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PosName Bike Race Diff
1stJon GABOR GT1:48.41-
2ndJ. Shane O'SHURA Specialized1:49.521.1s
3rdColby BARTH Santa Cruz1:50.432.0s
4thDavid HARUCH Specialized1:56.748.3s
5thSteve DICKOW Trek2:00.7512.3s
6thAustin KRATZ RockyMnt2:05.8617.4s
7thJonathan WOLFF Specialized2:10.6722.2s
8thClayton JOHN Trek2:12.4824.0s
9thDaniel CLEARY Specialized2:12.5924.1s
10thTucker SMITH GT2:12.71024.3s
11thDylan DEVINE Commencal2:22.41134.0s
12thJosh FIESEHER Commencal2:27.41239.0s
13thEddie SMITH Giant2:28.51340.1s
14thHenry RUDDELL Commencal2:43.41455.0s
15thElliott HURD Spot3:01.5151:13.1
16thJason VOYTILLA Transition3:08.1161:19.7
17thJulian VOYTILLA Grom3:16.9171:28.5
18thJohn SMITH Hardtail3:37.5181:49.1
19thBrighten SMITH Scott3:49.5192:01.1
20thAndrew KISER Specialized4:44.3202:55.9
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