Crankworx Innsbruck DH at Innsbruck

(Austrian DH National Champs '20)

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Since this was a championship event, which let non-championship riders take part, the top Championship-eligible riders are highlighted like this.

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

72 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st5David TRUMMERphoto Schöckl Trail Area / YT Mob / YT-Industries2:49.0811-
emoji_events2nd3Eddie MASTERSphoto Pivot Factory Racing2:50.73621.655s
emoji_events3rd6Charlie HARRISONphoto Trek Factory Racing2:50.95131.870s
 4th2Laurie GREENLAND MS Mondraker2:51.05841.977s
 5th7George BRANNIGANphoto Propain Factory Racing2:52.31853.237s
 6th10Adrien DAILLYphoto Lapierre Zipp Collective2:52.41663.335s
 7th24Andreas KOLBphoto Bikepark Leogang / Gamux Racing / Leatt / Maxxis2:52.59173.510s
 8th4Mick HANNAHphoto Polygon UR2:53.31784.236s
 9th17Joe BREEDENphoto Polygon UR2:53.48894.407s
 10th15Bernard KERRphoto Pivot Factory Racing2:53.919104.838s
 11th1Brook MACDONALDphoto MS Mondraker2:54.376115.295s
 12th11Gee ATHERTON Continental Atherton2:54.388125.307s
 13th18Jack READING One Vision Global Racing2:54.651135.570s
 14th20Mike JONES (elt)photo MS Mondraker2:55.063145.982s
 15th12Jacob DICKSONphoto Giant2:55.243156.162s
 16th25Theo ERLANGSENphoto Monster2:55.957166.876s
 17th22Harry MOLLOYphoto FS Racing2:56.110177.029s
 18th16Wyn MASTERSphoto GT Factory Racing2:56.410187.329s
 19th26Pedro BURNS CONTRERASphoto Trek Factory Racing2:57.233198.152s
 20th8Charles MURRAYphoto Pivot Factory Racing2:58.015208.934s
 21st21Lucas CRUZphoto Norco2:58.740219.659s
 22nd29Henry FITZGERALDphoto Norco3:01.0782211.997s
 23rd31Adrien LORON 100% / iXS3:01.3702312.289s
 24th58Kilian SCHNOELLERphoto Bike Republic Gravity Team / Scottsports_de_at3:01.3812412.300s
 25th32Jamie EDMONDSONphoto 3:02.0322512.951s
 26th41Felix BAUERphoto brunox / Commencal / CushCore / GoldFren / O'Neal3:02.0812613.000s
 27th37Nils HEINIGERphoto 3:03.6862714.605s
 28th90Manu WARNETphoto MTB-Solutions Enduro Team / RijwielPaleis Biltho3:03.9812814.900s
 29th60Stefan MAUSERphoto 3:04.3302915.249s
 30th38Gautier JUNGphoto Joliatcycles / JR TEAM / Specialized France3:04.6213015.540s
 31st95Hannes ALBERphoto Anyrace Suspension / Asc Tiroler Radler Bozen3:04.6603115.579s
 32nd23Kaos SEAGRAVEphoto Canyon Collective FMD3:04.7563215.675s
 33rd85Gilles FRANCKphoto GT Cannondale Belgium Enduro / Michelin / Sabma3:05.5473316.466s
 34th61Stefan GARLICKIphoto Ethirteen / FiveTen / GRIT-Curro / Leatt / Maxxis / Scott3:05.9823416.901s
 35th27Brady STONEphoto Theory Global Enduro Team3:06.4423517.361s
 36th28Iago GARAYphoto Santa Cruz x SRAM3:06.6813617.600s
 37th80Niko VELASCOphoto 3:07.2833718.202s
 38th64Christoph Felix SCHNETTLERphoto 2-Cycle / Bikeshop Freiburg3:07.4413818.360s
 39th89Jim MONROphoto 3:07.6253918.544s
 40th73Remus-Cristian BONTAphoto Kronstadt Cycling / Planetbike / Ramsmotorsport3:08.4014019.320s
 41st77Matthew LOMBARDIphoto Specialized South Africa3:09.2034120.122s
 42nd56Tobias WIMMERphoto ARBÖ Radsportteam Ried3:10.1034221.022s
 43rd45Valentin ROHRMOSERphoto Hotel \"die Barbara\" / Schladminger Hütte Planai3:10.4704321.389s
 44th84Manuel OBERKALMSTEINERphoto Asc Tiroler Radler Bozen3:11.9674422.886s
 45th66Reuben OLORENSHAWphoto MRC-Trading / RSG Olympiapark / Zerode3:12.0914523.010s
 46th87Alessandro GADOTTIphoto Commencal / e*thirteen / Trentino DH Racing3:12.6614623.580s
 47th14Charlie HATTONphoto Continental Atherton3:15.5264726.445s
 48th46Philip CUNNINGHAMphoto 3:15.9354826.854s
 49th48Paul MITTERHAUSERphoto Dirty trail friends / Nights / Steuerkonzept.at3:16.2284927.147s
 50th74Lucas ROHRMOSERphoto amplifi / Bayern DML Team (RC-72 Peiting)3:16.5115027.430s
 51st44Peter FORSTERphoto 2radruprecht / 2RR-RaceTeam / Hayes / Manitou3:17.1725128.091s
 52nd75Enzo BIRGYphoto Banshee / Loam distribution3:18.4725229.391s
 53rd79Marcus ENGELSTJERNEphoto ENGELSTJERNE3:18.7025329.621s
 54th94Oliver HAGGRENphoto 3:18.9225429.841s
 55th43Samuel LANTSCHNERphoto Schwalbe / Scott / RACING go to site3:19.8455530.764s
 56th62Ákos ISTVÁNDIphoto Romanian National Team / Santa Cruz3:20.9535631.872s
 57th71Steven FERREphoto Azonic / Greenwood Factory / O'Neal / Onza Tire3:21.8085732.727s
 58th42Marius NEUFFERphoto MikesBikes / Pivot / POC / Sick Series3:22.9445833.863s
 59th69Koen ZANDERSphoto MTB-solutions / Rijwielpalijs Bilthoven3:23.1665934.085s
 60th52Manuel LUTZphoto Alpinestars / Downhilllove / Radstudio Innsbruck3:24.7646035.683s
 61st70Alexandru-Ciprian MURESANphoto Grease Monkey Bikeworks / Vointa3:25.2956136.214s
 62nd54Leon SCHÖNDORFphoto Inns'anity Racing / Strong Sports / VELO LOVE INNSBRUCK3:25.3956236.314s
 63rd63Alexandru MITITEANphoto DHaRCO / Elevation / Kronstad Cycling3:25.6206336.539s
 64th51Dario LANTSCHNERphoto Schwalbe / Scott / RACING go to site3:26.9536437.872s
 65th68Amon LEMAphoto Deutsche Initiative Mountainbike e.V DIMP3:28.7586539.677s
 66th78Clemens FASCHINGphoto Friesis-Bikery Junior RT3:32.1546643.073s
 67th72Thomas GAẞLERphoto DH Team Tirol3:32.3256743.244s
 68th96Etienne CHALOINphoto 3:32.8156843.734s
 69th39Fabio WIBMER Continental / Crank Brothers / Red Bull / Specialized3:33.9506944.869s
 70th76Thibault GASSINphoto Bell Helmets / Giant / Giro / Ice Fast / Michelin / Smith3:37.7987048.717s
 71st83Giacomo BRESSANphoto 3 STARS A.S.D. - ALESSIBICI3:37.9277148.846s
 72nd53Jakob PEERphoto Alpin bike3:54.161721:05.080

