library 410331Carlton, OR2:37.36611.33s
 7th155Carlisle DANIELphoto_library 467954Portland, ORGT Bikes / Western Bike Works2:41.36715.33s
 8th157Joel MATTECHECKphoto_library Portland, ORCyclepath2:41.81815.78s
 9th362James GARDNERphoto_library 524648Port Angeles, WA2:45.42919.39s
 10th391Kyle MORDENphoto_library 499906Seattle, WAPeabody Bandits2:46.891020.86s
 11th189Jesse MURDOCKphoto_library 483314Vancouver, WAWest Coast Racing2:48.091122.06s
 12th393Scott ECKERTphoto_library Port Orchard, WA2:50.291224.26s

Cat 1: 40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st200Scott KEMPphoto_library 191554Shoreline, WA2:32.061-
emoji_events2nd856Philip VEGAphoto_library 163449Boise, IDJoyride Cycles2:35.0122.95s
emoji_events3rd209Christiaan BOURDREZphoto_library 184070Seattle, go to site2:36.4234.36s
 4th330Ryan STERNphoto_library 111443Chattaroy, WADeity / Leatt / O'Neal / The Bike Hub2:38.5746.51s
 5th202Matthew MACARTNEYphoto_library 253249Fall City, WAEpic Racing2:39.2057.14s
 6th281Brad DELZERphoto_library 137087Gresham, ORTodd Olson (the governor)2:42.60610.54s
 7th346Jeff REESphoto_library 93452Spokane Valley, WAWest Coast Racing2:44.56712.50s
 8th165Davey SIMONphoto_library 60479Novato, CASweetlines2:47.05814.99s
 911Troy BASSETTphoto_library Wenatchee, WAArlberg Sports / PivotDNS
 195Rich DENSMORE 198986Spokane, WAWest Coast RacingDNS

Cat 2: 0-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st302Etan BRAVARDphoto_library 572496Bend, ORCyclepath PDX3:13.011-
emoji_events2nd271Denton JOHNSONphoto Snohomish, WAtim's bike shop Everett3:14.5321.52s
emoji_events3rd527Jagger BUCYphoto 530092Snoqualmie, WANorthwest Bicycle3:19.1836.17s
 4th282Braden DELZERphoto_library 403733Gresham, ORGiant / LOD / Maxxis / Renthal3:26.71413.70s
 5th535Eliot BRAVARDphoto 572497Bend, ORCushCore / Cyclepath PDX3:32.09519.08s
 6th284Ethan EDWARDSphoto 555509Dalton Gardens, ID3:34.04621.03s
 7th930Carl KIRK-HAHLERphoto_library Fall City, WA3:34.21721.20s
 8th283Ryley LYNNphoto_library Spokane Valley, WABike Hub3:35.76822.75s
 9th235Seth FULLERphoto_library 562181Bonners Ferry, IDMagura / Royal RacingKool-Stop3:36.64923.63s
 10th580Kevin JORGENSENphoto Mukilteo, WAAlpinestar / Tim's Bike Shop3:36.661023.65s
 11th516Gavin STANTONphoto 471850Troutdale, ORFiveTen / Hope / TLD3:42.031129.02s
 12th575Saul CARTERphoto_library Chimacum, WA3:46.111233.10s
 13th275Wyatt MCKENZIEphoto_library 472971Clackamas, ORGravity Cartel / TLD3:49.141336.13s
 14th582Mathew THAYERphoto Mukilteo, WASpank / Tim's Bike Shop3:49.451436.44s
 15th288Camron RATKOVIAKphoto Vancouver, WASingle Track Minds / Transition Bikes3:51.541538.53s
 16th317Wyatt DIXONphoto_library Bainbridge Islan, WAMom and Dad3:56.971643.96s
 17th196Ivan JONESphoto_library Sandpoint, IDBonner / Dialed MTB / Privateer3:59.961746.95s
 18th339Joseph CLEMENSphoto Port Angeles, WANWMTB Riders4:12.851859.84s
 19th371Tanner JACOBSONphoto Port Angeles, WA4:30.55191:17.54
 20th274Max MCKENZIEphoto 472974Clackamas, ORGravity Cartel / TLD4:38.04201:25.03
 230Taylor DUNNphoto 527185Ellensburg, WAEVO / Fluidride / Full Speed RacingDNF
 595George STOTT Moscow, ID

