2019 NW Cup round 8 at Stevens Pass, WA

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st4Rhys EWINGphoto_library 10060189288Eugene, ORCommencal / Deity / Sport Hill / team scraper2:21.9312:22.071-
emoji_events2nd687Weston POTTER 424874E. Wenatchee, WATransition BikesDNS2:22.6720.60s
emoji_events3rd87Chris KOVARIKphoto_library 10003840473Whistler, BCIntense / Kovarik Racing2:25.0662:22.9630.89s
 4th1050Tristan SANDERSphoto_library 10083448878Whistler, BC2:26.0292:23.2141.14s
 5th1023Damon SEDIVYphoto_library 341322Kalispell, MT2:22.0722:25.5653.49s
 6th904Max FORDphoto_library 549028Richland, WADeity / Loose Riders / Onyx Hubs2:23.0132:25.6863.61s
 7th31Josh GIBBphoto_library 10050430280Redmond, WAFSA / Norco2:25.0152:26.4074.33s
 8th665Kody CLARKEphoto_library 10062110700Duvall, WAAll Out Racing / Specialized2:25.3282:27.2285.15s
 9th2Nikolas CLARKEphoto_library 334728Redmond, go to site / Montucky cold snacks3:17.96152:27.8995.82s
 10th147Don BROCKETTphoto_library 554106North Bend, WABDLDNF2:27.90105.83s
 11th9Dylan BROWN (u20)photo_library 10016257281Bothell, WAAll Out Racing / FSA / Schwalbe / Tigatu2:24.7042:29.01116.94s
 12th67Forrest TAYLORphoto_library 10092957104Kellogg, IDMoon Duster / The Bike Hub2:31.95122:29.47127.40s
 13th42Marc SOELBERGphoto_library 10088020410Valleyford, WAMaxxis / The Bike Hub2:28.97102:30.84138.77s
 14th43Frankie CULHNOphoto_library 10092646704Kellog, IDAfton / Crank Brothers / Spacebrace2:25.0662:34.741412.67s
 15th154Rye LIVINGSTONphoto_library 498560Portland, OR2:29.41112:35.271513.20s
 16th76Bryan CRUMphoto_library 114586Spokane, WA509 / FiveTen / Fox / Gravity Cartel / GT Bikes / WCR2:35.90132:47.371625.30s
 17th12Matt ORLANDOphoto_library 295526Gig Harbor, WATrnsition Bikes2:45.86145:18.55172:56.48
 365Jack HILL 293720Eugene, ORlifecycle bikeshop / go to site / team scraperDNSDNS
 78Jason EISWALD 468093Bellingham, WADNSDNS
 888Kris CHRISTENSENphoto_library Seattle, WAMojo WheelsDNSDNS

Cat 1: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st553Blake RAUSCHphoto_library 10094148079Ranier, WALarry Jackson / NEM LLC2:28.5722:25.181-
emoji_events2nd126Matt MANGANOphoto_library 10060224553Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society2:27.7512:27.9522.77s
emoji_events3rd501Chayce WILLIAMSphoto_library 499032Auburn, WACenter Cycle2:33.2452:28.3933.21s
 4th132Tyler BOMMARITOphoto_library 10084256204Renton, WAAll Out Racing2:33.6762:29.3544.17s
 5th119Riley PLUMMERphoto_library 10084174863Welches, ORDaddy2:32.7542:30.8055.62s
 6th70Michael BUCKLEYphoto_library 10078899982Snohomish, WAMom and Dad2:36.8172:31.1665.98s
 7th862Louie BLAIRphoto_library 474255North Bend, WAFSA / Magura / Tigatu / Transition Bikes2:31.6932:33.5078.32s
 106Ethan LIEB 10050180104Bellevue, WADeity / DT Swiss / Fanatik Bike Co. / FiveTen / Fox / Leatt / Maxxis / Norco / Shimano / SmithDNSDNF
 551Brandon DALYphoto 546906North Bend, WANorthwest Bikes, Snoqualmie WADNSDNS

Cat 1: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st775Spencer EWINGphoto_library Eugene, ORteam scraper2:30.421-
emoji_events2nd877Nicholas FREEDMANphoto_library 295461Seattle, WAConstruction / Gimmy gimmy / Hardworker / Now / Unemployed2:35.0924.67s
emoji_events3rd370Walter SORENSONphoto_library 530099Eugene, go to site / team scraper2:35.5335.11s
 4th404Christian MYERSphoto_library 570333Snoqualmie, WAKnolly Bikes2:36.4646.04s
 5th482Ryan WESTERMANNphoto_library 10065444668Seattle, WADSENDIT / Santa Cruz2:39.9559.53s
 6th137Halvor NORRISphoto_library 401889Spokane, WAMojo Cartel2:43.19612.77s
 7th1095Anthony MARSIANOphoto_library Burien, WASpy / Sweetlines2:49.07718.65s
 8th224Miles LINDphoto_library Bend, ORProject Bike3:44.7381:14.31
 1011Conner WYGAERTS 577646Walnut Creek, CADeity / Icicle Brewing / SensusDNS

