AirDH '20 at Rotorua

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

48 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st-Sam BLENKINSOP 100% / Norco2:17.991-
emoji_events2nd-Tomáš SLAVÍK Ghost / Red Bull2:18.7420.75s
emoji_events3rd-Matthew WALKER 100% / Pivot Factory Racing2:18.9730.98s
 4th-Adrien LORON 100% / iXS2:19.7541.76s
 5th-Bas VAN STEENBERGEN Fox / Hyper Bikes / Maxxis2:20.0052.01s
 6th-Kyle STRAIT Commencal / SRAM2:20.1462.15s
 7th-Mick HANNAH Polygon UR2:20.6272.63s
 8th-Joe BREEDEN Polygon UR2:21.4983.50s
 9th-George BRANNIGAN Propain Factory Racing2:21.6293.63s
 10th-Fabien COUSINIE Polygon UR2:21.76103.77s
 11th-Louis HAMILTON Commencal / Deity / ETHIKA / Maxxis / Stans / TLD2:22.17114.18s
 12th-Bernard KERR Pivot Factory Racing2:22.92124.93s
 13th-Philippe RICARD Devinci / Giro2:23.58135.59s
 14th-Lear MILLER Lear Miller Photo2:23.61145.62s
 15th-Austin WARREN Bell Helmets / Deity / Evil Bikes / Fast house / HT Components / Kenda / Maxima Racing Oil / Oakley / ODI / Onyx / PNG (Pinnacle Nutrition Group) / Push Suspension / Stans2:23.72155.73s
 16th-Eddie MASTERS 2:23.80165.81s
 17th-Sky DUNN-SARVIS DEM Pure Athletes / Gericks Nelson / hukkit2:24.18176.19s
 18th-Keegan WRIGHT Unior / Devinci Factory Racing2:24.65186.66s
 19th-Connor HAMILTON ClifBar / Wideopen distributors2:24.76196.77s
 20th-Daniel FRANKS 2:25.38207.39s
 21st-Dylan CRANE Knolly Bikes / ROTOR / Royal / Schwalbe / SR Suntour2:25.43217.44s
 22nd-Daniel WOLFE Polygon UR2:25.75227.76s
 23rd-Sam SHAW Ground Effect Cycle Clothing / Transition Bikes2:26.63238.64s
 24th-Luca COMETTI Canyon Bikes2:26.64248.65s
 25th-Billy MEACLEM Commencal / Etnies / iLabb / Marzocchi / Race Face / TLD bike2:26.84258.85s
 26th-Mike HADERER Mad Haderer racing2:26.96268.97s
 27th-Urban ROTNIK KOLESARSKI KLUB CRN TRN2:27.09279.10s
 28th-Thomas ZULA Airborne Bicycles / Coal headwear / Fly / Nirvana CBD / Onyx Racing Products / Stans / Vee Tire Co2:27.34289.35s
 29th-Barry NOBLES Fly racing. Maxxis tires. ODI grips2:28.072910.08s
 30th-Collin HUDSON Airborne Bicycles / Fly2:28.873010.88s
 31st-Duke MILLINGTON Bicycle Tech Bar / Boost Mobile / Dayzero bike / DHARCO Clothing / The space brace / YT Industries2:29.093111.10s
 32nd-Riley KING Steel City Cycles2:29.523211.53s
 33rd-Blake ROUNTREE Commencal New Zealand2:30.233312.24s
 34th-Michael WILLIAMS EKI / Vanda Surf / WRP2:30.403412.41s
 35th-Bojan MAGISTER 2:30.663512.67s
 36th-Cody WHITE Giant RockhamptonFlow Vision2:31.473613.48s
 37th-Samuel HARDMAN Banshee / Fasthouse / Missing link bikes / SRAM Australia2:31.643713.65s
 38th-Sam WALSH Canyon Bikes2:33.043815.05s
 39th-Baxter MAIWALD Canyon bike / etnies Australia / FIST HANDWEAR / krush Oz / Unit clothing / Yarra Valley Cycles2:33.803915.81s
 40th-Mike ROSS DMR / Etnies / Krush / Magura Brakes / Maxxis / Oakley / Ride Concepts / RockShox / Santa Cruz / SRAM2:34.924016.93s
 41st-Scott THORNHILL Bike Bros / Blackspire Components / Marin Bikes / POC2:36.944118.95s
 42nd-Ryan HOWARD 100% / Bell Helmets / Fasthouse / Ride or Die / SRAM / Trek2:39.414221.42s
 43rd-Brendan HOWEY Commencal / Dakine / Dissent Labs / Giro / Maxxis / Ryders eyewear / Sensus / Spank2:54.374336.38s
 44th-Justin ROY Dissent Labs / Race Face / Rocky Mountain Cycles / Ryder Eyewear3:06.164448.17s
 -Aaron HUTTON Giant Rockhampton
 -Louis REBOUL Bell Helmets / Chatel Bikepark / Michelin / Racer / Rockstar Energy / Scott
 -Kaos SEAGRAVE Canyon Collective FMD
 -Cody KELLEY Fox Racing Shox / Specialized

