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Male: Pro  Finish spread

46 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st14Kirk MCDOWALL Anmore, BCDunbar Cycles Devinci2:53.1922:50.141-
2nd27Jackson FREW Gowrie, AustraliaAuscycling2:57.7582:51.9321.79s
3rd36Forrest RIESCO Gibsons, BCCommencal Canada3:12.45262:52.0531.91s
4th47Peter KNOTT Whistler, BC2:57.7172:52.7642.62s
5th25Kendall MCLEAN Ladysmith, BC2:57.5662:54.6554.51s
6th43Samuel THIBAULT Bromont, QCCNCB-Bolt2:58.29102:54.9764.83s
7th34Vlad SHERRYUBLE Ottawa, ONAesthetic2:58.2292:55.8175.67s
8th28Patrick LAFFEY Qualicum Beach, BC2:57.0832:57.6287.48s
9th19Emmett HANCOCK Kelowna, BCBlueprin / Fox / Norco / POC / Shimano / Vorsprung3:02.34132:58.1898.04s
10th50Brett RHEEDER Vernon, BC3:11.78232:59.26109.12s
11th44Adam WOODHOUSE North Vancouver, BC3:06.06172:59.66119.52s
12th40Keegan FRY Rossland, BCVan Pits3:01.72113:00.791210.65s
13th15Chris KOVARIK Whistler, BC3:01.79123:01.001310.86s
14th20Luke STEVENS Revelstoke, BC3:05.75163:03.041412.90s
15th11Anthony EVANS Penticton, BC3:03.84153:03.051512.91s
16th53Rob DAVIS North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:08.27203:03.711613.57s
17th21Sheldon SMITH Revelstoke, BC3:08.58213:03.831713.69s
18th17Lucas CRUZ Pemberton, BCNorco3:15.29273:04.211814.07s
19th31Dean TENNANT Shawnigan Lake, BCDunbar Cycles3:07.01183:04.291914.15s
20th37Gabriel NERON Squamish, BCDunbar Cycles2:52.1513:04.582014.44s
21st46Ryan MENTAKIS Whistler, BC4:30.81413:07.472117.33s
22nd26Sky DUNN-SARVIS Argenta, BC3:12.18253:07.772217.63s
23rd42Brandon DOUGLAS Williams Lake, BC3:09.61223:08.552318.41s
24th29Justin CLEMENTS Calgary, AB3:19.94313:08.702418.56s
25th24James FROST Singhampton, ON4:18.01393:08.812518.67s
26th23Yoann BARELLI Whistler, BC3:02.65143:09.822619.68s
27th30Jack PELLAND Garabaldi Highlands, BCC4 / Corsa Cycles / ENNEF3:11.78233:09.862719.72s
28th18Cody MACARTHUR Duncan, BCDunbar Cycles3:16.65283:10.532820.39s
29th38Wilson THOMPSON Williams Lake, BC3:21.09323:11.642921.50s
30th41Garrett MACINTOSH Garibaldi Highlands, BCDunbar Cycles2:57.3853:13.753023.61s
31st52Simon TELLIER Victoria, BC3:41.50373:13.833123.69s
32nd54Harry ARMSTRONG Squamish, BC3:16.88293:16.283226.14s
33rd39Logan MERRINGER Rossland, BC3:07.41193:16.353326.21s
34th49Heiko KRAUSE Smithers, BC3:24.23343:18.223428.08s
35th22Max GRAYSTON Whistler, BC3:32.88363:18.593528.45s
36th203Adam MANTLE Squamish, BCCorsa / Dunbar Cycles      3:21.843631.70s
38th45James BEZEAU-TREMBLAY Mirabel, QC3:30.03353:24.633834.49s
39th32Steve RIOUX Quebec, QC4:26.52403:28.153938.01s
40th13Travis ROESNER Kimberley, BC3:17.64303:38.144048.00s
12Tristan SANDERS Whistler, BC2:57.354     DNF
33Cordell TREIT Vancouver, BC3:59.4238     DNF
51Jeremy MCDOWELL Nanaimo, BC4:37.5142     DNS
48Logan KEEN Calgary, ABForbidden / Inside Line Mountain Bike Service      DNF     DNS
-Samuel BLOUIN Saint Ferreol Les Neiges, QC      DNS     DNS
-Adriano DIGIACINTO North Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles      DNS     DNS

