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2020 USA National DH Series round 4 at Snowshoe, WV

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Male: Pro  Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st3Nikolas NESTOROFF KHS Pro MTB3:45.61-
2nd15Neko MULALLY Intense Factory Racing3:46.120.5s
3rd7Cameron MADER THE BIKE LANE3:48.232.6s
4th4Steven WALTON KHS Pro MTB3:48.542.9s
5th19Dante SILVA Canyon USA3:48.853.2s
6th11Isak LEIVSSON Factor Components / Sakbike3:50.965.3s
7th10Zach GAREIS 3:58.3712.7s
8th16Damon SEDIVY FSA3:58.8813.2s
9th9Mason DE KEYREL Specialized3:58.9913.3s
10th2Titus NICHOLSON Defiant Racing3:59.61014.0s
11th24Ronnie VANCE Blue Ridge Gravity / Endeavor Cycles4:00.81115.2s
12th20Derek MAIDEN SEI Racing4:08.81223.2s
13th23Owen GIESE Ridgeline Bikes4:09.31323.7s
14th17Jake KAHN Danny's Cycles4:10.81425.2s
15th1Matt DRISCOLL 100% / Highland Mountain4:14.91529.3s
16th22Corey ZELL Camp 3 / Dirty Harry's Bike Shop / LIVE JAUNT4:15.91630.3s
17th21Oliver LEVICK 4:18.31732.7s

Male: Cat 1: 0-18  Finish spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st55Austin DOOLEY Commencal USA3:48.91-
2nd56Tyler ERVIN Commencal3:51.422.5s
3rd66Jack BOUND 3:55.136.2s
4th76Ryan PINKERTON Armasport / Crank Brothers / DVO Suspension / GT Bicycles / Maxxis / Mynesweepers / Oakley / TLD3:55.446.5s
5th51Andrew DRISCOLL Defiant Racing3:57.358.4s
6th85Brooks HUDSON Commencal USA Jr Cartel3:59.3610.4s
7th80Jack DICHIARA Crozet Bike Shop / Cush / Deity / MRP / Wolf Tooth4:00.0711.1s
8th84Colin MCELYEA 4:01.8812.9s
9th65Dean LINDSEY 4:03.5914.6s
10th82Keegan ROWLEY 100% / Bell Helmets / Commencal USA / Monster4:04.51015.6s
11th63Eric "Corey" JACKSON Camp 34:05.01116.1s
12th57Thomas LAWSON INCYCLE RACE TEAM4:07.21218.3s
13th52Logan TIGER Defiant Racing4:09.21320.3s
14th79Matthew SPONG Spong Racing4:10.51421.6s
15th77Colin MULALLY Camp 34:11.61522.7s
16th93Cristian SUAREZ PROBUILDS RACING4:13.21624.3s
17th53Cooper RODRIGUES 919mob4:13.91725.0s
18th90Devin RICKER 4:18.51829.6s
19th54Jack SHARPLES 9194:20.01931.1s
20th67Walter BLACKMAN 4:20.82031.9s
21st69Jonah FREEDMAN ALL MOUNTAI / Fly / Fox / Monster / Race Face4:23.82134.9s
22nd114Jackson WICKLUND Schwalbe Tires4:25.22236.3s
23rd117Owen KLIMER 4:25.52336.6s
24th159Bodie HEFLIN Commencal USA4:33.02444.1s
64Daniel MCMASTER 1Shot RacingDNS
62Kaden PANKOW Commencal USADNS

Male: Cat 1: 19-39  Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st86Cory RIMMER Gravity Academy4:05.81-
2nd113Jesse BORROR Maxxis4:12.726.9s
3rd99Jordan TUNKS Grom Racing4:15.139.3s
4th91Adam DURBIN Santa Cruz4:16.5410.7s
5th116Sean KELLY (dh) 100%4:19.1513.3s
6th71Micah VAN HORN 4:19.5613.7s
7th101Brad TUNKS Grom Racing4:19.7713.9s
8th97Matt HEMPEL Blue Ridge Gravity4:19.9814.1s
9th95Tom NIERI Camp Three / Renthal4:20.6914.8s
9th87Angelo WASH Comencal - Snowshoe Local4:20.6914.8s
11th104Zachary QUAST Renthal4:21.21115.4s
12th92Amani VIGIL 4:22.11216.3s
13th61Paul PANKOW Pankow Project racing4:24.31318.5s
14th119Lucas POUND Banshee / The Bicycle Company4:24.51418.7s
15th105Rivers WHITSON High Gear Racing / KLM Bike and Fitness4:25.11519.3s
16th100Andrew ISSEM Grom Racing4:28.11622.3s
17th111Zane BARD The Gravity Soul / Wulfpak Racing4:28.71722.9s
18th72Jason SWEET 4:30.21824.4s
19th112Joe ENGELHARDT 4:37.31931.5s
20th73Jason EATON 919mob4:56.02050.2s
21st88Tanner DEMARA Smith5:17.2211:11.4

