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Pro men  Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st11Steve ESTABROOK S. Burlington, VTDefiant Racing / Deity / Fox / GT Bikes3:27.391-
2nd24Dylan CONTE Waterbury Center, VTAlchemist / Fly / GT Bikes3:28.0220.63s
3rd10Matt DRISCOLL Bow, NHPROBUILDS RACING3:30.9433.55s
4th134Max MORGAN (pro) Burlington, VTSanta Cruz3:31.8644.47s
5th12Cameron MADER Fairfax, VAPROBUILDS RACING3:34.1756.78s
6th106Isaac ALLAIRE 3:36.0468.65s
7th293Zeke NEUBAUER Wildomar, CARyno Power / Stratton Mountain Bike Park3:43.79716.40s
8th18Sean SURPRENANT Springfield, MAWulfPack Racing3:49.14821.75s
9th128Austin HAWKES Henniker, NHCyclesmith & Hawkes trailer sh3:52.87925.48s
10th65Sam SILLAY North Hampton, NH3:55.931028.54s
11th137Steve AVERY Henniker, NH4:00.721133.33s
12th53Geoffrey ULMER 4:03.451236.06s
13th27Miguel ALMEIDA Marion, MAHighland mountain bike shop4:05.151337.76s
14th67Colby BENOIT Suffield, CTComp Edge Racing4:35.31141:07.92

Expert: 15-18 boys  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st334Andrew DRISCOLL Bow, NHDefiant Racing / GT Bikes / Monster3:25.671-
2nd592Bode TRACY Newburyport, MA3:42.02216.35s
3rd483Matthew PUCHNIAK Manchester-By-The-Sea, MAWoah Guy Factory Racing3:46.57320.90s
4th877Collin BOURQUE Hamden, CTDefiant Racing3:51.53425.86s
5th1141Eli GADBOIS Bow, NHWhoa Guy Factory Racing3:59.40533.73s
6th325Colin BURNS Pearl River, NYGearwork / SDR Clothing4:01.31635.64s
7th889Anthony LOMBARDI Concord, NHCommencal Loose Riders4:02.96737.29s
8th566Noah TAUBE PERROTTA Newton, MAPROBUILDS RACING4:21.75856.08s

Expert: 19-29 men  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st538Cooper PLEVA 3:46.361-
2nd452Nicholas JOHNSON Hamilton, MA3:50.1923.83s
3rd655James MILLER (east) 3:53.3136.95s
4th568Justin HUSHON Derrick City, PA6D Helmets / Chaingang Racing3:53.7647.40s
5th423Dustin GEIS Easton, PAThe Single Track Life3:54.2157.85s
6th395Collin MCBRIDE 4:08.60622.24s
7th935Brandon SCHOENBORN 4:22.75736.39s
8th471Steven RICKER Concord, NHShauniboy4:23.61837.25s
9th816Dan HOPMANS Jay, VTChaingang Racing4:29.68943.32s
10th867Shaun AYKROID Manchester, NH4:43.391057.03s
690Jared WOOD DNF

Expert: 30-39 men  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st425Aaron PERRY Dudley, MAGraphics Unlimited4:07.321-
2nd401Salvatore MARTELLI Oceanport, NJCAG's Cycles4:15.9328.61s
3rd315Joshua MILLER Harrisville, NYBobcats Racing4:17.48310.16s
4th500Felipe SOUSA Newark, NJFirmino's Events / Pro Tinting4:24.18416.86s
5th388Cody GREATBATCH Swanzey, NHDrummer Racing4:25.71518.39s
6th501Alex DA SILVA Peabody, MAadspainting / Leatt / Magura / O'Neal4:31.53624.21s
7th224Jack WILLIAMS Morrisville, VTDrummer Racing / Granite Roots4:39.84732.52s
8th358Matthew THOMPSON (cat1) North Smithfield, RIFox Factory / NEVA USA5:26.5681:19.24
9th503Ian SCAGLIONE Goshen, CT7:03.7092:56.38

Expert: 40+ men  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st606Andrew MAREK Vineyard Haven, MAMarek Tree & Land3:55.361-
2nd522Fred HOFFMAN East Greenbush, NYBerkshire Bike and Board / Get Loose4:20.86225.50s
3rd458Eric MILLER (40+) East Burke, VTMy Wife4:28.55333.19s
4th709Lander JUNQUEIRA 4:30.84435.48s
5th495Renato DA SILVA Woburn, MACommencalUSA / Maxxis / TLD4:52.71557.35s
6th762Damian SANCHEZ 5:04.9261:09.56

U15 boys  Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st301Gabriel JOHNSON Mendon, VTKillington Mountain School3:46.231-
2nd332Henry MIX Medfield, MAKillington Mountain School4:03.03216.80s
3rd936Caleb BRYTOWSKI Pittsford, VTKillington Mountain School4:14.15327.92s
4th558Wolfgang WEIMERSHEIMER Hinesburg, VTCutters Bike Shop4:15.70429.47s
5th329Simon MILLER East Burke, VTKillington Mountain School4:16.22529.99s
6th1286Matthew GAGNON Sterling, MANugo / O'Neal / Rev Race Team4:22.90636.67s
7th509Lev DRANSFIELD Huntington, VT4:23.51737.28s
8th389Grady PAYSON Dedham, MEAmateur Cooperati / Mutt Society4:25.91839.68s
9th336Ian LOFBLAD Gilford, NH4:29.03942.80s
10th854Jack MCKINNEY Medford Lakes, NJFuji Bikes4:34.541048.31s
11th1214Sean MURPHY East Sandwich, MAMom and Dad4:43.751157.52s
12th378Jake SOWLES Colchester, VTDanny's Cycles4:44.551258.32s
13th491Maximus DIDOMENICO 4:58.70131:12.47
14th490Parker DOWNING Waitsfield, VTMom & Dad4:59.45141:13.22
15th694Ernest NIEMANN Weston, CT5:16.65151:30.42
16th1208Trevor ZARTAN Hampton, CTCCF Devo / JPF / Thunder Mountain5:17.94161:31.71
17th850Maxwell HACK Westwood, MAgravity / Wild Ones MTB5:24.67171:38.44
947Max ABRAMS Dover, MADNF

