New Zealand DH National Champs '19 at Rotorua

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The original results are available at https://mountain-bike-nationals.cyclingnewzealand.nz/media/4901/4901.pdf


Since this was a championship event, which let non-championship riders take part, the top Championship-eligible riders are highlighted like this.

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Gender Both

Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stBrook MACDONALD 2:45.83312:45.3801-
2ndMax HARTENSTERN 2:46.57022:45.63020.250s
3rdKeegan WRIGHT 2:49.19032:48.81733.437s
4thWyn MASTERS 2:53.02062:50.68345.303s
5thLouis HAMILTON 2:55.85792:50.79055.410s
6thCole LUCAS 2:51.51042:50.89065.510s
7thGeorge BRANNIGAN 2:51.67752:52.29376.913s
8thConnor HAMILTON 2:53.77082:52.39787.017s
9thCharlie MAKEA 3:01.580112:55.490910.110s
10thGuy GIBBS 2:59.690102:56.0371010.657s
11thKyle LOCKWOOD 3:03.043162:56.7571111.377s
12thNils HEINIGER 3:02.413142:58.2571212.877s
13thSam ROBBIE 3:03.997172:59.1931313.813s
14thBilly MEACLEM 3:02.663152:59.2201413.840s
15thCam COLE 3:10.967212:59.7771514.397s
16thLeonard SONNTAG 3:02.387132:59.9301614.550s
17thBoaz HEBBLETHWAITE 3:02.170123:00.0531714.673s
18thJoshua BIRKENHAKE 3:08.453183:04.7731819.393s
19thShaun BARCLAY 3:10.567203:06.3631920.983s
20thSam SHAW 3:09.547193:07.3002021.920s
21stWilliam MACDERMID 3:27.087233:17.5332132.153s
22ndAlex KENNETT 3:27.073223:19.2332233.853s
Matthew WALKER 2:53.6077DNS

Sport men  dialpad Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stSam BLENKINSOP 2:53.50012:49.1231-
2ndStanislav SEHNAL 2:53.82322:59.07329.950s
3rdMitch ARMSTRONG 3:10.820103:02.137313.014s
4thConnor MCCORMICK 3:03.36033:02.417413.294s
5thJonty VINK 3:08.28763:03.430514.307s
6thCarson RAYNER 3:05.57343:03.930614.807s
7thNigel MCDOWELL 3:09.59073:05.810716.687s
8thPatrick HALE 3:13.590133:06.767817.644s
9thMatt BERRY 3:07.15353:07.193918.070s
10thJeppe Bob BERTELSEN 3:14.863143:08.1531019.030s
11thLloyd JENKS 3:13.213123:08.2131119.090s
12thJames CARLEY 3:10.28383:08.7771219.654s
13thAlbe SNEP 3:10.61393:09.1101319.987s
14thCaelab DRUMMOND 3:17.640153:10.7401421.617s
15thBlake ROUNTREE 3:31.753203:12.6271523.504s
16thRyan HUNT 3:25.687193:14.7101625.587s
17thEthan BAKER 3:19.240163:16.5271727.404s
18thCampbell BAXTER 3:24.537183:18.2401829.117s
19thLogan CAESAR 3:43.233223:23.1631934.040s
20thAustin SUE 3:11.193113:24.6372035.514s
21stGlen RILEY 3:19.387173:29.6802140.557s
22ndConor MCCARTHY 3:39.103213:34.7902245.667s
23rdCameron JACOBSON 3:50.937233:42.6432353.520s
24thMax STEVENS 3:57.703243:43.7132454.590s

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stWilliam HARVEY 3:23.48313:20.9671-
2ndJake EARNEST 3:42.51763:21.06320.096s
3rdRyan HASTINGS 3:28.70323:22.62031.653s
4thPaul FURSTENBURG 3:33.93753:33.933412.966s
5thAgusta DIXON 3:42.86073:37.573516.606s
6thSeth STYLIE 3:51.230103:41.150620.183s
7thSam CLARKE (u19) 3:51.340113:41.857720.890s
8thArje BEVERIDGE 3:49.46083:44.963823.996s
9thMyles SPRAGUE 3:49.63093:46.527925.560s
10thBryn FEARNSIDE 4:05.540123:53.3201032.353s
11thGeorge DAVEY 3:32.08344:00.0731139.106s
12thDylan WILMSHURST 4:13.063144:02.8931241.926s
13thBaxter HILSON 4:11.700134:03.7301342.763s
14thAston SOUTHWARD 6:50.873164:20.7131459.746s
15thEd SHEARER 4:56.310154:44.597151:23.630
Luke WAYMAN 3:32.0033DNF