Cat 1: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st390Nate CONTENTEphoto_library 452515Bellevue, WADSENDIT2:28.201-
emoji_events2nd372Michael KLENZphoto_library 410331​Carlton, OR2:30.5122.31s
emoji_events3rd377Bryson OTTOphoto_library 530077Post Falls, ID2:32.7534.55s
 4th398Sean STEWARTphoto_library 10055071429Vancouver, WAEks Brand Goggles2:34.3646.16s
 5th362James GARDNERphoto_library 524648Port Angeles, WA2:37.9059.70s
 6th44Malcolm SOELBERGphoto_library 546795Valleyford, WAThe Bike Hub2:38.1369.93s
 7th155Carlisle DANIELphoto_library 467954Portland, ORGravity Cartel / GT Bikes / Western Bike Works2:39.07710.87s
 8th845Mike WIESERphoto_library 227734Kellogg, IDCanfield Brothers2:42.35814.15s
 9th189Jesse MURDOCKphoto_library 483314Vancouver, WAWest Coast Racing2:54.19925.99s

Cat 1: 40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st209Christiaan BOURDREZphoto_library 184070Seattle, go to site2:35.411-
emoji_events2nd202Matthew MACARTNEYphoto_library 253249Fall City, WAEpic Racing2:37.5122.10s
emoji_events3rd281Brad DELZERphoto_library 137087Gresham, ORTodd Olson(the govenor)2:39.3033.89s
 4th330Ryan STERNphoto_library 111443Chattaroy, WADeity / Gravity syndicate / Leatt / O'Neal / The Bike Hub2:41.1445.73s
 5th195Rich DENSMOREphoto_library 198986Spokane, WAWest Coast Racing2:45.0459.63s
 6th221Ralph HAVENSphoto_library 15456​Issaquah, WAKnolly Bikes2:48.14612.73s
 7th346Jeff REESphoto_library 93452Spokane Valley, WAWest Coast Racing2:49.51714.10s
 8th165Davey SIMONphoto_library 60479Novato, CASweetlines2:49.94814.53s
 9th405Derek MYERS (WA)photo_library 561927Snoqualmie, WAKnolly Bikes2:55.78920.37s

Cat 2: 0-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

30 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st302Etan BRAVARDphoto 572496Bend, ORCUSH CORE / Cyclepath PDX3:14.841-
emoji_events2nd271Denton JOHNSONphoto Snohomish, WAtim's bike shop Everett3:17.0622.22s
emoji_events3rd842Arlie CONNOLLYphoto Bend, ORDestroyer / MONDRAKER / Sagebrush cycles3:17.4932.65s
 4th230Taylor DUNNphoto_library 527185Ellensburg, WAEVO. Full speed racing / Fluidride3:23.2248.38s
 5th569Jackson WICKLUNDphoto_library 572833Bainbridge Island, WASchwalbe Tires 100%3:25.82510.98s
 6th930Carl KIRK-HAHLERphoto_library Fall City, WA3:27.78612.94s
 7th527Jagger BUCYphoto 530092Snoqualmie, WANorthwest Bicycle3:30.24715.40s
 8th282Braden DELZERphoto_library 403733Gresham, ORGiant / LOD / Maxxis / Renthal3:31.11816.27s
 9th1046Cameron HOESSLEphoto 585169Girdwood, AKAlyeska Resort3:32.86918.02s
 10th1047Shane ONDERSphoto 585283Anchorage, AKAlyeska Resort3:34.221019.38s
 11th235Seth FULLERphoto 562181Bonners Ferry, IDMagura / Royal RacingKool-Stop3:34.731119.89s
 12th231Wyatt PARKERphoto Ellensburg, WA3:36.061221.22s
 13th1018Tristan CRANEphoto Columbia Falls, MT3:37.131322.29s
 14th1057Gabe HENDERSON Bellingham, WA3:37.211422.37s
 15th535Eliot BRAVARDphoto 572497Bend, ORCushCore / Cyclepath PDX3:39.721524.88s
 16th283Ryley LYNNphoto Spokane Valley, WABike Hub3:39.861625.02s
 17th967Connor ARENDTphoto_library Whitefish, MT3:40.951726.11s
 18th339Joseph CLEMENSphoto Port Angeles, WANWMTB Riders3:43.281828.44s
 19th317Wyatt DIXONphoto_library Bainbridge Island, WAMom and Dad3:44.351929.51s
 20th516Gavin STANTONphoto 471850Troutdale, ORFiveTen / Hope / Profile racing / TLD3:45.592030.75s
 21st309Kyle STROMphoto 430015Whitefish, MTDialed MTB / Espresso Chalet Index WA3:49.162134.32s
 22nd196Ivan JONESphoto Sandpoint, IDBonner County Bikes / Dialed MTB / Privateer3:54.442239.60s
 23rd1085Cole PRAYphoto Fall City, WA3:57.462342.62s
 24th134Sam BEATTYphoto BC40789North Vancouver, BC3:57.992443.15s
 25th1038Ivan SKIVERphoto Bellingham, WACascade Racing Designs4:00.262545.42s
 26th288Camron RATKOVIAKphoto Vancouver, WAiXS / Single Track Minds / Spank / Transition Bikes4:02.442647.60s
 27th1036Hunter ARNTZphoto Benton City, WA4:06.422751.58s
 28th1061Enzo ROLFEphoto Seattle, WA4:32.59281:17.75
 29th1060Ryder GRISSOMphoto Seattle, WA4:34.64291:19.80
 182Quinn HEGGEN 583801Missoula, MTDNS

