Gravity BC Club Champs at Barnaslingan Forest, Co. Dublin

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Open men  dialpad Finish spread

41 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st180Ronan DUNNE (jun) 1:10.9461-
emoji_events2nd12Anthony DUNNE 1:11.77620.830s
emoji_events3rd101Oliver DAVYphoto 1:12.62331.677s
 4th172Alan STOKES 1:18.14047.194s
 5th134Dale MCMULLAN 1:19.03658.090s
 6th43Dan BYRNE 1:20.52469.578s
 7th116Dan REDMOND 1:21.673710.727s
 8th1Bren MASTERSON 1:21.804810.858s
 9th137Pierce CANNON 1:21.983911.037s
 10th179Íosac COLEMANphoto_library 1:22.6791011.733s
 11th168Mark DOLAN 1:24.4271113.481s
 12th142Louis CANNON 1:24.8021213.856s
 13th153Simon ANDREUCETTI 1:25.0381314.092s
 14th144Brendan MULVEYphoto_library 1:26.0431415.097s
 15th6Simon EVANS 1:26.0991515.153s
 16th34Oisin BOYDELL 1:26.1191615.173s
 17th18John BELLING 1:26.6671715.721s
 18th145Matt DAVY 1:27.2951816.349s
 19th49Niall EGAN 1:27.4211916.475s
 20th141Steve CHADWICK 1:27.5542016.608s
 21st160Thomas O'REILLY (jun) 1:27.7862116.840s
 22nd3Luke BEATTIE 1:28.1012217.155s
 23rd133Gavin GRIFFIN 1:28.7832317.837s
 24th159Mick BYRNE 1:28.8962417.950s
 25th140Louis FUSCO 1:30.2262519.280s
 26th50Killian DONOGHUE 1:30.9142619.968s
 27th44Paul O'SULLIVAN 1:32.6782721.732s
 28th162Al REDMOND 1:33.7502822.804s
 29th57Mark BYRNE 1:34.7742923.828s
 30th106Patrick FOX 1:35.5913024.645s
 31st178Ciaran CUSSEN 1:36.1523125.206s
 32nd32Conan ABELphoto 1:36.1533225.207s
 33rd19Cregor ELLIOTTphoto_library 1:39.8483328.902s
 34th62Philip HAYDEN 1:40.2153429.269s
 35th173Alan DUFFYphoto 1:43.3473532.401s
 36th136Brian O NEILL 1:45.8903634.944s
 37th40Ivan KENDELLEN 2:00.3293749.383s
 38th74Ewan HASLETT 2:00.6743849.728s
 73Ryan DUNNE
 156Paul CUMMINS

U16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

28 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st102Kyle SCULLY 1:19.4421-
emoji_events2nd164Craig DOYLE 1:19.86520.423s
emoji_events3rd66Josh GALLAGHER 1:19.97130.529s
 4th88Cillian DOYLE 1:20.21940.777s
 5th114Lorcan DEERING 1:22.86953.427s
 6th35Colin HAYDEN 1:26.95067.508s
 7th109Marcus VON TEICHMAN 1:27.20277.760s
 8th63Lewis BRUTON 1:27.25587.813s
 9th139Harry BALFE 1:29.534910.092s
 10th128Tom CROSSINGHAM 1:30.2001010.758s
 11th110Thomas VON TEICHMAN 1:32.2131112.771s
 12th113Patrick FLOOD 1:32.7351213.293s
 13th146Jude DONOHUE 1:35.5481316.106s
 14th143Adam DALYphoto 1:36.0261416.584s
 15th148Cody LAWLOR 1:37.2691517.827s
 16th171Sean LUNDY 1:38.0641618.622s
 17th92Isaac SCOTTphoto_library 1:39.1691719.727s
 18th127Felim COFFEY 1:41.8531822.411s
 19th150Max SCHONE 1:47.3641927.922s
 20th147Dan KEARNEY 1:49.5472030.105s
 21st131Finn O'SEALBHAIGH 1:53.5892134.147s
 22nd126Finn LUNDY 1:59.2712239.829s
 23rd132Diarmuid O'SEALBHAIGH 2:09.6182350.176s
 24th155Eoghan GREENAN 2:11.5242452.082s
 25th91Fionn CUSSEN 2:12.6132553.171s
 26th151Tadhg HICKEY 2:17.3552657.913s



Open women  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st157Roisin HICKEY 1:38.9541-
emoji_events2nd23Lisa DAVIS 1:43.80724.853s
emoji_events3rd108Ruth MCGINN 1:44.45335.499s
 4th175Lorraine O'SULLIVAN 1:51.738412.784s
 5th24Marie FARRELL 1:55.793516.839s
 6th169Mateja TRPIN 1:59.266620.312s
 7th177Michele MCMULLAN 1:59.424720.470s
 8th176Aga WALTER 2:13.645834.691s
 9th129Jacqui ERSKINE 2:15.923936.969s
 10th174Rachel CINNSEALACH 2:31.6661052.712s
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