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Elite men  Finish spread

47 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Sponsors Race Diff
1st151Steve PEAT GT Bikes2:07.091-
2nd110James ALLAWAY Marin / Mercedes Benz2:11.9324.84s
3rd103Steve GEALL GIANT DH2:13.0735.98s
4th101Tim PONTING Playstation / TEAM ANIMAL2:13.3346.24s
5th112Scott BEAUMONT Team Kona2:13.7056.61s
6th104Ed MOSELEY Climb On Bikes / Continental2:13.7266.63s
7th109Rob WARNER 2:13.7776.68s
8th120Mark DAVIS GIANT DH2:14.3387.24s
9th106Matt FARMER TEAM RALEIGH2:15.6998.60s
10th129Jonny MATTHEWS Muddy Fox2:16.08108.99s
11th115Dave HEMMING Marin / Mercedes Benz2:16.39119.30s
12th121Tom EDWARDS SINTESI UK2:16.80129.71s
13th123Darren HOWARTH PROFLEX2:16.91139.82s
14th134Nigel PAGE Club Roost / Rotwild2:17.00149.91s
15th119Ian DANIEL K2 / PROFLEX2:17.05159.96s
16th132Glyn O'BRIEN Rotec Cycles2:17.06169.97s
17th142Chris SPENCER Scott Bikes2:17.281710.19s
18th118Pete CRUMP GT Bikes / Honda2:18.101811.01s
19th107Richard WARNER GIANT DH2:18.441911.35s
20th135Andy POPE X-Lite2:18.902011.81s
21st138Robin RUMBELOW DIRT DH MAGAZINE UK2:19.012111.92s
22nd102Christopher WHITFIELD Hope / Santa Cruz / STIF2:19.182212.09s
23rd127Will LONGDEN MBUK SPECIALIZED2:19.642312.55s
24th111Stefan GLEED Marin / Mercedes Benz2:19.712412.62s
25th143Nigel STONEBRIDGE Club Roost / Rotwild2:19.722512.63s
26th131Anthony OATES Sunn Factory2:19.872612.78s
27th149Mark WEAVER Intense / Mojo Suspension2:20.272713.18s
28th140Marcus SCOTT (elt) Sandy Wallace Cycles2:20.302813.21s
29th145Ollie THOMAS RST / Team Goldtec2:20.502913.41s
30th126John LAWLOR Scott / Team Cycle Super Store2:20.803013.71s
31st146Andrew TITLEY Sports Division2:20.853113.76s
32nd117Andy BOSTOCK Playstation / TEAM ANIMAL2:21.243214.15s
33rd144Richard THACKRAY PACE RACING2:22.013314.92s
34th137Adam ROBERTSON SINTESI2:22.833415.74s
35th130Andrew MILLS Gary Fisher / MADISON CYCLES2:24.143517.05s
36th141Matt SMITH (ret.) 2:24.353617.26s
37th139Tyronne RUMBELOW Attitude Cycles2:24.643717.55s
38th150Andy YOONG Guinness / WHEELER2:25.423818.33s
39th124Jason JESSOP Yeti2:25.493918.40s
40th128Dirk LOURENS 2:26.364019.27s
41st113Andrew PARKS MBUK SPECIALIZED2:28.304121.21s
42nd133David O'HARA Guinness / WHEELER2:31.244224.15s
43rd136Col RAVENSCROFT Northern Dirt2:39.064331.97s
44th105Paul PLUNKETT Rontec2:39.204432.11s
45th114Aidan BISHOP Club Roost / Rotwild2:56.934549.84s
46th116Alan BLOOD Faith Racing / Marwi3:01.734654.64s
47th108David ARMSTRONG ALEXA / KHS Bicycles Inc / Schwalbe3:24.74471:17.65