Cat 2: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

44 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st192Henri VERGARA-GRINDELLphoto 556231Hillsboro, OR3:10.941-
emoji_events2nd444Talon NORTHERNphoto Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society3:12.6521.71s
emoji_events3rd453Olen JOHNSON 572975Leavenworth, WACascade Gravity Alliance3:15.9535.01s
 4th239Jake WEBBERphoto 556022Bainbridge Island, WACommencal / Deity / one ball3:17.0246.08s
 5th296Alden PATEphoto 575784Snohomish, WAB-line racing3:17.4056.46s
 6th817Jacob JOHNSONphoto_library Boise, ID3:18.8267.88s
 7th1099Lucio VELLUTINOphoto Hood River, ORSpecialized Peru Fox Columbia3:19.1878.24s
 8th217Dylan SCHWENK Anacortes, WA3:20.98810.04s
 9th987Tyler ELLSphoto_library Whitefish, MTGN cycle and ski3:22.50911.56s
 10th160Riley LATHROPphoto 574788Bothell, WA3:22.771011.83s
 11th620Kidder MCRAY Duvall, WAB-line racing3:23.241112.30s
 12th178Johnny POWNALLphoto North Bend, WAMom and Dad / Mt. Si Racing3:23.601212.66s
 13th695Mason SMITH (u19)photo 564152Lake Oswego, OR3:24.851313.91s
 14th629Zaine DARRINGTONphoto Spokane, WAThe Bike Hub3:25.021414.08s
 15th1044Teagan DERVAES 585921Palmer, AKAlyeska Resort3:26.801515.86s
 16th416Alex ROBERTSphoto 558057Duvall, WAB-line racing3:27.101616.16s
 17th907Mickie WILKINSONphoto Bainbridge Island, WA3:29.671718.73s
 18th277Terjai DECKERphoto_library Whitefish, MT3:29.741818.80s
 19th359Connor HUNNELphoto_library Spokane Valley, WABike Hub / Magura / Radio Brewing3:30.521919.58s
 20th1043Alec LAWRENCEphoto_library North Bend, WA3:30.752019.81s
 21st248Zachary ATKINSphoto Yakima, WAAtkins Landscaping3:30.862119.92s
 22nd1045Terje DECOVICH Wassila, AKAlyeska Resort3:31.602220.66s
 23rd236Ethan WHITTAKERphoto_library 574250Naples, IDThe Shed / Vertical Earth Bike Shop3:32.122321.18s
 24th286Joshua LAUPMANISphoto Snoqualmie, WAMt. Si Racing3:33.092422.15s
 25th985Conner CRANEphoto_library Columbia Falls, MTGlacier cyclery3:34.702523.76s
 26th308Andre STROMphoto_library 316444Whitefish, MTDialed MTB / Espresso Chalet Index WA3:40.382629.44s
 27th210Austin CANTWELLphoto 401200Boise, IDMagura / Vinyl Graphics3:40.712729.77s
 28th1070Joseph MANTIS Preston, WA3:41.222830.28s
 29th601Matthew SUGGphoto Seattle, WA3:41.512930.57s
 30th414Connor TAPLINphoto 558092Duvall, WAB line racing3:43.583032.64s
 31st162Gage MCINTYREphoto 572413Bothell, WA3:45.773134.83s
 32nd481Sage FONTECCHIO 577412Seattle, WA3:46.133235.19s
 33rd468Nathaniel KEOSHphoto Seattle, WA3:51.463340.52s
 34th449Max HALEphoto_library Bainbridge, WA3:53.643442.70s
 35th442Nico MACARTHURphoto_library Seattle, WA3:55.643544.70s
 36th351Colby GROVESphoto 556235Port Angeles, WABike Garage / Groves Crane Co3:57.163646.22s
 37th314Gabriel YOUNGphoto_library Tacoma, WA4:15.26371:04.32
 38th340Will ROENING Port Angeles, WANWMTB Riders4:26.69381:15.75
 1088William WILSON Seattle, WASoulia Bog Factory RacingDNF
 884Jakob FREUDENBERG Snoqualmie, WABroadmark / Mt. Si RacingDNF
 600Tobin WALKER 558680Leavenworth, WAArlberg Sports / Bell Helmets / Giro Apparel / Santa CruzDNF
 345Braxton KUHLphoto Snoqualmie, WANorthwest BicycleDNF
 1063Lucas NALLEY Bainbridge Island, WALucky RacingDNS
 168Emerson BUSSE 555857East Wenatchee, WA100% / Afton / Magura / OgioDNS

