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Pro men  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st134Max MORGAN (pro) Burlington, VTSanta Cruz4:09.341-
2nd24Dylan CONTE Waterbury Center, VTAlchemist / GT Bikes / SMBA4:14.9225.58s
3rd11Steve ESTABROOK S. Burlington, VTDefiant Racing / Deity / Fox / GT Bikes4:16.2036.86s
4th10Matt DRISCOLL Bow, NHPROBUILDS RACING4:16.4647.12s
5th117Zach MEHURON 4:24.67515.33s
6th53Geoffrey ULMER 4:31.77622.43s
7th201Adam CRAIG 4:34.15724.81s
8th27Miguel ALMEIDA Marion, MAHighland mountain bike shop4:35.93826.59s
9th18Sean SURPRENANT Springfield, MACompetitive Edge4:45.35936.01s

Expert: 15-18 boys  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st877Collin BOURQUE Hamden, CTDefiant Racing4:25.311-
2nd1141Eli GADBOIS Bow, NH4:31.0625.75s
3rd889Anthony LOMBARDI Concord, NHCommencal USA4:34.2638.95s
4th511Evan TIGHE Cold Spring, NYKillington Mountain School4:34.3449.03s
5th1713Matthew PUCHNIAK Manchester, MAWoah Guy Factory Racing4:37.32512.01s
6th1923Daymien IDE 4:39.58614.27s
7th591Bode TRACY Newburyport, MA4:40.64715.33s
8th566Noah TAUBE PERROTTA Newton, MAPROBUILDS RACING4:52.11826.80s
9th1909Brody LAKER 5:17.11951.80s
10th307Marcus RICHARDSON Lander, WY5:28.83101:03.52

Expert: 19-29 men  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st538Cooper PLEVA 4:33.021-
2nd452Nicholas JOHNSON Hamilton, MA4:37.7424.72s
3rd568Justin HUSHON Derrick City, PA6D Helmets / Chaingang Racing4:38.7935.77s
4th655James MILLER (east) 4:48.94415.92s
5th867Shaun AYKROID Manchester, NHSyd Bryk5:01.44528.42s
6th471Steven RICKER Concord, NH5:07.42634.40s
7th372C.J. POLISKY Beverly, MA5:12.51739.49s
8th423Dustin GEIS Easton, PAThe Single Track Life5:17.37844.35s
9th816Dan HOPMANS Jay, VTChaingang Racing5:21.47948.45s
10th540Geoff SMITH Durham, NHChaingang Racing9:24.57104:51.55

Expert: 30-39 men  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st1927William ANDERSON (u30) Weare, NHReal Treez4:46.111-
2nd385Scott HUNTLEY 4:51.9125.80s
3rd503Ian SCAGLIONE Goshen, CT4:52.9936.88s
4th500Felipe SOUSA Newark, NJFirmino's Events / Pro Tinti4:53.8447.73s
5th969Chris CRISPIN Plymouth, MACCE DQ Bois4:54.6258.51s
6th425Aaron PERRY Dudley, MAChaingang Graphics unlimited4:55.9669.85s
7th401Salvatore MARTELLI Oceanport, NJCAG's Cycles4:59.34713.23s
8th892Scott JOHNSON (east) Oak Ridge, NJ5:03.24817.13s
9th363Nathan REED (east) Harrisville, NYBobcats Racing5:06.64920.53s
10th501Alex DA SILVA Peabody, MAadspainting / Leatt / Magura5:32.011045.90s

Expert: 40+ men  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st606Andrew MAREK Vineyard Haven, MA4:48.621-
2nd522Fred HOFFMAN 5:31.19242.57s
3rd495Renato DA SILVA Woburn, MACommencal USA / Maxxis / TLD5:40.22351.60s

U15 boys  Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st777Lucas DEDORA Huntington, NY100% / Leatt / Maxxis / Monster / MonsterArmy4:30.961-
2nd301Gabriel JOHNSON Mendon, VTKillington Mountain School4:32.9021.94s
3rd1286Matthew GAGNON Sterling, MACommon Roots Gre / Rev Race Team4:43.14312.18s
4th1895Lev DRANSFIELD Huntington, VT4:46.85415.89s
5th473Isaac GUTTERMAN Belmont, MA4:49.97519.01s
6th903Tristan MURPHY East Burke, VTIdeRide4:51.87620.91s
7th558Wolfgang WEIMERSHEIMER Hinesburg, VTCutters Bike Shop4:52.27721.31s
8th490Parker DOWNING Waitsfield, VTMom & Dad4:52.72821.76s
9th526Tristan GAUVIN Avon, CTCFM Cycles4:57.54926.58s
9th336Ian LOFBLAD Gilford, NHSDR Clothinig4:57.54926.58s
11th332Henry MIX Medfield, MAKillington Mountain School4:59.261128.30s
12th485Max ABRAMS 5:01.781230.82s
13th943Liam ATTEBURY 5:05.431334.47s
14th565Ian PREBBLE Hingham, MACush Core & Mutt Society5:11.971441.01s
15th378Jake SOWLES Colchester, VTDanny's Cycles5:15.361544.40s
16th1723Eli KINSLER North Chittenden, VTKillington Mountain School5:19.071648.11s
17th491Maximus DIDOMENICO West Rutland, VTKillington Mountain School5:23.131752.17s
18th868Evan HEYN 5:23.671852.71s
19th1214Sean MURPHY Sandwich, MA5:35.20191:04.24
20th1912Trase BOUDREAU Beverly, MAT. O. Supermoto5:39.24201:08.28
21st1941Aiden SAND Winchester, MA5:45.38211:14.42
22nd1602Chesley WILL Falmouth, ME6:08.86221:37.90
23rd1947Barlow MARSHALL Montville, ME6:40.67232:09.71
24th872Jonah NUNES Hull, MAMom and Dad6:59.71242:28.75