Cat 2: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st192Henri VERGARA-GRINDELLphoto 556231Hillsboro, OR3:10.711-
emoji_events2nd600Tobin WALKERphoto_library 558680Leavenworth, WABell Helmets / Giro Apparel / Santa Cruz3:11.4820.77s
emoji_events3rd444Talon NORTHERNphoto Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society3:13.2332.52s
 4th695Mason SMITH (u18)photo Lake Oswego, OR3:14.4043.69s
 5th296Alden PATEphoto_library 575784Snohomish, WAB-line racing3:14.9554.24s
 6th453Olen JOHNSONphoto_library 572975Leavenworth, WAparents3:16.1365.42s
 7th239Jake WEBBERphoto 556022Bainbridge Island, WACommencal / Deity / one ball3:16.7876.07s
 8th620Kidder MCRAYphoto_library Duvall, WAB-line racing3:21.92811.21s
 9th168Emerson BUSSE 555857East Wenatchee, WA100% / Afton / Magura / Ogio3:23.43912.72s
 10th555Oscar RUIZ Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society3:23.611012.90s
 11th178Johnny POWNALLphoto_library North Bend, WAMom and Dad / Mt. Si Racing3:23.871113.16s
 12th313Gavin CARR 573927Tacoma, WA3:24.911214.20s
 13th505Aaron MCCURDYphoto Auburn, WA3:25.601314.89s
 14th416Alex ROBERTSphoto 558057Duvall, WAB-line racing3:26.121415.41s
 15th894Kyle JONES (u18)photo 556005Green Acres, WADeity / The Bike Hub3:27.301516.59s
 16th277Terjai DECKER Whitefish, MT3:30.561619.85s
 17th359Connor HUNNELphoto Spokane Valley, WABike Hub / Magura / Radio Brewing3:31.031720.32s
 18th210Austin CANTWELLphoto 401200Boise, IDMagura / Vinyl Graphics3:32.371821.66s
 19th286Joshua LAUPMANISphoto Snoqualmie, WAMt. Si Racing3:34.651923.94s
 20th907Mickie WILKINSONphoto Bainbridge Island, WA3:35.652024.94s
 21st884Jakob FREUDENBERGphoto_library Snoqualmie, WABroadmark / Mt. Si Racing3:35.672124.96s
 22nd905Dane LYONSMITHphoto Boise, WA3:35.952225.24s
 23rd414Connor TAPLIN 558092Duvall, WAB line racing3:40.442329.73s
 24th534Schrup MAXWELLphoto Tacoma, WA3:44.032433.32s
 25th602Iain BRIXEYphoto_library Seattle, WA3:46.192535.48s
 26th442Nico MACARTHUR Seattle, WA3:46.222635.51s
 27th161Tallon PERCYphoto 575711Bothell, WAExcavation West in.3:52.012741.30s
 28th932Quinten ISSAphoto_library Kingston, WA3:53.312842.60s
 29th160Riley LATHROPphoto 574788Bothell, WA3:53.472942.76s
 30th351Colby GROVES 556235Port Angeles, WABike Garage / Groves Crane Co3:56.173045.46s
 31st449Max HOUEphoto Bainbridge, WA3:57.643146.93s
 32nd468Nathaniel KEOSHphoto Seattle, WA4:00.593249.88s
 33rd236Ethan WHITTAKERphoto_library 574250Naples, IDVertical Earth Bike Shop4:19.42331:08.71
 576Jesse VANDENBORNphoto Bend, ORSpyDNS
 640Grant HOFF Bainbridge Island, WADNS