Cat 2: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st363Cullen PAILLEphoto Seattle, WAJRA bike shop3:24.101-
emoji_events2nd315Coleton BAILEYphoto 571775Hillsboro, ORGood Sense Coffee3:26.3022.20s
emoji_events3rd1086Tyler JAWORSKIphoto Eugene, ORTS Downhill3:26.7132.61s
 4th1030David LA FRANCEphoto Bend, OR3:27.1543.05s
 5th408Craig FRAZEEphoto_library 577131Renton, WAButter suspension3:30.7356.63s
 6th320Jeffrey CATTONphoto 555639​Bellingham, WA3:34.66610.56s
 7th925Kurt HAACKphoto Granite Falls, WA3:35.40711.30s
 8th1072Christian MCPHERSONphoto Leavenworth, WA3:37.60813.50s
 9th451Will DENNYphoto Bothell, WADirt Church3:38.11914.01s
 10th1093Dahlton MADISON Selah, WA3:42.661018.56s
 11th424Justin ASHphoto Portland, OR3:44.161120.06s
 12th1054Kyle WEAVERphoto Yakima, WA3:56.761232.66s
 13th432Josh MCELRATHphoto_library 577289Port Townsend, WA4:10.761346.66s
 1096Tyler HENNESSY Issaquah, WAVelo Fix LeattDNS

Cat 2: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st1094Johnathan ZORDELLphoto_library Seattle, WA3:15.931-
emoji_events2nd908Clark NIELSENphoto Everett, WA3:16.9621.03s
emoji_events3rd400Justin RUTHphoto 577374Snohomish, WAFly3:18.0632.13s
 4th1039Jason WILKINSONphoto Bend, OR3:21.7545.82s
 5th537Justin SNELLphoto Olympia, WACapitol MTB3:25.7659.83s
 6th511Jared FARIS Pasco, WAFastrack Racing3:28.43612.50s
 7th1027Hunter MCCONNELphoto Girdwood, AKAlyeska Resort3:30.20714.27s
 8th247Nick FELUREphoto Shoreline, WAGHY3:31.09815.16s
 9th287Andrew RATKOVIAKphoto_library Vancouver, WAiXS / Single Track Minds / Spank / Transition Bikes3:32.74916.81s
 10th1028Shon PETREYphoto Seattle, WA3:34.731018.80s
 11th186Brian WILSON (u40W)photo Spokane, WAWest Coast Racing3:35.161119.23s
 12th1077Matteau CORRISphoto Ferndale, WAWrong Line Racing3:36.911220.98s
 13th593Dustin REHAGENphoto Bellingham, WADirt Church3:43.141327.21s
 14th278Kale DECKERphoto_library Whitefish, MT3:47.951432.02s
 15th228Garret ALLISONphoto Columbia Falls, MT3:52.971537.04s
 16th433Marc MATTECHECKphoto 573685Arlington, WA3:57.031641.10s
 17th1048Delmar VOEGELEphoto Mill Creek, WA4:08.421752.49s

Cat 2: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st397Shawn ANDERSONphoto Seattle, WABalance Lifestyle Co / Butter suspension / Dirt Church3:18.821-
emoji_events2nd279Kerry PRAYphoto Lake Stevens, WAButter suspension3:25.0826.26s
emoji_events3rd1040Russell SKIVERphoto Bellingham, WACascade Racing Designs3:29.58310.76s
 4th396Clint TOSOFFphoto_library Chilliwack, BC3:32.29413.47s
 5th133Graham BEATTY BC40788North Vancouver, BC3:33.55514.73s
 6th577Brian DONERphoto Shoreline, WAHuck n Pray3:38.36619.54s
 7th234Todd ERICKSONphoto_library 528106Hayden, IDTwo Wheeler Dealer3:43.18724.36s
 8th276Ron RIGGSphoto_library 555873Port Angeles, WA3:43.19824.37s
 9th185Anthony MYERSphoto Vancouver, WAWest Coast Racing3:47.97929.15s
 10th893Shawn NEEDHAMphoto Moses Lake, WASet Coaching3:48.601029.78s
 11th337Clarke SCRUGGSphoto Silverton, ORFalline3:49.171130.35s
 12th1105William TRICEphoto Seattle, WA4:10.671251.85s
 13th525Michael LASALATAphoto Seattle, WACanfield Brothers4:20.58131:01.76
 14th1024Chris KAGIphoto Seattle, WA4:30.04141:11.22
 311Andrew CAINE 523563Portland, ORDNS

Cat 2: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st206Jason GIBBphoto 288609Redmond, WADVO Suspension / Fly / GHY / Gibb Nation / Magura3:28.361-
emoji_events2nd544Larry JACKSONphoto Caldwell, IDJoy Ride Cycles, Boise ID3:31.4323.07s
emoji_events3rd225Kirk LINDERphoto 558257Bend, ORKool-Stop3:35.3236.96s
 4th622Michael ORRphoto 546570Duvall, WAB-line racing3:37.6849.32s
 5th533Andrew CLARKEphoto Redmond, WA3:44.63516.27s
 6th242Jim MCCRACKENphoto 576512Snoqualmie, WAGHY3:46.73618.37s
 7th448Eric HABERMANphoto Redmond, WA3:48.63720.27s
 8th190Doug PARKphoto Cda, IDWest Coast Racing3:53.42825.06s
 9th1102Scott MCBRIDEphoto Kirkland, WABeef Jerky3:54.47926.11s
 10th181Ian RUDDphoto 10058370843North Vancouver, BC3:56.591028.23s
 11th175Jim DENISON Seattle, WATeam "I know Zeb"3:57.831129.47s
 12th188Mitch SCHMIDTphoto Portland, ORWest Coast Racing4:04.361236.00s
 166Marc GAROUTTE 418149Auburn, WAEpic RacingDNF