Adaptive men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st739Daniel MCCOY Rocksy MTB - Sixty Five Racing2:59.351-
emoji_events2nd738James LITTLEJOHN AdaptMTB3:21.08221.73s
emoji_events3rd740Ben WESTENBERG Tauranga MTB3:29.39330.04s
 4th737Liam KEENAN 440 mtb Park. / ADU industries / Motomuck / Smith nz3:38.90439.55s

Tandem men

1 competitor found

10-12 boys  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st745Malik BOATWRIGHT 2:49.901-
emoji_events2nd746Jonty WILLIAMSON 2:54.7024.80s
emoji_events3rd750Camden RUTHERFORD Kinney Kamp / Shredder Racks2:59.1039.20s
 4th744Luke WORSP 3:07.30417.40s
 5th749Sterling STEVENS-MCNAB 3:12.50522.60s
 6th747Nico COGAN 3:13.60623.70s

13-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

34 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st537Max BEALE 2:27.001-
emoji_events2nd501Ryan HASTINGS 2:37.46210.46s
emoji_events3rd522Wyatt STEVENS-MCNAB 2:40.00313.00s
 4th517Kyle SEABROOK 2:41.60414.60s
 5th504Bill AXON 2:43.10516.10s
 6th503Oli CLARK Coastal Sport Kaikoura2:44.33617.33s
 7th544Finn COGAN Shredder2:44.40717.40s
 7th536Kyle MISCHESKI 2:44.40717.40s
 9th534James TURNER 2:44.60917.60s
 10th527Tyler WAITE Shredder Racks2:44.901017.90s
 11th548Ferguson MCARTHUR 2:45.301118.30s
 12th535Asher HART 2:46.101219.10s
 13th502Rory MEEK Looseriders Meekboyz Continental Hilx Demon United2:46.851319.85s
 14th518William SAVAGE dads gem visa2:47.901420.90s
 15th510Robbie COCHRANE Mum and Dad2:48.501521.50s
 16th505Brook RUTHERFURD Kinney Kamp / Shredder Racks2:49.401622.40s
 17th521Harrison LEI 2:49.901722.90s
 18th533Lachie ROSS 2:50.301823.30s
 19th528Benjamin DE VALL de Vall Brothers2:51.101924.10s
 20th545Matti MCGREGOR Shredder Racks2:53.402026.40s
 21st523Tamaterai HERVE 2:58.002131.00s
 22nd541Brock NELSON Match Components2:58.102231.10s
 23rd539Sebastian FOX 2:59.302332.30s
 24th546Will BENNETT 3:00.802433.80s
 25th526Jacob HEALY 3:01.502534.50s
 26th515Kehau PENILLA Y PERELLA 3:02.102635.10s
 27th531Cayden MARSH 3:02.902735.90s
 28th547Kieran SLAVEN 3:03.502836.50s
 29th532Harrison MARTINS 3:05.802938.80s
 30th543Thomas STEEL 3:09.403042.40s
 31st542Elliot BEDFORD 3:13.103146.10s
 32nd538Fletcher MCARTHUR 3:14.803247.80s
 33rd540Cody BYCK 3:37.50331:10.50