13-16 boys  Finish spread

47 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Sponsors Race Diff
1st723Sammy FURNESS 2:20.901-
2nd724Paul GARRETT Bike Scene Of Guisborough2:22.6921.79s
3rd705Alan BLYTH (mas) THE CLAN2:22.7731.87s
4th735Neil MCCALLUM Armstrong Bike Dock Club2:22.8541.95s
5th726Rob HENSON 2:24.1753.27s
6th732Lee KERMODE Leisure Lakes2:24.1963.29s
7th747Jamie TOMKINS MBUK SPECIALIZED2:24.5273.62s
8th717Jamie FAULKNER 2:25.3784.47s
9th746Stu THOMSON THE CLAN2:25.6294.72s
10th754Luke SMITH (ret.) Dirt Magazine / PORELLE DRYS2:25.75104.85s
11th741Simon ROBINSON 2:27.46116.56s
12th751Lewis WILLIAMS (ret.) 2:28.50127.60s
13th728Robin JACOB 2:29.54138.64s
14th729Kevin JAMES Children Of The Revolution2:31.701410.80s
15th716Mark ELLISON Manx Mountain Bike Club2:32.421511.52s
16th752Chaz WILSON King Cross Cycles2:32.541611.64s
17th740Edward PROSSER Pearce Cycles2:32.631711.73s
18th731Edward KENNEY-HERBERT 2:32.921812.02s
19th718Kenton FENWICK Primal Wear2:35.531914.63s
20th753Dominic YARD CANNONDALE J D T2:37.812016.91s
21st702Matthew BARMER Mid-Shropshire Wheelers2:37.992117.09s
22nd711Billy CHEETHAM John Atkins Cycles2:38.292217.39s
23rd715Andrew EDWARDS (ret.) 2:38.342317.44s
24th749Kristian WALKER 2:38.752417.85s
25th750Richard WHITE (ret.) X-Lite2:38.752417.85s
26th742Steve SAUNDERS Cycle Surgery / Philishave2:39.232618.33s
27th713Harvey DANIELS Bikezone / Taunton CRC2:40.542719.64s
28th707Norris BRADLEY 2:42.402821.50s
29th706Jody BOSTON Pearce Cycles2:42.412921.51s
30th739Ashley PALMER 2:43.513022.61s
31st736Garry MEAKINS C M DEAR CYCLES2:44.713123.81s
32nd745Anthony STORM 2:45.043224.14s
33rd719Steven FLETCHER Team Kona2:45.123324.22s
34th709Nick BURT 2:47.393426.49s
35th704Sam BLANCHARD 2:49.953529.05s
36th701Ben BANGBALA Ride-On2:50.253629.35s
37th748Toby VAN-HAY 2:53.273732.37s
38th720Martin FOX 2:55.513834.61s
39th733Max LINNEMAN 2:56.103935.20s
40th727Martin HILL Huddersfield RC2:59.164038.26s
41st743Alan SCHULKINS 2:59.274138.37s
42nd710Sebastian CARR 2:59.294238.39s
43rd714Gareth DAVIES (mas1) 3:02.754341.85s
44th744Andrew SMART Bikezone / Taunton CRC3:09.434448.53s
45th708Adam BROUGHTON 3:27.18451:06.28
46th703Daniel BERESFORD QAD Racing3:43.74461:22.84
47th721Daniel FRAMPTON 4:00.36471:39.46