Cat 3: 0-10 boys  dialpad Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st310Cole GURNEYphoto_library 575101Vancouver, WAWest Coast Racing5:15.571-
emoji_events2nd325Elliott KLEINphoto_library 554673Redmond, WALil Shredder Bikes / Sweetlines Gravity Team5:17.5221.95s
emoji_events3rd387Bryce DUNNphoto_library Ellensberg, WAMom5:17.8632.29s
 4th598Christopher SIMEURphoto_library 578336Bellingham, WASpokes and ropes / Sticks5:19.6044.03s
 5th694Jake STEGALLphoto_library Graham, WA5:20.6655.09s
 6th204Ian DOLMSETHphoto_library 576544Bellevue, WASweetlines5:26.66611.09s
 7th1051Damien COMEAUphoto_library Snoqualmie, WA5:29.86714.29s
 8th556Reece HORTONphoto_library 577047Snohomish, WACliff Bars / Element / Norco / Sweetlines Gravity5:34.79819.22s
 9th650Grahame SHEPHERDphoto_library Bellingham, WADad and Mom5:38.20922.63s
 10th388Crosby ZIMMERMANphoto_library Maple Valley, WADemon Dirt / O'Neal / Smith5:43.061027.49s
 11th865Oakley THOMPSONphoto_library Olympia, WA5:44.471128.90s
 12th1068Emmett ZIOBROphoto_library Edmonds, WA5:49.751234.18s
 13th700Justin GREENHALGHphoto_library Portland, OR5:56.371340.80s
 14th1108Jesse TOSOFFphoto_library Chilliwack, BC5:58.321442.75s
 15th566Griffin SHEPHERDphoto_library Bellingham, WADad and Mom6:24.18151:08.61
 16th652Riley LARSONphoto_library Bellingham, WA6:57.34161:41.77
 17th882Brody HORTONphoto_library Snohomish, WAMom and Dad7:15.67172:00.10
 18th1065Zephyr THOMPSONphoto_library Port Angeles, WAMommy7:32.87182:17.30
 19th653Jackson LARSONphoto_library Bellingham, WA7:45.45192:29.88
 20th1042Sam STEDINGphoto_library Mercer Island, WA7:56.03202:40.46
 21st1026Noah VIRNOCHEphoto_library EverettDemon United9:25.44214:09.87
 22nd940Gunnar SHEPHERDphoto_library Bellingham, WA10:06.60224:51.03
 23rd680Zach SNELLphoto_library Olympia, WA11:01.63235:46.06

Cat 3: 11-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

39 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st250Jude BENDERphoto_library 553939Duvall, WAB-line racing4:35.101-
emoji_events2nd1073Greysen THWEATTphoto_library Puyallup, WADad4:45.80210.70s
emoji_events3rd704Evan BUTRUILLEphoto_library Leavenworth, WATeam FM4:54.26319.16s
 4th645Christian MEDEIROSphoto_library Monterra, CA4:54.30419.20s
 5th586Kepler DE LANOYphoto_library Bainbridge, WALeatt4:56.98521.88s
 6th384Joseph RITCHIEphoto_library 575782Port Angeles, WA4:57.49622.39s
 7th1081Jack MULHAIRphoto Seattle, WA4:57.69722.59s
 8th349Brandon HANENBERG 517962Maple Valley, WAElement and Clif / Norco / Sweetlines Gravity Team - Sweelines Gravity4:58.16823.06s
 9th559Anthony JONES (u14)photo_library Port Angeles, WA4:58.19923.09s
 10th550Oliver BRANDYBERRYphoto_library Bellingham, WA4:59.271024.17s
 11th960Jonas JOHNSONphoto_library Leavenworth, WACascade Gravity Alliance4:59.411124.31s
 12th1082Duncan MACK Seattle, WA5:00.181225.08s
 13th179Wyatt ROGERSphoto_library 574532Missoula, MT5:00.511325.41s
 14th1071Elias SAARELAphoto_library Carnation, WASweetlines5:03.301428.20s
 15th609Owen DIXONphoto Bainbridge Island, WADad and mom+D8235:04.091528.99s
 15th1066Jake LATHROPphoto_library Bothell, WA5:04.091528.99s
 17th143Lincoln BEARphoto Sequim, WA5:04.881729.78s
 18th905Levi SEMLER Milton, WADad5:05.061829.96s
 19th1104Talan HEMANSphoto_library Lake Stevens, WA5:05.991930.89s
 20th992Max DURANDphoto Bellingham, WANDUB-tuck-ya-in5:10.782035.68s
 21st347Finn THOMPSONphoto_library Port Angeles, WAMom5:11.252136.15s
 22nd1069Ryder MCGRATHphoto Bellingham, WADad5:12.722237.62s
 23rd1100Noah MARSHphoto North Bend, WAMt. Si Racing5:13.182338.08s
 24th1004Cooper GIULIANOphoto Bainbridge Island, WA5:16.072440.97s
 25th472Cash COLEMANphoto 578521Port Angeles, WAThe Wood Shed5:16.482541.38s
 26th906Samuel RUCKERphoto_library Sammamish, WA5:16.762641.66s
 27th943Julian KUOIWAphoto_library Seattle, WA5:20.812745.71s
 28th421Noah GREENphoto_library Vancouver, WAiXS / Mt. Groms / Single Track Minds / Spank5:21.872846.77s
 29th470Koa KOSLOWSKYphoto Sammammish, WAgravity / Sweetlines5:26.182951.08s
 30th471Rohan PATILphoto_library 576388Sammammish, WAClif / Element / Norco / Sweetlines5:34.173059.07s
 31st1035Mason ROSELLphoto_library Redmond, WA5:44.38311:09.28
 32nd578Bridger NEWHALLphoto Seattle, WAcliff / Element / Norco / Sweetlines Gravity6:11.77321:36.67
 33rd538Carter CRUMphoto_library 546600Spokane, WA509 / FiveTen / Fox / Gravity Cartel / WCR6:22.11331:47.01
 34th1103Ryder MCBRIDEphoto Kirkland, WABeef Jerky6:26.37341:51.27
 35th473Kaisen OLKONENphoto_library 577029Bremerton, WAMom & Dad6:42.57352:07.47
 36th1067Jaxson PALMERphoto_library Kenmore, WA9:12.47364:37.37
 932Quinten ISSA Kingston, WADNS
 870Matters ALIN Seattle, WADNS
 458Peter HELLER 555575Kirkland, WAcliff / Element / Norco / Sweetlines GravityDNS

