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12-15 boys  Finish spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st63Cillian DOYLE 1:37.0131-
2nd66Craig DOYLE 1:39.43622.423s
3rd117Patrick FLOOD 1:40.03733.024s
4th114Callum MORRIS 1:40.75643.743s
5th95Scott ROBERTS 1:41.14254.129s
6th65Kyle SCULLY 1:41.86664.853s
7th67James BRODISON 1:43.09676.083s
8th115Niall FISHER 1:45.51988.506s
9th72Tony CASH 1:47.00099.987s
10th103Colin HAYDEN 1:47.5221010.509s
11th125Niall CLERKIN 1:48.7681111.755s
12th82Daniel LAPPIN 1:50.2551213.242s
13th77Jacob WRIGHT 1:50.2601313.247s
14th71Daragh O'SEALBHAIGH 1:52.2761415.263s
15th74Jude DONOHUE 1:56.8201519.807s
16th101Dan KEARNEY 1:57.0541620.041s
17th64Felim COFFEY 1:57.1731720.160s
18th73Joshua MOLLOY 1:58.1811821.168s
19th104Adam DALY 1:58.2771921.264s
20th100Ethan ORR 1:59.7532022.740s
21st75Ezra DOLAN 2:00.5502123.537s
22nd62Alex EGAN 2:02.1412225.128s
23rd69Harry BALFE 2:02.5572325.544s
24th76Joshua DELANEY 2:02.7122425.699s
25th120Paul DOHERTY 2:33.3942556.381s
26th131Padraig COYLE 2:40.060261:03.047
27th79Niall WILLIAMSON 3:24.469271:47.456

16-22 men  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st38Ronan DUNNE (jun) 1:23.4771-
2nd39Anthony DUNNE 1:29.93126.454s
3rd2Oliver DAVY 1:31.95938.482s
4th40Sean DOYLE 1:32.22248.745s
5th127Cian SULLIVAN 1:41.257517.780s
6th43Dan REDMOND 1:45.092621.615s
7th116Glenn COSTER 1:45.953722.476s
8th41Colm GRANT (sen) 1:55.369831.892s
9th44Stefano BREGLIA 2:14.403950.926s

23-39 men  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st132Stephen MCCORMACK 1:24.8311-
2nd4Rob DAVIS 1:28.44423.613s
3rd29Eoin GRANT 1:32.06037.229s
4th15Conan ABEL 1:37.633412.802s
5th112Kevin COSTER 1:37.838513.007s
6th6Rory O'DONNELL (mas) 1:37.994613.163s
7th97Ciaran CULLEN 1:41.492716.661s
8th126Ciaran SULLIVAN 1:41.951817.120s
9th17Simon ANDREUCETTI 1:42.336917.505s
10th36Marc PALMER 1:42.3421017.511s
11th24James DALEY 1:42.7801117.949s
12th7John BELLING 1:43.9261219.095s
13th123Shane HARRAN 1:47.0621322.231s
14th11Aidan MONGAN 1:50.6591425.828s
15th10Kevin JOHNSON 1:52.9741528.143s
16th31Ben DUNCAN 1:55.6771630.846s

40+ men  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st59Brendan MASTERSON 1:40.5481-
2nd48Sean EGAN 1:45.17924.631s
3rd55Declan BRADY 1:46.08235.534s
4th52Steve CHADWICK 1:48.38647.838s
5th54Declan MOLLOY 1:50.05759.509s
6th3Brendan MULVEY 1:54.059613.511s
7th122Patrick FOX 1:57.514716.966s
8th128Declan CHAPPLE 2:00.179819.631s
9th56Mark BYRNE 2:00.347919.799s
10th119Kenneth HICKEY 2:03.5811023.033s
11th130Matt JARVIS 2:06.0951125.547s
12th51Uinseann O'SEALBHAIGH 2:15.9211235.373s
13th99Louis FUSCO 2:19.7711339.223s
14th121Bill COYLE 2:36.2461455.698s
15th57Eoin DELANEY 3:02.395151:21.847



Open women  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st94Lisa DAVIS 2:03.4741-
2nd87Brigitte EGAN 2:04.08120.607s
3rd84Ruth MCGINN 2:04.09730.623s
4th89Leah PITTAM 2:05.82542.351s
5th86Cat BRADY 2:06.70753.233s
6th85Bernie COMMINS 2:09.70866.234s
7th92Marie FARRELL 2:16.500713.026s
8th91Jacqui ERSKINE 2:35.747832.273s
9th107Aga WALTER 2:37.359933.885s
10th90Alison BANNISTER 2:37.6871034.213s
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