15-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

38 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st403Cameron BECK IBIS New Zealand / NZO Ride Central / TLD2:27.821-
emoji_events2nd454Daniel BUTTERWORTH 100% / NZO Active / NZO Ride Central / TLD / Trek2:32.3824.56s
emoji_events3rd404Lachlan STEVENS-MCNAB Fox Racing NZ / Revolution Products / Transition Bikes NZ2:32.6034.78s
 4th407Taj POLLARD Santa Cruz Au / Singletrailracks / Stickybottle Manly / Wearelusty2:34.0746.25s
 5th402Toby MEEK Continental / Demon United / Hilx / Looseriders / MEEKBOYZ2:36.2858.46s
 6th463Jayden ELLIS 2:38.22610.40s
 7th456Sam SHORT #mumanddad2:40.17712.35s
 8th436Trey ROYAL 2:40.29812.47s
 9th471Arlo JOHNSTON Velo Ronny's Bicycle Store2:40.84913.02s
 10th472Ed KNIGHT Parents!2:42.191014.37s
 11th426Luke HANNA 2:42.391114.57s
 12th446Ben SPRING Cycletime2:42.931215.11s
 13th432Paul LE GOFF 2:42.941315.12s
 14th466Callum CARMICHAEL 2:43.361415.54s
 15th455Sam WATTERS 2:43.471515.65s
 16th408Ollie WHITESIDE 2:44.671616.85s
 17th418Ed SHEARER 2:45.361717.54s
 18th447Hamish MALCOLM 2:46.301818.48s
 19th470Jakob BIRD 2:47.111919.29s
 20th458Liam STANSHALL 2:48.702020.88s
 21st473Callum MOFFITT 2:49.852122.03s
 22nd468Hunter DULIGALL 2:53.672225.85s
 23rd464Cole MATTHEWS 2:53.962326.14s
 24th462Kobe ALLEN-RAVEN 2:56.092428.27s
 25th461Angus ROSS 2:57.112529.29s
 26th467Liam MUIR 2:57.812629.99s
 27th434Lucas BOM 2:59.132731.31s
 28th452Jasper BOM 3:02.272834.45s
 29th475Jack BENNETT 3:03.982936.16s
 30th460Connor POTTER 3:04.623036.80s
 31st474Theo KING 3:09.103141.28s
 32nd476Harley JONES 3:12.303244.48s
 33rd453David BOM Team Hukkit3:18.233350.41s
 457Karepa HEKE KAIAWHA Kaitemako M
 429Jack CATES
 465James BAYES
 469Max WILSON

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st208Ethan BLANCHARD 3 Sixty Sports / BRM / Marleen / Norco / Smith2:28.701-
emoji_events2nd220Jaden KAEMPFE 2:29.7921.09s
emoji_events3rd247Cam MCGUFFIE Tauranga Development Squad2:35.5236.82s
 4th222Dylan WALTON Tailwind NZ / Wide Open2:36.6447.94s
 5th212Cjay INGRAM ADU industries / and Bikeys gisborne / SPECIALIZED NZ2:36.9958.29s
 6th243Jyde MCGARVA 2:37.0768.37s
 7th210Marcus ROSS Alta Queenstown / Mondraker NZ / NZ Windows / Smith2:37.5678.86s
 8th234Riley DAY 2:39.11810.41s
 9th251Jack FORD 2:40.17911.47s
 10th248Jack EGGLESTON 2:40.351011.65s
 11th214Isaac DOELL 100% / Commencal NZ / Crownkiwi Enterprises / Troylee NZ / Tuned Rotorua2:41.981113.28s
 12th211Taylor TOPP ALTA / MONDRAKER2:42.341213.64s
 13th238Jack GIBBS 2:42.751314.05s
 14th240James HISCUTT 2:42.991414.29s
 15th237Alastair HUTCHINSON 2:43.521514.82s
 16th235Ned CRAWSHAW Crawshaw Architecture2:43.891615.19s
 17th239Joel TURNBULL 2:45.171716.47s
 18th216James DRUCE G-Form AUS / nz2:45.381816.68s
 19th215Josh BARRY Motomuck2:46.411917.71s
 20th250Martin MUNILLA 2:47.852019.15s
 21st226Reuben KEMP 2:48.542119.84s
 22nd242Leo ROBERTS 2:50.832222.13s
 23rd236Noah HUTCHISON 100% / G-Form / Motomuck2:50.892322.19s
 24th225Liam O'TOOLE 2:52.252423.55s
 25th252Callum HOLMES 2:52.912524.21s
 26th245Ryan DOBBIN 2:54.002625.30s
 27th249Oliver GATEHOUSE 2:55.342726.64s
 28th241Caleb FEEK 2:55.492826.79s
 29th244Timothy ORR 3:09.222940.52s
 209James HARVEY