Cat 3: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st568Hap RENNAphoto Bainbridge Island, WABox4:47.061-
emoji_events2nd1087Liam STEVENSONphoto Seattle, WATrader Joe's4:48.4421.38s
emoji_events3rd383Jobe ANDROCKITISphoto 554577Port Orchard, WAGT Coalition4:51.6934.63s
 4th142Connor BEARphoto Sequim, WA4:51.9044.84s
 5th878George VINCENTphoto Snoqualmie, WA4:56.2159.15s
 6th1031Matthew LYTLEphoto_library Kirkland, WA5:04.25617.19s
 7th492Oscar DEWITTphoto_library Seattle, WA5:04.85717.79s
 8th922Ashton HARDENphoto_library Bremerton, WA5:06.79819.73s
 9th983Sky EVERHARTphoto 493570Sandpoint, ID5:18.89931.83s
 10th1062Luke HUNTERphoto Snoqualmie, WA5:20.421033.36s
 11th474Avery OLKONENphoto 564486Bremerton, WAGoPro / Magura / ODI5:24.681137.62s
 12th1083Caden DEARDORFFphoto Indianola, WAMy Mom5:32.411245.35s
 13th955Hunter CRAWFORD Naches, WAAtkins Landscaping6:05.12131:18.06
 869Rainer ALIN Seattle, WADNS
 -Caleb ARNESEN Kirkland, WADNS

Cat 3: 19-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st866Aaron BRITTONphoto Shelton, WA4:47.061-
emoji_events2nd552Chris WALLERphoto Rainier, WANEM LLC4:48.3121.25s
emoji_events3rd466Jimmy SAGNISphoto Everett, WA4:48.6631.60s
 4th1107Patrick BELLYphoto Tulalip, WA4:50.3543.29s
 5th1092Matt SHEPHERDphoto Bellingham, WAGrahame / Griffin & Gunner4:50.5153.45s
 6th1098Marcus FERGUSONphoto Vancouver, WA4:52.6765.61s
 7th926Casey COLELLAphoto Kenmore, WADirt Church4:54.5977.53s
 8th961Edward PETRULLO Shoreline, WAMe4:54.8887.82s
 9th1097Michael PAGELphoto Issaquah, WA5:00.55913.49s
 10th1091Joe GIAUDRONEphoto_library Kirkland, WA5:01.771014.71s
 11th562Aaron THOMPSON Olympia, WA5:03.451116.39s
 12th412Kagen LUEDEMANNphoto Seattle, WA5:03.801216.74s
 13th1089Aaron LARSONphoto_library Whitefish, MT5:09.801322.74s
 14th1074Nick CURTISphoto Lake Stevens, WA5:17.201430.14s
 15th1052Jakub NEMECphoto Leavenworth, WA5:19.711532.65s
 16th1037Alex GREENphoto Kirkland, WA5:19.801632.74s
 17th485K.C. NASHphoto Seattle, WA5:35.651748.59s
 18th1058Jace SKINNER Hermiston, OR5:37.851850.79s
 19th1114Jiaqi LIU Kent, WA9:12.30194:25.24