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stMarcus ROSS 3:05.40332:58.1701-
2ndGuy JOHNSTON 2:58.34012:59.64721.477s
3rdJames MACDERMID 3:03.93723:01.80333.633s
4thCameron BECK 3:08.50743:02.52344.353s
5thGeorge HARVEY 3:11.98053:13.963515.793s
6thLachlan STEVENS-MCNAB 3:16.90763:14.570616.400s
7thLuke HAYMAN 3:22.74073:16.377718.207s
8thCjay INGRAM 3:27.427103:18.283820.113s
9thMax CAULTON 3:24.08093:20.200922.030s
10thAlex WAYMAN 3:38.243173:20.7001022.530s
11thNico ARNOLD 3:27.460113:21.5701123.400s
12thPero FORMAN 3:31.800123:23.6571225.487s
13thTaylor TOPP 3:32.247133:24.1171325.947s
14thKarepa HEKE KAIAWHA 3:43.133183:24.8601426.690s
15thMatthew DALE 3:32.720143:27.0771528.907s
16thSam WATTERS 9:12.923233:27.4131629.243s
17thCarter WIFFIN 3:36.370163:28.5931730.423s
18thWill ADAMSON 3:33.907153:29.2501831.080s
19thBen STOCK 3:46.577193:41.3931943.223s
20thDylan FOOTE 4:16.930204:05.820201:07.650
21stTaane BOYCE-HORSLEY 7:35.877224:47.757211:49.587
22ndConnor WILMSHURST 4:32.317214:49.993221:51.823
Jaden KAEMPFE 3:23.6778DNF

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stBlake ROSS 2:53.53712:50.5371-
2ndSeth SHERLOCK 2:58.44732:51.83721.300s
3rdFinn HAWKESBY-BROWNE 2:59.30042:55.28334.746s
4thJoseph FORESTA 3:02.61752:58.05347.516s
5thEthan BLANCHARD 3:03.92772:58.41757.880s
6thAlex BARKE 3:07.68082:59.11368.576s
7thTuhoto-Ariki PENE 2:57.13323:00.31379.776s
8thLouis VULETA 3:03.44063:00.50389.966s
9thFinn PARSONS 3:21.717143:00.537910.000s
10thFlynn DIXON 3:53.470153:05.9931015.456s
11thMischa WOLSTENCROFT 3:18.373123:07.9331117.396s
12thMitchell GOODMAN 3:13.297113:08.6371218.100s
13thPiper MARSLAND-TERNENT 3:10.76793:09.2171318.680s
14thRyan MANEY 3:21.287133:26.3371435.800s
15thJames HARVEY 3:11.627103:44.7501554.213s

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stTom SINCLAIR 3:08.72313:04.2131-
2ndRhys TELFORD 3:16.68023:09.10724.894s
3rdMatthew HUNT 3:31.97343:16.977312.764s
4thJason CONNOR 3:23.49033:20.173415.960s
5thCam BIRCH 3:34.04353:25.403521.190s
6thAndrey TEKUTOV 3:43.89763:41.487637.274s
7thBen THOMSON 3:45.07373:44.893740.680s
8thJackson & Rose GREEN 3:58.13783:49.907845.694s

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stRichard BODLE 3:27.06013:32.1031-
2ndAndre TARPLETT 3:44.48323:36.92324.820s
3rdPaul SIMKIN 3:51.03333:45.883313.780s
4thKane RILEY 4:06.24043:54.267422.164s
Daniel GANNAWAY 5:53.1675DNS

50+ men

1 competitor found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stJohn COBB 3:50.06013:35.0571-



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stKate WEATHERLY 3:10.90013:07.9501-
2ndShania RAWSON 3:30.85753:24.453216.503s
3rdAbigail HOGIE 3:29.38333:24.517316.567s
4thVirginia ARMSTRONG 3:24.63323:27.283419.333s
5thRobin GOOMES 3:30.32343:28.137520.187s

Sport women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stCati PEARSON 4:01.54313:57.1901-
2ndKaytee CAMPBELL 4:10.80024:04.52727.337s
3rdLiv JACKSON 4:32.23334:28.350331.160s
4thNae TAUA 4:37.98344:40.283443.093s

U15 girls  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stCaitlin FLAVELL 3:59.66323:50.4871-
2ndSacha EARNEST 3:55.84013:54.02323.536s
3rdAwen LLOYD 4:32.41734:30.410339.923s

U17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stJenna HASTINGS 3:35.02013:33.2271-
2ndRebecca HUFFLETT 3:53.19323:58.567225.340s
3rdHope GIBBARD 4:46.51034:42.90031:09.673
4thAnya FEARNSIDE 5:16.67044:59.06741:25.840

U19 women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stFiona MURRAY 4:00.21723:51.0701-
2ndJess BLEWITT 3:44.57713:51.45020.380s
3rdMaia JOWETT 4:14.84344:03.440312.370s
4thOlivia LAMBERT 4:06.15334:04.323413.253s

30+ women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
1stAmanda MONK 4:48.31723:50.1471-
2ndSnappy HC 4:24.51314:16.230226.083s
Niner RIM 9 RDO
Niner RIM 9 RDO
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