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PosName Race Diff
1stZach ROMAN 1:36.431-
2ndAlex MUSUMECI 1:42.5226.09s
3rdRidge LARICK 1:42.8036.37s
4thJ. Shane O'SHURA 1:43.3646.93s
5thColby BARTH 1:47.29510.86s
6thEvan RIDINGTON 1:48.67612.24s
7thDaniel KOCOTAS 1:49.24712.81s
8thPete YACK 1:49.60813.17s
9thAlex SMITH (40+) 1:49.97913.54s
10thAustin KRATZ 1:51.671015.24s
11thChris O'DONNELL 1:53.591117.16s
12thJeffrey HOLLOWAY 1:54.261217.83s
13thJonathan WOLFF 1:55.031318.60s
14thJamie ROSTOCKI 1:55.261418.83s
15thErik THORELL 1:55.981519.55s
16thTim VERNA 1:57.621621.19s
17thChad CONRAD 1:58.031721.60s
18thAddison MORRONE 1:58.511822.08s
19thChris PASSANTE 1:58.801922.37s
20thJeff LORISH 1:58.872022.44s
21stGregory GRAY 1:59.722123.29s
22ndJames O'DONNELL (east1) 2:00.212223.78s
23rdLuis ERASO 2:03.362326.93s
24thHenry RUDDELL 2:04.062427.63s
25thMichael SIMONITSCH 2:04.962528.53s
26thLandon LEINBACH 2:05.012628.58s
27thEric DENLINGER 2:06.532730.10s
28thAaron LONGSTAFF 2:06.562830.13s
29thJustin WARREN 2:06.592930.16s
30thOmar LINARES 2:06.903030.47s
31stBrandon FOY 2:10.123133.69s
32ndRyan KRATZ 2:10.203233.77s
33rdJoe CLAYTON 2:12.333335.90s
34thChristian GOLD 2:18.493442.06s
35thCole SCHLOSSER 2:28.333551.90s
36thLucas SELB 2:38.83361:02.40
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