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2021 Spider Mountain DH round 1 at Spider Mountain, TX

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The original results are available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ji0GFOkebb-yyZRg-9uXmxMC2BW4mdo-/view

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Open men  Finish spread

39 competitors found

PosName Sponsors Race Diff
1stGarrison CLOPTON Team Trail Party1:27.561-
2ndMason DE KEYREL Structure cycle works ,FXR , Ohlins.1:28.0620.50s
3rdTyler LIVESAY The Mx Factory1:29.2531.69s
4thTodd LITTLETON NPS Cycling1:31.0443.48s
5thJavier ZUNIGA 1:32.1054.54s
6thMatt RICKS Specialized Bicycle Components1:33.6066.04s
7thChase SPEARS 1:35.8178.25s
8thRyan WOLFE 1:36.0088.44s
9thCalvin MILLER Cycle Progressio / Team Trail Party1:36.5098.94s
10thCrawford PATTON Java Jacks Coffee / Team Trail Party1:36.51108.95s
11thWeston KRUSE Kruse Bros Racin / Team Trail Party1:37.25119.69s
12thTanner WINN G-Form / Hust / Ride Away Bicycles1:37.751210.19s
13thKristofer MARCUM 1:38.201310.64s
14thCharles SOTO VictoryRacing1:38.891411.33s
15thMichael BRAND Race Ready Repair / Tigatu Clothing1:38.951511.39s
16thJordan KRUSE Kruse Bros Racing / Team Trail Party1:39.451611.89s
17thRomain TAUPIER NPS / Trek Bikes of Keller1:40.461712.90s
18thJeffrey STROH Cycle Progression / Team Trail Party1:40.551812.99s
19thYo THACH NPS Cycling1:41.251913.69s
20thTyler GREEN victory racing1:41.602014.04s
20thChuck GRUBB The Dirt Therapy Project1:41.602014.04s
22ndOwen MUELLER Team Trail Party1:41.852214.29s
23rdDamien LACOMBE nologo1:41.962314.40s
24thDevon TROMM Fasthouse - Peddler bike shop1:42.292414.73s
25thBobby PARKER Team Trail Party1:42.902515.34s
26thBilly WILSON 1:43.562616.00s
27thJoshua MURGUIA Bicycle Heaven / Team Enduro Lab1:44.852717.29s
28thSeth BUCKNER victory racing1:46.062818.50s
29thDean JANKA 1:46.812919.25s
30thMatt SULLIVAN Enduro Lab1:47.003019.44s
31stTyler FISCHER 1:47.153119.59s
32ndJacob REICH NTX Dirt Dogs1:47.293219.73s
33rdGrant OLSON 1:48.153320.59s
34thRease KING 1:48.413420.85s
35thColin ALEXANDER victory racing1:48.693521.13s
36thMarcus TITA victory racing1:51.253623.69s
37thBrant HATTON 1:55.703728.14s
38thWill MOSER Bicycle Heaven / Team Enduro Lab2:01.703834.14s
39thAlfred MADERE victory racing3:28.60392:01.04