19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st591Daniel WHITE 2:33.151-
emoji_events2nd567Scott TAYLOR Pviot 100 percent2:33.6520.50s
emoji_events3rd590Reuben BRON EVO Cycles2:35.5932.44s
 4th556Connor FIELD EVO Cycles2:36.4443.29s
 5th576Chris FALCONER 2:36.6453.49s
 6th551Brandon HIRST Cyclezone Rotorua2:37.1864.03s
 7th585Daniel COBB Fox Racing New Zealand / Rocky Mountain New Zealand / Suspension tech2:37.6574.50s
 8th565Josh HANNAH Hannah Roofing / Pull up2:37.7684.61s
 9th583Scott DONALDSON 2:40.2897.13s
 10th573Hayden STOCKMAN 2:41.53108.38s
 11th559Keiton MACDONALD Hukkitt2:42.24119.09s
 12th582Alexis SAINT GERMAIN 2:42.86129.71s
 13th566Cameron DODD 2:43.00139.85s
 14th569Liam KEATLEY 2:43.201410.05s
 15th580Terry HAYMES 2:43.861510.71s
 16th589Dylan BYRNE 2:45.341612.19s
 17th568Blake VINSON 2:45.701712.55s
 18th564Ross TAYLOR 2:46.721813.57s
 19th574Andy GIMSON 2:48.931915.78s
 20th572Andy COLE (sen) 2:49.312016.16s
 21st584Antoine WOOCK 2:49.752116.60s
 22nd575Todd SUTHERLAND 2:49.982216.83s
 23rd571Tyler FLEURY 2:50.872317.72s
 24th579Max EYRE 2:52.912419.76s
 25th570Paul FOLEY Loose with the Goose / MARTYS MOUNTAIN CYCLE2:58.902525.75s
 26th587Kannet LUGO 3:00.282627.13s
 27th578Pawel JANICKI 3:02.862729.71s
 28th588Jiayu HOU 3:04.252831.10s
 581Zhaolun MIAO ????
 577Taylor VERNALL Mum

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st641Rhys TELFORD 2:30.441-
emoji_events2nd646Ricardo MUNOZ 2:31.8121.37s
emoji_events3rd639Jono BOLTE Next Step RacingVee Tire Co / Pablo's Bike ShopPablo's2:36.9836.54s
 4th642Adam BAIRD Ghost Riders2:40.4349.99s
 5th654Greg POTTIER 2:40.57510.13s
 6th648Kurt RIECHELMANN 2:42.46612.02s
 7th631Gustavo TESTA WF Construction / Willy Park2:43.04712.60s
 8th649Winton MEXTED Central Bicycle Studio2:44.27813.83s
 9th637Morgan RIGBY Middlehill MTB2:44.64914.20s
 10th640Chris WILSON pace race wear. / Safe house security2:44.931014.49s
 11th656Sebastien Jacques DULUDE 2:45.031114.59s
 12th652Claudio ROJAS EVO Cycles2:45.241214.80s
 13th644Mathew WOODALL Absolute Black / Devinci NZ / Invisiframe / MSC Tyres / Mudhugger / Sixth Element Wheels / smith optics nz2:45.271314.83s
 14th651Norm GRAY 2:45.281414.84s
 15th657Tommy GUINNESS 2:48.611518.17s
 16th643Nathan COUZIN How Crisp Worldwide2:49.941619.50s
 17th645Marcus NOBLE 2:51.671721.23s
 18th658Nick TOPIC 2:54.541824.10s
 19th653Mitch SAUL 2:57.161926.72s
 20th650Shaun BRUNTON Elite Kitchen Installations / FCAM Bricklaying / Geelong Bicycles3:04.302033.86s
 21st647Xiao LIN Haitai Bicycle3:06.952136.51s
 22nd659Daniel BASCARA 3:07.652237.21s
 23rd655Scott THOMPSON 3:32.81231:02.37
 660Kas MAN