Cat 3: 40-59 men  dialpad Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st1075Matt MEDEIROS Plain, WA4:41.541-
emoji_events2nd1113Andrew REGOphoto Bothel, WADirt Church4:50.8929.35s
emoji_events3rd902Dion DENISONphoto Enumclaw, WA4:52.05310.51s
 4th826Lloyd DIXONphoto_library Bainbridge Island, WAI ride for owen and wyatt4:58.45416.91s
 5th141Travis BEARphoto_library Sequim, WA4:59.96518.42s
 6th656Whitney KOEBERLEphoto Kirkland, WADirt Bike Safety Training5:00.21618.67s
 7th329Jared SCOTT Port Angeles, WASound Bikes & Kayaks5:03.10721.56s
 8th678Mark JOHNSON (40+)photo Snohomish, WATim's Bike Shop5:03.20821.66s
 9th446Scott FULLERphoto 571260Bonners Ferry, ID5:03.24921.70s
 10th1076Brian BROOKHARTphoto Edmonds, WA5:03.801022.26s
 11th692Dave HARDENphoto Port Orchard, WA5:05.751124.21s
 12th244Shannon MANGANOphoto Port Angeles, WA5:07.731226.19s
 13th883Travis ROBLESphoto Puyallup, WA5:09.151327.61s
 14th898Jeff HIATTphoto Seattle, WATeam B5:12.681431.14s
 15th1049Neal POLANDphoto Puyallup, WA5:14.701533.16s
 16th417Erik ROBERTSphoto 558056Duvall, WAB-line racing5:15.991634.45s
 17th523John POLLOCKphoto Everett, WA5:17.431735.89s
 18th885Patrick MOREHEADphoto_library Auburn, WA5:20.711839.17s
 19th526Goggles PIZONOphoto Milto+E333N, WAGHY / Hair By G5:32.931951.39s
 20th265Todd PLUMMER (40+) 558013Welches, ORRiley5:44.67201:03.13
 1034Randy ROSELL Redmond, WADNS
 1053James WEST Tacoma, WADNS

Cat 3: 60+ men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st603Steve JOHNSON Port Angeles, WANWC Scott Tucker5:06.371-
emoji_events2nd717Bill KIEFFER Puyallup, WATeam Psycho5:16.3029.93s
emoji_events3rd333Rick GALEphoto Zigzag, ORHoodland Racing5:25.31318.94s
 4th357Curtis SHEPHERDphoto 546975Kent, WAGHY5:44.67438.30s



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st88Claire BUCHARphoto_library 10003378109Whistler, BCIntense / Kovarik Racing2:33.2612:33.621-
emoji_events2nd111Autumn PARHAMphoto_library 10086936535Edmonds, WAB-line racing2:52.2832:49.36215.74s
emoji_events3rd45Jaime REESphoto_library 10007938826Spokane Valley, WAWest Coast Racing2:46.1922:50.34316.72s
 4th92Kerstin HOLSTERphoto_library 10060180295Portland, ORChris King / Deity / Maxxis / Pivot / Stans / TLD2:52.5342:55.46421.84s

Cat 1: 0-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st63Ella ERICKSONphoto_library 528104​Hayden, ID100% / Commencal USA / CUSH CORE / Deity / Dialed MTB / e*thirteen / Maxis2:45.4212:42.911-
emoji_events2nd108Sydney HABERMANphoto_library 497899​Redmond, WAClif Bar / Element / Norco / Sweetlines Jr. Racing3:03.3722:48.1425.23s
emoji_events3rd131Taylor OSTGAARDphoto_library 555793​Selah, WAFox Factory / Gravity Cartel / Race Face / Schwalbe / Transition Bikes3:07.2732:53.35310.44s
 4th115Nyla STEPHENSphoto_library 466433North Bend, WASweetlines Jr. RacingDNS3:04.05421.14s

Cat 1: 40+ women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st208Kat SWEETphoto_library 120909Kenmore, WAClif / Element / Norco / Sweetlines3:13.461-
emoji_events2nd222Annie CRAIGphoto_library 526241​Orting, WAKnolly Bikes3:14.9621.50s
emoji_events3rd201Michelle MACARTNEYphoto_library 253252Fall City, WAEpic Racing3:19.5336.07s

Cat 2: 0-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st517Brooke ANDERSONphoto 473371Portland, ORHope / Juliana Bicycles / TLD3:43.111-
emoji_events2nd402Julia LOFQVIST TRAUMphoto Issaquah, WASweetlines Jr. Racing3:49.9826.87s
emoji_events3rd343Emma ARTZphoto_library Kirkland, WASweetlines Jr Race Team3:50.6137.50s
 4th777Sierra SEMSAKphoto_library 497663Issaquah, WASweetlines Jr. Racing3:52.4349.32s
 5th298Aletha OSTGAARDphoto 555794​Selah, WAFox Factory / Gravity Cartel / Race Face / Schwalbe / Transition Bikes3:54.26511.15s
 6th1055Liberty SOUTHWORTHphoto Black Diamond, WA4:14.59631.48s
 7th1064Clare NORMANphoto Cashmere, WA4:24.88741.77s
 252Jessi ANDERSON North Bend, WAGHYDNS
 241Ryann MCCRACKEN 501924Snoqualmie, WAGHYDNS

Cat 2: 19-39 women  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st356Kristen FARISphoto Pasco, WADVR / Maxxis3:47.021-
emoji_events2nd297Nicole WILKINSONphoto 559813Bend, ORSagebrush cycles3:59.39212.37s
emoji_events3rd338Ashley PASCOEphoto Tacoma, WAMs.Fit MTB Brigade4:00.70313.68s
 4th430Leah SMYTHphoto 524848Kenmore, WADirt Church / MsFits4:01.99414.97s
 5th138Jenna NORRISphoto 416511Spokane, WAMoJo Cyclery4:18.74531.72s
 6th942Silje BETHKEphoto Lake Stevens, WAMs. Fits MTB Brigade4:28.00640.98s
 658Alice MALHAN Seattle, WADNS

