New Zealand DH National Champs '20 at Signal Hill, Dunedin

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st3Sam BLENKINSOP Gravity Canterbury2:24.95712:25.4701-
emoji_events2nd5Sam GALE Nelson MTB Club2:27.97322:26.45720.987s
emoji_events3rd1George BRANNIGAN Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:29.84342:26.46030.990s
 4th17Bryn DICKERSON Wellington Mountain Bike Club2:30.79352:26.76341.293s
 5th2Tuhoto-Ariki PENE Descend Rotorua2:29.69732:27.48752.017s
 6th8Hamish MCLEOD Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:32.03372:27.75062.280s
 7th9Kieran BENNETT Gravity Canterbury2:33.487102:28.34772.877s
 8th15Calum BOOTH Mountain Biking Otago2:31.45062:30.21784.747s
 9th12Cam COLE Wellington Mountain Bike Club2:32.73382:31.02095.550s
 10th4Wyn MASTERS New Plymouth Mountain Bikers2:33.17792:31.840106.370s
 11th19Jakob VINK Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:38.570132:33.717118.247s
 12th7Charlie MAKEA Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club2:38.613142:34.307128.837s
 13th42Guy GIBBS Gravity Canterbury2:37.657122:34.753139.283s
 14th14Gareth BURGESS Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:38.917162:34.880149.410s
 15th10Jayd ADLAM Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:35.807112:36.1631510.693s
 16th18Shaun BARCLAY Gravity Canterbury2:38.700152:37.4631611.993s
 17th11Albe SNEP Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:40.770172:38.4731713.003s
 18th20William MACDERMID Descend Rotorua2:51.373182:50.1971824.727s
 6Louis HAMILTON Descend RotoruaDNFDNS
 21Jonathan ANDREW Auckland Downhill Club Inc
 13Louis VULETA Descend Rotorua
 16Connor HARVEY Southland MTB Club

Sport men  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st71Reuben BENSEMANN Nelson MTB Club2:36.94012:36.7501-
emoji_events2nd72Rani BEAR Nelson MTB Club2:40.53732:37.89721.147s
emoji_events3rd73Liam BARCLAY Gravity Canterbury2:39.53322:39.59332.843s
 4th74Austin SUE Gravity Canterbury2:47.26362:41.39344.643s
 5th80Reilly DUFF Bike Methven2:44.40052:42.00055.250s
 6th78Luke HAYMAN Mountain Biking North Otago2:43.72342:42.57065.820s
 7th77Jourdan LETHBRIDGE Gravity Canterbury2:50.83382:47.650710.900s
 8th75James CARLEY New Plymouth Mountain Bikers2:51.61792:49.207812.457s
 9th79Finn HARBOUR Mountain Biking Otago2:57.050102:54.777918.027s
 10th76Kurt SIMCIC Nelson MTB Club3:02.423113:00.1671023.417s
 11th104Sam PARIS Mountain Biking Otago2:50.09073:01.3901124.640s
 12th36Caleb ROSAMOND Wellington Mountain Bike Club4:15.920133:14.7531238.003s
 13th82Josh BRYANT North Otago MTB Club3:19.643123:55.903131:19.153

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st166Seth STYLIE Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:45.74012:45.3301-
emoji_events2nd170Ryan HASTINGS Rotorua Mountain Bike Club2:55.56322:47.93322.603s
emoji_events3rd165Wyatt MCNAB Rotorua Mountain Bike Club2:59.06352:48.58733.257s
 4th162Oli CLARK Nelson MTB Club3:05.08082:54.85349.523s
 5th161Luke WAYMAN Gravity Canterbury3:19.457112:55.760510.430s
 6th175Lewis ALLBON 2:57.80042:55.770610.440s
 7th164Ben SZIRANYI Gravity Canterbury2:56.47332:56.460711.130s
 8th172Jack COLLINS Gravity Canterbury3:00.10062:58.027812.697s
 9th173Owen BRADLEY Marlborough Mountain Bike Club3:00.31773:00.637915.307s
 10th174Bill AXON Te Miro MTB Club3:10.21793:11.8471026.517s
 11th176Charlie WIFFIN Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club3:21.370123:22.9731137.643s
 12th168Kayne JOHNSTON Gravity Canterbury3:14.823103:27.9271242.597s
 13th169Maxxis TINDALL Descend Rotorua4:04.623133:35.1271349.797s
 163Oli NICHOLLS Bike Methven

