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R&R is my entire income, and as you might have guessed, at the moment things are looking pretty bleak.

If you'd like to support R&R and help ensure that it'll still be around when this is all over, please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated!

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Open men  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Total time Diff
emoji_events1st21Frederik OLSEN TO Racing29.76s229.46s159.22s1-
emoji_events2nd13Sebastian Vemmelund NIELSEN 29.05s135.78s121:04.8325.61s
emoji_events3rd7Jesper STOREGAARD 33.45s333.11s31:06.5637.34s
 4th3Christian SKØTT 34.09s633.87s41:07.9648.74s
 5th4Emil HOLM 36.03s1132.79s21:08.8259.60s
 6th23Frederik GREVE Skovhuggeren34.12s734.97s71:09.0969.87s
 7th15Morten BÖTTGER CSS34.64s835.24s91:09.88710.66s
 8th2Micky MUNDT 35.36s934.67s61:10.03810.81s
 9th5Jeppe HOLM 35.36s935.12s81:10.48911.26s
 10th1Daniel Spanggaard KRISTENSEN Sporguide race team37.70s1235.67s111:13.371014.15s
 11th10Jeppe ANDERSEN DHBF38.74s1535.56s101:14.301115.08s
 12th17Niklas WILHELMSEN Team Airtech38.67s1437.64s141:16.311217.09s
 13th22Kim ANDERSEN ingen42.77s1836.02s131:18.791319.57s
 14th19Mathias FINDAL Team Airtech48.25s2034.19s51:22.441423.22s
 15th16Mikkel HOLLENSEN Team Airtech37.75s1347.33s151:25.081525.86s
 16th12Thomas Kreiberg AAMAND 33.45s355.46s181:28.911629.69s
 17th9Lars BAK 40.68s1751.38s161:32.061732.84s
 18th6Daniel THOMSEN 42.97s1951.84s171:34.811835.59s
 24Joakim HANSEN 33.94s5DNSDNF
 14Søren Küsch LARSEN 39.39s16DNSDNF
 18Nicolaj BIRCH Team AirtechDNSDNSDNS
 11Rasmus SKOVBO Sporguide race teamDNSDNSDNS

U18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Total time Diff
emoji_events1st56Sixten LIND 31.29s131.79s11:03.081-
emoji_events2nd60Magnus GRAU 31.55s231.85s21:03.4020.32s
emoji_events3rd65Marinus OVERGAARD 33.95s532.52s51:06.4733.39s
 4th54Frederik Juncher JØRGENSEN 34.18s632.50s41:06.6843.60s
 5th57Viktor GREFSTAD 33.48s434.18s71:07.6654.58s
 6th66Hjalte GRANHØJ 35.57s1132.13s31:07.7064.62s
 7th51Jakob Kold RASMUSSEN Sporguide race team34.96s1033.59s61:08.5575.47s
 8th61Tobias GRAU 34.31s734.49s81:08.8085.72s
 9th52Rune RAVNHOLT 32.95s336.47s101:09.4296.34s
 10th58Frej GUSTAVSSON 34.55s935.80s91:10.35107.27s
 11th68Christoffer VEMMELUND 34.53s836.93s121:11.46118.38s
 12th59Janick JØRGENSEN 35.58s1236.48s111:12.06128.98s
 13th55Magnus K. NØRGÅRD Sporguide race team41.33s1340.11s131:21.441318.36s
 14th62Valdemar IBSEN 42.70s1543.81s141:26.511423.43s
 64Sylvester GREGERSEN 42.23s14DNFDNF
 63Jonas STENDYS Sporguide race teamDNSDNSDNS

40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Total time Diff
emoji_events1st75Anders NORDTORP Skovhuggeren35.10s134.98s11:10.081-
emoji_events2nd72Bjarke RAVNHOLT 37.37s236.73s21:14.1024.02s
emoji_events3rd76Christian JUNCHER 40.35s338.11s31:18.4638.38s
 74Morten Jacobsen EEG SkovhuggerenDNSDNSDNS



Open women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Total time Diff
emoji_events1st85Lone ØHLENSCHLÆGER Scott Racing Danmark39.11s138.37s11:17.481-
emoji_events2nd82Ditte CLAUSEN 42.45s244.49s21:26.9429.46s
 81Dorte DOON Sporguide race team42.79s3DNSDNF
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