Cat 2: 40+ women  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st623Celeste CAROLINphoto_library Bremerton, WAMs.Fit MTB Brigade4:15.091-
emoji_events2nd251Susan WALSHphoto Tacoma, WAEpic Racing4:18.4023.31s
emoji_events3rd318Dana WOLFphoto Seattle, WAMs. Fits MTB Brigade4:20.9635.87s
 4th336Erika SCHOLZphoto Silverton, ORFalline / Fly / Silver Falls Brewery / go to site4:23.2948.20s
 -Sarah ANDERSON Tacoma, WA

Cat 3: 0-10 girls  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st324Nory KLEINphoto_library 554672Redmond, WALil Shredder Bikes / Sweetlines Jr. Racing5:34.791-
emoji_events2nd682Leah MACARTNEYphoto_library Fall City, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:42.3727.58s
emoji_events3rd1059Layla GRISSOMphoto_library Seattle, WA5:56.38321.59s
 4th947Macy HAMMERphoto_library Kirkland, WA6:09.96435.17s
 5th1106Deborah GALLANARphoto_library Preston, WAMom & Dad6:35.4351:00.64
 6th1079Clementine MCGEEphoto_library Issaquah, WASweetlines6:47.0061:12.21
 7th933Chloe WALLERphoto_library Rainier, WANEM LLOC6:49.6971:14.90
 8th677Josie MACARTNEYphoto_library Fall City, WA7:20.6081:45.81
 9th673Lily ARTZphoto_library Kirkland, WA7:22.6191:47.82
 10th1084Skye BLUEphoto_library Leavenworth, WAIcicle Bicycle7:53.96102:19.17
 11th863Peyton FELUREphoto_library Lake Forest Park, WAGHY8:03.76112:28.97
 12th597Emilie SIMEURphoto_library 578337Bellingham, WAMom and Dad / Spokes and Ropes+D844 / Sticks8:48.15123:13.36
 13th1078Pearl MCGEEphoto Issaquah, WA21:09.351315:34.56
 1033Hannah ROSELL Redmond, WADNS

Cat 3: 11-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st378Matilda MELTONphoto_library Bellingham, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:03.321-
emoji_events2nd386Josephine AUBINphoto_library 577028Bainbridge Island, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:10.6527.33s
emoji_events3rd233Mica ERICKSONphoto_library 553260Hayden, IDTwo Wheeler Dealer5:13.0239.70s
 4th392Caitlin EDISONphoto_library 573124Bellevue, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:22.31418.99s
 5th1090Molly MULHAIRphoto_library Seattle, WA5:28.28524.96s
 6th84Riley HUDSONphoto_library 567467Bothell, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:29.29625.97s
 7th1041Taylor COLEMANphoto_library Port Angeles, WA5:29.60726.28s
 8th198Ashtyn LAMBphoto_library Joseph, OR509 / FiveTen / Gravity Cartel / GT Bikes / WCR5:46.91843.59s
 9th1080Devyn HARDENphoto_library Port Orchard, WA6:02.17958.85s
 10th864Katie ANDERSON (u18)photo_library North Bend, WAGHY6:16.30101:12.98
 11th784Alina MCCAULEYphoto_library Pasco, WAFastrack Racing6:20.52111:17.20
 12th901Tyler INGRAM Carnation, WA6:24.04121:20.72
 13th427Haylee ANGELphoto_library Sammamish, WA6:50.70131:47.38
 706Madisyn KALLINGER Seattle, WADNS
 -Chloe BEAR North Bend, WADNS

Cat 3: 19-39 women  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st467Ashley SAGNISphoto_library Everett, WA5:11.261-
emoji_events2nd445Lauren ECKERTphoto_library Silverdale, WA5:31.18219.92s
emoji_events3rd227Raelynn DARSOWphoto Columbia Falls, MT5:35.63324.37s
 4th1029Lisa MARTINEZphoto_library Fall City, WA5:46.97435.71s
 5th1111Megan OLSENphoto_library Enumclaw, WA5:47.39536.13s
 6th1056Jessica EDMINSTERphoto_library Kennewick, WA6:22.9361:11.67
 -Chelsey MCEVOY Moultonborough, NHDNS

Cat 3: 40+ women  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st1112Dixie SERVICEphoto_library Kirkland, WADirt Church5:28.181-
emoji_events2nd1025Karen METCALFEphoto_library 283143Edmonds, WANemesis Racing5:36.4628.28s
emoji_events3rd1101Leslie MCBRIDEphoto_library Kirkland, WA5:52.26324.08s
 4th543Grace JACKSONphoto_library Caldwell, IDJoy Ride Cycles, Boise ID5:57.30429.12s
 5th565Catharine COPASSphoto Port Angeles, WATeam Laser Kittens6:00.22532.04s
 6th266Melissa PLUMMER Welches, ORRiley6:24.70656.52s
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