17-18 boys  Finish spread

76 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Sponsors Race Diff
1st256Kris LEE Volvo-Cannondale2:15.871-
2nd216Elliot CAMPBELL Scott Bikes2:17.0221.15s
3rd264Alan PATEY Raleigh M-Trax2:20.2734.40s
4th240Chris GRIFFITHS (mas) Muddy Fox / SLIM WILLYS2:20.3744.50s
5th241Jonathan HARRISON Boneshakers Ripon2:20.3744.50s
6th246Gareth HOPKINS MUDOCK / San Miguel / Trek2:21.5665.69s
7th280Dave WARDELL MBUK SPECIALIZED2:22.0676.19s
8th230Thomas DONHOU Erma / Mtn Tamers / White Brothers2:22.2086.33s
9th220Robert COCKBAIN THE CLAN2:22.7396.86s
10th219Jonny CHEETHAM John Atkins Cycles2:22.92107.05s
11th287Matt CABLE Somerset Bike Centre2:23.17117.30s
12th206Richard BARLOW 2:23.60127.73s
13th215Gavin BUXTON Erma / Mtn Tamers / White Brothers2:23.62137.75s
14th248Russell HURST 2:24.06148.19s
15th290Allister BASSON On A Bike2:24.14158.27s
16th214Matthew BUTTERFILL KANGAROO2:24.71168.84s
17th270James RYDER Playstation / TEAM ANIMAL2:25.39179.52s
18th257Peter LINCOLN CYCLE FORCE2:25.44189.57s
19th278Ross TRICKER Erma / Mtn Tamers / White Brothers2:25.70199.83s
20th250Robert JARMAN* 2:27.122011.25s
21st233Alex DROMGOOLE PACE RACING / Wildside2:27.332111.46s
22nd229Luke DEWEY Dorset Rough Riders2:28.202212.33s
23rd205Steve BARKER VC Azzurri2:28.312312.44s
24th232Pete DREW Primal Wear2:28.392412.52s
25th228Jason DAVIES (mas) Primal Wear2:28.522512.65s
26th273Paul STICKNEY Reading All Terrain2:28.582612.71s
27th237Andrew FLETCHER (ret.) Cycle Centre / Sunn Co Factory2:28.842712.97s
28th231Neil DONOGHUE 2:29.222813.35s
29th204Steve ATKINS Trax / X-Lite2:29.322913.45s
30th265Simon PEARCE Sports Division2:30.283014.41s
31st286Greg WYLIE 2:30.783114.91s
32nd213Andrew BUTT Singletrack bikes2:30.923215.05s
33rd258Carl LITTLEWOOD 2:31.013315.14s
34th259Rob MARSHALL WOTTON MOTOR CENTRE2:31.033415.16s
35th266Neil PRENTICE ALEXA / KHS Bicycles Inc2:31.783515.91s
36th211Daniel BROWN (ebik) 2:32.483616.61s
37th249James HYETT Magura / WHITE BROS2:33.253717.38s
38th283Neil WHITE (end) 2:33.733817.86s
39th284Chris WHITEHOUSE 2:34.503918.63s
40th268John ROBSON (mas2) Denton Cycles2:34.503918.63s
41st289Neil HARRIS (spt) Wildside2:34.664118.79s
42nd235Henry ELSBY 2:35.094219.22s
43rd274Stephen TAYLOR 2:35.664319.79s
44th247Andrew HUNT ARC / CM CENTRE2:36.124420.25s
45th243Graham HILL Huddersfield RC2:36.774520.90s
46th254Rob JORDAN 2:36.944621.07s
47th222Dan CRITCHLOW 2:37.244721.37s
48th203Phill ARMITAGE 2:37.444821.57s
49th234Mark ELLISON 2:38.824922.95s
50th279Gareth VOLLER Climb On Bikes2:38.975023.10s
51st226James DALLEYWATER YATES2:39.345123.47s
52nd255Seb KEMP 2:39.345123.47s
53rd239Jimmy GOLDING Ride-On2:40.385324.51s
54th201Mike ALDERSON 2:40.575424.70s
55th285James WHITTICK NEWPORT (SALOP) CC2:41.255525.38s
56th245Gareth HOLTHAM Gwent Cycles / Newport Phoenix2:41.565625.69s
58th209Tom BOLAN 2:42.755826.88s
59th260Rupert MATTHEWS 2:43.565927.69s
60th223Angus CROMBIE 2:44.306028.43s
61st208Paul BATTERBEE 2:44.586128.71s
62nd276Jake THOMPSON (ret.) 2:44.976229.10s
63rd275Luke THOMAS (ret2) Gwent Cycles / Newport Phoenix2:47.436331.56s
64th212Ian BUSWELL 2:47.946432.07s
65th224Dale CROW 2:50.636534.76s
66th277Peter THOMSON (ret.) 2:51.066635.19s
67th282Adam WATSON (ret.) Keswick Bikes2:51.476735.60s
68th242Sam HENDERSON (ret.) 2:54.216838.34s
69th252Simon JOHNSON (ret2) 2:56.316940.44s
70th210Adam BOOTH 2:56.337040.46s
71st271Oliver SAUL CHEVIN TEAM2:56.607140.73s
72nd267Will PRIESTNER CHIPPENHAM TRAX2:58.967243.09s
73rd261Nickie MCGLYNN Ride-On2:59.187343.31s
74th251Mark JOBLING 3:00.787444.91s
75th236Craig FALCONER (ret.) UFO JUMP RACING3:10.827554.95s
76th218James CHARTERS Pearce Cycles3:15.267659.39s

