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Male: Pro  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st36Matt DRISCOLL HIGHLAND MTB PARK / Santa Cruz2:38.551-
2nd91Cameron MADER 2:39.3520.80s
3rd6Saben ROSSI Comp Edge2:44.1835.63s
4th32Owen GIESE Ridgeline Bicycles2:45.2646.71s
5th19Mauricio ESTRADA Danny's Cycles2:45.4856.93s
6th13Oliver LEVICK Cane Creek / Drummer Racing2:56.40617.85s
7th83Jake KAHN 2:58.56720.01s

Male: Amateur: 15-18  Finish spread

7 competitors found

Male: Amateur: 19-29  Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st1270Justin HUSHON 2:58.251-
2nd501David HARUCH 3:08.40210.15s
3rd503Sam GORDON 3:08.47310.22s
4th816Dan HOPMANS Chaingang Racing3:10.76412.51s
5th654Evan WHITE 3:12.96514.71s
6th556James VICHECK 3:15.01616.76s
7th657Brady KISER 3:19.41721.16s
8th1544Felipe LUPO 3:20.91822.66s
9th661Chris FAGER 3:21.15922.90s
10th632Ehren DOHERTY 3:31.341033.09s
11th528Logan BRUNTON 3:41.051142.80s
12th710Brady FAULKNER 3:48.891250.64s
13th618Brian LAPOINTE 3:57.511359.26s
14th619Elijah HICKEY 4:07.75141:09.50
15th557Jordyn GAMBLE 4:08.03151:09.78
16th686Darren SIEGMEISTER 4:09.65161:11.40
17th664David VENEZIA 4:29.78171:31.53
18th685Jude LAMPMAN 5:23.87182:25.62
19th551Adam BUDROW 6:54.35193:56.10

Male: Amateur: 30-39  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st769Matthew THOMPSON (cat1) Chaingang Racing / Fox / Norco / Schwalbe3:11.141-
2nd616Josh DAVEY 3:21.21210.07s
3rd678Trent MCKENZIE 3:23.52312.38s
4th1089Richard WATERMAN 3:23.86412.72s
5th665Erik ROMAN Gearwork3:32.57521.43s
6th670Clayton JELKE BUTTERYPRINTWEAR.COM3:35.52624.38s
7th494Scott SURDYKE Chaingang Racing4:02.79751.65s
8th484Nik ORLANDO 4:03.04851.90s

Male: Amateur: 40+  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st549Erik BELL Half Ass Fab Racing3:16.391-
2nd563Mark DECKER 3:18.3621.97s
3rd550Justin NORTON 3:27.68311.29s
4th667Fred HOFFMAN Get Loose / MSH Contracting3:33.82417.43s
5th656Kevin CLARKSTON 3:34.88518.49s
6th561Vince BELLAFIORE 3:35.29618.90s
7th1555Kenny SAUNDERS 3:40.42724.03s
8th1513Mike GARBACIK 3:45.27828.88s
9th554Steven SZADECZKY 4:22.7091:06.31
10th688Vernon BOCK 4:24.10101:07.71

Male: Expert: 15-18  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st334Andrew DRISCOLL Defiant Racing Monster Army2:42.691-
2nd1553Jack DICHIARA Crozet Bike Shop / Transition Bikes2:46.4823.79s
3rd301Jonah FREEDMAN Factory / Fly / Fox / Monster2:57.85315.16s
4th663Colin MULALLY 2:58.29415.60s
5th537Cooper PLEVA 3:02.24519.55s
6th411Logan TIGER Defiant Racing3:05.65622.96s
7th696Adam KEROUAC Fox / O'Neal / Renthal / Santa Cruz3:10.61727.92s
8th1199Sam KAHN 3:15.49832.80s

Male: Expert: 19-29  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st1543James MILLER (east1) 2:54.101-
2nd523Francisco RIOFRIO 3:18.80224.70s