15-18 boys  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st1935Nate ANDERHOLM Westminster, MARev Race Team4:44.691-
2nd448Nelphison DEALMEIDA III 4:59.34214.65s
3rd622Luca CATALANO Hurley, NYTeam Overlook5:09.98325.29s
4th1945Emmet MARSHALL Montville, ME5:10.24425.55s
5th1907Reed KARNOPP North Conway, NHReed5:14.49529.80s
6th1903Henry CURRIER 5:51.3661:06.67
7th1946Quinn RIORDAN Camden, ME6:46.0272:01.33

19-29 men  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st1265Evan KOCSIS Ellecott City, MDDirt Rooster4:49.641-
2nd761Anthony LAPEDOTA North Adams, MA4:55.8526.21s
3rd797David HARUCH Media, PA5:01.44311.80s
4th362Dylan GOBEL Gansevoort, NYGoPro / Leatt / Rev Race Team5:02.51412.87s
5th604Michael HARRIS (east) Mahopac, NY5:03.88514.24s
6th1892Spenser KEARL Sandy, UTMFT Riders5:10.39620.75s
7th367Robert GOBEL Wilton, NY5:15.57725.93s
8th793Thomas KRAUS Pleasantville, NYRide9145:19.38829.74s
9th1934Ethan HUGGINS Ramsey, NJ5:22.90933.26s
10th1394Justin COWDREY Mansfield, MA5:26.561036.92s
11th618Brian LAPOINTE Gloucester, MADW Funk Racing5:43.221153.58s
12th1897Tom FODEN Freeport, ME5:43.241253.60s
13th710Brady FAULKNER Ludlow, VT6:10.07131:20.43
14th1940Joshua GRAY 6:20.02141:30.38
15th619Elijah HICKEY Rockport, MADWfunk racing6:38.79151:49.15

30-39 men  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st1729Michael IVANCHUK Brooklyn, NY4:49.101-
2nd1943Nate GREEN Portland, MEGreen On The Hill5:09.11220.01s
3rd394Heath FRANCOIS 5:11.78322.68s
4th356Ian MCNAUGHTON Voorheesville, NYBerkshire bike and / Get Loose5:13.81424.71s
5th1893Zachary ROBINSON Alma, COMFT5:23.50534.40s
6th1861Nicolas SOUTHERLAND Plymouth, MADQ boys5:36.17647.07s
7th1918Chad KILMARTIN 5:40.60751.50s
8th657Jader SANDY 5:41.33852.23s
9th578Roland BRADSHAW South Hamilton, MA5:49.9391:00.83
10th1930Eryk GRASSIE Sagamore, MAdq bois5:52.77101:03.67
11th9990Nik ORLANDO 6:23.43111:34.33
12th1204Aaron SVEDLOW Falmouth, MEBeckys Din / North Light Energy7:34.32122:45.22
13th1896Colin WAGNER South Portland, ME11:38.98136:49.88

40+ men  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st1616Tim SIMONEAU 4:44.301-
2nd1712Ramerom KOBLINGER Livingston, NJO'Neal / Zero Gravity4:58.36214.06s
3rd772Mike GARBACIK Tresckow, PADNA Bikes / Gearwork5:26.41342.11s
4th1716Matti ROUSKU Clinton, MA5:29.81445.51s
5th1901James DOLAN Scarborough, ME5:37.05552.75s
6th1944Seth WESCOTT Carrabassett, ME6:35.9461:51.64
7th1942Luke SAND Winchester, MA7:14.3872:30.08

50+ men  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st1900Fred BASSETT Brewster, MAAzonic / O'Neal / Spy4:58.141-
2nd1915Michael POLITO 6:52.6821:54.54



Pro/Expert women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st23Kale CUSHMAN Old Town, MESlipping Gears Cycling5:14.511-
2nd121Julie BAIRD 5:50.86236.35s
3rd71Clair SICK 5:59.27344.76s
4th195Katlin PARENTEAU Jay, VTChaingang Racing6:01.53447.02s

Amateur women  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st479Sarah HAMLIN Mendon, VTKillington Mountain School5:45.371-
2nd321Victoria JOHNSON (u14) Mendon, VTKillington Mountain School5:46.1120.74s
3rd584Fiona DOLAN Scarborough, ME6:46.5231:01.15
4th376Stephanie SOWLES Colchester, VTDanny's Cycles6:51.7841:06.41
5th1366Ariel KENT Killington, VTRev Race Team7:20.0351:34.66
6th644Brittany COLBY Mansfield, MA8:03.8062:18.43



KATE'S U12 mixed  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st1362Jacob MANNING Killington, VT5:33.711-
2nd530Travis GAUVIN Avon, CTCFM Cycles5:36.6722.96s
3rd884Carson MORGAN Gouldsboro, PAMutt Societ / PROBUILDS RACING5:43.71310.00s
4th1109Liam ZEBROWSKI Westmore, VTIdeRide6:01.26427.55s
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