40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

28 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st714Jason WAITE Stredder racks nz2:31.781-
emoji_events2nd716Brendan CLARKE Transition alpinestars 100% maxxis shimano2:36.9425.16s
emoji_events3rd717Craig RUTHERFURD Shredder Racks2:37.8536.07s
 4th721Richard BODLE Impact plastering2:38.0346.25s
 5th715Matthew VERHAEGH 2:38.7656.98s
 6th727Tony MAGON 2:38.8367.05s
 7th731Dean RAVEN 2:40.9579.17s
 8th732Kane RILEY 2:44.58812.80s
 9th735Brad JOHNS Redstag Timber2:46.55914.77s
 10th706David SHARP 2:46.601014.82s
 11th718Aaron TOPP 2:48.211116.43s
 12th708Parabanne MENDOZA Fox Racing Philippines / Funn / ODI Philippines / Rudy Project Philippines / Scott Bikes Philippines2:48.311216.53s
 13th733Lloyd LIN 2:48.661316.88s
 14th729Murray LIN 2:50.691418.91s
 15th704Christian BURNISTON Welsh Brothers Racing2:51.751519.97s
 16th702Darren DOELL 2:52.101620.32s
 17th728Jonathan KING 2:53.401721.62s
 18th719Clinton STANSHALL 2:59.491827.71s
 19th726Blair MASON Sons Of Electricty MTB Club3:02.671930.89s
 20th724Ian GANDERTON 3:04.922033.14s
 21st730Andrew LYNCH 3:06.722134.94s
 22nd722Iain MCARTHUR 3:09.362237.58s
 23rd705Edd JAMES Team Hukkit3:12.172340.39s
 24th725Sean NORTH NORTH RACING3:32.87241:01.09
 25th707Matthew JOHNSON 100% / Intense3:52.45251:20.67
 720Rob WILLIS TrailworksNZ
 723Sean COX