Amateur men  Finish spread

89 competitors found

PosName Sponsors Race Diff
1stErich GELLERT Proline Cycling1:36.651-
2ndAlfonso HECHT 1:37.4920.84s
3rdCole SHELTON Bicycle Heaven / Team Enduro Lab1:40.7934.14s
4thWyatt TURNER Team Sprocket Society1:40.8144.16s
5thRhett JONES BIKE FARM1:41.0054.35s
6thGino ALFRIDO 1:41.7565.10s
7thJustin MORGAN (40+) Goose Gang1:42.2575.60s
8thCharlie BAIRD keller / NPS trek bikes Arlington1:43.3586.70s
8thNathan REARICK just wrenching auto1:43.3586.70s
10thSam ARAIZA Team Trail Party1:44.06107.41s
11thKevin GARDENHIRE Cykl Ops1:44.54117.89s
12thLuis SOTO 1:44.65128.00s
13thJason HUNTER 1:48.101311.45s
14thEthan PANTOJA Enduro Lab Racing1:48.111411.46s
15thBrian BERGESEN Squish Squad1:49.251512.60s
16thStephen GOLD 1:49.351612.70s
17thLuke FONTENOT 1:49.751713.10s
18thTyson JAMIESON 1:51.261814.61s
19thGabriel OJEDA Ojeda's racing team1:51.591914.94s
20thCohen KINSEY Bicycle Heaven / Team Enduro Lab1:51.862015.21s
21stLane VAUGHN Team Enduro Lab1:52.002115.35s
22ndNoah DAVIDSON 1:52.602215.95s
23rdJosh ADAME victory racing1:53.252316.60s
24thJason REARICK just wrenching auto1:54.002417.35s
25thAngel JARAMILLO 1:54.542517.89s
26thAnthony CAPELLI 1:55.202618.55s
27thDavid POE 1:55.512718.86s
28thShawn DOUGHERTY Flying Mocos1:56.402819.75s
29thBrent FANNIN Team Trail Party1:57.042920.39s
30thTim FINCANNON 1:57.513020.86s
31stMatt HUTTON Quality Bike Shop1:57.653121.00s
32ndNathan JOHNSON 1:57.753221.10s
33rdChris SMITH 1:57.813321.16s
34thBraiden MASTERSON Proline Cycling1:58.043421.39s
35thJohn CASTILLO SHRED N STEEZE1:58.503521.85s
36thCristian CANO 1:58.543621.89s
37thTimothy BAUER Team Trail Party1:58.603721.95s
38thWilliam WEBB 1:58.653822.00s
39thAustin ZELL Team Sprocket Society1:58.853922.20s
40thRowan HANEY 1:59.654023.00s
40thJason DZIEKAN 1:59.654023.00s
42ndDaniel CRISOSTOMO Freeride Waray PH / V12 Radgear1:59.754223.10s
43rdMatt COHEN 1:59.844323.19s
44thTravis HUDSON 1:59.864423.21s
45thStephen PARKS 2:00.064523.41s
46thDavid SHABELEV Arepa cycling club2:00.214623.56s
47thAdam LEE 2:00.904724.25s
48thCallan SPENCE 2:00.944824.29s
49thRyan WEBSTER Webster Motorsports2:03.314926.66s
50thTaj SUMMERS 2:03.555026.90s
51stDuncan LANCASTER Sun Country Cycling2:03.715127.06s
52ndRonald RINGGOLD 2:03.755227.10s
53rdEladio BELTRAN 2:05.055328.40s
54thMiguel HERNANDEZ 2:05.455428.80s
55thAlex YAO 2:05.755529.10s
56thScott CARGILL 2:07.305630.65s
57thGalo PORRAS Arepa cycling club2:07.455730.80s
58thZachary CHRISMAN 2:08.755832.10s
59thJade LOFF 2:10.355933.70s
60thDavid ACEVEDO EpicMTB SATX2:10.566033.91s
61stDaniel ECHEVERRI 2:11.096134.44s
62ndMitchell MARKLE 2:11.316234.66s
63rdJeremiah GONZALEZ Flying Mocos2:11.416334.76s
64thSpencer SALVATO Proline2:11.656435.00s
65thDennis CARPENTER Rideaway Enduro Team2:13.696537.04s
66thChris ARMSTRONG 2:13.806637.15s
67thWill JEFFERY 2:13.906737.25s
67thJack MARKLE 2:13.906737.25s
69thHunter GATES 2:14.046937.39s
70thJesus GARZA Tejas Rampage2:14.517037.86s
71stAustin RITTER 2:14.697138.04s
72ndCarlos PENA Arepa racing team2:15.117238.46s
73rdR J. GUALBERTO 2:15.257338.60s
74thLarry ELEBY 2:17.157440.50s
75thGreg FLOREZ Sol Solutions2:19.057542.40s
76thCory KRUSE Cycle Progressio / Team Trail Party2:20.167643.51s
77thLaine PITMAN Team Bike Farm / victory racing2:20.907744.25s
78thJohnny GIBSON Wisdom Racing2:21.867845.21s
79thAngelo SANCHEZ 2:22.307945.65s
80thJulian CONCHAS 2:23.718047.06s
81stAlejandro ROCHA 2:24.618147.96s
82ndOscar SANCHEZ-VEGAS Arepa Cycling2:26.908250.25s
83rdJake VANCE 2:31.708355.05s
84thGabriel SANTIAGO 2:43.20841:06.55
85thDevin DONNAHOE 2:47.45851:10.80
86thEfren CONCHAS 3:07.11861:30.46
87thCesar LEAL 5:09.60873:32.95
Peter PAPPAS Happy Fun RacingDNF

U14 boys  Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosName Sponsors Race Diff
1stMarco JOSIC 1:52.891-
2ndXavier BEAN 1:55.1122.22s
3rdTy MARCUS Fly1:57.6634.77s
4thBrady GRIZZLE Team Sprocket Society1:59.9147.02s
5thBilly WILSON (u14) 2:08.50515.61s
6thHayden SALVATO Proline2:14.15621.26s
7thGavin GRAY BIKE FARM / Proline2:14.95722.06s
8thJackson JOHNSON 2:16.50823.61s
9thPranav SHETTY BIKE FARM2:18.40925.51s
10thDillon DASKEVICH Team Enduro Lab p/b Bicycle Heav2:23.101030.21s
11thRyder HATTON 2:27.091134.20s
12thNicholas MARKLE 2:27.541234.65s
13thLiam ELEBY 2:30.151337.26s
14thGavin CHAMBLESS 2:31.191438.30s
15thHenry MCFAUL 2:31.641538.75s
16thMatthew GELLERT Proline Cycling2:33.801640.91s
17thTrafim NOSKO 2:38.401745.51s
18thConnor BELL (u14) 2:40.061847.17s
19thNoah HUTTON Quality Bike Shop2:46.101953.21s
20thSawyer VANCE 2:49.352056.46s
21stMax SPENCE 2:50.462157.57s
22ndGray DAVIS 2:54.79221:01.90
23rdBlake WILSON 3:01.55231:08.66
24thChase WEBSTER Webster Motorsports3:02.09241:09.20
25thLondyn VANCE 3:06.15251:13.26
26thAdelaide TOOLEY 3:22.41261:29.52



Open women  Finish spread

2 competitors found

Amateur women  Finish spread

7 competitors found

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