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Elite men  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st1Jaxon SAWYER 1:09.9181-
2nd76Darren KIRBY 1:11.32621.408s
3rd147Tremayne WILLIAMSON 1:13.48433.566s
4th135Jonathan KURTHY 1:14.64844.730s
5th112Jayde SLEEP 1:15.06855.150s
6th797Brock KIEWIET 1:15.66165.743s
7th213Luke BALL 1:16.13676.218s
8th152Daniel COSTELLO 1:16.37186.453s
9th137Wayne ROGERS 1:17.21597.297s
10th51Nathan MALE 1:18.186108.268s
11th114Dane VAN RYT 1:45.9851136.067s

Expert men  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st136Adam PEYDO 1:14.3861-
2nd54Andrew BEEK 1:16.63622.250s
3rd111Tom ROBINSON 1:18.00033.614s
4th16Joshua FERNANCE 1:18.33743.951s
5th94Tim HARMAN 1:18.51154.125s
6th131Timothy CHESTER 1:18.86264.476s
7th57Nathan DEVENPORT 1:20.38876.002s
8th6Gary DICKINSON 1:20.66486.278s
9th37Jackson DAKIN 1:27.600913.214s
10th69Benjamin MOORE 1:28.9401014.554s
11th56Tim NEVE 1:30.4321116.046s

U13 boys  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st145Declan POETT 1:23.9401-
2nd126Mason CORNICK 1:49.213225.273s
3rd31Ashton SOBIK 1:54.072330.132s
4th30Rory WOLFE 2:07.256443.316s

U15 boys  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st127Nicholas REGAN 1:14.0301-
2nd50Tyson WILLIAMS 1:25.264211.234s
3rd895Jacob BLACKER 1:27.391313.361s
4th38Jackson POETT 1:34.486420.456s
5th25Hamish WILKES 1:35.213521.183s
6th882Kirby ROACH 1:38.207624.177s
7th113Caleb FINDLAY 1:46.900732.870s
8th168Brodie NORMAN 1:54.307840.277s

U17 boys  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st121Luke BRUNT 1:15.9291-
2nd144Joel IRVING 1:16.20220.273s
3rd100Toby HOWE 1:17.42231.493s
4th66Matthew ROBINSON 1:18.00042.071s
5th138Rory BEESON 1:18.17752.248s
6th48Riley WAKELING 1:21.09565.166s
7th128Connor BARNETT 1:21.44975.520s
8th124Seth O'CONNELL 1:21.51485.585s
9th79Leo HARVIE 1:25.35699.427s
10th24Finlay CRANE 1:28.5471012.618s
11th119Connor MITCHELL (WA) 1:31.4031115.474s
12th49Ben WHITESIDE 1:32.0591216.130s
13th139Rowley NEWMAN 2:14.7481358.819s

U19 men  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st63Hayden KINNEAR 1:12.9001-
2nd17Bryce COMMINS 1:15.08322.183s
3rd106Gus KYME 1:15.65432.754s
4th133Cambell LYNE 1:16.51743.617s
5th134Elias KURTHY 1:20.94158.041s
6th19Max MUNRO 1:22.67869.778s
7th666Joshua KAU 1:23.594710.694s
8th311Matthew GRAY 1:30.767817.867s
9th29D'abrande NGOKA 1:38.394925.494s
45Michael ROBINSON (exp) DNF

Sport men  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st115Harry PEARCE 1:17.2391-
2nd117Troy EWENS 1:18.33521.096s
3rd116Jack MIDDLEMASS 1:21.80434.565s
4th132Mat CHESTER 1:23.40946.170s
5th122Peter EVERY 1:23.48256.243s
6th151Matt GARRETT 1:27.678610.439s
7th109Gregory ROSS 1:31.160713.921s
8th90Aaron RETI 1:34.993817.754s
9th188Stefan LAM 1:43.489926.250s
10th123Martin GEPPERTH 1:51.6781034.439s

30-39 men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st165Brent OWENS 1:27.7181-
2nd199Joel RYAN 1:35.69927.981s
3rd125Liam FREJISZYN 1:37.19039.472s
4th41Ross WOLFE 1:38.477410.759s

40-49 men  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st278Paul DE KLERK 1:17.6931-
2nd13Greg FOSTER 1:23.53025.837s
3rd505Rick ALFARO 1:44.620326.927s
4th86Rob WILKES 1:46.565428.872s
5th384Jason GRAY 1:51.494533.801s

50+ men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st888Tim ROACH (50+) 1:27.8111-
2nd118Craig WILKINSON 1:31.23923.428s
3rd64Merv JOYCE 1:40.017312.206s
4th110Graham DIXON 1:50.648422.837s



Open women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st120Kristina MUTLOW 3:29.8121-
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