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Male: Pro  Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st19Mauricio ESTRADA 2:17.461-
2nd232Cameron MADER 2:18.3220.86s
3rd1Steve ESTABROOK 2:20.7333.27s
4th206George RYAN 2:21.7244.26s
5th6Saben ROSSI 2:22.8455.38s
6th1505Colby BENOIT 2:23.9366.47s
7th36Matt DRISCOLL 2:24.0576.59s
8th31Titus NICHOLSON 2:25.8988.43s
9th13Oliver LEVICK 2:25.9398.47s
10th83Jake KAHN 2:27.731010.27s
11th255Dan O'CONNOR 2:28.511111.05s
12th32Owen GIESE 2:31.341213.88s
13th233Miguel ALMEIDA 2:32.061314.60s
14th23Sean SURPRENANT 2:33.061415.60s
15th234Sam TAYLOR 2:37.601520.14s
16th231Dan BROWN 2:41.901624.44s
17th235Wade HIRSCHBUHL 3:05.421747.96s

Male: Amateur: 15-18  Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st488Matthew KRIMMEL 2:28.651-
2nd784Tucker SHEARER 2:29.8621.21s
3rd511Evan TIGHE 2:34.6636.01s
4th1069Sky REZNIK 2:38.76410.11s
5th744Owen FLUCKIGER 2:46.68518.03s
6th729Ethan WICKO 2:47.49618.84s
7th431Nathan MCNAMARA 2:50.82722.17s
8th368Evan PELLEY 2:52.96824.31s
9th392Jacob SMALLEY 2:53.52924.87s
10th383Andrew GOGOLIN 2:54.131025.48s
11th676Derek FANTANO 2:55.191126.54s
12th373Charles CONNERY 2:57.801229.15s
13th456Louis SCHUTTINGER 3:06.231337.58s
14th435Joey THOMAS 3:08.691440.04s
15th365Tony NICOLO 3:14.091545.44s
16th380Tucker SUTHERLAND 3:14.151645.50s
17th615Grayson STORER 3:15.651747.00s
18th587Carson BELISLE 3:19.761851.11s
19th674Logan BURDICK 3:29.27191:00.62

Male: Amateur: 19-29  Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1276Andrew BUCKLEY 2:28.581-
2nd1047Andy MCQUADE 2:29.0020.42s
3rd386Matthew DUCHARME 2:32.1633.58s
4th381Zach HUBENY 2:35.7947.21s
5th675Jayme LYNCH 2:37.2058.62s
6th1270Justin HUSHON 2:42.30613.72s
7th1544Felipe LUPO 2:42.31713.73s
8th779Kevin WHEAT 2:43.44814.86s
9th621Michael BRUNETTI 2:44.18915.60s
10th658Kevin DAHLBERG 2:44.731016.15s
11th816Dan HOPMANS 2:46.101117.52s
12th632Ehren DOHERTY 2:46.321217.74s
13th705Eli ZAMORE 2:46.471317.89s
14th394Jacob RAND 2:46.811418.23s
15th1503Levi BROWN 2:46.931518.35s
16th501David HARUCH 2:48.921620.34s
17th673Adam SCHENK 2:49.821721.24s
18th759Kory KING 2:50.041821.46s
19th358Connor BOUDREAU 2:56.421927.84s
20th618Brian LAPOINTE 2:56.442027.86s
21st348Lee INTHAVONGSA 2:59.342130.76s
22nd740Michal SULEJ 3:00.522231.94s
23rd702Ian MCNAMARA 3:00.662332.08s
24th642Jan SRUJTA 3:03.252434.67s
25th363Andrew TAYLOR (am) 3:04.102535.52s
26th701Jack RODRIGUEZ 3:11.532642.95s
27th619Elijah HICKEY 3:21.122752.54s
28th374Seth MERRITT 3:22.012853.43s
29th664David VENEZIA 3:24.062955.48s
30th384Brendan ST.HILAIRE 3:44.98301:16.40
421Nathan BENHAM DNF