Male: Expert: 15-16  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1230Bodhi KUHN Rossland, BC      2:57.171-
2nd1253Ryan GRIFFITH Squamish, BC      3:01.8124.64s
3rd1505Max HALCHUK Kelowna, BC      3:03.4336.26s
4th1454Jon MOZELL North Vancouver, BC      3:04.4047.23s
5th1501Dane JEWETT Squamish, BC      3:10.60513.43s
-Tegan CRUZ Pemberton, BCRockshox Trek RT           DNS

Male: Expert: 17-18  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st71Jackson GOLDSTONE Squamish, BC2:53.4612:58.001-
2nd67Cole STINSON Black Creek, BCGravity MTB racing3:10.1043:05.8227.82s
3rd78Elijah BARRON Cobble Hill, BCGravity MTB3:30.71103:06.2438.24s
4th80Haydyn WYNTER Squamish, BC3:09.8633:08.00410.00s
5th70Ivan HANCHARD Smithers, BCGravity MTB3:15.9353:13.21515.21s
6th73Christopher BEATON Pemberton, BCGarbanzo bike and bean3:22.1083:13.76615.76s
7th68Jack LINNELL Pemberton, BCDunbar Cycles3:20.4973:13.90715.90s
8th77Mason GAUTREY Whistler, BC3:16.8263:20.22822.22s
9th72Grady FOCHUK 150 Mile House, BC3:23.9693:20.23922.23s
10th79Connor WHITE Calgary, AB3:42.65123:22.701024.70s
11th75Nate ATKINS Nelson, BC3:38.50113:41.331143.33s
12th74Matt DE GIUSTI Calgary, AB3:56.92133:44.401246.40s
13th76Drew MOZELL North Vancouver, BC3:09.7723:47.901349.90s

