2020 CLIF Crankworx Summer Series, Maxxis Kicking Horse Downhill at Kicking Horse, Golden, BC

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stJesse MELAMED 2:51.8401-
emoji_events2ndRhys VERNER 2:52.45020.610s
emoji_events3rdKirk MCDOWALL 2:52.59030.750s
 4thMckay VEZINA 2:53.52041.680s
 5thHenry FITZGERALD 2:54.04052.200s
 6thLucas CRUZ 2:54.39062.550s
 7thElliot JAMIESON 2:56.35074.510s
 8thSeth SHERLOCK 2:56.98085.140s
 9thRemi GAUVIN 2:58.05096.210s
 10thFinn ILES 3:02.7001010.860s
 11thBas VAN STEENBERGEN 3:08.9401117.100s
 12thFabien COUSINIE 3:17.8101225.970s
 13thMark WALLACE 3:18.4001326.560s



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stCasey BROWN 3:28.7131-
emoji_events2ndVaea VERBEECK 3:31.59122.878s
emoji_events3rdMiranda MILLER 3:40.604311.891s
 4thGeorgia ASTLE 3:44.623415.910s
 5thAndréane LANTHIER NADEAU 3:45.897517.184s
 6thAinhoa IJURKO 3:50.061621.348s
 7thLucy SCHICK 4:01.501732.788s
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