Garbanzo '19 at Whistler, BC

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st4Mitch ROPELATO Santa Cruz / SRAM12:36.681-
emoji_events2nd18Adrien LORONphoto 100% / iXS12:49.31212.63s
emoji_events3rd13Bas VAN STEENBERGENphoto Fox / Hyper Bikes / Maxxis12:56.36319.68s
 4th1Chris KOVARIK Kovarik Racing12:57.94421.26s
 5th12Austin WARRENphoto Bell Helmets / Deity / Evil Bikes / Fast house / HT Components / Kenda / Maxima Racing Oil / Oakley / ODI / Onyx / PNG (Pinnacle Nutrition Group) / Push Suspension / Stans13:10.91534.23s
 6th3Keegan WRIGHT Devinci Factory Racing / Unior Tools13:12.96636.28s
 7th2Mario JARRINphoto_library Cube Troylee Ecuador13:14.53737.85s
 8th8Adam WOODHOUSEphoto_library C4 Norco Racing13:21.36844.68s
 9th7Juan Diego SALIDO SALCEDOphoto_library Transition - Industry Nine13:24.57947.89s
 10th15Kendall MCLEANphoto Cowichan Cycling13:25.391048.71s
 11th11Sky DUNN-SARVISphoto Dragonfly Earth Medicine13:42.47111:05.79
 12th10Devin KJAERphoto Deity / Fox / Shimano / Specialized13:44.30121:07.62
 13th21Kyle STRAIT Commencal / SRAM13:51.59131:14.91
 14th23Gautier JUNGphoto_library Joliat cycles / one suspension13:53.36141:16.68
 15th9Adrian MARTINEZphoto_library Bike Logistics, Hexcentrix, Tobogangsters13:54.66151:17.98
 16th26Sean O'DONNELL 7idp / Afton Shoes / Commencal / Peatys / Royal14:06.18161:29.50
 17th27Ricardo PEREDOphoto Monster Energy Trek14:15.02171:38.34
 18th14Mitch CHUBEYphoto Maxxis / Morpheus14:32.75181:56.07
 19th25Oliver HAGGRENphoto 226'ers / / / Trek Bikes Denmark14:41.44192:04.76
 20th34Neil DONOGHUE GMBN14:51.59202:14.91
 21st32Karl HELDTphoto 15:08.59212:31.91
 22nd29Phillip PIAZZA NSDYNAMICS15:12.01222:35.33
 23rd30Esteban Abraham CASTRO PIÑAphoto SCCYCLES TRANSITION LEATT15:37.62233:00.94
 24th17David JONEAUphoto_library 15:56.69243:20.01
 25th20Bryce STROUD 6D Helmets / 7protection / Royal16:06.55253:29.87
 26th28Carl LUSTphoto Devinci cycles chile / Little bro / Vinaride17:24.97264:48.29
 35Junho KIM Rocky Mountain Korea / SM BIKE ACADEMY
 19Simon TELLIER
 22Tristan SANDERS
 31Milciades JAQUE

13-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st471Tegan CRUZphoto_library Cruzboyz Racing14:02.841-
emoji_events2nd481Daniel CASTELLANOS LIBERALphoto_library PLANET MTB14:30.94228.10s
emoji_events3rd498Lewis ALLBONphoto 14:53.74350.90s
 4th472Dane JEWETTphoto_library Rocky Mountain Cycles / Shimano14:55.79452.95s
 5th485Aiden BAYLIFFEphoto_library 15:01.99559.15s
 6th492Etan BRAVARDphoto_library CushCore / Cycle Path Gravity15:07.7461:04.90
 7th484Nicolas MIKKELSENphoto_library Knolly Grassroots15:20.1071:17.26
 8th491Guillermo TOVARphoto Monster Energy Trek Racing15:54.1181:51.27
 9th483Sami TEITZELphoto_library 15:58.1291:55.28
 10th482Junho BAEphoto SM BIKE ACADEMY16:00.86101:58.02
 11th499Titus CARDONA PEARTphoto DHaRCO / Next Level Mountain Bike16:03.29112:00.45
 12th496Landon OWEN-MOLDphoto 16:36.84122:34.00
 13th495Brody FOXphoto Kahuna Cycles / Roaring Fork Cycling / Santa Cruz16:40.57132:37.73
 14th477Ethan BOOTHphoto_library 17:01.48142:58.64
 15th476Aiden PARISHphoto_library Deity / GO-RIDE / RaceKraft MTB17:05.72153:02.88
 16th488Hyeonkyo KIMphoto SM BIKE ACADEMY17:33.08163:30.24
 17th475Taylor DUNNphoto_library EVO / Fluidride / Full Speed Racing / TLD17:35.50173:32.66
 478Lars BÜNGENphoto Commencal Co-factory
 473Dylan MARINO Chromag / Evolution / WORCA / ZEP
 494Mikey DELESALLE Fox MTB / Kinney Kamp / Norco
 480Hayden SANSALONE
 486Mavic THORPE
 489Nolan FIELDINGphoto
 493Charlie CONNELLphoto
 497Diego BOSCH