Male: Amateur: 30-39  Finish spread

29 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st708Brooks NABLO 2:33.341-
2nd730Juan Pablo VAZQUEZ 2:35.3822.04s
3rd1502Brennan DELPHIA 2:35.8332.49s
4th706Bryce RENKIEWICZ 2:37.6944.35s
5th1003Michal MATEJOVIC 2:38.9255.58s
6th1089Richard WATERMAN 2:43.3169.97s
7th749Greg SMITH (u40) 2:46.49713.15s
8th359Lance LAFRENIERE 2:46.64813.30s
9th484Nik ORLANDO 2:49.61916.27s
10th650Daniel FORGIONE 2:51.571018.23s
11th362Andres GIRALDO 2:52.881119.54s
12th778James PHIFER 2:53.051219.71s
13th665Erik ROMAN 2:56.521323.18s
14th766Jared ARENDT 2:57.581424.24s
15th639Josh WANG 2:59.301525.96s
16th635Jason GONZALEZ 3:00.091626.75s
17th760Samuel PERALTA 3:00.141726.80s
18th379Jason SMITH (east) 3:00.531827.19s
19th643Nick SCHMITZ 3:02.301928.96s
20th366Jeffrey HAUN 3:02.572029.23s
21st478Nick SOKOL 3:04.432131.09s
22nd356Cory MEDLAR 3:13.822240.48s
23rd715Geoffrey GAUVIN 3:17.142343.80s
24th436Deivison Enéias GOMES 3:17.222443.88s
25th306Juan Carlos VAZQUEZ 3:23.842550.50s
26th314Marcelo GUZMAN 3:24.022650.68s
27th641John FISKE 3:26.052752.71s
28th697Bill BASKINGER 3:28.742855.40s
29th616Josh DAVEY 3:59.82291:26.48

Male: Amateur: 40+  Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st426Luke GEORGIAN 2:45.431-
2nd652Craig RILEY 2:46.3120.88s
3rd1222Tim FREDERICK 2:46.9031.47s
4th1555Kenny SAUNDERS 2:47.8342.40s
5th370Doug QUINN 2:49.6654.23s
6th378Alex LITTLE 2:53.4067.97s
7th758David ALARCON 3:00.45715.02s
8th709Richard MULHALL 3:03.38817.95s
9th1513Mike GARBACIK 3:08.53923.10s
10th387Krzysztof MIERNY 3:09.521024.09s
11th554Steven SZADECZKY 3:19.971134.54s
12th636James VENEZIA 3:31.011245.58s
13th765Joao VINCENT-OLIVEIRA 6:07.26133:21.83
14th752James FELTER 6:17.41143:31.98

Male: Expert: 15-18  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st506Michael MALDONADO 2:23.691-
2nd1553Jack DICHIARA 2:24.7721.08s
3rd334Andrew DRISCOLL 2:25.4331.74s
4th1548Cristian SUAREZ 2:29.0545.36s
5th411Logan TIGER 2:32.1358.44s
6th327Patrick KOZMANN 2:34.44610.75s
7th1181Tyler ZENONI 2:34.83711.14s
8th569Jamie ARQUIT 2:35.73812.04s
9th537Cooper PLEVA 2:36.63912.94s
10th1199Sam KAHN 2:44.621020.93s
698Riley BOSSI DNF

Male: Expert: 19-29  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st651Kaylen BALLANTYNE 2:27.891-
2nd1226Aidan WOLOSZYN 2:31.7323.84s
3rd434Marley REED 2:32.6234.73s
4th1543James MILLER (east1) 2:36.4248.53s
5th690Jared WOOD 2:41.65513.76s
6th523Francisco RIOFRIO 2:53.00625.11s

Male: Expert: 30-39  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st335Mark MARRONGELLI 2:30.591-
2nd668Mike HOFFARTH 2:34.8024.21s
3rd425Aaron PERRY 2:36.0135.42s
4th424Salvatore MARTELLI 2:36.0545.46s
5th1094Romeu ALCAIDE 2:40.1959.60s
6th315Joshua MILLER 2:40.97610.38s
7th530Felipe SOUSA 2:44.15713.56s
8th337Nathan REED (east) 2:48.70818.11s

Male: Expert: 40+  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st399Jason BECKLEY 2:31.521-
2nd606Andrew MAREK 2:33.7922.27s
3rd547Marcos LIRA 2:38.3336.81s
4th504Taylor ANGLEBERGER 2:39.0147.49s
5th1093Steve KAHN 2:40.0158.49s
6th420Eric CLARK 2:42.64611.12s
7th536Damian SANCHEZ 2:46.19714.67s
8th667Fred HOFFMAN 2:46.41814.89s