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st131Lachlan STEVENS-MCNAB Rotorua Mountain Bike Club2:38.51012:33.1601-
emoji_events2nd133Toby MEEK Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:38.73022:33.47020.310s
emoji_events3rd132Alex WAYMAN Gravity Canterbury2:44.83032:40.53037.370s
 4th152Sascha KIM 2:52.133122:41.43348.273s
 5th149Cameron BECK Rotorua Mountain Bike Club2:51.307112:42.27059.110s
 6th138George HARVEY Descend Rotorua2:49.680102:45.173612.013s
 7th151Patrick DUFF Bike Methven2:48.18082:45.970712.810s
 8th135Taane BOYCE-HORSLEY Bike Wanaka2:44.93742:46.597813.437s
 9th140Max CAULTON Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:49.38792:46.703913.543s
 10th139Nico ARNOLD Bike Wanaka2:55.693142:47.3531014.193s
 11th145Seth BUCKLEY Nelson MTB Club2:48.03372:47.5071114.347s
 12th134Will ADAMSON Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:46.56062:50.3371217.177s
 13th143Cameron CLEMETT Marlborough Mountain Bike Club2:53.780132:50.9331317.773s
 14th136Luke HANCOCK Bike Wanaka2:45.07052:51.2571418.097s
 15th141Jake EARNEST Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:59.807172:52.7701519.610s
 16th144Carter WIFFIN Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club2:56.293152:58.7971625.637s
 17th155Sam WATTERS Auckland Downhill Club Inc3:05.210183:01.9601728.800s
 18th147Tyler MUIRHEAD Queenstown Mountain Bike Club3:09.213193:08.8101835.650s
 19th153Ollie MATTHEWS Mountain Biking Otago3:32.550223:15.0831941.923s
 20th154Ed SHEARER New Plymouth Mountain Bikers3:16.537203:21.3932048.233s
 21st148Oliver BAMFORD Mountain Biking Otago3:29.043213:25.5402152.380s
 146William HARVEY Descend Rotorua2:59.28016DNF
 150Ben BLEWITT Queenstown Mountain Bike ClubDNF
 142Marcus BLAIR Gravity Canterbury
 137James ELKINGTON Nelson MTB Club

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st23Ethan BLANCHARD Auckland Downhill Club Inc2:37.90042:34.3431-
emoji_events2nd24Guy JOHNSTON Descend Rotorua2:42.31782:35.60321.260s
emoji_events3rd29Riley ADLAM Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:37.30322:35.82331.480s
 4th25Oliver ELKINGTON Nelson MTB Club2:38.45352:37.01742.674s
 5th22Lui ARNOLD Bike Wanaka2:39.48362:38.21053.867s
 6th35James MACDERMID Descend Rotorua2:40.74372:38.62064.277s
 7th27Alex BARKE Queenstown Mountain Bike Club3:07.200162:39.33374.990s
 8th38Blake ROSS Descend Rotorua2:33.85312:41.20086.857s
 9th26Finn SULLIVAN Gravity Canterbury2:45.21392:42.98798.644s
 10th31Matthew EMPEY 2:51.437112:45.1801010.837s
 11th30Raj BLAIR 2:49.847102:45.2701110.927s
 12th39Campbell TELFER 2:53.150132:47.2471212.904s
 13th33James HARVEY Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club2:52.407122:50.0671315.724s
 14th34Tom JEWELL 2:56.583142:51.3601417.017s
 15th28Taylor TOPP Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club3:04.897152:52.9371518.594s
 16th32Harlen HANCOCK Mountain Biking OtagoDNS2:54.7171620.374s
 37Marcus ROSS Descend Rotorua2:37.4833DNF
 81Ethan BURNS Port Nicholson Poneke Cycling Club

Tandem men

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st65Jackson & Rose GREEN Gravity Canterbury3:19.79713:20.2801-

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st45Joel DANIELS Mountain Biking Otago2:48.77312:59.2631-
emoji_events2nd43Nathan GILBERT Mountain Biking Otago3:20.87323:15.927216.664s
emoji_events3rd44Michael BROWN (mas1) Mountain Biking Otago3:26.43033:52.233352.970s

40-49 men

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st52Bevan ADLAM Queenstown Mountain Bike Club2:46.85312:54.2301-

50+ men

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st61Dion EARNEST Auckland Downhill Club Inc3:15.13713:10.5601-



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st111Kathy MORRIS Queenstown Mountain Bike Club3:10.38313:07.4331-
emoji_events2nd101Shania RAWSON Descend Rotorua3:13.71323:10.52723.094s
emoji_events3rd103Ashley BOND Descend Rotorua3:39.88333:39.680332.247s
 102Virginia ARMSTRONG Auckland Downhill Club Inc

Sport women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st112Sam HOPE Mountain Biking Otago3:28.95013:28.9001-
emoji_events2nd122Shawnee WESTERMAN Gravity Canterbury4:01.20324:00.860231.960s
emoji_events3rd121Amy SMITH Bike Wanaka4:31.30734:25.180356.280s

U15 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st191Sacha EARNEST Auckland Downhill Club Inc3:09.56313:12.2171-

U17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st183Abby ROSS Mountain Biking North Otago3:31.93023:29.4871-
emoji_events2nd181Eti GRAHAM Rotorua Mountain Bike Club3:24.30015:32.93722:03.450

U19 women  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st105Jess BLEWITT Queenstown Mountain Bike Club3:11.48713:08.2931-
emoji_events2nd106Kalani MUIRHEAD Queenstown Mountain Bike Club3:24.71023:25.103216.810s
emoji_events3rd107Caitlin TITHERIDGE Mid Canterbury MTB Club3:34.81033:26.137317.844s
 4th108Maia JOWETT Queenstown Mountain Bike Club3:37.41043:40.563432.270s
 5th109Emma CUNNINGHAM Mountain Biking Otago4:02.10053:58.277549.984s
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