Male: Expert/Sport: 19-34  Finish spread

63 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st279Carl GOODWIN Whistler, BCArbutus Sports / Corona Excavations / Gibbons      3:13.051-
2nd274Eric WAHN Nelson, BC      3:13.1320.08s
3rd270Levi KOROSCIL Nelson, BCNRG Enterprises Ltd      3:15.1032.05s
4th259Paul GASCON Calgary, AB      3:19.9546.90s
5th267Matthew ROBINSON Whistler, BCEVO Whistler / Village Sports      3:20.8557.80s
6th272Ben PORTEOUS Neslon, BCDunbar Cycles      3:21.6668.61s
7th273Kristopher MCMECHAN Nelson, BC      3:23.28710.23s
8th242Sean HAYZELDEN Garibaldi Highlands, BC      3:24.94811.89s
9th265Rylan DYCK Calgary, AB      3:25.12912.07s
10th262Niall WOLFE Calgary, AB      3:26.031012.98s
11th247Zach SINGER Kimberley, BC      3:26.331113.28s
12th275Iain MAY Nelson, BC      3:26.391213.34s
13th299Yannik SCHULZ Golden, BC      3:26.571313.52s
14th278Johannes VAN GEEST Squamish, BC      3:27.661414.61s
15th277Russ FOUNTAIN Nelson, BC      3:29.251516.20s
16th109Cole James NELSON West Vancouver, BC      3:30.911617.86s
17th292Ewen MACKAY Whistler, BCGravity Driven      3:31.471718.42s
18th293Nicholas BARREAU Squamish, BCOTC Racing      3:33.471820.42s
19th287Tom SCHEID Golden, BCDERAILED      3:34.911921.86s
20th248Dan MCCUTCHEON Cranbrook, BC      3:34.922021.87s
21st261Eric KUIACK Kelowna, BC      3:35.502122.45s
22nd296Daniel WIGEN Vancouver, BC      3:36.192223.14s
23rd285Cam QUADRELLI Langley, BCEmployment Insurance      3:37.822324.77s
24th245Dennis HOLLAND Fernie, BC      3:38.002424.95s
25th257Peter BURKITT Rossland, BC      3:39.182526.13s
26th289Noah REDECOPP Calgary, AB      3:40.032626.98s
27th271Luke PATTERSON Nelson, BC      3:40.512727.46s
28th252Alex ARNOLD Sparwood, BC      3:41.442828.39s
29th298Jacob DISTILL Squamish, BC      3:42.372929.32s
30th263Sheldon SCHONERT Victoria, BC      3:42.643029.59s
31st295Luke STACK Nelson, BC      3:42.823129.77s
32nd266Zachary HUDY Vancouver, BC      3:43.073230.02s
33rd246Brett WARD Squamish, BCRippers Lounge Racing      3:43.493330.44s
34th283Dalton LINK Fernie, BC      3:44.393431.34s
35th268Shawn O'KEEFE Castlegar, BCTrek      3:45.203532.15s
36th254Ondrej VANA Squamish, BC      3:45.773632.72s
37th286Rory JONES Fernie, BC      3:45.803732.75s
38th251Stephen SHORE Whistler, BCInstinct Development      3:46.703833.65s
39th269Samuel GRAINGER Whistler, BCCorona / Evolution Whistler / Gibbon's      3:48.013934.96s
40th260Charles JUMAWAN Calgary, AB      3:48.254035.20s
41st291Christopher MCDOWELL Calgary, AB      3:48.314135.26s
42nd281Pat DU BOS Whistler, BC      3:48.454235.40s
43rd243Noah DORÉ Richmond, BC      3:48.644335.59s
44th288Cael GEIER Squamish, BC      3:52.904439.85s
45th16Damian FLEETWOOD Rossland, BC      3:55.354542.30s
46th290Sam MEGHJI Calgary, AB      4:03.414650.36s
47th297Aziz ZOUAOUI Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles      4:03.814750.76s
48th264David BIBEAU Golden, BC      4:04.144851.09s
49th249Joshua FULTZ-VEINOTTE Calgary, ABGravity Driven      4:10.084957.03s
50th253Aslan MACY Slocan, BC      4:11.475058.42s
51st250Jacob BENN Roseberry, BC      4:15.50511:02.45
52nd294Brennan KRETT Okotoks, ABClassic Cycle Okotoks / Senders Internatio / Spy      4:17.46521:04.41
53rd284Gareth JONES (u40) Whistler, BC      4:21.90531:08.85
54th1227Matteo BREGLIANO Foothills, AB      5:08.07541:55.02
282John BENNETT Sparwood, BC           DNF
258Vince BOUWSEMA Nanaimo, BC           DNF
280Colby PRINGLE North Vancouver, BC           DNF
244Matthew TONGUE Whistler, BC           DNF
255Drake WALKER Kamloops, BC           DSQ
-Jack FRASER Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING           DNS
241Tom HAVRDA Courtenay, BCGravity MTB racing           DNS
-Connor HELMER Cultus Lake, BC           DNS
256Dave WEEKS Pemberton, BC           DNS