Male: Cat 1: 40+  Finish spread

15 competitors found

Male: Cat 2/3: 0-14  Finish spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st167Guillermo TOVAR Monster Energy Cudro4:22.71-
2nd246Davis JONES 4:25.422.7s
3rd195Gavin TOMLINSON 4:25.733.0s
4th154Cash SHALEEN INCYCLE RACE TEAM4:30.647.9s
5th193Charlie NAPIER Beech Gravity4:33.8511.1s
6th221Louis PORTER High Gear Racing4:36.9614.2s
7th177Ethan CHRYST C3 Development Racing4:43.3720.6s
8th153Reed SHALEEN INCYCLE RACE TEAM4:43.5820.8s
9th157Chris LIEBIG Racers Edge -GT bikes4:44.6921.9s
10th160Ryan CHIEFFI Team Savage4:45.81023.1s
11th171Simon MILLER IdeRide4:46.31123.6s
12th240Collier KEE Kee Space Mapping4:48.91226.2s
13th158Walker ROBINSON Team Summit Colorado4:51.61328.9s
14th164Benjamin DECKER Rebound Adventure Cycles4:57.41434.7s
15th209Christian CARBONELL 5:07.61544.9s
16th214Preston ULIKOWSKI 5:15.11652.4s
17th225Harlan BLEIER Savage Racing5:19.41756.7s
18th230Carson MORGAN Racer Concepts5:21.81859.1s
19th242Garrett HENSLEY 5:23.6191:00.9
20th227Owen THARP Boost-It Racing5:29.7201:07.0
21st174Michael CAPONE III 5:33.0211:10.3
22nd194Carter ALLEN 5:33.2221:10.5
23rd241Andrew SHOWALTER 5:36.8231:14.1
24th239Miles KEE Kee Space Mapping5:53.7241:31.0
25th175Garrett HUMMEL Camp 35:54.4251:31.7
26th212Tristan MEYER 6:00.3261:37.6
204Johnathan SANDERS DNS

Male: Cat 2/3: 15-18  Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st162Logan DOWELL 4:09.11-
2nd235Anthony BOWMAN Deity / Trailflo Racing4:11.422.3s
3rd236Jack GILBERT CoalMTB4:13.934.8s
4th169Austin SAN SOUCI tsali cycles4:14.545.4s
5th237Tanner CASARES Trek4:16.056.9s
6th168Matt MITCHKO BikeFettish4:17.368.2s
7th208Gus GUARNIERI Armada4:23.6714.5s
8th217Jax DICKERSON 4:28.4819.3s
9th233Cody PITTMAN Camp34:28.5919.4s
10th192Ian DAVY Snowshoe Grom Racing4:32.51023.4s
11th187Hunter BELL Camp Three4:32.91123.8s
12th190Riley ARMBRUSTER GT Racers Edge4:33.41224.3s
13th206Sam TOOHEY 4:36.81327.7s
14th207Reid HUELSENBECK INCYCLE4:41.51432.4s
15th172Alex HEDDERICK Phenom Racing4:42.91533.8s
16th222Eli BELL Bell Racing4:43.01633.9s
17th191Riam MEY 4:47.21738.1s
18th219Jacob BOWMAN IGEF / Zip Tie Racing4:47.41838.3s
19th176Ajay PATEL Swearnet4:49.01939.9s
20th202Connor HARTLOVE GT Bicycles / Racer's Edge5:34.3201:25.2
21st189Khai METCALF Sans Reproche6:17.5212:08.4
22nd226Jake RAHENKAMP 6:19.5222:10.4

Male: Cat 2/3: 19-44  Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st155Kevin ELLSWORTH Dig Deep Racing4:17.51-
2nd213Zen CLEMENTS 4:19.722.2s
3rd231Chase CHERUBINI 4:21.934.4s
4th211Justin HUSHON 4:22.845.3s
5th185Henry SYMANSKI Sledgehammer4:25.457.9s
6th188Reece JAKSEC Trailflo Racing4:28.4610.9s
7th234Nathan SMITH (cat1) 4:29.3711.8s
8th245Ben BRYANT 4:35.8818.3s
9th229Trent MCKENZIE Half Ass Fab4:37.0919.5s
10th223Tyler HAYES 4:38.41020.9s
11th197Austin ZUSPAN Blue Ridge Gravity4:40.21122.7s
12th156Jimi SALTSMAN RacersEdge GT4:44.71227.2s
13th224Asa BLEIER Savage Racing4:44.91327.4s
14th180Ethan INGALLS 4:45.61428.1s
15th232Scott PRINGLE Grom Racing4:46.51529.0s
16th215Erik BELL Half Ass Fab Racing4:51.01633.5s
17th196Ben STAUFFER Blue Ridge Gravity4:52.81735.3s
18th203William ABSTON 4:56.61839.1s
19th163Josh SUHRE OPERATIV4:56.91939.4s
20th149Jason HARRIS TRIFECTA4:58.72041.2s
21st201Jackson LEHRTER 5:01.92144.4s
22nd178Jacob DEKAY 5:05.92248.4s
23rd173Drew BRENNER 5:11.52354.0s
24th148Derek FETKO On Your Left Cycles5:15.62458.1s
25th182Bailey GUNTER 5:22.5251:05.0
26th216Lane MAHER 7:19.3263:01.8
27th181David POWELL 12:00.9277:43.4
170Eric MILLER (40+) DNF
243Nigel GROCE-WRIGHT Blue Ridge GravityDNS
205Joseph SANDERS LYH AutomotiveDNS
238Tyler GINTER Reggies Bike ShopDNS

Male: Cat 2/3: 45+  Finish spread

5 competitors found



Female: Pro  Finish spread

6 competitors found

Female: Cat 1: 0-18  Finish spread

4 competitors found

Female: Cat 1: 19+

1 competitor found

Female: Cat 1: 40+

1 competitor found

° Rider racing out of category

Female: Cat 2/3: 0-18  Finish spread

8 competitors found

Female: Cat 2/3: 19-44  Finish spread

2 competitors found

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