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PosName Race Diff
1stZach ROMAN 1:30.171-
2ndColby BARTH 1:37.6627.49s
3rdAustin KRATZ 1:39.7539.58s
4thRomeu ALCAIDE 1:42.12411.95s
5thNilsson LOPEZ 1:44.25514.08s
6thPete YACK 1:44.93614.76s
7thTimothy COLLINS 1:45.60715.43s
8thCurtis MILLER 1:48.87818.70s
9thTyler SMITH (opn) 1:49.72919.55s
10thJonathan WOLFF 1:50.351020.18s
11thChris O'DONNELL 1:51.611121.44s
12thEric THORRELL 1:53.951223.78s
13thDavid HARUCH 1:54.571324.40s
14thRyan KRATZ 1:55.421425.25s
15thElliott HURD 1:55.451525.28s
16thJosh FIESEHER 2:02.221632.05s
17thDaniel CLEARY 2:03.121732.95s
18thClayton JELKE 2:04.971834.80s
19thOmar LINARES 2:08.921938.75s
20thLiam MCGUNNIGLE 2:17.632047.46s
21stLucas SELB 2:27.092156.92s
22ndAvi MOORE 2:30.47221:00.30
23rdQuinn MCGUNNIGLE 2:57.30231:27.13
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