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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st151George POGGEMEYER 186:10.6341-
emoji_events2nd133Will DOHERTY 206:21.735211.101s
emoji_events3rd132Jack DOHERTY 226:21.890311.256s
 4th141John VANDER DUSSEN 236:23.236412.602s
 5th147Dan ALBERT 286:25.538514.904s
 6th130Christian ATKINS 226:31.001620.367s
 7th114Jake INGRAM 236:33.649723.015s
 8th138Cameron ORY 246:38.166827.532s
 9th105Petr HANAK 446:38.777928.143s
 10th129Eric YOON 296:43.1961032.562s
 11th131Noah BAGALIO 246:52.6841142.050s
 12th110Brooks HUDSON 176:56.0841245.450s
 13th190Chris HIGGERSON 357:03.4651352.831s
 14th140Noah SEARS 377:11.162141:00.528
 15th137Ben ORTOWSKI 207:15.343151:04.709
 16th134Jared HARDY 197:16.786161:06.152
 17th139Gabe RIVERA 207:41.125171:30.491
 18th136Clint MOLL 309:39.595183:28.961

U11 boys  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5670Eli REDDING 109:56.1361-
emoji_events2nd5599Cooper OEFLEIN 811:07.59521:11.459
emoji_events3rd5574Nico HUDSON 1013:06.93333:10.797

11-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5321Alexander BLANAR 147:21.0051-
emoji_events2nd5645Dietrich SCHROEDER 147:54.439233.434s
emoji_events3rd5558Ben GOODMAN 148:06.901345.896s
 4th5351Sam CAVIN 138:15.996454.991s
 5th5598Ryan MULLEN (u18) 148:17.013556.008s
 6th5580Levi LLOYD 128:33.13061:12.125
 7th5617Aiden RENZELMAN 149:13.96071:52.955
 8th5592Ryker LEANEAGH 139:22.92582:01.920
 9th5320Ollie BERGER 149:24.44692:03.441
 10th5628Sam SCHMIDT 119:31.387102:10.382
 11th5319Chase BAXTER 1410:13.968112:52.963
 12th5666Austin CORNACCHIONE 1110:30.596123:09.591
 13th5618Rowan RENZELMAN 1410:46.735133:25.730
 14th5646Mitchell SCHROEDER 1212:11.272144:50.267
 5619Liam RICHARDSON 11
 5675Carter BAUMANN 12

15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5560Lucas HARTMAN 176:49.0961-
emoji_events2nd5657Carson WHITE 177:01.831212.735s
emoji_events3rd5336Keegan COLE 167:11.740322.644s
 4th5337David CONNERS 157:17.441428.345s
 5th5662Rhett VANDERDUSSEN 167:17.946528.850s
 6th5562Bodie HEFLIN 167:19.863630.767s
 7th5566Eric WEERS 177:35.751746.655s
 8th5613Toby HASSETT 177:44.324855.228s
 9th5623Aiden ROWELL 157:47.168958.072s
 10th5654Ben TRADER 167:49.836101:00.740
 11th5317Ryder BAUMANN 157:51.063111:01.967
 12th5568Austin JOHNSTON 178:01.184121:12.088
 13th5604Austin PEARSON 158:10.906131:21.810
 14th5615Mekhi PORTER 158:17.326141:28.230
 15th5634Zhandor SHANNON-FROLICH 158:18.142151:29.046
 16th5350Canyon CAPERTON 158:19.155161:30.059
 17th5651Tyler TEAFORD 178:21.136171:32.040
 18th5648Henry STONE 158:23.381181:34.285
 19th5322Michael BOCK 158:30.240191:41.144
 20th5334Bryce COLE 168:33.860201:44.764
 21st5600Ethan OSVOLD 178:35.532211:46.436
 22nd5640Cooper SILVERSTEIN 168:38.736221:49.640
 5338Trevor COPPOCK 15
 5559Lantz HARRINGTON 18
 5653Aiden THWAITS 15

19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5663John WEILER 196:46.4631-
emoji_events2nd5671Jesse WARNER (CO) 277:07.546221.083s
emoji_events3rd164Mason LORD 187:28.900342.437s
 4th5644Rob SAUNDERS (west) 268:22.79441:36.331
 5th5674Dane SCHLEY 198:25.52351:39.060
 6th5664Chad WITTFELDT 278:48.26462:01.801
 7th5556Brian FITZPATRICK 299:31.93872:45.475
 8th5596Cesar MEDINA 249:42.55482:56.091
 5608Travis POOLE 19
 5641Chaice SODERSTROM 20

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5565Tyler HUBER 357:20.7791-
emoji_events2nd5341Tim CROWLEY (CO) 327:48.452227.673s
emoji_events3rd5557Daniel GOODALE 307:58.229337.450s
 4th5567Nick JERKOVICH 347:58.562437.783s
 5th5563Shane HEINLE 347:59.754538.975s
 6th5611Mario ORELLANA 318:04.106643.327s
 7th5356Craig DAUGHERTY 388:16.322755.543s
 8th5606Ryan PIKE 398:56.26181:35.482
 9th5610Dustin OPHEIM 359:37.85692:17.077
 10th5625Edward REFVEM 3010:07.803102:47.024
 5325Daniel BACON 31
 5597Jonathan MOTTERN 35
 5612Derek ORTNER 38

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5327Paul BAUMANN 437:07.3541-
emoji_events2nd5364Inness EISELE 417:26.790219.436s
emoji_events3rd5329Chris BIANCO 468:09.74931:02.395
 4th5649Eric SUNDERLAND 438:11.89241:04.538
 5th5673Chris LEACH 449:15.67452:08.320
 6th5650Jonathan TEAFORD 4710:31.79163:24.437

50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5609Adam PRICE (50+) 547:48.8771-
emoji_events2nd5605Tom PEARSON 517:50.29621.419s
emoji_events3rd5561Bubba HAYES 538:07.700318.823s
 4th5647Chris SCHUMACHER 529:03.60141:14.724
 5th5668Claude FRANK 529:53.93852:05.061
 5564Jamson HENDLER 51
 5569Johnnie KAVANAUGH 50



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st143Lauren KINNEY 308:05.4801-
emoji_events2nd144Janelle SOUKUP 158:24.345218.865s
emoji_events3rd146Sparky MOIR 348:26.133320.653s
 4th5669Lindsay KARGE 319:16.12741:10.647

11-14 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5354Corinthia CRAWFORD 1410:37.9511-
 5335Ainslee COLE 14

15-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5593Maylei LEANEAGH 158:44.4591-
emoji_events2nd5667Kyra FRANK 179:43.822259.363s
emoji_events3rd5633Ashley SEGER 1711:13.34932:28.890

19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Age Race Diff
emoji_events1st5324Grace AIMAR 348:47.3031-
emoji_events2nd5309Laney ARREOLA-TUTTLE 198:49.73922.436s
emoji_events3rd5665Jennifer WOLFE 319:18.347331.044s
 4th5660Kelsey WISINSKI 309:35.838448.535s
 5th5594Jessy LLOYD 429:55.88651:08.583
 6th5652Sarah TEY 2610:23.25861:35.955
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