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East Coast Junior DS Championships at Blue Mountain, PA

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Male: 11-13

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Final Seed
1st1055Chris LIEBIG 1st-A24.75s2
2nd1154Holden TRAHAN 2nd-A22.84s1
3rd1016Aiden CARDER 1/226.41s3
4th1035Tristan HEALEY 1/228.41s6
5th1017Brendan GILRANE 1/427.94s5
6th1032Jaxson SCHMITZ 1/428.86s7
7th1027Becket POTTINGER 1/427.25s4
8th1021Ryder DAVIDSON 32.16s9
9th1031Cole SCHMITZ 34.50s10
10th1063Everett STONE 30.13s8

Male: 14-15

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Final Seed
1st1015Lucas DEDORA 1st-A24.14s3
2nd1011Henry MIX 2nd-A23.80s1
3rd1257Jack ZENONI 1/223.84s2
4th1026Eli QUICKEL 1/225.50s7
5th1053Jake SOWLES 1/425.98s9
6th1040Lev DRANSFIELD 1/425.03s4
7th1029Luke BAYLISS 25.18s5
8th1033Isaac WARING 26.03s10
9th1037Gerik RYNSKI 25.18s5
10th1039Parker DOWNING 26.24s11
11th1045Julian WIMLER 30.19s12
12th1064Ian STONE (u16) 30.33s13
13th1068Garrison CHRISTIAN 25.80s8



Female: 11-13

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Final Seed
1st1256Victoria ZENONI 1st-A27.76s1
2nd1003Kai WALDMAN 2nd-A29.74s2

Female: 14-15

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Final Seed
1st1002Madeline DOIRON 1st-A26.19s1
2nd1044Giuliana CONTINI 2nd-A29.21s2
3rd1020Alexandra MILLER-DAVEY 32.46s3



Mixed: U10

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Final Seed
1st1013Hudson NABLO 1st-A28.19s1
2nd1030Ben WILSON 2nd-A28.54s2
3rd1158Kingston DUESING BRATKOVICS 1/231.53s4
4th1067Ty HUMMEL 1/232.74s5
5th1077Jesse LUTZ 1/436.88s6
6th1014Charles NABLO 1/437.01s7
7th1005Odin PEKNIK 1/439.76s9
8th1056Ari WOOD 1/429.63s3
9th1054Josh LIEBIG 37.43s8

Mixed: 16-18

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Final Seed
1st1258Tyler ZENONI 1st-A21.98s1
2nd1028Torin POTTINGER 2nd-A24.08s5
3rd1001Owen DEALE 1/224.24s6
4th1159Eric WILLETTS 1/222.89s2
5th1069Colin MULALLY 1/423.19s4
6th1073Ryder MOSLEY 1/425.02s7
7th1043Garrett MILLER 1/425.22s8
8th1036Adam MUMPER 25.98s10
9th1038Troy CONNER 25.92s9
10th1072Sarah Emily HOWARD 27.90s11
11th1075Timothy HAUSE 22.91s3
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