19-29 men  Finish spread

212 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Sponsors Race Diff
1st445Crawford CARRICK-ANDERSON THE CLAN2:16.722-
2nd568Anthony REVELL Playstation / TEAM ANIMAL2:17.8031.08s
3rd525Lewis KING GIANT DH2:18.7141.99s
4th630Tim WILLIAMS (vet1) RST / Team Goldtec2:19.8053.08s
5th514Dylan JENKINS (vet) M & P Cycles2:19.8163.09s
6th550Alan MULDOON 2:20.1773.45s
7th621Mark WEIGHTMAN 2:20.4183.69s
8th537Andrew MCCOY 2:20.5793.85s
9th571David RICHARDSON STORM / Sunn2:20.64103.92s
10th410Richard GUPPY Mid-Shropshire Wheelers2:21.16114.44s
11th417Giles AUSTING Muddy Fox2:21.48124.76s
12th421Andy BARLOW THE CLAN2:21.67134.95s
13th517Sion JONES (vet) KG Bikes2:21.88145.16s
14th405Stuart HUGHES Climb On Bikes2:23.25156.53s
15th409James RICHARDS (vet) PACE RACING2:23.27166.55s
16th625Ian WHITE (ret1) Climb On Bikes2:23.36176.64s
17th403Peter ROBERTS (vet) Leisure Lakes2:23.54186.82s
18th414Richard ALLAWAY 2:23.67196.95s
19th527Peter LAWRIE K2 / PROFLEX2:23.85207.13s
20th590Toby SOUCHOTTE 2:23.88217.16s
21st468Russell DUNKLEY XTREME2:24.90228.18s
22nd440Tony BUFFIN KANGAROO2:25.01238.29s
23rd432Ritchie BOOCOCK 2:25.09248.37s
24th613Darren WAINWRIGHT Don Skene Cycles #Teamskene2:25.24258.52s
25th636Paul SLATER Cyclesport Midlands2:25.32268.60s
26th587Richard SIVITER 2:25.36278.64s
27th596Simon STONUARY 2:25.61288.89s
28th526Michael KIRKMAN Ride-On2:25.69298.97s
29th413Carl ALFORD 2:25.72309.00s
30th491Nick GREENSLADE Primal Wear2:26.15319.43s
31st487Chay GRANBY Mark Anthony Cycles2:26.32329.60s
32nd406Neil ARNOLD Hope2:26.54339.82s
33rd476David FAIRSERVICE 2:26.66349.94s
34th454James CRAIK KANGAROO / ODYSSEY2:26.67359.95s
35th583John RUSSELL (vet) 2:26.743610.02s
36th402Nigel SEE Marshalls Cycles2:26.803710.08s
37th433Kris LORD 2:26.823810.10s
38th588Jamie SMITH (mas1) Mountain High Cycles / RATZ2:26.913910.19s
39th608Alex TRIMNELL X-Lite UK2:27.004010.28s
40th586Craig SCOTT (vet1) THE BIKE BANK2:27.004010.28s
41st582Dean RUSSELL 2:27.114210.39s
42nd602David TAYLOR (ret.) Pedal Power Loughborough2:27.174310.45s
43rd493James GRIFFITHS (ret.) 2:27.194410.47s
44th592Matthew STEADMAN 2:27.264510.54s
45th629Kevin WILLIAMS 2:27.354610.63s
46th423Alexander BAYNE Cyclone Cycles2:27.604710.88s
47th459Ben DAVIES (vet1) K2 / PROFLEX2:27.724811.00s
48th408Chris INGLIS Sports Division2:27.904911.18s
49th631Marc WILSON (ret.) GT Bikes / Team Scream2:28.105011.38s
50th450Ian COLLINS (ret.) Team Primal Wear2:28.385111.66s
51st501Joe HEMMING Mountain Cycle UK2:28.435211.71s
52nd492James GREGORY (ret.) 2:28.555311.83s
53rd601Darren TAPP Yeti2:28.615411.89s
54th404Andy BARRON Azonic / CHEETAH / Hayes2:28.845512.12s
55th543Daniel MILNER Bike Park / Raleigh2:28.905612.18s
56th500John HELLIWELL Mark Anthony Cycles2:28.995712.27s
57th632Shaun WILSON 2:29.345812.62s
58th558Toby OWEN (mas) 2:29.585912.86s
59th485Mark GOLDSMITH 2:29.636012.91s
60th466Philip DIXON On A Bike2:29.636012.91s
61st441Craig BULLEN IDENT / X-TREME2:29.676212.95s
62nd451Steve COOMBS Bristol MTB Club2:29.706312.98s
63rd577Craig RODGERS CYCLE FORCE2:29.836413.11s
64th575James ROBERTS (mas1) Leisure Lakes2:30.116513.39s
65th623Rory WEST Cycle Surgery / Kona / Philishave2:30.166613.44s
66th533Carl MASEFIELD Climb On Bikes2:30.436713.71s
67th416Jamie ARMITAGE 2:30.436713.71s
68th598Neil STUBBINGTON 2:30.436713.71s
69th551Nigel MUNTZ Shred or Dead2:30.657013.93s
70th541Ross MCSTRAFICK 2:30.837114.11s