Male: Sport: 15-16  Finish spread

47 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st174Dylan MARINO Whistler, BC      3:08.181-
2nd186Kyle CRAIG Garabaldi Highlands, BC      3:08.7220.54s
3rd151Henry SHERRY Victoria, BCNolan Riding      3:08.8230.64s
4th175Zac STRATTON Pemberton, BC      3:11.3843.20s
5th170Logan CHAPMAN North Vancouver, BC      3:12.3854.20s
6th177Mavic THORPE-SHAW North Vancouver, BC      3:17.8869.70s
7th165Jack MACLEOD Squamish, BC      3:19.49711.31s
8th155Ethan DONOHOE Whistler, BCInstinct Development      3:19.50811.32s
9th153Rosaire WATSON Victoria, BCNolan Riding      3:19.62911.44s
10th162Jacob QUIST Squamish, BC      3:19.731011.55s
11th188Zeth ELLIS Fernie, BC      3:22.491114.31s
12th178Wyatt HARRINGTON North Vancouver, BC      3:25.281217.10s
13th159Zachary FORTIN Kamloops, BC      3:26.471318.29s
14th150Jimi VOSS Victoria, BCNolan Riding      3:28.881420.70s
15th154Jake POLITO Whistler, BC      3:29.001520.82s
16th182Cody WHARTON Golden, BC      3:29.051620.87s
17th181Finnegan CRAIG Golden, BC      3:29.911721.73s
18th152Maddox WYKER Courtenay, BCGravity MTB & Blacks Cycle      3:30.231822.05s
19th176Seth PROULX-ROYDS Kelowna, BCSilverStar RT      3:33.341925.16s
20th187Nolan FIELDING Squamish, BC      3:34.872026.69s
21st167Cory FITCHETT Kelowna, BC      3:35.332127.15s
22nd166Lochlan HARVEY Whistler, BC      3:38.382230.20s
23rd180Owen MCLENNAN Golden, BCGravity Driven      3:39.362331.18s
24th184Nathan HAWKINGS Garibaldi Highlands, BC      3:40.472432.29s
25th168Aven ELSBERG Whistler, BC      3:41.262533.08s
26th171David MCCLYMONT Kamloops, BC      3:48.732640.55s
27th169Sam BEATTY North Vancouver, BC      3:49.752741.57s
28th163Ryan GRIMM Garibaldi Highlands, BC      3:55.092846.91s
29th185Tanner FINDLAY Delta, BC      3:58.162949.98s
30th190Liam CAMPBELL North Vancouver, BC      3:58.313050.13s
31st160Danny KROEKER Kamloops, BC      4:00.163151.98s
32nd161Cole GERMAIN Whitehorse, YT      4:02.093253.91s
33rd189Luke STENBERG Victoria, BC      4:08.153359.97s
34th1507Yuri KLOBUCAR Duncan, BC      4:13.89341:05.71
35th179Clem LOVELESS Cumberland, BCGravity MTB      4:14.68351:06.50
36th1224Tristan HAMRE Grand Cache, AB      4:15.72361:07.54
37th183Cedric CHARRON Pemberton, BC      4:17.18371:09.00
38th156Lucas DAINES Kelowna, BC      4:39.17381:30.99
39th158Dexter WINTON Langley, BC      4:40.13391:31.95
40th321Jesse HUNTER Prince George, BC      5:31.09402:22.91
41st157Steven MACCORMACK Sparwood, BC      5:51.10412:42.92
172Brock HAWES Sun Peaks, BC           DNF
164James ESCOTT Heffley Creek, BC           DNS
-Jesse-Fin GROOT Whistler, BC           DNS
173Ethan HOOPER Heffley Creek, BC           DNS
1508Keton MURPHY Okotoks, AB           DNS
-Sean QUEENAN Comox, BC           DNS

Male: Sport: 17-18  Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st99Wei Tien HO Whistler, BC      3:01.421-
2nd87Marcus GOGUEN Whistler, BC      3:07.8926.47s
3rd88Spencer YOUNG Duncan, BCNolan Riding      3:10.7439.32s
4th92Ryan MCINTOSH (pro) Mount Currie, BC      3:20.07418.65s
5th89Leighton PILLIPOW Prince George, BCPrince George CC      3:24.76523.34s
6th320Max SYLVAIN Fernie, BC      3:30.47629.05s
7th98Matthew MCMILLAN Coldstream, BCSilver Star Bike Team      3:31.67730.25s
8th86Andrew PICKARD Kelowna, BC      3:32.96831.54s
9th319Jamie GLASS Delta, BC      3:34.31932.89s
10th94Mastin HOOPER Heffley Creek, BC      3:35.991034.57s
11th91Tom FRASER Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING      3:36.251134.83s
12th95Colt DONALD Cranbrook, BC      3:40.111238.69s
13th93Taylor MUNDEN Kamloops, BC      3:42.711341.29s
14th96Lance CALAGAN Calgary, AB      3:45.931444.51s
15th138Jett NELSON West Vancouver, BC      3:50.641549.22s
16th97Kalan KORETZ Prince George, BC      4:10.95161:09.53
90Euan HENDERSON Kelowna, BC           DNF
-Faber DARLING-MOSSEY Sooke, Bc, BC           DNS
1506Christopher GILES High River, AB           DNS
-Connor HOSKINS Calgary, ABGraviti Driven Racing           DNS

