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Pro men  Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st2Steve ESTABROOK 2:01.371-
2nd7Isaac ALLAIRE Defiant Racing / Deity2:01.5920.22s
3rd4Mauricio ESTRADA Danny's Cycles2:01.6230.25s
4th292Benjamin DESPRÉS-MORIN 2:02.4341.06s
5th5Dylan CONTE 2:03.1651.79s
6th11Jordan DAIGLE 2:06.7865.41s
7th293Patrick PARE-MARTIN Laferte / trou Du Diable2:07.5576.18s
8th868James FROST Deity / Norco / Royal / Spy2:08.3186.94s
9th21Kevin WILSON 2:12.43911.06s
10th92Jake KAHN 2:12.581011.21s
11th86Sebastian HALPERN-REISS 2:13.821112.45s
12th54Ian NORRIS FILZ BUILT BICYCLES2:16.151214.78s
13th90Oliver LEVICK 2:16.261314.89s
14th93Dylan YODER 2:18.101416.73s
15th17Dustin MASON 2:19.611518.24s
16th20Sean SURPRENANT 2:22.281620.91s
17th77Eric MCNEIL 2:22.351720.98s
18th25Jack WILLIAMS Commencal Co Factory / Drummer Racing2:22.711821.34s
19th289Mario CORNEJO Ecuador team2:23.151921.78s
20th63Nick NEGERSMITH 2:24.012022.64s
21st57Keith SULLIVAN 2:25.982124.61s

Amateur: 16-29 men  Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st856Scott JOHNSON (east) 2:20.591-
2nd829Clay LYNCH 2:23.6123.02s
3rd363Lane FELDEISEN 2:24.9634.37s
4th664Timothy ZIMA 2:26.2045.61s
5th810Daniel GIGANDET 2:27.5957.00s
6th384Ian MCNAUGHTON 2:29.6369.04s
7th500Jackson KINNEY 2:30.90710.31s
8th853Ben HUCKABY 2:32.16811.57s
9th835Elias MAYLLAZHUNGO Valley Cycle2:32.93912.34s
10th862Ryan SUTHERLAND SJS RKR2:33.061012.47s
11th376Victor BOUDREAULT 2:33.791113.20s
12th731Devin RICKER Landry's Bicycles2:34.701214.11s
13th482Jackson PHILLIPS 2:35.051314.46s
14th800Evan PORTNOY Chaingang Racing / Deity / Fox / Santa Cruz2:35.141414.55s
15th498Corey SULLIVAN 2:41.601521.01s
16th569Josh PROBST 2:43.341622.75s
17th738Dean HAVELOCK 2:44.841724.25s
18th822Nathan GIGANDET 2:44.871824.28s
19th338Brian CAMPBELL SNF Racing2:47.201926.61s
20th832Matthew SWEET 2:47.462026.87s
21st581Alexander DEDITCH Chaingang Racing2:48.272127.68s
22nd732Dan HOPMANS 2:54.302233.71s
23rd982Bernard HARTLEY 3:30.48231:09.89
830Christopher TOWNE DNF

Amateur: 30-44 men  Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st723Aaron PERRY Graphics Unlimited2:24.271-
2nd879Erik FALK 2:24.5220.25s
3rd863Matthew PERELLA 2:31.0136.74s
4th837Chris PATTERSON 2:33.7049.43s
5th713James BUSSE 2:36.29512.02s
6th413Brian KENNEDY 2:38.96614.69s
7th769Matthew THOMPSON (cat1) 2:39.12714.85s
8th992Andres GALLEGO 2:40.89816.62s
9th585Patrick HEALY 2:42.36918.09s
10th529Joe EASTON 2:42.681018.41s
11th897Morgan SUITS free ride junkies2:46.591122.32s
12th364Kris LAGE 2:47.071222.80s
13th895Michael STREED 2:54.581330.31s
14th495Renato DA SILVA 3:02.361438.09s
15th885Cody NICHOLAS 3:31.98151:07.71
16th314Sean CARUSO 3:58.57161:34.30
17th506Tyler BARONOSKI 4:41.71172:17.44
18th884Jared MERCHANT 5:52.03183:27.76

