2020 Trestle Gravity Series round 1 - Air Downhill at Winter Park, CO

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Gender Both

Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st104Kenneth GUSTAFSON 263:34.9811-
emoji_events2nd105Petr HANAK 443:36.04621.065s
emoji_events3rd114Jake INGRAM 233:41.22636.245s
 4th129Eric YOON 293:44.49249.511s
 5th110Brooks HUDSON 173:45.717510.736s
 6th101Michael ALLEN 283:56.974621.993s
 7th128Connor ROSS 194:24.930749.949s
 121Kyle POOLE 22

U11 boys  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5574Nico HUDSON 104:37.9691-
emoji_events2nd5331Finn CHAIYAVET 104:43.20725.238s
emoji_events3rd5599Cooper OEFLEIN 84:53.282315.313s
 4th5349Stephen DOMINGUEZ 104:54.610416.641s
 5th5573Quinton HOVERSTOCK 104:57.276519.307s
 6th5583Connor MCLAUGHLIN 105:00.156622.187s
 7th5586Charlie MILVERSTEDT 105:02.890724.921s
 8th5629Lucas SCHMIDT 76:27.92881:49.959
 5584Sheamus MCMENIMEN 7

11-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5321Alexander BLANAR 143:54.8991-
emoji_events2nd5580Levi LLOYD 124:03.99729.098s
emoji_events3rd5617Aiden RENZELMAN 144:05.299310.400s
 4th5618Rowan RENZELMAN 4:12.048417.149s
 5th5572Arthur HOVERSTOCK 134:12.151517.252s
 6th5320Ollie BERGER 144:12.963618.064s
 7th5319Chase BAXTER 144:19.329724.430s
 8th5658Cameron WHITE 134:24.795829.896s
 9th5587Sam MILVERSTEDT 124:24.798929.899s
 10th5628Sam SCHMIDT 114:26.0951031.196s
 11th5619Liam RICHARDSON 114:42.8001147.901s
 12th5590Chase MORRISON 114:48.2451253.346s
 13th5365Samuel ERLAND 134:53.5171358.618s
 5624Reed RUSSELL 11
 5635Zac SHEINBAUM 13

15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5560Lucas HARTMAN 173:42.6911-
emoji_events2nd5657Carson WHITE 173:42.89020.199s
emoji_events3rd5336Keegan COLE 163:44.01431.323s
 4th5623Aiden ROWELL 153:46.28343.592s
 5th5656Eric WEERS 173:50.33457.643s
 6th5653Aiden THWAITS 153:50.56567.874s
 7th5337David CONNERS 153:52.17679.485s
 8th5568Austin JOHNSTON 173:52.42789.736s
 9th5640Cooper SILVERSTEIN 163:53.557910.866s
 10th5600Ethan OSVOLD 173:54.0621011.371s
 11th5604Austin PEARSON 153:55.9961113.305s
 12th5334Bryce COLE 163:56.5801213.889s
 13th5631Connor SCOTT 153:56.8621314.171s
 14th5338Trevor COPPOCK 153:57.2821414.591s
 15th5322Michael BOCK 153:58.8591516.168s
 16th5485Dane GERRY 173:59.8101617.119s
 17th5634Zhandor SHANNON-FROLICH 154:01.6601718.969s
 18th5651Tyler TEAFORD 174:02.7421820.051s
 19th5636Zachary SHORT 164:04.3741921.683s
 20th5632Cameron SEALY 164:06.9482024.257s
 21st5317Ryder BAUMANN 154:07.7472125.056s
 22nd5654Ben TRADER 164:07.7582225.067s
 23rd5655Niko VINCENT 184:08.3342325.643s
 24th5616Ben RAPOSO 174:09.9322427.241s
 25th5323Aiden BURNS 164:10.4852527.794s
 26th5622Benjamin ROSENBERG 164:12.3272629.636s
 27th5575Tor HUDSON 144:16.2242733.533s
 28th5555Dawson GWALTNEY 184:20.6302837.939s
 29th5576Bodie JONES 184:22.0842939.393s
 30th5511Darius GONZALEZ 164:22.2743039.583s
 31st5577Grant KEENE 174:24.0353141.344s
 32nd5344Andrew DAY 174:33.6033250.912s

19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5579Andrew KURTCHI 233:47.8071-
emoji_events2nd5570Michael HAYNES 253:48.59120.784s
emoji_events3rd5330Josh CARTWRIGHT 253:50.03932.232s
 4th5630Zach SCHUETTER 273:51.80844.001s
 5th5642Joseph SOUKUP 243:52.02454.217s
 6th5608Travis POOLE 193:52.26864.461s
 7th5627Dane SCHLEY 193:52.80174.994s
 8th5641Chaice SODERSTROM 203:55.45887.651s
 9th5458Wes GENENDER 193:56.52198.714s
 10th5602Kenton PARRETT 244:01.1841013.377s
 11th5585Terry MILLER 294:04.8501117.043s
 12th5659Kai WILSON 254:05.4451217.638s
 13th5582Jordan MCADAMS 294:26.8881339.081s
 14th5621Zachary ROLLER 264:41.5771453.770s
 15th5578Ben KOTTCAMP 194:43.5531555.746s

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5341Tim CROWLEY (CO) 323:48.2421-
emoji_events2nd5601Billy PARKER 383:51.97923.737s
emoji_events3rd5607Luis PINO 363:54.33436.092s
 4th5342Brandon DAURELIO 333:56.05147.809s
 5th5661Garrett ZERBA 363:56.98658.744s
 6th5603Matthew PAYNE 333:57.52269.280s
 7th5606Ryan PIKE 393:59.218710.976s
 8th5563Shane HEINLE 344:12.187823.945s
 9th5512Francisco GUEVARA 314:17.009928.767s
 10th5620Jacob RICHARDSON 384:19.2541031.012s
 11th5431Matthew GARZA 314:20.1321131.890s

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5588Freddy MOONEY 403:45.5761-
emoji_events2nd5364Inness EISELE 413:55.32629.750s
emoji_events3rd5591Matt NICOTRA 404:04.389318.813s
 4th5345Eric DENNIS 424:13.761428.185s
 5th5650Jonathan TEAFORD 474:19.304533.728s
 6th5438Michael GARZA 484:39.518653.942s
 5626Nick SCHANDONEY 51

50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5605Tom PEARSON 513:53.0851-
emoji_events2nd5569Johnnie KAVANAUGH 503:53.69120.606s
emoji_events3rd5571Todd HOOD 503:58.65835.573s
 4th5609Adam PRICE (50+) 544:01.86648.781s
 5th5564Jamson HENDLER 514:13.269520.184s
 6th5643Todd SPACEK 514:16.368623.283s



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st145Leah VANDERLINDEN 233:58.7711-
emoji_events2nd144Janelle SOUKUP 154:03.82725.056s
emoji_events3rd142Nadia GONZALES 304:06.95738.186s
 4th143Lauren KINNEY 304:12.148413.377s

U11 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5581Robyn LLOYD 85:39.4071-

11-14 girls  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5335Ainslee COLE 144:27.8121-
emoji_events2nd5318Ava BAXTER 125:22.700254.888s
emoji_events3rd5589Isabella MOONEY 115:23.214355.402s

15-18 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5633Ashley SEGER 174:46.5381-

19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5652Sarah TEY 264:09.9331-
emoji_events2nd5660Kelsey WISINSKI 304:14.66124.728s
emoji_events3rd5309Laney ARREOLA-TUTTLE 194:17.58837.655s
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