71st523Dave KENDALL 2:30.977214.25s
72nd484Richard GILBERT (vet1) Cycle Surgery / Kona / Philishave2:31.047314.32s
73rd457Baz D'ARCY CYCLE FORCE2:31.067414.34s
74th513Duncan JAMIESON 2:31.347514.62s
75th448William COGGER Michelin / Peugeot 4062:31.597614.87s
76th595Rob STOBART SINTESI U K2:31.687714.96s
77th559Gethin OWENS Muddy Fox / SLIM WILLYS2:32.037815.31s
78th565Bobby PROCTOR Mint Sauce2:32.097915.37s
79th412Simon ADAMS (vet) Mountain Trax / Sun Microsystems2:32.118015.39s
80th467Nev DUGGAN Neil Walton Cycles2:32.128115.40s
81st604Peter TAYLOR (ret.) Leisure Lakes2:32.158215.43s
82nd553Aras MUSTAFA Top Banana2:32.248315.52s
83rd510Philip HUGHES (ret.) CYCLES TOWNSEND2:32.288415.56s
84th626Jethro WHITFIELD Hope2:32.438515.71s
85th439Jim BUCHANAN Climb On Bikes2:32.618615.89s
86th469Wayne DYER A W GROUP RACING2:32.738716.01s
87th569Andrew REYNOLDS (ret.) Loughborough Students CC2:32.828816.10s
88th576Mark ROBERTSON (ret.) Ride-On2:32.848916.12s
89th495Tim HALES 2:32.869016.14s
90th620Carl WEIGHTMAN 2:32.919116.19s
91st418Jez AVERY GT HONDA TEAM2:33.129216.40s
92nd618James WAYLING Muddy Fox2:33.219316.49s
93rd539Alistair MCLEAN Primal Wear2:33.249416.52s
94th622Mark WESLEY 2:33.359516.63s
95th509Justin HUGHES 2:33.419616.69s
96th471Stuart EDGAR 2:33.459716.73s
97th573Dean RIGGALL 2:33.489816.76s
98th615Simon WARBROOK Team Supreme2:33.509916.78s
99th600Dave TAFT Bikezone / Taunton CRC2:33.6210016.90s
100th424Richard BEARD (vet) 2:33.6910116.97s
101st486Steve GOODE 2:33.7210217.00s
102nd535Paul MAY 2:34.2810317.56s
103rd672Ben COX Muddy Fox2:34.4210417.70s
104th635James BROWN (ret.) Dirt Magazine / PORELLE DRYS2:34.5210517.80s
105th531David LUMLEY 2:34.9010618.18s
106th496Robin HALL 2:35.1310718.41s
107th540James MCNALLY Ride-On2:35.1810818.46s
108th554Martin NEWMAN Haro Bikes / Marshalls Cycles2:35.2510918.53s
109th464Carl DENHAM PORTCHESTER CYCLES2:35.3011018.58s
110th437Alastair BROWN 2:35.3911118.67s
111st511Andy JACKSON (gvet) Rancid Dribble2:35.4811218.76s
112nd519Stephen JOWETT 2:35.4811218.76s
113rd426Joe BECKINGSALE (ret.) 2:35.6611418.94s
114th579Robert ROWE CORNWALL MBC / cycle logic2:35.7311519.01s
115th561Si PATON ACTION BIKES2:35.8111619.09s
116th637Luke BALDRY 2:36.0111719.29s
117th506Luke HOLLOM 2:36.3111819.59s
118th452Alex COVENTRY Intense / Mojo Suspension2:36.3211919.60s
119th456Martin CREASER Extreme Sports2:36.3412019.62s
120th488Cavin GREEN 2:36.3912119.67s
121st594James STEWART (vet) Team Chevin DHD2:36.4612219.74s
122nd652Martin OWEN Bikezone / Taunton CRC2:36.5212319.80s
123rd473Matthew EVANS (vet) Team Rancid Dribble2:36.6512419.93s
124th567Neil RANKIN 2:36.6512419.93s
125th477Martin FAIRSERVICE 2:36.6712619.95s
126th507Andy HOLME 2:36.7112719.99s
127th524David KENT 2:36.8112820.09s
128th431Paul BLIGHT Pedal On2:38.1012921.38s
129th497Simon HAMBLEY 2:38.1313021.41s
130th564Gavin PILKINGTON peter white ltd2:38.2813121.56s
131st449Chris COLE IMBA2:38.3113221.59s
132nd616James WARD (vet) TEAM CORIDORI2:38.4013321.68s
133rd465Mark DENNIS 2:38.6413421.92s
134th483Barry GELL 2:38.7013521.98s
135th619Jon WEBB Redhill CC2:38.7213622.00s
136th548Scott MORAN Muddy Fox / SLIM WILLYS2:39.2313722.51s
137th547Warren MOOR Cycle Surgeries2:39.2313722.51s
138th570Danny RICHARDS 2:39.3013922.58s
139th545Darren MOFFATT 2:39.5914022.87s
140th574David RIMMER 2:39.7514123.03s
141st420Kit BALAAM PACE RACING / Wildside2:39.8314223.11s
142nd562Anthony PENHALIGAN Westbury Cycles2:39.9814323.26s