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st202Matthew STERLING Giant3:00.2121-
emoji_events2nd207Dan SLACKphoto One Vision Global Racing3:00.68620.474s
emoji_events3rd204Luke WILLIAMSONphoto Propain Factory Racing3:04.58134.369s
 4th242Noah HOFMANNphoto_library Kona Factory3:08.11947.907s
 5th236Filippo ROSSIphoto team kona bike center cimone3:09.15458.942s
 6th205Christopher CUMMINGphoto FS Racing3:09.68369.471s
 7th201Luke MEIER-SMITHphoto Propain Factory Racing3:11.197710.985s
 8th206Jonas GOEWEILphoto Bike Republic Gravity Team / VELO LOVE INNSBRUCK3:11.649811.437s
 9th223Christof STULIKphoto Mad-Racing / Zweiradfreude3:13.761913.549s
 10th212Ethan CRAIK GT Factory Racing3:14.6221014.410s
 11th225Robert JOHANSONphoto_library HAWAII EXPRESS / My fitness / Oakley baltics3:14.8111114.599s
 12th210Gabriel WIBMERphoto DT Swiss / Magura / Raiffeisen Bank / Specialized3:15.6941215.482s
 13th220Kilian BUHLphoto ROCK RACE TEAM LEOGANG - Brandlhof - Nak3:15.7611315.549s
 14th235Maximilian OBERHOFER Fox factory DE / Rock Race Team Leogang3:16.6471416.435s
 15th213Nuno ZUZARTE REIS Extreme Racing Shox / Miranda Factory Team3:16.9361516.724s
 16th227Marco COMERIOphoto Team go to site3:18.1051617.893s
 17th228Davide TONOLOphoto 3 STARS A.S.D. - ALESSIBICI3:18.1391717.927s
 18th232Andrea SCALCON 3 STARS A.S.D. - ALESSIBICI3:19.0131818.801s
 19th229Rokas SVIDERSKISphoto Downhill Team LITHUANIA / Kenda / O'Neal / Scott3:19.7711919.559s
 20th237Nik HABERSCHEK RSP Bike Care / SPORTUNION HINTERBRüHL3:20.2372020.025s
 21st224Valentin SCHLEICHER Bikeaction / Fox Racing Shox / Santa Cruz / TRP3:22.0612121.849s
 22nd218Nico OFNER GB-Suspension / RADLAGER RACING DIVISION / Viris3:23.9422223.730s
 23rd241Lorenz RIEGERphoto 3:27.2112326.999s
 24th209Samuel FREUND Downhill Verein Tirol3:27.8342427.622s
 25th240Gino GALIZZIphoto 3:28.6962528.484s
 26th234Friderik Riki Jun VODANphoto Rock Race Team Leogang3:32.1622631.950s
 27th238Luca RUECKLINGER Lietz Sport Racing3:35.0202734.808s
 28th221Moritz SIGL HT / Kenda / Leogang Bikeclub / Velovita3:35.7352835.523s
 29th239Stefan REICHHALTER Asc Tiroler Radler Bozen3:39.9212939.709s
 30th222Paolo EGHENTERphoto Conad / Trentino DH Racing3:44.3043044.092s
 31st230Paul-Ioan SOMESAN Bistritz Bike Shop Racing Team / FoxRacing.ro3:44.7153144.503s
 32nd211Lucas WOLF Bayeride3:50.6253250.413s