15-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st431Wei Tien HOphoto TaG Youth Gravity Team13:26.471-
emoji_events2nd436Chris GRICEphoto_library GRICE FINANCIAL GROUP / Specialized13:41.29214.82s
emoji_events3rd443Jack LINNELLphoto_library Summit Sport / TLD13:50.06323.59s
 4th445Jake SMITH (u21)photo 14:07.91441.44s
 5th451Mateo NEGRIphoto Holy Trails Peru14:34.2851:07.81
 6th437Tom GUILLOphoto_library Commencal Cartel14:38.1361:11.66
 7th432Marcus GOGUENphoto Dissent Labs15:03.8771:37.40
 8th439Toby MEEKphoto_library MEEKBOYZ15:04.2481:37.77
 9th453Jonah BRINKERHOFFphoto Fanatik Bike Co. / Smith / TLD15:15.2791:48.80
 10th446Oscar WINGphoto_library Maydena Bike Park15:17.77101:51.30
 11th441Jaden TUCKERphoto_library 15:19.10111:52.63
 12th440Matthew DE GIUSTIphoto_library DRIFT RACING15:26.19121:59.72
 13th448Alex PARISHphoto_library Deity / Go-Ride Shop / RaceKraft MTB15:40.25132:13.78
 14th444Hyeonseong YOONphoto_library SM BIKE ACADEMY15:42.15142:15.68
 15th452Po-Hang CHENGphoto_library Team Taiwan16:24.16152:57.69
 16th450Santo BABOREphoto Ouenghi Sport Aventures17:02.52163:36.05
 17th434Jackson CONNELLYphoto_library Ion Australia / Norco Australia / Thredbo MTB18:15.40174:48.93
 18th454Tristan CROCKERphoto Tag Cycling Race Team25:04.941811:38.47
 447Tristan CURRAN Evolution Whistler
 433Tristan LEMIRE Kona Factory
 435Coen SKRYPNEKphoto_library FountainTire / Kona / Summit / Tantalus / TLD
 438Ike KLAASSEN Monster Army Santa Cruz 100%
 442Christopher BEATON Garbanzo bike and bean / mom and dad club / TLD
 449Myles DAVIS

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st401Luke MEIER-SMITH 13:14.851-
emoji_events2nd405Jack PELLANDphoto_library C4 Norco Racing13:42.86228.01s
emoji_events3rd402Justin CLEMENTSphoto 13:42.92328.07s
 4th409Josh ARCUSphoto 13:49.10434.25s
 5th410Tobias VAN OEVERENphoto Pushys Online13:50.01535.16s
 6th407Emmett HANCOCKphoto 100% / Commencal13:52.64637.79s
 7th411Facundo DESCALZO Pivoy cycles Argentina14:19.5471:04.69
 8th408Austin JEWETTphoto 14:33.4581:18.60
 9th412Jacob ENNS 15:50.9392:36.08
 403Seth SHERLOCK 10-Schwalbe-Cushcore-Chromag-evolution whistler / Intense Bikes-Shimano-Fox-Fox Shox-Smith-5 / Kovarik Racing
 406Kyle NICHOLSON Ice river water / Norco
 413Micah SCHOUTEN

19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st202Vincent PIERROT Rouz'Racing13:51.251-
emoji_events2nd201Michael ANDERSSONphoto Mx-Outlet.se14:03.15211.90s
emoji_events3rd222Daniel LEON 14:13.06321.81s
 4th211Alexandre HELFERphoto EC Colmar / France14:40.55449.30s
 5th209Jacob HULME-MOIRphoto 14:40.60549.35s
 6th224Jakub MICAKphoto 14:44.68653.43s
 7th215Levi HARAPNUIKphoto_library Loose with the Goose / MARTYS MOUNTAIN CYCLE14:47.75756.50s
 8th216Daniel MURRAYphoto_library 14:50.15858.90s
 9th220Ryan HUNTphoto Fruit Party15:06.6791:15.42
 10th212Torren DAVISphoto_library 15:07.33101:16.08
 11th203Zachary WEBBER 15:08.14111:16.89
 12th206Dom GAULER 15:12.24121:20.99
 13th214Connor SURGEONER 15:13.11131:21.86
 14th207Kyam BUCKTONphoto Coffs downhill15:13.27141:22.02
 15th219Brian DEMAREST 15:26.37151:35.12
 16th218Mitch LIETZ 15:30.38161:39.13
 17th208James CARLEYphoto Action Moto / Crownkiwi Enterprises / Fruitparty / Sevenee / SPECIALIZED NZ15:30.62171:39.37
 18th221Adam FAULKNERphoto 15:45.12181:53.87
 19th225Lachlan SMALLphoto 15:47.30191:56.05
 20th213Sam ALLEGRETTOphoto 16:15.24202:23.99
 21st205Brendan KEILAR 16:39.93212:48.68
 22nd223Paul FOLEYphoto Loose with the Goose17:11.15223:19.90
 204William THOMPSONphoto
 217Matheus ROQUE