143rd603Iain TAYLOR Rancid Dribble2:40.1014423.38s
144th589Paul SMITH (vet1) 2:40.1214523.40s
145th425Jonathan BECKETT S C U PRIVATE2:40.2614623.54s
146th584Aidan SAMPSON Evans RT2:40.6414723.92s
147th609Cy TURNER KPMG / NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY2:40.9314824.21s
148th480John FLOOD 2:40.9714924.25s
149th593Kevin STEVENS Yoppo Team Racing2:41.2015024.48s
150th455Jude CRAWSHAW Ride-On2:41.2515124.53s
151st557Ian OSBORNE Mint Sauce2:41.3115224.59s
152nd435Stuart BOWLER 2:41.4415324.72s
153rd624David WHILD 2:41.5415424.82s
154th563Darren PHILLIPS SPRINKER2:41.6415524.92s
155th463Neil DELAFIELD Mountain Trax / Sun Microsystems2:41.7215625.00s
156th606Mark TOMLINSON 2:42.5215725.80s
157th528James LEWINGTON 2:42.5515825.83s
158th512Mark JAGGARD K2 / PROFLEX2:42.9615926.24s
159th444David CARPENTER (vet) 2:43.0016026.28s
160th536Duncan MCCANN Team Chevin DHD2:43.2916126.57s
161st591Warren STAINER Ride-On2:43.7316227.01s
162nd503Jamie HIBBARD Yeti2:43.8416327.12s
163rd479John FIRTH KPMG / NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY2:44.5816427.86s
164th628Ben WILLIAMS (vet) Pearce Cycles2:44.5916527.87s
165th428Jamie BELLHAM 2:44.6116627.89s
166th490Westley GREEN PACE RACING / Wild Side2:44.7316728.01s
167th458Daniel DARWOOD 2:44.9916828.27s
168th522Jason KAY 2:45.1516928.43s
169th460Sam DAVIES (ret1) KPMG / NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY2:45.2217028.50s
170th572Simon RICKETT 2:45.7817129.06s
171st585Bernard SCHAALE 2:46.7517230.03s
172nd427Christopher BELL KPMG / NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY2:47.3417330.62s
173rd610Lewis TURNER PORC2:49.0517432.33s
174th520Jonathan JOWLETT 2:49.6617532.94s
175th614David WALLACE Weaver Valley CC2:49.7417633.02s
176th474Chris EYRE 2:51.4017734.68s
177th607Paul TOMLINSON 2:52.1217835.40s
178th556Dominic NICHOLLS 2:52.4717935.75s
179th478Justin FILER 2:53.4018036.68s
180th529Justin LEWIS 2:53.4618136.74s
181st498Lee HAMMETT Pedal On2:54.8118238.09s
182nd566Jamie RANDALL 2:55.3418338.62s
183rd542Simon MARSH 2:55.8918439.17s
184th443Adrian CAMPBELL 2:57.6618540.94s
185th504Jonathan HILLARY 2:57.9218641.20s
186th430Will BIERGFELT Clevedon & District RC2:58.1518741.43s
187th470Adrian EASON-BASSETT 2:58.6718841.95s
189th415Jon ALLEN 3:00.7619044.04s
190th411Colin ADAMS (sen) Mountain Trax / Sun Microsystems3:00.7719144.05s
191st549Stephen MORGAN (ret.) PINK FLUFF TEAM3:01.0219244.30s
192nd419James BAKER (vet) 3:01.4619344.74s
193rd461Michael DAVIS Mint Sauce Race & Flowers3:01.4619344.74s
194th560Glyn PARRY 3:01.5019544.78s
195th521Rob JUBB Momentum Salisbury3:02.9419646.22s
196th508Simon HOW 3:03.8219747.10s
197th633Neil WOOLDRIDGE 3:04.9219848.20s
198th534Mark MATTHEWS (ret.) 3:05.8219949.10s
199th482Alastair GAIN 3:06.1220049.40s
200th505Tony HILLMAN 3:06.7420150.02s
201st515Darren JONES (ret2) 3:07.2320250.51s
202nd612David WAGGOTT 3:12.2720355.55s
203rd555Barney NICHOLLS 3:14.2420457.52s
204th422Steve BARRY Mountain Trax / Sun Microsystems3:22.562051:05.84
205th442Peter BUTTERFILL 3:23.002061:06.28
206th581Chris RUSHFORTH 3:36.402071:19.68
207th453Laurie CHALK Yoppo Team Racing3:40.092081:23.37
208th544Rick MINSHULL SINTESI U K3:56.322091:39.60
209th407Mark WILLETT SRAM factory racing4:14.192101:57.47
210th599Fraser SUTCLIFFE 5:19.472113:02.75
211st434Adam BOWDEN Cycle Surgery / Kona / Philishave20:22.6721218:05.95
212nd401Mike HAWKINS DSQ1

