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Male: Shortened 2 U12  Lap chart Spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Lap 5 Lap 6 Lap 7 Lap 8 Lap 9 Lap 10 Lap 11 Spread Total time Diff
1st698Joe CARPENTER C&N Cycles RT111:5512:0612:1322:1422:1122:1722:1212:1732:1622:1822:06120.0%24:091-
2nd816Matthew HOLMES (u14) Mid Devon CC112:2882:1232:1012:1112:1012:1212:1212:1412:1412:1312:06117.5%24:27218s
3rd974Cameron REEVES Abergavenny RC111:5622:0922:1532:1732:2532:1722:1932:2552:2542:2442:18425.0%25:1431:05
4th783Oliver GOODMAN (juv) Bedgebury Forest CC112:2252:1952:2042:2662:2642:2662:2242:1622:1622:2232:1737.4%25:5841:48
5th767Charles FORRESTER Zapnet111:5942:1842:2262:2452:2862:2442:2242:2242:2752:3062:36531.1%26:1452:05
6th863Beau LARKIN Rotor RT101:5732:2462:2152:1842:2642:2552:2562:3662:3662:439     39.3%24:116
7th147Thomas ALLEN (u16) Sotonia CC102:2562:3072:3082:3992:4182:3792:2672:3772:3982:306     11.0%25:347
8th789Asher GRAY Palmer Park Velo102:3692:3292:3292:3672:3672:3072:3182:3882:3772:348     5.3%25:428
9th865Ben LARKINS 102:2672:3072:2372:3782:4182:3682:4292:4292:4492:265     14.7%25:479
10th900Austin MATHERS Qwerty Cycles92:38102:41102:39102:43102:49102:59102:49103:04103:0110          16.5%25:2310
11th1031Toby TWITCHEN 72:56113:25113:36113:49113:46113:42113:4511                    30.1%24:5911



Female: Shortened 2 U12  Lap chart Spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Lap 5 Lap 6 Lap 7 Lap 8 Lap 9 Lap 10 Lap 11 Spread Total time Diff
1st960Olivia POOLE 111:5612:0912:1412:1012:1012:1612:1312:1612:1412:1732:08118.1%24:081-
2nd169Katie ALLSOP Summit MTB / Welwyn Wheelers CC111:5612:0912:1412:1122:1422:1612:1622:1822:1822:1842:11219.0%24:25217s
3rd1032Grace UPSHALL Poole Wheelers112:0742:1342:1412:1632:2032:2942:2342:2442:2742:2452:15317.3%25:3831:30
4th1057Orla WHITE Dartmoor Velo112:2672:2152:2042:2042:2032:2032:2232:2132:1822:1612:2447.4%25:5441:46
5th409Sage BEETGE 111:5832:1232:2352:2852:3652:3052:2952:4362:2852:1612:47541.5%26:5552:46
6th946Isla PATTINSON Solent Pirates92:1762:3262:4262:5083:0072:4973:0372:3752:496          33.6%24:396
7th633Kirsten BROWN Sprockets Cycle Club92:3392:3262:4262:4862:4962:4762:4962:5782:517          16.4%24:487
8th878Georgia LOVETT Cotswold Veldrijden92:3182:4292:58102:4973:1082:5283:0483:0292:568          25.8%26:048
9th697Poppy CARLINE Sotonia82:44112:51112:5493:04103:1193:1594:4592:547               73.8%25:389
10th1042Jemima WARD WORX Factory Racing32:1652:431020:1911                                        796.3%25:1810
891Eva MAR-MOLINERO Solent Pirates42:34102:3782:5182:508                                   11.0%     DNF

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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