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Male: Full Pro/Open  Event progression Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosName Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total time Diff
1stCody KELLEY Nuun Hydration / Specialized3:57.311:57.414:57.1110:51.81-
2ndChance SIMS 4:01.722:03.445:20.0411:25.1233.3s
3rdMax SEDLAK Specialized / TLD4:03.332:02.935:22.1511:28.3336.5s
4thRob BROWN 4:05.052:06.575:18.4311:29.9438.1s
5thAustin HEMPERLEY Fezzari / PNW Components / Sagebrush cycles4:04.642:07.1105:24.2611:35.9544.1s
6thConnor HENDERSON (west) 100% / Deity4:07.262:05.865:25.1711:38.1646.3s
7thErik SZAYNA 4:11.7102:02.325:25.7911:39.7747.9s
8thJason TULLIS Fezzari / Maxxis / OrangeSeal / Shimano / Stan's4:13.8132:07.1105:27.51111:48.4856.6s
9thWilliam FARMER 4:16.9162:06.795:25.4811:49.0957.2s
10thBrayden STAFFORD 100% / CushCore / Maxxis / The BikeHub4:07.982:04.855:37.01611:49.71057.9s
11thDrew PALMER-LEGER Cannondale / Esi / Maxxis4:12.6112:06.685:31.41311:50.61158.8s
12thJeremy PETERSON Bikeworks Albuquerque / Maxxis / Specialized4:13.1122:08.0135:29.81211:50.91259.1s
13thScott JOHNSON (west) All Mountain Cyclery / Monster4:17.4172:08.2145:26.61011:52.2131:00.4
14thEric SMITH (west) 4:09.692:10.0175:33.11411:52.7141:00.9
15thCole FIENE 100% / 7idp / Fox / HT / NEZIUM / PNG / Santa Cruz4:15.1152:15.5215:34.11512:04.7151:12.9
16thChristopher FAULKNER 4:14.6142:10.3185:44.01812:08.9161:17.1
17thJordan NEWTH Specialized4:25.4202:07.7125:39.31712:12.4171:20.6
18thWoodrow DITSLER ROTATION RACING / VK BIKES4:19.9182:08.7155:46.41912:15.0181:23.2
19thJonah TEETSEL Leatt / Magura / Over The Edge Sports4:21.4192:10.3185:48.72112:20.4191:28.6
20thKaj WROBEL VK BIKES4:32.2222:08.7155:52.02212:32.9201:41.1
21stKaelan STRONES 4:38.2242:17.2225:46.62012:42.0211:50.2
22ndAllen HAINES Haines Racing4:28.8212:15.4205:58.62312:42.8221:51.0
23rdJohnny EASON Fuelteamrider / HsHiv / Intense / MalkSquad4:36.2232:18.3236:01.42412:55.9232:04.1
Jake KELLER Pyga USA4:07.77     5:17.12     DNF

Male: Full Cat 1: 15-18  Event progression Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosName Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total time Diff
1stJakob SNOW Crankbrothers / DHaRCO / Specialized3:54.912:02.735:14.4111:12.01-
2ndRyder COOK Alchemy Bicycles3:55.622:01.915:16.2211:13.721.7s
3rdWyatt ANDERSON Fasstco / Fezzari4:00.632:06.255:29.5411:36.3324.3s
4thTimothy OCHOA RaceKraft4:06.562:02.625:30.6611:39.7427.7s
5thJ.T. FISHER Fox / GGR / Transition Bikes / We Are One Composites / WyEast4:05.142:05.045:30.3511:40.4528.4s
6thLogan BONN Geiger Coaching / RideELDN4:05.452:12.385:28.4311:46.1634.1s
7thWyatt THOMPSON Fifteen7 / RaceKraft4:07.972:09.165:44.6812:01.6749.6s
8thRemi DROGI Geiger Coaching4:13.382:09.475:42.7712:05.4853.4s
9thTaylor DUNN Wy'East Academy4:22.792:12.596:01.5912:36.791:24.7
10thDylan MITIC Wy'East Academy4:24.5102:19.8106:32.71013:17.0102:05.0

Male: Full Cat 1: 19-39  Event progression Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosName Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total time Diff
1stClayton SAXTON Point and Chute racing3:55.412:06.025:28.3311:29.71-
2ndJacob JOHNSON (u40) Ridgeline Bike and Ski4:12.962:09.535:13.7111:36.126.4s
3rdAlex GILMOUR 4:05.332:11.865:29.2411:46.3316.6s
4thJason DODD JJ Bicycles4:13.472:10.855:26.3211:50.5420.8s
5thJared KOUBA 4:10.742:14.575:30.7511:55.9526.2s
6thRiley JONDLE 4:11.452:14.575:41.9612:07.8638.1s
7thJacob DOWNEY 4:16.282:10.745:42.1712:09.0739.3s
8thLandon VEGA 3:59.722:04.816:06.51012:11.0841.3s
9thRen DUTTON OTE4:18.092:18.495:42.1712:18.5948.8s
10thTroy COPLEY Holly Hammond4:21.6102:22.6115:56.5912:40.7101:11.0
11thAidan CHAPPELL 4:28.1112:19.6106:14.41113:02.1111:32.4

Male: Full Cat 1: 40+  Event progression Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosName Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total time Diff
1stLars UTT 4:12.432:13.125:25.2111:50.71-
2ndJerrad COOPER Flag Bike Rev4:08.912:14.535:38.5312:01.9211.2s
3rdChris JEAN MeParty Racing4:11.222:11.815:41.2512:04.2313.5s
4thJose VILLEGAS JJ Bikes4:16.342:22.265:33.6212:12.1421.4s
5thBenjamin LUDDY 4:17.262:15.745:42.6612:15.5524.8s
6thThorn BICKEL Deity / Hammer Nutrition / Salt4:16.752:19.155:40.4412:16.2625.5s
7thBraly JOY AMC / Remedy / Silver Sage Wellness4:26.472:23.975:59.9712:50.2759.5s
8thBobby BONDURANT TruckerCo Posse5:15.382:51.687:19.7815:26.683:35.9



Female: Full Pro/Open  Event progression Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosName Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total time Diff
1stAmy MORRISON FUJI4:08.312:09.715:51.4112:09.41-
2ndLia WESTERMANN Pivot / Stan's4:17.522:16.326:05.2212:39.0229.6s
3rdKaia JENSEN Liv Southwest Racing4:35.932:21.136:25.0313:22.031:12.6
4thAmanda PROPST 4:48.242:26.946:48.9414:04.041:54.6
5thDanica FIFE Fezzari5:04.552:39.757:07.6514:51.852:42.4

Female: Full Cat 1: 15-29

1 competitor found

Female: Full Cat 1: 30+

1 competitor found

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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