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12-15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st95Scott ROBERTS 1:19.5581-
emoji_events2nd63Cillian DOYLE 1:21.27821.720s
emoji_events3rd65Kyle SCULLY 1:23.21833.660s
 4th117Patrick FLOOD 1:24.91845.360s
 5th82Daniel LAPPIN 1:25.52655.968s
 6th67James BRODISON 1:25.68266.124s
 7th114Callum MORRIS 1:26.16376.605s
 8th136Lorcan DEERING 1:27.22487.666s
 9th66Craig DOYLE 1:28.70199.143s
 10th129James SMYTH 1:29.463109.905s
 11th143Aaron MULVEY 1:29.7191110.161s
 12th139Josh ROONEY 1:30.5181210.960s
 13th72Tony CASH 1:30.8311311.273s
 14th77Jacob WRIGHT 1:32.6821413.124s
 15th137Daniel HAYES 1:37.9181518.360s
 16th69Harry BALFE 1:38.3141618.756s
 17th74Jude DONOHUE 1:38.6661719.108s
 18th64Felim COFFEY 1:40.3721820.814s
 19th71Daragh O'SEALBHAIGH 1:40.7971921.239s
 20th62Alex EGAN 1:44.1792024.621s
 21st104Adam DALY 1:44.7562125.198s
 22nd75Dolan EZRA 1:46.0742226.516s
 23rd111Callum HURLEY 1:48.8102329.252s
 24th100Ethan ORR 1:49.9572430.399s
 25th124Cody LAWLOR 2:09.4472549.889s

16-22 men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st38Ronan DUNNE (jun) 1:12.2081-
emoji_events2nd39Anthony DUNNE 1:13.96921.761s
emoji_events3rd2Oliver DAVY 1:16.91834.710s
 4th40Sean DOYLE 1:17.65145.443s
 5th138Jack DEVLIN 1:19.27257.064s
 6th21Shea ROONEY 1:22.306610.098s
 7th127Cian SULLIVAN 1:22.315710.107s
 8th44Stefano BREGLIA 1:49.619837.411s

23-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st132Stephen MCCORMACK 1:16.1031-
emoji_events2nd4Rob DAVIS 1:20.35924.256s
emoji_events3rd5Cian MCNALLY 1:22.94536.842s
 4th6Rory O'DONNELL (mas) 1:23.15647.053s
 5th34Emmet KELLY 1:23.88057.777s
 6th7John BELLING 1:25.56969.466s
 7th26Seamus CASH 1:26.438710.335s
 8th17Simon ANDREUCETTI 1:28.102811.999s
 9th32Paul TAYLOR 1:28.459912.356s
 10th8Alan GILKINSON 1:29.4241013.321s
 11th126Ciaran SULLIVAN 1:30.5091114.406s
 12th36Marc PALMER 1:34.9501218.847s
 13th31Ben DUNCAN 1:35.7181319.615s
 14th10Kevin JOHNSTON 1:36.2161420.113s
 15th134Andrew DOWDESWELL 1:38.5711522.468s
 16th135James EDWARDS 1:38.7951622.692s
 17th102Ciaran MARTIN 1:40.8151724.712s
 18th108Christopher O'SULLIVAN 1:41.9711825.868s
 19th96Mark O'SULLIVAN (sen) 1:45.9131929.810s
 20th106Aaron BARNES 1:46.3932030.290s
 21st19Jakub PLEWA 1:47.3252131.222s
 14John RYAN (sen) DNF
 24James DALEY DNF

40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st113Tom HUTCHINSON 1:26.8871-
emoji_events2nd48Sean EGAN 1:27.43520.548s
emoji_events3rd144Stephen MCDONALD 1:30.86633.979s
 4th59Brendan MASTERSON 1:31.59744.710s
 5th3Brendan MULVEY 1:32.18055.293s
 6th142Stuart BEST 1:33.08566.198s
 7th55Declan BRADY 1:33.99677.109s
 8th52Steve CHADWICK 1:35.15988.272s
 9th99Louis FUSCO 1:36.989910.102s
 10th118Ken MURPHY 1:37.3281010.441s
 11th122Patrick FOX 1:38.2741111.387s
 12th78Shane O'CALLAGHAN 1:40.2931213.406s
 13th56Mark BYRNE 1:40.4051313.518s
 14th61Craig ELLIOTT 1:41.6691414.782s
 15th51Uinseann O'SEALBHAIGH 1:44.0711517.184s
 16th141Barry DUNNE 1:50.6061623.719s
 54Declan MOLLOY DNF



Open women  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st94Lisa DAVIS 1:41.3031-
emoji_events2nd83Hannah MULLIN 1:41.77420.471s
emoji_events3rd84Ruth MCGINN 1:41.86830.565s
 4th87Brigitte EGAN 1:43.62442.321s
 5th86Cat BRADY 1:44.70653.403s
 6th89Leah PITTAM 1:49.80268.499s
 7th92Marie FARRELL 1:52.447711.144s
 8th93Elizabeth DOHERTY 1:55.542814.239s
 9th90Alison BANNISTER 2:00.749919.446s
 10th91Jacqui ERSKINE 2:04.8221023.519s
 11th107Aga WALTER 2:05.3281124.025s
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