Cat 2: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st354Drew STUESSEphoto Bellingham, WASweetlines3:17.481-
emoji_events2nd921Jacob DOWNEYphoto Torrance, CA3:18.5121.03s
emoji_events3rd315Coleton BAILEYphoto 571775Hillsboro, OR3:19.0531.57s
 4th404Christian MYERSphoto_library 570333Snoqualmie, WAKnolly Bikes3:19.6042.12s
 5th406Logan FEENEYphoto Seattle, WA3:22.3254.84s
 6th363Cullen PAILLEphoto_library Seattle, WAJRA bike shop3:23.7966.31s
 7th408Craig FRAZEEphoto 577131Renton, WAButter suspension3:25.2177.73s
 8th451Will DENNYphoto Bothell, WADirt Church3:29.27811.79s
 9th300Eric AUCHMANphoto Lacey, WASkank Bate Racing3:29.68912.20s
 10th912Marcus SAUTERphoto Bothell, WAMea and the Boys3:32.391014.91s
 11th897Erik ZOBAphoto Woodinville, WA3:34.931117.45s
 12th320Jeffrey CATTONphoto 555639Bellingham, WA3:36.381218.90s
 13th914Brian INGLES Bellingham, WATrailhead Athletics3:44.371326.89s
 14th941T.J. MURPHYphoto Woodinville, WALenny's Bike Shop4:07.221449.74s
 916Jake COON Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike ShopDNS
 424Justin ASHphoto Portland, ORDNS

Cat 2: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st908Clark NIELSENphoto Everett, WA3:14.931-
emoji_events2nd400Justin RUTHphoto 577374Snohomish, WAFly3:16.7521.82s
emoji_events3rd584Bryan CAMPBELLphoto Port Angeles, WACasey and Scott / Olympic Dirt Society3:21.5936.66s
 4th285Shane MCKENZIEphoto Clackamas, ORGravity Cartel / TLD3:22.4247.49s
 5th247Nick FELUREphoto_library Shoreline, WAGHY3:24.2759.34s
 6th613Patrick MONAHANphoto_library Beaverton, OR3:25.96611.03s
 7th511Jared FARISphoto Pasco, WAFastrack Racing3:29.52714.59s
 8th186Brian WILSON (u40W)photo Spokane, WAWest Coast Racing3:30.56815.63s
 9th537Justin SNELLphoto Olympia, WACapitol MTB3:30.74915.81s
 10th228Garret ALLISONphoto Columbia Falls, MT3:33.351018.42s
 11th287Andrew RATKOVIAKphoto_library Vancouver, WASingle Track Minds / Transition Bikes3:33.711118.78s
 12th903Charlie LINDSAYphoto_library Ashland, OR3:36.171221.24s
 13th334Teddy ROBBINSphoto Welches, ORtimberline ridge3:44.641329.71s
 14th278Kale DECKERphoto Whitefish, MT3:46.981432.05s
 15th433Marc MATTECHECKphoto_library 573685Arlington, WA3:55.011540.08s
 16th871Jason RICE Clackamas, OR3:57.601642.67s
 920Jesse ALDRIDGEphoto_library Sedro Wooley, WADNS

Cat 2: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st397Shawn ANDERSONphoto Seattle, WAButter suspension / Dirt Church3:15.851-
emoji_events2nd924Marty SALVATIphoto Puyallup, WA3:23.4227.57s
emoji_events3rd581Kris JORGENSENphoto Mukilteo, WA3:26.59310.74s
 4th279Kerry PRAYphoto_library Lake Stevens, WAButter suspension3:31.05415.20s
 5th405Derek MYERS (WA)photo_library 561927Snoqualmie, WAKnolly Bikes3:39.36523.51s
 6th268Brian STILLphoto Edmonds, WAOlympic Dirt Society3:40.27624.42s
 7th337Clarke SCRUGGSphoto Silverton, ORFalline3:42.82726.97s
 8th234Todd ERICKSONphoto_library 528106Hayden, IDTwo Wheeler Dealer3:44.07828.22s
 9th701Justin WILLIAMS (cat2)photo Meridian, IDIdaho Shredder / Moisture Patrol3:44.49928.64s
 10th276Ron RIGGSphoto 555873Port Angeles, WA3:47.811031.96s
 11th311Andrew CAINEphoto 523563Portland, OR3:49.931134.08s
 12th322Ronnie CALLAUphoto Everett, WAAlpinestar / Spank / TruckerCo3:52.831236.98s
 13th253Patrick ANDERSONphoto North Bend, WAGHY3:55.001339.15s
 14th896Michael IZUMIphoto Shoreline, WA3:57.611441.76s
 15th558Rodney HASTYphoto West Linn, ORFall Line Racing / go to site4:11.991556.14s
 16th426Brett ANGELphoto Sammamish, WA4:23.98161:08.13
 17th197Marcus PITTSphoto Renton, WASoiled Shorts Syndicate6:17.76173:01.91
 893Shawn NEEDHAM Moses Lake, WASet CoachingDNF