Expert: 15-18 boys  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st416Tristan LEMIRE Kona Gravity team2:03.271-
2nd486Matt DRISCOLL Highland Bike / Monster2:07.5624.29s
3rd406Adrian HAYDEN 2:09.3236.05s
4th883Xavier MASSICOTTE Giant Montreal / ropack2:13.62410.35s
5th372Jack DICHIARA Crozet Bike Shop / JT Racing2:18.23514.96s
6th538Cooper PLEVA 2:18.34615.07s
7th809Antoine JACQUES Specialized Québec2:20.52717.25s
8th573Duncan DURIVAGE 2:25.49822.22s
9th373Zane MACK 2:27.79924.52s
10th423Sam KAHN 2:27.901024.63s
11th481Emmet MOORE Deity / Spy / Valley Cycle2:44.651141.38s
503Andrew DRISCOLL Defiant Racing / MonsterDNF
785William CHRETIEN Giant MontrealDNS

Expert: 19-29 men  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st690Jared WOOD 2:22.241-
2nd834Matt SMITH (sen) PROBUILDS RACING2:22.3720.13s
3rd881Zane BARD Filz Built Racing2:22.5130.27s
4th893William RIVET Deity / www.revolution-bikes.co.uk go to site2:25.0142.77s
5th577Carl DAUENHEIMER Pedal Montclair2:28.5056.26s
6th786Félix-Antoine HOULE 2:28.5266.28s

Expert: 30-39 men  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st358Steve DAY 2:16.591-
2nd824Mike HOFFARTH 2:18.8622.27s
3rd1030Fernando MOTA 2:19.0532.46s
4th335Mark MARRONGELLI 2:19.5242.93s
5th917Kyle FIELD 2:20.0353.44s
6th388Cody GREATBATCH Drummer Racing / TLD2:21.0564.46s
7th331Joshua MILLER 2:22.0375.44s
8th487Felipe SOUSA 2:22.8186.22s
9th1279Romeu ALCAIDE 2:26.3899.79s
10th386Oscar OROZCO 2:26.58109.99s
11th320Salvatore MARTELLI Riot Racing2:28.981112.39s
12th340Jordan MILLER 2:29.231212.64s
13th337Nathan REED (east) Bobcats Racing2:31.711315.12s

Expert: 40+ men  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st488Paulo Henrique FERREIRA MARTINS 2:18.411-
2nd555Mark SCHNEPEL Commencal Co Factory2:26.2727.86s
3rd1056Steve KAHN 2:30.64312.23s
4th313Pete ROMAN 2:32.15413.74s
5th504Stephen WITTEK 2:37.26518.85s
6th729Dan DICKAN 2:38.67620.26s
7th823Luis GONZALEZ (40+) 2:58.12739.71s

U12 boys  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st1321Tristan GAUVIN CFM Cycles3:07.271-
2nd999Logan ARTHURS ATLAS / Deity / Hicko / Maxxis3:10.7123.44s
3rd705Sam DUNBAR Wild Ones3:48.97341.70s
4th1322Travis GAUVIN CFM Cycles5:25.1642:17.89

U15 boys  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st342Jonah FREEDMAN Fox Factory ODI2:22.131-
2nd368Cristian SUAREZ 2:22.6920.56s
3rd321Logan TIGER 2:22.8730.74s
4th821Karson KRUGER 2:26.4644.33s
5th566Noah TAUBE PERROTTA 2:33.32511.19s
6th567Owen CROSSMON Alpine Bike Works2:33.79611.66s
7th896Walter BLACKMAN 2:37.70715.57s
8th580Alex NEGERSMITH 2:38.87816.74s
9th448Nelphison DEALMEIDA III 2:49.18927.05s
10th512Trevor POULIN 2:56.991034.86s

45+ men  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st870Mike NATHANSON 2:34.821-
2nd425Ernie REALE 2:37.1422.32s
3rd737Andy MAREK 2:38.1433.32s
4th463Rafael MANDUJANO 2:41.1846.36s
5th1485Mike NIGLIORINI 2:42.1957.37s
6th492Brian RUTTER Comp Edge2:45.55610.73s
7th461Brian BOETTCHER 2:50.48715.66s
8th561Vince BELLAFIORE 2:58.75823.93s
9th443K.T. HESHMATY 6:59.3494:24.52



Pro/Expert women  Finish spread

5 competitors found

Amateur women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
1st844Abigail RONCA Cutters Bike Shop2:52.861-
2nd1385Sheryl HUNTER ibis / LAND AIR2:59.6826.82s
3rd669Renee WERNTGES 3:33.20340.34s
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