30+ men  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st302Jelle HEMELSOEN Loose Riders3:12.5891-
emoji_events2nd312Mike HÖRNER Burgtec / DT Swiss / KORE / Maxxis / SRAM3:22.621210.032s
emoji_events3rd309Oliver KUNZ 3:25.255312.666s
 4th301Christoph REISERphoto_library Suspensionlab racing squad. Qloom Bikewear3:35.340422.751s
 5th304Rainer NARR Sport Narr3:36.188523.599s
 6th306Eugen NOMMENSEN Downhill Berlin e.V. / RatePAY3:39.202626.613s
 7th305Alberto ZAMPERETTI ASC-Tiroler Radler Bozen / Dolomiten / Golf & Co3:56.130743.541s
 8th311Thorsten SCHMITZ FahrRad Möhring / XXX Global Racing4:02.753850.164s
 9th307Roland NOICHL DH Verein Tirol - G.A.M.S. MTB-Team4:17.62091:05.031
 308Gerald FISCHER Bike Infection Kaprun / Kitsch & Bitter KaprunDNS
 310Nikolaus EDER Bikeclub Stattegg / FightVictory / FIST HANDWEARDNS
 300Benjamin HEROLD Giant Germany Offroad TeamDNS
 303Rusty MARTIN Misfits RacingDNS
 313Israel RECALDEphoto DNS



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st153Valentina HÖLLphoto Red Bull / SRAM / SRAM TLD racing3:12.1391-
emoji_events2nd150Tracey HANNAHphoto_library Polygon UR3:13.09020.951s
emoji_events3rd151Morgane CHARREphoto 100% / Pivot Factory Racing3:18.35036.211s
 4th152Eleonora FARINAphoto MS Mondraker3:19.99847.859s
 5th157Noga KOREMphoto_library Alpinestars / GT Factory Racing3:21.27159.132s
 6th155Ella CONOLLYphoto Cannondale3:22.646610.507s
 7th160Becky COOKphoto_library Scott Sports / Wight Mountain3:24.586712.447s
 8th158Caro GEHRIGphoto Norco Twins Racing3:26.616814.477s
 9th156Mille JOHNSETphoto_library Continental Atherton3:30.458918.319s
 10th172Angelika HOHENWARTERphoto Continental / Evoc / MALOJA / Propain / SRAM3:33.3101021.171s
 11th167Špela HORVATphoto Pivot / PROPHEUS / SD SUPERSNURF3:33.8551121.716s
 12th163Helene Valerie FRUHWIRTHphoto_library COCO Drink / Haibike Hero / Iriedaily / R.S.P.3:34.3761222.237s
 13th159Mathilde BERNARDphoto Michelin / Scott3:36.0921323.953s
 14th168Lisa GAVAphoto 3 STARS A.S.D. - ALESSIBICI3:36.4141424.275s
 15th166Elke RABEDERphoto_library Dirty trail friends / FiveTen / Pivot-Cycles / POC3:36.6451524.506s
 16th161Martha GILLphoto Hope / Marin Bikes / PNW Components / WTB3:36.6671624.528s
 17th154Anita GEHRIGphoto Norco Twins Racing3:36.9501724.811s
 18th177Marlena NEIẞLphoto Bikeclub Giant Stattegg3:39.0561826.917s
 19th164Sabine STEIXNERphoto Holz.Steixner / RC Wörgl3:39.4911927.352s
 20th176Alessia MISSIAGGIAphoto iXS / team zanolini bike3:44.1792032.040s
 21st175Lisa KREUZERphoto Cycles Devinci I Bikeshop / RC Kreuzer Racing3:44.7952132.656s
 22nd178Luana-Maria CHERECHESphoto 3:46.7102234.571s
 23rd171Roos OP DE BEECKphoto_library Fox Racing Shox / Hope / Waasland MTB Team3:50.5592338.420s

U19 women

1 competitor found

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