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Cat 1: U18 boys  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st185Tucker SWARENS 599790Transition Bikes3:27.5001-
2nd227Adam ROELOFS 6161143:31.83524.335s
3rd118Hayden DAMON 605538Galbraith Gravity Racing3:40.217312.717s
4th141Teo BERGSMA 6090783:40.875413.375s
5th202Ryan ROELOFS 6143573:43.765516.265s
6th204Wesley GONTER 3:46.586619.086s
7th206Aidan HONNOLL 6140123:53.037725.537s
8th233Nico PAGLIA 6143893:53.546826.046s
9th228Griffin HUNTLEY 4:22.384954.884s

Cat 2 U12 boys  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st106Christopher SIMEUR 578336Galbraith Gravity Racing4:02.0231-
2nd138Chase HARRISON 599742Galbraith Gravity Racing4:03.09321.070s
3rd111Grahame SHEPHERD 599781Galbraith Gravity Racing4:03.93231.909s
4th235Elliott KLEIN 554673Norco / Ride Bicycles / Sweetlines Gravity Team4:17.990415.967s
5th112Sawyer HALL 600539Galbraith Gravity Racing4:18.763516.740s
6th149Henry WISER 6098814:19.952617.929s
7th107Wyatt DIXON 599768Galbraith Gravity Racing4:28.091726.068s
8th211Kol SHORR 615569Wunderkind4:36.771834.748s

Cat 2 12-13 boys  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st173Rudy ZURCHER 3:39.3641-
2nd109Miles GIFFORD 6094343:42.53223.168s
3rd387Jonah JOHNSON 6086413:43.85034.486s
4th389Ivan SKIVER 608264CRD / Galbraith Gravity Racing3:47.43548.071s
5th127Finn SHIMKUS 601724Galbraith Gravity Racing3:51.358511.994s
6th193Emerson SPARKS 612824Duthie Racing3:57.837618.473s
7th397Jack PICCO 608738Galbraith Gravity Racing4:00.896721.532s
8th390Chandler UNICK 599840Galbraith Gravity Racing4:06.882827.518s
9th132Cameron POMERINKE 597408Galbraith Gravity Racing4:08.953929.589s
10th385Will STRALKA 608778Galbraith Gravity Racing4:16.7591037.395s
11th116Oliver BRANDYBERRY 608575Galbraith Gravity Racing4:20.7011141.337s
12th208Miles RIMMER Momentum4:22.2791242.915s
13th207Preston BARRETT 614428Momentum4:58.501131:19.137
199Ethan FOSS 613485Trailstoke
108Owen DIXON 599767Galbraith Gravity Racing

Cat 2 14-15 boys  Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st117Christian SCHWARZ 600025Galbraith Gravity Racing3:42.0611-
2nd210Ben HANLEY 3:42.38520.324s
3rd396Evan ISALY 6097403:44.56332.502s
4th157Sonni CAMPBELL 611452Marker Construction3:50.02947.968s
5th220Porter CHESBROUGH 6159383:52.071510.010s
6th234Trevor WESTON 3:53.743611.682s
7th191Nolen ATKINS 6100093:53.984711.923s
8th386Caleb BRYANT 613374Anacortes3:55.566813.505s
9th176Cody COX 6116744:00.195918.134s
10th214Max ADAM Adam Cycling4:01.1461019.085s
11th162Ian LUJAN 6112694:04.2951122.234s
12th168Julian HERRING 6161784:16.2171234.156s
13th223Kyle HAYES 6160715:23.048131:40.987
124Quinn TAYLOR 596117Galbraith Gravity Racing

Cat 2 16-17 boys  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st164Ryder MCCALL 6107294:02.6031-
2nd186Cruz FLORES 6128804:14.340211.737s
3rd222Ethan HAYES 6160694:40.538337.935s
4th224Wouter VAN VEEN 6160865:16.44541:13.842

Cat 3 U7 boys

1 competitor found

Cat 3: 7-9 boys  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st110Griffin SHEPHERD 599782Galbraith Gravity Racing4:31.0401-
2nd181Miles DOWLING 602196Galbraith Gravity Racing4:39.24328.203s
3rd133Parker BARRETT 598892Galbraith Gravity Racing4:43.309312.269s
4th161Logan LEDAIN 6113444:52.837421.797s
5th129Dex DERU 599560Galbraith Gravity Racing5:00.065529.025s
6th150Louigi VERGILLO 6099365:01.507630.467s
7th155Keegan HARRISON 599743Galbraith Gravity Racing5:16.207745.167s
8th236Wesley WISER Galbraith Gravity Racing5:19.661848.621s
9th383Will ADAMS Backyard Shredder Kid6:26.55791:55.517
166Cooper STEARNS 594351Galbraith Gravity Racing
119Jens FRAZIER 600872Galbraith Gravity Racing

Cat 3: 10-13 boys  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st125Nolan TAYLOR 596120Galbraith Gravity Racing4:14.4401-
2nd115Soren PORTER 602867Galbraith Gravity Racing4:14.89420.454s
3rd393Torin FRAZIER 600871Galbraith Gravity Racing4:18.91734.477s
4th395Ian DOLMSETH 576544Galbraith Gravity Racing4:19.39044.950s
5th134Kayden BRYANT 600029Galbraith Gravity Racing4:26.004511.564s
6th217Mack BOYD 4:30.309615.869s
7th163Eli MCCALL 6107344:37.777723.337s
8th172Jaxson VANTASSEL 6116084:37.885823.445s
9th216Lucas BUCKLEY 6159094:48.999934.559s
10th137Owen STRALKA 608779Galbraith Gravity Racing4:53.8441039.404s
11th213Lucas CROWLEY 615610Wunderkind5:21.478111:07.038
12th212Caden CROWLEY 615608Wunderkind5:37.500121:23.060
13th167Cason URIE 6089345:44.072131:29.632
14th231Harrison RANDOLPH 616149Fanatik Bike Co.6:07.013141:52.573
15th218Liam BISHOP 6159846:17.130152:02.690
16th225Hendrik VAN VEEN 6160776:25.349162:10.909

Cat 3: 14-17 boys  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st209Coleton MCCOY 6153504:26.5251-
2nd215Owen VOIGT 6154884:36.844210.319s
3rd229Ben SERVATIUS 6160204:41.790315.265s
4th230Matthew CALIM 6161475:10.374443.849s
219Evan SITTON
226Nicholas JOHNSTON 616056

Coaches men  Finish spread

6 competitors found



Cat 1: U18 girls

1 competitor found

Cat 2 U12 girls  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st179Cleo BROWN 600625Galbraith Gravity Racing4:53.8211-
2nd160Emma CRUM 6113135:58.58121:04.760

Cat 2 12-13 girls  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st184Kelly SWARENS 612468Radical Racing4:08.6461-
2nd105Ivy NEWELL 609658Radical Racing4:09.35720.711s

Cat 2 16-17 girls

1 competitor found

Cat 3 U10 girls  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st100Emilie SIMEUR 578337Galbraith Gravity Racing5:15.0171-
2nd102Charley BARRETT 598893Galbraith Gravity Racing5:32.520217.503s
3rd221Kallie WOODWARD 6122546:52.13631:37.119

Coaches women

1 competitor found

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