15-18 boys  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st1278Nate ANDERHOLM Westminster, MARev Race Team4:16.861-
2nd691Max O'MARA Westminster, MA5:02.60245.74s
3rd482Matt FONTAINE Sutton, MA5:26.8531:09.99
4th486Muir NICKEL Peterborough, NHDrummer Hills / Gopro and Veet5:39.3741:22.51

19-29 men  Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st761Anthony LAPEDOTA North Adams, MA4:02.801-
2nd797David HARUCH Media, PA4:13.56210.76s
3rd362Dylan GOBEL Wilton, NYRev Race Team4:14.32311.52s
4th455Ehren DOHERTY Lawrenceville, NJDW Funk Racing4:51.82449.02s
5th351Keaton WITZ Philadelphia, PA5:01.03558.23s
6th618Brian LAPOINTE Rockport, MADW Funk Racing5:07.7361:04.93
7th435Nicholas CRAWFORD Germantown, NYGet Loose / MSH Contracti5:27.1571:24.35
8th1394Justin COWDREY Mansfield, MA5:32.7581:29.95
9th619Elijah HICKEY Rockport, MADWfunk racing5:47.4791:44.67
10th678Bryson KNIGHT Bristol, VTSugarbush staff5:48.18101:45.38
11th710Brady FAULKNER 6:01.33111:58.53
12th856Christopher TOWNE 8:38.08124:35.28

30-39 men  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st385Scott HUNTLEY 3:57.291-
2nd394Heath FRANCOIS Dartmouth, MAMutt Society / O'Neal / ODI4:33.02235.73s
3rd356Ian MCNAUGHTON 5:00.3031:03.01
4th815Philipp FOERSTER Burlington, VT5:12.9341:15.64
5th984Travis BRIMMER 5:21.8051:24.51
6th994Taylor ZINK Killington, VT5:25.9761:28.68
7th578Roland BRADSHAW Hamilton, MA5:26.2371:28.94
8th9001Nik ORLANDO 5:31.7581:34.46
9th693Zach JEROME Williston, VTStone Corral Brewery6:39.5092:42.21
10th513Ryan DULUDE Lee, NHRattlers Racing6:56.45102:59.16

40+ men  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st956Ramerom KOBLINGER Livingston, NJO'Neal / Zero Gravity Racing4:23.681-
2nd772Mike GARBACIK Tresckow, PADNA Bikes / Gearwork4:25.8922.21s
3rd697Terrence GAGNON Sterling, MARev Race Team5:11.70348.02s

50+ men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st1402Fred BASSETT Brewster, MAAzonic / O'Neal / Spy4:11.681-
2nd460Marcos LIRA Union, NJMarmi Enterprises / Prime solutions4:29.20217.52s
3rd911Pepper WAREAGLE Saratoga Springs, NYRev Race Team5:33.2931:21.61
4th909Mtb BETA Glens Falls, NYRev Racing5:35.9141:24.23



Pro/Expert women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st5Mazie HAYDEN North Clarendon, VTDefiant / Deity / GT Bikes / Industry Nine4:09.181-
2nd6Riley MILLER East Burke, VT100% / LIV RACING COLLECTIVE4:39.38230.20s
3rd195Katlin PARENTEAU Jay, VTChaingang Racing4:50.03340.85s
4th15Sarah HOWERTER Burlington, VTOutdoor Gear Exchange / Shimano4:52.23443.05s

Amateur women  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st321Victoria JOHNSON (u14) Mendon, VTKillington Mountain School5:10.651-
2nd569Sage WEISS Newfoundland, NJChaingang Racing5:11.6921.04s
3rd479Sarah HAMLIN Mendon, VTKillington Mountain School5:21.46310.81s
4th373Simona CROCCOLO Waterbury, VT6:11.7841:01.13
5th996Shelby PARENTEAU 6:33.1651:22.51
6th782Danielle MORIARITY Saratoga, NYNorthCountryMTB / Rev Race Team6:49.7061:39.05
7th982Danielle BRABON Richmond, VT7:39.9772:29.32
8th1368Kerry DISMUKE 8:35.8683:25.21
692Stacy BERNO Granville, VTRevolution Racing TeamDNF



KATE'S U12 mixed  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st884Carson MORGAN Gouldsboro, PAMutt Societ / PROBUILDS RACING4:40.061-
2nd1362Jacob MANNING Killington, VT5:13.10233.04s
3rd1109Liam ZEBROWSKI Westmore, VTIdeRide6:12.9831:32.92
4th843Jackson CARTER Marblehead, MA6:28.9941:48.93
5th1257Braxton BERGER Hiram, ME8:34.2253:54.16
6th810Ryder DAVIDSON Woodstock, VANot Sure10:43.0466:02.98
7th625James COTE 11:34.6976:54.63
8th590Franklin WEBB Queenstown, MDNot Sure12:10.6387:30.57
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