Cat 2: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st206Jason GIBBphoto_library 288609Redmond, WAGHY / Gibb Nation / Magura3:22.161-
emoji_events2nd544Larry JACKSONphoto Caldwell, IDJoy Ride Cycles, Boise ID3:27.3525.19s
emoji_events3rd622Michael ORRphoto 546570Duvall, WAB-line racing3:29.5737.41s
 4th350Tim ROBBINSphoto Welches, OR3:38.45416.29s
 5th225Kirk LINDERphoto 558257Bend, ORKool-Stop3:39.60517.44s
 6th448Eric HABERMAN Redmond, WA3:43.74621.58s
 7th868Jason WEBBERphoto 10051492634North Vancouver, BC3:46.14723.98s
 8th181Ian RUDDphoto 10058370843North Vancouver, BC3:49.32827.16s
 9th175Jim DENISONphoto Seattle, WATeam "I know Zeb"3:52.78930.62s
 10th190Doug PARKphoto Cda, IDWest Coast Racing3:57.521035.36s
 11th188Mitch SCHMIDTphoto Portland, ORWest Coast Racing3:57.901135.74s
 12th166Marc GAROUTTEphoto 418149Auburn, WAEpic Racing3:58.821236.66s
 13th191Gerardo VERGARA-MONROYphoto 556230Hillsboro, OR4:00.671338.51s

Cat 3: 0-10 boys  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st598Christopher SIMEURphoto 578336Bellingham, WA5:17.761-
emoji_events2nd325Elliott KLEINphoto 554673Redmond, WALil Shredder Bikes / Sweetlines Gravity Team5:18.7621.00s
emoji_events3rd694Jake STEGALLphoto Graham, WA5:19.5031.74s
 4th310Cole GURNEYphoto 575101Vancouver, WAWest Coast Racing5:19.7842.02s
 5th387Bryce DUNNphoto Ellensberg, WAMom5:30.48512.72s
 6th892Levi MELTONphoto_library Bellingham, WA5:37.13619.37s
 7th204Ian DOLMSETHphoto 576544Bellevue, WASweetlines5:47.73729.97s
 8th579Blake JORGENSENphoto Mukilteo, WA5:48.58830.82s
 9th650Grahame SHEPHERDphoto Bellingham, WADad and Mom5:49.30931.54s
 10th619Brody BIELASphoto Vancouver, WA5:51.661033.90s
 11th556Reece HORTONphoto 577047Snohomish, WANorco / Sweetlines Gravity5:52.431134.67s
 12th711Alex WILLIAMS Meridian, IDBlack Claw Cust / Idaho Shredder5:53.761236.00s
 13th700Justin GREENHALGHphoto Portland, OR6:07.611349.85s
 14th596Lyall STOTTphoto Moscow, ID6:17.341459.58s
 15th891Kaimana KOSLOWSKYphoto Sammamish, WAMom6:51.75151:33.99
 16th566Griffin SHEPHERDphoto Bellingham, WA7:22.29162:04.53
 17th882Brody HORTONphoto Snohomish, WAMom and Dad8:25.55173:07.79
 18th940Gunnar SHEPHERD Bellingham, WA10:21.09185:03.33
 19th680Zach SNELLphoto Olympia, WA11:33.13196:15.37
 865Oakley THOMPSONphoto Olympia, WADNF