30-39 men  Finish spread

77 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Sponsors Race Diff
1st329Woody HOLE Hope2:14.391-
2nd324Paul FRENCH Aberdeen Bike Bothy2:18.0923.70s
3rd343Steve KITCHEN 2:19.6235.23s
4th338Steven JONES (gvet) Don Skene Cycles #Teamskene2:20.5846.19s
5th369Martyn REELEY Mountain Cycle UK2:21.5557.16s
6th380Rich SIMPSON Mbr Superstar2:22.2267.83s
7th395Mick EXTANCE Faith / Marwi2:23.1178.72s
8th379Keith SIMPSON PACE RACING2:23.8589.46s
9th374Marc SADLER 2:23.9499.55s
10th341Andrew KENNINGLEY 2:24.391010.00s
11th392Keith WILSON (gvet) Heales / Marin2:24.891110.50s
12th340Nibs KELLETT 2:25.631211.24s
13th351Niall MALONEY 2:26.921312.53s
14th318Paul DENT Honda GT2:27.921413.53s
15th355Peter MILLMAN Singletrack bikes2:28.231513.84s
16th349Neal LITCHFIELD 2:28.441614.05s
17th356Ross MINTON Double A Cycles2:29.011714.62s
18th391Mike WESTHEAD Dorset Rough Riders2:29.281814.89s
19th331Paul HUDSON Haro Bikes2:31.351916.96s
20th348Andrew LITCHFIELD 2:31.412017.02s
21st304Keven BAINES Club Roost / Rotwild2:31.692117.30s
22nd371Craig ROBERTSON (gvet) Ride-On2:31.712217.32s
23rd398Aaron LAPPAGE 2:32.142317.75s
24th301Gary ALLEN (gvet) ELITE CYCLES ANDOVER2:32.202417.81s
25th361Paul NEWMAN (gvet) Bombs2:32.382517.99s
26th307Jon BISTER 2:32.412618.02s
27th396Jerry DYER Dirt Magazine / PORELLE DRYS2:32.462718.07s
28th322Andrew FLETCHER (gvet) 2:32.812818.42s
29th312Jason CARPENTER RST / Team Goldtec2:32.992918.60s
30th337Simon JONES (ret.) 2:33.053018.66s
31st316Mike CORKILL 2:33.693119.30s
32nd388Neil WATLING A1 ATTITUDE2:34.103219.71s
33rd397Adrian MORLEY 2:34.133319.74s
34th319Michael EDWARDS (2) 2:35.083420.69s
35th378Dean SIMPSON 2:35.243520.85s
36th385Philip TAYLOR 2:35.993621.60s
37th320Steve FELSTEAD 2:36.303721.91s
38th342Alistair KING 2:36.513822.12s
39th311Brian CAKE 2:36.623922.23s
40th310David BULLOCK KANGAROO2:36.834022.44s
41st373Tony ROWLEY Brian Rourke Cycles2:37.194122.80s
42nd306Andy BARWELL 2:37.354222.96s
43rd381Paul SODEN 2:37.934323.54s
44th313Mark CHAPMAN KANGAROO / ODYSSEY2:38.474424.08s
45th339Paul JUDD Royce UK2:39.004524.61s
46th354Roger MIDDLETON Extreme Sports2:39.824625.43s
47th362Stephen NIBLETT VC Norwich2:40.174725.78s
48th364Keith PEATE 2:41.234826.84s
49th308Dave BLYTH PACE RACING / Wildside2:41.614927.22s
50th315Terry CONTI Bad CC / BUILTH WELLS CYCLES2:42.015027.62s
51st372Alan ROBINS Bikezone / Muddy Fox / Taunton CRC2:42.315127.92s
52nd350Micky LYNCH 2:44.285229.89s
53rd357William MOSS Muddy Fox / SLIM WILLYS2:44.285229.89s
54th375Andrew SEARLE Top Banana2:46.185431.79s
55th302Tony ANDREWS 2:46.895532.50s
56th336Dennis HUTCHINSON 2:47.075632.68s
58th367Andy PORTER Bristol MTB Club2:49.415835.02s
59th376Adrian SHORT 2:49.615935.22s
60th328Ian HICKS 2:49.996035.60s
61st394Jerzy ZYLA BOOZE BROS / Brian Rourke Cycles2:50.436136.04s
62nd305Richard BALLANTINE RTR2:50.766236.37s
63rd383Eddie SPEARING DIG MAG / SNOWBOARD UK MAGAZINE2:52.616338.22s
64th390Mark WESTCOTT Yeovil Cycle Centre2:53.306438.91s
65th346Grahame LAYHE 2:54.556540.16s
66th370Nigel REES 2:58.066643.67s
67th363Rob O'KANE Royal Navy2:58.316743.92s
68th384Philip STANBURY 2:58.596844.20s
69th393Shaun WRIGLEY Team Chevin DHD2:59.496945.10s
70th358Peter MUIR chaos / Ride-On3:00.637046.24s
71st344Paul KNOTT 3:01.517147.12s
72nd303Ian ASHBEE 3:03.307248.91s
73rd309Eddie BROADBENT 3:05.777351.38s
74th347Simon LEAK 3:10.177455.78s
75th323Andrew FOOT SRB ENGINEERING3:41.37751:26.98
76th365Andy PHILLIPS (ret.) 4:18.76762:04.37
77th332Richard HUGHES (ret2) Bombs6:27.26774:12.87