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st104Jill KINTNER Norco / Red Bull / Shimano2:26.861-
emoji_events2nd135Anneke BEERTEN Specialized - DT Swiss - Alpinestars2:31.1224.26s
emoji_events3rd5000Vaea VERBEECK Deity / FiveTen / Industry Nine / Maxxis / Rocky Mountain Cycles / Shimano / TLD2:34.0037.14s
 4th108Kialani HINES Maxxis / Pivot / TLD2:35.1948.33s
 5th117Rae MORRISON Liv Racing2:37.56510.70s
 6th124Leanna CURTIS YETI cycles Australia2:37.58610.72s
 7th109Shania RAWSON giant nz2:38.11711.25s
 8th105Casey BROWN Bell Helmets / C3 project / Clif / Dakine / SRAM2:39.41812.55s
 9th122Micayla GATTO Abus / Diamondback / Oakley / Schwalbe / Skinnies2:40.19913.33s
 10th126Harriet BURBIDGE-SMITH KWT imports / Maxxis2:40.941014.08s
 11th106Georgia ASTLE Unior / Devinci Factory Racing2:41.011114.15s
 12th114Martha GILL Deity / Hope / Leatt / Marin Bikes / PNW Components / WTB2:42.721215.86s
 13th119Jordan SCOTT 6D Helmets / 7protection / Hyper MTB / Kenda / Le Bent Socks / Novatec wheels / Real Water / Royal / Snafu / SR Suntour / Zulz Bag Co2:46.061319.20s
 14th120Mathilde BERNARD Michelin / Scott2:46.981420.12s
 15th107Ainhoa IJURKO 2:47.831520.97s
 16th103Mille JOHNSET Continental Atherton2:48.211621.35s
 17th113Ellie SMITH Bicycle Tech Bar / Boost Mobile / Dayzero bike / DHARCO Clothing / Michelin Bike2:48.261721.40s
 18th111Danielle BEECROFT DHaRCO / Evil Bikes / Schwalbe / Shimano2:51.671824.81s
 19th125C.J. SELIG 2:52.951926.09s
 20th115Jessica MANCHESTER Abus / CAMELBAK / GT Bikes / Lezyne / PURE Sports Nutrition / Torpedo7 / Worralls2:53.692026.83s
 21st118Rachel STRAIT Deity / Ergon Bike / GT Bikes / Ht Pedals / Kenda Tires / Oakley / Ryno Power / Sombrio Cartel / SRAM / Stans / Yakima Racks2:53.882127.02s
 22nd112Ashley BOND Day Zero / TLD / Wide Open / YT2:55.452228.59s
 23rd123Lynette DEACON Absolute Black / Devinci NZ / Invisiframe / Leatt NZ / MSC Tires / Mudhugger / Sixth Element Wheels / Smith3:00.132333.27s
 24th121Brooke THOMPSON Fox / POC / Transition Bikes / Wide Open3:11.172444.31s

10-12 girls  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st743Cameron BRAGG DHARCO Clothing / Rocky Mountain Cycles3:19.301-
emoji_events2nd742Millie WAITE Shredder Racks3:22.0022.70s
emoji_events3rd741Addison RUTHERFURD Kinney Kamp / Shredder Racks3:22.2032.90s

13-14 girls  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st483Chadelle BASCARA 3:10.201-
emoji_events2nd482Kate HASTINGS 3:17.6027.40s
emoji_events3rd481Poppy CROUCHER 3:25.90315.70s

15-16 girls  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st491Jenna HASTINGS Pivot Cycles NZ2:37.701-
emoji_events2nd494Gracey HEMSTREET Coast Gravity Park / Commencal Canada / Joystick / Marzocchi / Ryders eyewear2:43.6025.90s
emoji_events3rd492Caitlin FLAVELL Crank Brothers / lady janes ice cream palor / my ride rotorua / ride concept / scottbikes nz / Spank2:45.8038.10s
 4th493Eti GRAHAM PivotNZ2:53.00415.30s
 5th495Lily BOUCHER C4 Norco Racing3:01.50523.80s
 6th497Mia CAMERON 3:08.30630.60s
 7th496Vanessa BRUNEAU 3:21.60743.90s

17-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st271Cassie VOYSEY Deity / EPTEC / Krush / M2O Industries / Maxxis / Mayvers / Pushys Online / RedBull AU / We the riders2:53.911-
emoji_events2nd276Zoë WOOD Diety Components / HT Components / Revgrips / Ride Concepts / Summit Race Team3:01.7427.83s
emoji_events3rd278Charlie LESTER-ROSSON 3:02.3138.40s
 4th277Lily WILSON 3:07.78413.87s

19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st611Robin GOOMES 2:41.101-
emoji_events2nd621Louise KELLY EVO Cycles2:44.4023.30s
emoji_events3rd616Lisa MASON Chromag / Coastal Culture / FiveTen / RockShox / SRAM / Tag Cycling2:50.7039.60s
 4th612Louise FERGUSON Radon - Funn mtb - Mons Royale2:51.60410.50s
 5th613Marlene SCHRADER 3:02.00520.90s
 6th615Deahne PEACH 3:02.40621.30s
 7th619Katie VOGL 3:06.10725.00s
 8th618Aimee MCGREGOR 3:10.00828.90s
 9th620Nikki CORBETT 3:13.00931.90s
 10th614Donna PICKARD Total Body Performance3:21.601040.50s
 11th617Natalie GANDERTON 3:33.401152.30s
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