Cat 3: 11-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st945Greysen THWEATTphoto Puyallup, WA4:47.041-
emoji_events2nd943Julian KUOIWAphoto Seattle, WA4:49.6822.64s
emoji_events3rd349Brandon HANENBERGphoto_library 517962Maple Valley, WASweetlines Gravity Team4:49.7732.73s
 4th559Anthony JONES (u14) Port Angeles, WA4:53.8046.76s
 5th609Owen DIXONphoto Bainbridge Island, WADad4:55.3958.35s
 6th384Joseph RITCHIEphoto_library 575782Port Angeles, WA4:56.1269.08s
 7th250Jude BENDERphoto 553939Duvall, WAB-line racing4:57.61710.57s
 8th546Tanner WILLIAMS Meridian, IDIdaho Shredder / Moisture Patrol4:59.63812.59s
 9th550Oliver BRANDYBERRYphoto Bellingham, WA5:00.64913.60s
 10th180Wyatt ROGERSphoto 574532Missoula, MT5:00.701013.66s
 11th928David KIRK-HAHLERphoto Fall City, WA5:01.991114.95s
 12th645Christian MEDEIROSphoto Monterra, CA5:04.621217.58s
 13th923Levi SEMLERphoto Milton, WADad5:07.521320.48s
 14th649Colin KOEBERLEphoto 579494Kirkland, WAGerks cycle / Mt Si MTB / NW Co5:09.901422.86s
 15th890Maximus VALENZUELAphoto Shoreline, WA5:10.351523.31s
 16th472Cash COLEMANphoto_library Port Angeles, WAThe Wood Shed5:10.991623.95s
 17th143Lincoln BEARphoto Sequim, WA5:14.261727.22s
 18th880Titus RUIZphoto Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society5:16.861829.82s
 19th421Noah GREENphoto Vancouver, WAiXS / Mt. Groms / Single Track Minds5:20.671933.63s
 20th471Rohan PATILphoto 576388Sammammish, WAClif / Element / Norco / Sweetlines5:28.462041.42s
 21st875Aric GYEKISphoto_library Yelm, WA5:28.562141.52s
 22nd886Spencer WILLIAMS (u21)photo Seattle, WA5:30.362243.32s
 23rd458Peter HELLERphoto 555575Kirkland, WANorco / Sweetlines Gravity5:35.492348.45s
 24th906Samuel RUCKERphoto Sammamish, WA5:35.542448.50s
 25th473Kaisen OLKONENphoto 577029Bremerton, WAMom & Dad5:45.702558.66s
 26th578Bridger NEWHALLphoto Seattle, WANorco / Sweetlines Gravity5:55.98261:08.94
 27th909Jack SLACZKA Port Angeles, WA6:00.29271:13.25
 28th182Quinn HEGGENphoto Missoula, MT6:11.25281:24.21
 29th934Dawson MURPHY Camas, WA6:13.66291:26.62
 30th870Matters ALINphoto_library Seattle, WA6:48.47302:01.43
 31st470Koa KOSLOWSKYphoto Sammammish, WAgravity / Sweetlines6:49.54312:02.50