Male: U15  Finish spread

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st877Collin BOURQUE 2:30.701-
2nd566Noah TAUBE PERROTTA 2:36.0825.38s
3rd943Ryder MOSLEY 2:36.4035.70s
4th1197Jack ZENONI 2:41.23410.53s
5th304Gabriel JOHNSON 2:42.28511.58s
6th448Nelphison DEALMEDIA III 2:42.33611.63s
7th1473Lucas DEDORA 2:43.17712.47s
8th490Parker DOWNING 2:44.44813.74s
9th582Isaac GUTTERMAN 2:46.10915.40s
10th558Wolfgang WEIMERSHEIMER 2:46.531015.83s
11th622Luca CATALANO 2:49.461118.76s
12th437Jake DEPINO 2:50.341219.64s
13th764Sam LAWLESS 2:51.901321.20s
14th763Ben LEWIS (east) 2:52.821422.12s
15th439Luke BAYLISS 2:53.921523.22s
16th725Patrick KNORR 2:54.281623.58s
17th1546Colton HUBBARD 2:57.581726.88s
18th776Adam HOFFARTH 2:59.121828.42s
19th414Mathew VALERA 3:00.411929.71s
20th762Matthew FOJTIK 3:01.402030.70s
21st391Colin SQUIRE 3:01.612130.91s
22nd743Nathan LEENSVAART 3:03.042232.34s
23rd783Peter SHEARER 3:03.462332.76s
24th719Anthony PICARDI 3:04.602433.90s
25th408Cillian MOSS 3:12.012541.31s
26th492Liam ATTEBURY 3:14.142643.44s
27th748Kellen THOMPSON 3:17.742747.04s
28th691Max ZITO 3:18.312847.61s
29th438Luke DOOLEY 3:21.362950.66s
30th672Connor RUSSELL 3:25.453054.75s
31st772Jacob BEALS 3:26.473155.77s
32nd403Warren SANDERS 3:38.49321:07.79
33rd361Matheo GIRALDO 3:46.04331:15.34
34th407Felix GIESEN 4:05.42341:34.72
35th782Camren BLUNT 4:21.75351:51.05

Male: 50+  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st896Nelson MALDONADO 2:36.581-
2nd376Lawrence SEREDUCK 2:38.1121.53s
3rd1549Phillip DOWNELL 2:42.2735.69s
4th677Garrick YANOSKY 2:45.0248.44s
5th640Mike MIGLIORINI 2:46.5159.93s
6th371Fred BASSETT 2:48.00611.42s
7th607John PALLOTTO 2:57.15720.57s
8th746Brian BOETTCHER 2:57.90821.32s
9th1208Frank PETTY 3:00.07923.49s
10th918Kerry ROBAIR 3:06.221029.64s
11th754Hugh HAUN 3:46.33111:09.75



Female: Pro/Expert  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st17Kristin LENART 2:36.431-
2nd3Mazie HAYDEN 2:40.4223.99s
3rd105Jena GREASER 2:46.68310.25s
4th121Alisha DARIN 2:54.81418.38s
5th221Karlin MCKEITH 2:55.95519.52s
6th44Ivanna ESTRADA 3:03.44627.01s
7th92Sophie ALLEN 3:08.23731.80s

Female: Amateur  Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st398Chelsea CROOKE 2:57.281-
2nd535Sage WEISS 3:07.48210.20s
3rd693Katlin PARENTEAU 3:07.97310.69s
4th369Meg DARROW 3:21.53424.25s
5th529Ruth SPOONER 3:22.96525.68s
6th1501Lisa DUVAL 3:26.13628.85s
7th353Lucy ATTEBURY 3:26.95729.67s
8th375Scarlett PLANTE 3:32.87835.59s
9th332Kaitlin GENDREAU 3:37.33940.05s
10th385Fiona DOLAN 3:38.751041.47s
11th432Judith BOYD 4:03.98111:06.70
12th712Brigitte MORIN 4:04.73121:07.45
13th347Meredith BERTRAND 4:23.06131:25.78
14th406Alison TREAT 4:26.49141:29.21



Mixed: U12  Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1211Hudson NABLO 3:03.511-
2nd867Jonah TIBBALS 3:04.5821.07s
3rd786Nassim NIRSCHEL 3:10.0536.54s
4th1280Tristan HEALEY 3:12.4548.94s
5th785Dexter SHEARER 3:13.0659.55s
6th1463Jaxson SCHMITZ 3:14.27610.76s
7th498Maximus DIDOMENICO 3:17.89714.38s
8th694Carson MORGAN 3:19.68816.17s
9th428Riely GEORGIAN 3:22.67919.16s
10th497Sarah HAMLIN 3:23.611020.10s
11th1180Declan MACAULEY 3:27.771124.26s
12th430Nate MULHALL 3:33.351229.84s
13th646Gage GORALNIK 3:33.591330.08s
14th433Jake PANIWOZIK 3:35.191431.68s
15th489Victoria JOHNSON (u19) 3:36.371532.86s
16th624Kellen CASSIDY 3:41.881638.37s
17th653Cole SCHMITZ 3:45.201741.69s
18th453Kingston DUESING BRATKOVICS 3:47.131843.62s
19th427Reese GEORGIAN 3:55.131951.62s
20th367Cameron HAUN 4:42.23201:38.72
21st577Charles NABLO 4:52.34211:48.83
22nd753Orson FELTER 9:43.93226:40.42
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