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Cat 1: U18 boys  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st148Jonah BRINKERHOFF 443721Fanatik Enduro Team2:23.7171-
2nd151Gabe HENDERSON 600064Galbraith Gravity Racing2:27.97524.258s
3rd141Teo BERGSMA 6090782:29.13735.420s

Cat 2 U12 boys  Finish spread

7 competitors found

Cat 2 12-13 boys  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st114Ivan SKIVER 608264Cascade Racing Designs / Galbraith Gravity Racing2:29.9441-
2nd109Miles GIFFORD 6094342:34.35524.411s
3rd123Jonah JOHNSON 6086412:36.64836.704s
4th121Grayson PIKE 601083Galbraith Gravity Racing2:38.78148.837s
5th173Rudy ZURCHER 2:39.07259.128s
6th116Oliver BRANDYBERRY 608575Galbraith Gravity Racing2:41.300611.356s
7th156Angus CAMPBELL 6114592:41.305711.361s
8th126Chandler UNICK 599840Galbraith Gravity Racing2:49.362819.418s
9th127Finn SHIMKUS 601724Galbraith Gravity Racing2:57.189927.245s
10th136Will STRALKA 608778Galbraith Gravity Racing2:59.5601029.616s
11th132Cameron POMERINKE 597408Galbraith Gravity Racing35:28.0521132:58.108
12th131Sloan JORGENSEN 598806Galbraith Gravity Racing35:55.4541233:25.510
108Owen DIXON 599767DVO Suspension / Galbraith Gravity Racing

Cat 2 14-15 boys  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st199Christian SCHWARZ 600025Galbraith Gravity Racing2:31.6971-
2nd157Sonni CAMPBELL 6114522:34.88923.192s
3rd147Evan ISALY 6097402:40.37038.673s
4th159Carrick CREAGER 6115972:43.908412.211s
5th175Nolen ATKINS 610009Team Flatland2:45.826514.129s
6th162Ian LUJAN 6112692:51.454619.757s
7th113Luke FAWCETT 603050Galbraith Gravity Racing2:51.763720.066s
8th139Oliver MACHEN 6089892:51.931820.234s
9th176Cody COX 6116742:53.231921.534s
10th178Dane KISER 6117553:06.9671035.270s

Cat 2 16-17 boys

1 competitor found

Cat 3 U7 boys  Finish spread

2 competitors found

Cat 3: 7-9 boys  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st161Logan LEDAIN 3:13.1061-
2nd150Louigi VERGILLO 609936Testers3:17.27924.173s
3rd166Cooper STEARNS 594351Galbraith Gravity Racing3:18.74435.638s
4th110Griffin SHEPHERD 599782Galbraith Gravity Racing3:21.22348.117s
5th129Dex DERU 599560Galbraith Gravity Racing3:23.768510.662s
6th155Keegan HARRISON 599743Galbraith Gravity Racing3:26.613613.507s
7th133Parker BARRETT 598892Galbraith Gravity Racing3:29.052715.946s
8th119Jens FRAZIER 600872Galbraith Gravity Racing3:38.583825.477s

Cat 3: 10-13 boys  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st200Jack PICCO Galbraith Gravity Racing2:49.6281-
2nd134Kayden BRYANT 600029Galbraith Gravity Racing2:55.28125.653s
3rd120Torin FRAZIER 600871Galbraith Gravity Racing3:00.422310.794s
4th165Alexander SCOTT 6087873:03.394413.766s
5th122Ian DOLMSETH 576544Galbraith Gravity Racing3:03.764514.136s
6th163Eli MCCALL 6107343:08.349618.721s
7th137Owen STRALKA 608779Galbraith Gravity Racing3:09.011719.383s
8th172Jaxson VANTASSEL 6116083:12.312822.684s
9th170Anders RAMIREZ 3:17.190927.562s
10th174Dale LUND 6116443:49.2421059.614s
11th167Cason URIE 6089344:34.887111:45.259

Coaches men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st9Eric OLSEN 477034Fanatik Enduro Team2:16.4521-
2nd4Kasper DEAN 2:17.12020.668s
3rd169Graham GLENDENING 608796March Northwest2:31.689315.237s
4th5Forrest REHBERGER 600069Galbraith Gravity Racing2:33.646417.194s



Cat 2 U14 girls  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st104Matilda MELTON 609631Radical Racing2:37.6781-
2nd105Ivy NEWELL 609658Radical Racing2:44.95427.276s
3rd171Jetta PORTER 502009Sweetlines Jr. Racing3:23.253345.575s
4th160Emma CRUM 6113133:41.92141:04.243

Cat 2 14-15 girls

1 competitor found

Cat 3 U10 girls  Finish spread

2 competitors found

Cat 3: 10-13 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st177Maddigan ADAMS 6117363:30.6911-
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