Cat 3: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st873Parker HUNTINGFORDphoto_library Yelm, WA4:41.531-
emoji_events2nd494Jayson HARPERphoto 575273Sammammish, WA4:41.6420.11s
emoji_events3rd211Dylan CANTWELLphoto 401212Boise, ID4:43.2631.73s
 4th918Finn MEYERphoto Kenmore, WAMom & Dad4:48.2446.71s
 5th345Braxton KUHLphoto Snoqualmie, WANorthwest Bicycle4:51.2259.69s
 6th939Jack RAINLYNphoto_library Seattle, WA4:51.81610.28s
 7th477Branson DEUTSCHE Snoqualmie, WA4:52.47710.94s
 8th568Hap RENNAphoto Bainbridge Island, WABox4:53.34811.81s
 9th935Jackson MURPHYphoto Camas, WA4:58.89917.36s
 10th917Samuel MCCARYphoto Kenmore, WA4:59.381017.85s
 11th610Christian TOOLEphoto Sammamish, WA4:59.861118.33s
 12th878George VINCENTphoto Snoqualmie, WA5:05.481223.95s
 13th922Ashton HARDENphoto Bremerton, WA5:08.491326.96s
 14th900Tyler KERKERphoto Marysville, WA5:09.411427.88s
 15th915Alex GILBERTphoto Seattle, WA5:10.111528.58s
 16th869Rainer ALINphoto Seattle, WA5:11.301629.77s
 17th887Lucas WILLIAMSphoto Seattle, WA5:14.251732.72s
 18th249Anthony LEVENSONphoto Duvall, WA5:20.221838.69s
 19th572Joshua ENNESSERphoto Kent, WA5:28.161946.63s
 20th889Caleb ARNESENphoto Kirkland, WA5:47.23201:05.70
 913Ren NAVARRO Everett, WAB-line racingDNF
 383Jobe ANDROCKITIS 554577Port Orchard, WAGT CoalitionDNS
 474Avery OLKONEN 564486Bremerton, WAGoPro / Magura / ODIDNS
 876Kahlin GYEKIS Yelm, WADNS

Cat 3: 19-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st562Aaron THOMPSON Olympia, WA4:41.241-
emoji_events2nd552Chris WALLERphoto Rainier, WANEM LLC4:41.9420.70s
emoji_events3rd925Kurt HAACKphoto Granite Falls, WA4:45.3434.10s
 4th926Casey COLELLAphoto Kenmore, WADirt Church4:45.7044.46s
 5th927Patrick MARTINphoto Marblemount, WALost Co Bike shop4:48.2356.99s
 6th866Aaron BRITTONphoto Shelton, WA4:51.81610.57s
 7th899Kyle FERGUSONphoto_library Puyallup, WA4:53.49712.25s
 8th485K.C. NASHphoto Seattle, WA4:55.94814.70s
 9th367Zachery MORRISphoto Seattle, WAJRA bike shop5:14.62933.38s
 10th961Edward PETRULLOphoto Shoreline', WA5:16.391035.15s
 11th879Nathan HERNANDEZphoto Issaquah, WA5:23.151141.91s

Cat 3: 40-59 men  dialpad Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st902Dion DENISON Enumclaw, WA4:49.751-
emoji_events2nd141Travis BEARphoto Sequim, WA4:51.3721.62s
emoji_events3rd872Brett HUNTINGFORDphoto Yelm, WA4:53.4833.73s
 4th656Whitney KOEBERLEphoto Kirkland, WADirt Bike Safety Training4:57.4747.72s
 5th678Mark JOHNSON (40+)photo Snohomish, WATim's Bike Shop4:58.0358.28s
 6th898Jeff HIATTphoto Seattle, WATeam B4:59.1669.41s
 7th826Lloyd DIXONphoto Bainbridge Island, WAI ride for owen and wyatt5:02.24712.49s
 8th818Brian OSBORNphoto Ontario, ORJoyride Cycles5:02.92813.17s
 9th937Dave HORTONphoto Snohomish, WA5:03.63913.88s
 10th574Nathan CANTWELLphoto WA5:05.201015.45s
 11th446Scott FULLERphoto 571260Bonners Ferry, ID5:05.681115.93s
 12th804Jason WHITTAKERphoto Naples, IDVertical Earth Bike Shop5:07.271217.52s
 13th938Tom PANGBORNphoto Snoqualmie, WA5:07.561317.81s
 14th417Erik ROBERTSphoto 558056Duvall, WAB-line racing5:08.711418.96s
 15th523John POLLOCKphoto Everett, WANW Moto5:10.731520.98s
 16th465Adrian FRANKSphoto Centralia, WACentralia cycle works5:12.161622.41s
 17th587Sriharsha PATILphoto 576376Sammammish, WA5:12.221722.47s
 18th874Raed GYEKISphoto Yelm, WA5:13.331823.58s
 19th526Goggles PIZONOphoto Milto+E333N, WAGHY / Hair By G5:18.781929.03s
 20th265Todd PLUMMER (40+)photo 558013Welches, OR5:22.092032.34s
 21st827Mark HARPERphoto Sammamish, WA5:24.962135.21s
 22nd179Brian ROGERSphoto Missoula, MT5:31.532241.78s
 23rd692Dave HARDENphoto Port Orchard, WA5:34.112344.36s
 24th885Patrick MOREHEADphoto Auburn, WA5:37.372447.62s
 25th883Travis ROBLES Puyallup, WA6:33.80251:44.05
 936Tegan JURYphoto Issaquah, WADuthie / SweetlinesDNF