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st231Walace MIRANDA Wallace miranda racing chaoyang tires13:20.641-
emoji_events2nd242Rafael WEBBERphoto_library Spring / Team @pererucho13:53.95233.31s
emoji_events3rd241Tom ARMSTRONG 14:01.50340.86s
 4th232Martin RAFFO PIVOT CYCLES ARGENTINA14:24.7641:04.12
 5th244Volkmar Gustav BERCHTOLD FILHO Scott Brasil14:25.2151:04.57
 6th236Tim FALVEY 14:30.1261:09.48
 7th233Jacob COLESphoto 14:36.8671:16.22
 8th237Joshua ROTHphoto 14:54.8481:34.20
 9th243Tobias BETHGEphoto_library 15:40.1792:19.53
 10th246Juan Carlos MILLALONCOphoto Argentina15:50.27102:29.63
 11th238Dominik DOPPELHOFERphoto_library adamsfour.16:08.67112:48.03
 12th247Jeff HOLLOWELLphoto 17:46.35124:25.71
 13th245Henrique PALADINO Agua Inga / Tripp Aventura17:50.03134:29.39
 14th234K.C. NASHphoto 22:51.19149:30.55
 235Chris BUDGE
 239Karel KOCEKphoto
 240Martijn BERENSCHOT

40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st251Chus CASTELLANOS PLANET MTB13:50.051-
emoji_events2nd256Mark BUNYANphoto_library Mark Bunyan Coaching14:01.77211.72s
emoji_events3rd253Craig WILSONphoto_library 14:23.93333.88s
 4th252Oscar PELEGRINAphoto #enDHurocuandopinte14:31.33441.28s
 5th255Gonzalo RODRIGUEZ LLEBANAphoto_library PIVOT CYCLES ARGENTINA14:38.80548.75s
 6th261Glyn O'BRIENphoto_library Vitus First Tracks Race Division14:39.64649.59s
 7th268Don VAN EESTERENphoto Rippers Lounge Racing14:56.1471:06.09
 8th263Christiaan BOURDREZphoto NORCO BIKES go to site15:17.6081:27.55
 9th254Martin NEWMANphoto_library 15:19.6991:29.64
 10th257Michael COWAN Chain Reaction Cycles / Nukeproof15:27.52101:37.47
 11th264Leonardo DIAS Santa cruz Brazil15:59.98112:09.93
 12th260Parabanne MENDOZAphoto_library 16:07.86122:17.81
 13th258Jordano PALACIOphoto_library IBS-Bikes-RJ16:19.39132:29.34
 14th267Jimmy WALKERphoto 16:21.45142:31.40
 15th265Mike GRAHAMphoto 16:47.51152:57.46
 16th262Sidney LEWISphoto_library Cuadro18:31.80164:41.75
 17th259Matthew JOHNSON 38:10.611724:20.56
 266Scott GRAY



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

13-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st501Ainhoa IJURKOphoto_library Commencal Canada15:19.251-
emoji_events2nd509Emmy LANphoto_library Gravity MTB / Trail Bicycles Racing16:23.6721:04.42
emoji_events3rd502Sydney HABERMANphoto_library Cliff Bar / Element / Norco / Sweetlines Jr. Racing16:48.8731:29.62
 4th506Gracey HEMSTREETphoto_library Coast Gravity Park17:04.3841:45.13
 5th507Amy ERTELphoto_library 17:08.5251:49.27
 6th504Cassie VOYSEYphoto_library Deity / EPTEC / Harvey Norman / Krush / M2O / Northern Beaches Bicycles / One Agnecy Engadine / Rocky Mountain Aus / We the riders17:47.3262:28.07
 7th505Taylor OSTGAARDphoto Crank Brothers / Dakine / FiveTen / Fox Factory / GoPro / Race Face / Schwalbe / Smith / Spank / Transition Bikes18:36.1373:16.88
 8th511Nyla STEPHENSphoto Sweetlines Jr. Racing19:08.7583:49.50
 9th512Chanel Nelli WYLDphoto_library 19:52.2494:32.99
 10th514Christine LEWISphoto_library Monster Energy Trek Racing20:26.41105:07.16
 11th510Lily BOUCHERphoto_library C4 Norco Racing20:50.59115:31.34
 12th513Vanessa BRUNEAUphoto_library 22:48.50127:29.25
 515Eti GRAHAM

19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st301Stepanka NESTLEROVAphoto_library 15:36.341-
emoji_events2nd302Pip PARRphoto_library 16:23.80247.46s
emoji_events3rd303Noelle FLOYDphoto_library 16:32.53356.19s
 4th305Elli PETERSILIEphoto_library 16:55.6741:19.33
 5th304Carla PASINphoto_library Southern Law17:18.3351:41.99
 307Gaelle MINISINIphoto
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