40+ men  Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Sponsors Race Diff
1st654Colin CLOSE Denton Cycles2:24.001-
2nd667John WALKER (svt1) Chevin Cycles / Saracen2:28.4024.40s
3rd659Chris HODGKINSON ARC / CM CENTRE2:29.4635.46s
4th662Roger JOHNS Bicycle World / Sunn2:30.0046.00s
5th660Paul IDDON Club Roost / Rotwild2:30.3256.32s
6th665Pete TOMKINS MBUK SPECIALIZED2:35.30611.30s
7th669Dave WORLEDGE Team Arun2:36.13712.13s
8th661Paul JACOBS 2:37.00813.00s
9th670Kim HARDY 2:39.33915.33s
10th666Richard VICKERY Team Giant2:39.531015.53s
11th656Thomas FERGUSON IND MTB ASSOC2:45.271121.27s
12th658John GOODSIR Honda GT2:46.031222.03s
13th651Esteban ARRONA AB CYCLES2:47.911323.91s
14th663Rob KINSEY Hope2:49.751425.75s
15th655Michael DEWEY Jazzibabes / KWL2:50.161526.16s
16th671Steve SHAW 3:01.411637.41s
17th657David GILBERT (vet) 3:11.881747.88s
18th653Colin BERESFORD QAD Racing3:16.681852.68s



Elite women  Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Sponsors Race Diff
1st163Karen VAN MEERBEECK GIANT DH2:28.951-
2nd161Tracy MOSELEY Cannondale / VOLVO2:30.5921.64s
3rd178Tamsyn GREEN Team Giant DH2:35.2836.33s
4th165Emma GUY TEAM RALEIGH2:36.9247.97s
5th162Helen MORTIMER SINTESI / VERLICCHI2:37.5758.62s
6th173Helen GASKELL Hope2:38.8469.89s
7th164Anja REES-JONES Cannondale / VOLVO2:40.92711.97s
8th169Petra WILTSHIRE GIANT DH2:41.10812.15s
9th172Claire DOMONEY Sports Division2:41.13912.18s
10th166Karen HIRST 2:43.741014.79s
11th167Kerry BASON PACE RACING2:47.261118.31s
12th176Jane MCLAREN Raleigh M-Trax2:48.131219.18s
13th175Jane LEDGERWOOD 2:48.341319.39s
14th177Lea PENDLETON 2:51.051422.10s
15th193Kelli SALONE K2 / PROFLEX2:52.851523.90s
16th174Kim HURST 2:59.291630.34s
17th171Sarah COWIE MBUK SPECIALIZED2:59.451730.50s

13-18 girls  Finish spread

2 competitors found

19-29 women  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Sponsors Race Diff
1st192Rebecca OWEN 2:46.391-
2nd187Kate BURCHAM 2:55.9529.56s
3rd168Bex HOPKINS Muddock / Trak2:56.3239.93s
4th191Helen LEDGERWOOD 3:00.63414.24s
5th190Clare HELLIWELL 3:07.67521.28s
6th188Michelle COX Mountain Trax / Sun Microsystems3:15.91629.52s
7th186Kate ASPEY Dawes / GIRLS LOVE DIRT / MAN EATER3:26.89740.50s

30+ women  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Sponsors Race Diff
1st170Rachael SPEED Team Kona2:44.371-
2nd184Jayne MARSHALL GIANT DH2:51.1026.73s
3rd185Antoinette ROSS 3:47.7431:03.37
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