Cat 3: 60+ men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st603Steve JOHNSONphoto Port Angeles, WANWC Scott Tucker5:03.891-
emoji_events2nd717Bill KIEFFERphoto Puyallup, WATeam Psycho5:06.2222.33s
emoji_events3rd333Rick GALEphoto_library Zigzag, ORHoodland Racing5:17.10313.21s
 4th357Curtis SHEPHERDphoto 546975Kent, WAGHY5:39.83435.94s



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st88Claire BUCHARphoto_library 10003378109Whistler, BCIntense / Kovarik RacingDNF2:34.881-
emoji_events2nd774Camila NOGUEIRAphoto_library 1104Aspen, COBox / Commencal USA / E13DNS2:38.7723.89s
emoji_events3rd81Elle RUNYANphoto_library 482316Sammammish, WAMt. Si Racing / Specialized / Sweetlines Jr. RacingDNF2:40.4635.58s
 4th111Autumn PARHAMphoto_library 10086936535Edmonds, WAB-line racingDNF2:45.65410.77s
 5th45Jaime REESphoto_library 10007938826Spokane Valley, WAWest Coast RacingDNF2:46.35511.47s
 6th92Kerstin HOLSTERphoto_library 10060180295Portland, ORPivot / StansDNF2:47.78612.90s
 27Ashley ST. PIERRE 10093429370Boise, IDDeity / missoula bikeDNSLDN

Cat 1: 0-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st63Ella ERICKSONphoto_library 528104Hayden, IDCommencal USA / CUSH CORE / Deity2:45.1312:42.021-
emoji_events2nd108Sydney HABERMANphoto_library 497899Redmond, WANorco / Sweetlines Jr. Racing2:47.8822:46.6224.60s
emoji_events3rd131Taylor OSTGAARDphoto_library 555793Selah, WAGravity Cartel / Race Face / Transition Bikes2:53.1132:53.10311.08s
 4th115Nyla STEPHENSphoto_library 466433North Bend, WASweetlines Jr. Racing3:28.6943:06.92424.90s
 910Bryce BASSETTphoto_library 5030230Wenatchee, WADad / PivotDNSDNS

Cat 2: 0-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st517Brooke ANDERSONphoto 473371Portland, ORHope / Juliana Bicycles / TLD3:41.911-
emoji_events2nd298Aletha OSTGAARDphoto 555794Selah, WAGravity Cartel / Race Face / Transition Bikes3:48.3926.48s
emoji_events3rd777Sierra SEMSAKphoto 497663Issaquah, WASweetlines Jr. Racing3:50.2338.32s
 4th252Jessi ANDERSONphoto North Bend, WAGHY4:00.20418.29s
 5th241Ryann MCCRACKENphoto_library 501924Snoqualmie, WAGHY4:05.31523.40s
 6th328Brielle STERNphoto_library Chattaroy, WAGravity syndicate / Indian Trail Physical Therapy4:07.37625.46s
 7th343Emma ARTZ Kirkland, WASweetlines Jr Race Team4:08.60726.69s

