2020 WA State Series round 3 at Poikies, WA

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Gender Both

Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1stJordan PROCHYRA 1:18.4411:18.291-
emoji_events2ndJaxon SAWYER 1:23.9231:20.4122.12s
emoji_events3rdHarry PEARCE 1:22.4821:21.4333.14s
 4thBenjamin HALSALL 1:27.2961:22.2243.93s
 5thJayde SLEEP 1:25.7141:23.5055.21s
 6thBobby COOPER 1:26.3051:23.5565.26s
 7thZak WILSHER 48:11.78111:24.0275.73s
 8thJackson DAKIN 1:27.3071:26.5788.28s
 9thLachlan WILKES 1:30.4181:29.38911.09s
 10thIsaac MARWICK 1:30.9891:30.621012.33s
 11thJoshua KAU 1:32.06101:30.871112.58s

Expert men

1 competitor found

PosName Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1stTim HARMAN 1:34.0911:32.551-

Sport men  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1stIan FARRELL 1:30.6121:30.701-
emoji_events2ndMichael GIBBON 1:32.9331:32.6821.98s
emoji_events3rdJoshua SALA TENNA 1:35.8251:33.5732.87s
 4thD'abrande NGOKA 1:36.0561:34.5543.85s
 5thRobert GIBBON 1:38.5771:34.5753.87s
 6thBradley DRUMMOND 1:35.0841:34.9364.23s
 7thGlenn COSTER 1:39.4281:38.1377.43s
 8thBoyd RAE 1:41.5791:38.2087.50s
 9thKaihlib TIPENE 1:42.23101:39.9699.26s
 10thHarry CREAGH 1:43.63111:40.13109.43s
 11thRyan LAMBERTI 2:01.82122:03.371132.67s
 12thKaiden GODDEN 1:30.1012:41.58121:10.88

U13 boys  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1stCooper DUNLOP 1:43.4411:42.871-
emoji_events2ndJake DRUMMOND 1:59.7121:56.94214.07s
emoji_events3rdJy DRUMMOND 2:16.0632:06.64323.77s
 4thFlynn DEVENPORT 2:16.4442:25.69442.82s

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1stDeclan POETT 1:34.0411:32.701-
emoji_events2ndJackson POETT 1:37.9621:37.5524.85s
emoji_events3rdCharlie THILL 1:42.4731:40.6937.99s
 4thMaison LOMBARDO 1:47.0951:42.4149.71s
 5thAshton SOBIK 1:45.5141:46.15513.45s
 6thLucas ROSS 2:08.3861:58.95626.25s
 7thElih WITHER 2:19.9972:22.86750.16s
 8thAaron MIDDLEWEEK 5:13.7385:02.1883:29.48

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1stGus KYME 1:19.1411:19.621-
emoji_events2ndHamish WILKES 1:23.4821:21.1021.48s
emoji_events3rdBrandyn TONKOVICH 1:28.8931:25.8736.25s
 4thRobert GLYNN 1:38.9441:34.23414.61s
 5thCaleb FINDLAY 1:45.1951:42.62523.00s
 6thBen SADLER 1:49.0861:46.87627.25s

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1stFlynn CATTERALL 1:27.4411:26.811-
emoji_events2ndBryce COMMINS 1:29.8721:28.4321.62s
emoji_events3rdSeth SANDERSON 1:33.6331:31.4534.64s
 4thFinlay CRANE 4:11.5451:37.29410.48s
 5thEthan WILLEY 1:46.2741:44.16517.35s

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1stTim NEVE 1:32.3611:31.381-
emoji_events2ndGregory ROSS 1:36.3321:36.5825.20s

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1stNathan DEVENPORT 1:29.6111:28.781-
emoji_events2ndGreg FOSTER 1:37.1231:34.9826.20s
emoji_events3rdBrent OWENS 1:35.9421:35.8937.11s



Open women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosName Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1stJessica WALDRON 2:04.6612:03.161-
emoji_events2ndHayley POETT 2:28.1622:32.54229.38s
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