Male: Expert: 30-39  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st668Mike HOFFARTH Get Loose / MSH Contracting3:10.751-
2nd335Mark MARRONGELLI Riot Racing3:12.5021.75s
3rd424Salvatore MARTELLI CAG's Cycles / Riot Racing3:13.5832.83s
4th892Scott JOHNSON (east) 3:15.5744.82s
5th530Felipe SOUSA Firmino's Events / Pro Tinting3:15.7855.03s
6th315Joshua MILLER Bobcats Racing3:22.64611.89s
7th337Nathan REED (east) Bobcats Racing3:26.88716.13s
8th340Jordan MILLER 3:27.02816.27s

Male: Expert: 40+  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st399Jason BECKLEY Probuilds Mobile Bike Shop3:01.731-
2nd546Michael HUMMEL 3:01.8220.09s
3rd504Taylor ANGLEBERGER Azonic / Leatt / Magura / O'Neal / ODI3:01.9130.18s
4th562Kevin LIEBIG Fox Racing Shox / GT Bicycles / Racers Edge3:04.5742.84s
5th555Mark SCHNEPEL Commencal Co-factory3:14.16512.43s
6th547Marcos LIRA Marmi Enterprises / Zero Gravity3:16.91615.18s
7th606Andrew MAREK Marek Tree & Land3:17.41715.68s
8th1093Steve KAHN 3:24.02822.29s
9th536Damian SANCHEZ 3:45.15943.42s
1230Eric MILLER (40+) DNF

Male: U15  Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st877Collin BOURQUE 100% / Leatt / SDR Clothing3:00.611-
2nd304Gabriel JOHNSON Alpine Bike Works / KMS3:04.1523.54s
3rd322Jamie HAMLIN Killington Mountain School3:05.3834.77s
4th448Nelphison DEALMEDIA III 3:07.3146.70s
5th943Ryder MOSLEY Cutters Bike Shop / Snake Mountain3:08.0357.42s
6th1546Colton HUBBARD Etnies / GT Coalition3:08.3967.78s
8th441Henry MIX Killington Mountain School3:14.69814.08s
9th1473Lucas DEDORA Fitzgeralds Bicycles / SDR Grom Squad3:20.37919.76s
10th321Simon MILLER 3:31.741031.13s
11th1284William SULAS 3:34.651134.04s
12th558Wolfgang WEIMERSHEIMER 3:41.901241.29s
13th756Owen THARP Boost-It Racing3:47.101346.49s
14th490Parker DOWNING Mom & Dad3:48.481447.87s
15th574Owen HESDON Boost-It Racing4:28.57151:27.96
16th689Charlie SENS 5:31.67162:31.06
17th492Liam ATTEBURY KMS5:57.52172:56.91

Male: 50+  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st1549Phillip DOWNELL 3:11.861-
2nd496Fred BASSETT Azonic / FFR / O'Neal / Spy3:15.6523.79s
3rd542Scott DIXON 3:25.50313.64s
4th746Brian BOETTCHER Oakbrook Brewing JB Bikes3:57.60445.74s
5th755Arthur THARP Boost-It Racing3:58.06546.20s



Female: Pro/Expert  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st3Mazie HAYDEN 3:05.941-
2nd123Riley MILLER 3:06.6620.72s
3rd17Kristin LENART Cutters Bike Shop / Deity / Industry3:07.7731.83s
4th92Sophie ALLEN 3:48.48442.54s

Female: Amateur  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st693Katlin PARENTEAU 3:36.091-
2nd535Sage WEISS Camp Three3:52.36216.27s
3rd564Lucy ATTEBURY 4:29.82353.73s
4th1017Gabriella BOCK 4:40.1241:04.03



Mixed: U12  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st485Chris LIEBIG GT Bicycles / Racers Edge3:14.871-
2nd493Benjamin DECKER Rebound Adventure Cycles3:29.63214.76s
3rd694Carson MORGAN Racer Concepts3:40.11325.24s
4th498Maximus DIDOMENICO Alpine Bike Works / KMS4:19.3241:04.45
5th489Victoria JOHNSON (u19) Alpine Bike Works / KMS4:47.9351:33.06
6th548Garrett HUMMEL Camp35:02.9061:48.03
7th497Sarah HAMLIN Killington Mountain School5:28.1772:13.30
8th559Ashlyn SULLIVAN 5:30.3882:15.51
9th660Tiger MUTTER 5:42.5392:27.66
10th683Brady MILLER 5:52.60102:37.73
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