Cat 2: 19-39 women  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st297Nicole WILKINSONphoto 559813Bend, ORSagebrush cycles3:57.241-
emoji_events2nd338Ashley PASCOEphoto Tacoma, WAMs.Fit MTB Brigade4:03.0725.83s
emoji_events3rd356Kristen FARISphoto Pasco, WADVR / Maxxis4:07.36310.12s
 4th895Haleigh SMITHphoto team scraper4:23.50426.26s
 5th441Heidi SEEFELDphoto 559420Portland, OR4:34.40537.16s
 6th430Leah SMYTHphoto 524848Kenmore, WADirt Church / MsFits5:16.2361:18.99
 942Silje BETHKE Lake Stevens, WAMs.Fit MTB BrigadeDNF

Cat 2: 40+ women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st251Susan WALSHphoto Tacoma, WAEpic Racing / MsFit MTB Brigade4:01.511-
emoji_events2nd623Celeste CAROLINphoto Bremerton, WAMs.Fit MTB Brigade4:08.9727.46s
emoji_events3rd336Erika SCHOLZphoto Silverton, ORFalline / Fly / Silver Falls Brewery4:35.55334.04s

Cat 3: 0-10 girls  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st324Nory KLEINphoto 554672Redmond, WALil Shredder Bikes / Sweetlines Jr. Racing5:16.691-
emoji_events2nd682Leah MACARTNEYphoto Fall City, WA5:56.83240.14s
emoji_events3rd947Macy HAMMERphoto Kirkland, WA6:10.12353.43s
 4th933Chloe WALLERphoto_library Rainier, WANEM LLOC7:32.6042:15.91
 5th677Josie MACARTNEYphoto Fall City, WA8:04.1652:47.47
 6th863Peyton FELUREphoto Lake Forest Park, WAGHY10:03.3764:46.68
 950Hazel STOTT Moscow, ID

Cat 3: 11-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st378Matilda MELTONphoto Bellingham, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:02.001-
emoji_events2nd386Josephine AUBINphoto 577028Bainbridge Island, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:06.2624.26s
emoji_events3rd233Mica ERICKSONphoto 553260Hayden, IDTwo Wheeler Dealer5:25.72323.72s
 4th198Ashtyn LAMBphoto Joseph, OR509 / FiveTen / Gravity Cartel / GT Bikes / WCR5:41.93439.93s
 5th392Caitlin EDISONphoto 573124Bellevue, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:44.98542.98s
 6th901Tyler INGRAMphoto_library Carnation, WA5:45.52643.52s
 7th784Alina MCCAULEYphoto Pasco, WAFastrack Racing5:59.53757.53s
 8th864Katie ANDERSON (u18) North Bend, WAGHY6:20.5581:18.55
 461Jetta PORTER 502009Bothell, WASweetlines Jr. RacingDNS

Cat 3: 19-39 women  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st227Raelynn DARSOWphoto Columbia Falls, MT5:25.431-
emoji_events2nd944Jamie POEphoto Leavenworth, WAStevens Pass Bike Park5:33.4628.03s
emoji_events3rd590Kiley NELSONphoto Seattle, WA5:38.28312.85s
 4th469Jenna WILLIAMSphoto_library 562187Yelm, WATim's Bike Shop5:45.62420.19s
 5th929Shannon BOYCEphoto Renton, WA6:54.2651:28.83

Cat 3: 40+ women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st843Joy VEGAphoto Boise, IDJoyride Cycles5:32.951-
emoji_events2nd543Grace JACKSONphoto Caldwell, IDJoy Ride Cycles, Boise ID5:57.41224.46s
emoji_events3rd266Melissa PLUMMERphoto Welches, ORRiley6:24.14351.19s

Cat 1: 19-39 women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Finish
emoji_events1st267Anna SUROWIECKIphoto_library Woodinville, WA2:55.631
emoji_events2nd150Connor Shae JAMESphoto_library 529444Bellingham, WAKona / Liet Unlimited / Radical Roots MTB3:10.772

Cat 1: 40+ women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Finish
emoji_events1st208Kat SWEETphoto_library 120909Kenmore, WAClif / Element / Norco / Sweetlines3:16.361
emoji_events2nd201Michelle MACARTNEYphoto_library 253252Fall City, WAEpic Racing3:25.372
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