Male: 13-14  Finish spread

29 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st129Callum ELBURN North Vancouver, BC      3:24.711-
2nd120Mateo QUIST Squamish, BC      3:29.0424.33s
3rd123Jaxon BLAKE Kelowna, BC      3:36.95312.24s
4th119Isaac HULME Fernie, BC      3:38.31413.60s
5th115Ryder WILSON Nanaimo, BC      3:43.35518.64s
6th137Ryder DECHKA Calgary, AB      3:45.27620.56s
7th135Jed FLEMING Golden, BCDERAILED      3:49.09724.38s
8th117Rhys VATH 150 Mile House, BC      3:53.28828.57s
9th130Ethan ESKELIN Kimberley, BC      3:53.35928.64s
10th124Wyatt ATKINS Nelson, BC      3:54.331029.62s
11th136Rory WELLS Squamish, BCTeam Squamish      3:57.521132.81s
12th126Sam TIERNEY Mount Currie, BC      3:58.781234.07s
13th128Alex VAN IPEREN BENOIT North Vancouver, BC      4:07.921343.21s
14th132Julian MOUTINHO Victoria, BCNolan Riding      4:08.051443.34s
15th111Noah MILNER Vernon, BC      4:09.541544.83s
16th118Lucas ZHOU Surrey, BC      4:10.281645.57s
17th121Sean MACLEOD Garibaldi Highlands, BC      4:14.791750.08s
18th127Grayson BARTH Whistler, BCZep Mtb Camps      4:16.761852.05s
19th133Jack GALBRAITH Kamloops, BC      4:16.891952.18s
20th113Ian BARCELLOS Vernon, BCNOCS      4:17.792053.08s
21st131Tayton ROBISON Kimberley, BC      4:19.362154.65s
22nd116Oihanes MOLINER CLARK Williams Lake, BC      4:24.89221:00.18
23rd114Lucas RYALL Mission, BCIndependent Cycles      4:38.79231:14.08
24th134Austin MAKSON Mill Bay, BCCowichan Cycles      4:40.00241:15.29
25th125Linden SINOW-HORTON Maple Ridge, BC      4:54.90251:30.19
26th122Drew SOLMES Vernon, BCNorth Okanagan Cycling Society      5:21.45261:56.74
27th112Kai LUND North Vancouver, BC      6:37.70273:12.99
-Stein OSBORNE Golden, BC           DNS
-Anthony SHELLY Whistler, BC           DNS

Male: 35-44  Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st210Rafael WEBBER PEREIRA Port Moody, BC      3:11.501-
2nd209Tom POWER Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing      3:14.7223.22s
3rd208Dan SIMS North Vancouver, BCCorsa / Dunbar Cycles      3:17.6536.15s
4th212Tim COLEMAN Coquitlam, BC      3:19.1747.67s
5th201Kevin BARTKOWSKI Heffley Creek, BC      3:23.12511.62s
6th211Kurtis CROWDER Fernie, BC      3:23.73612.23s
7th213Kurtis ELLIS Fernie, BC      3:31.59720.09s
8th200Joe BAUCKHAM North Vancouver, BC      3:34.27822.77s
9th69George AMOS North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing      3:36.33924.83s
10th216Joey BARBA Edmonton, ABGround Zero      3:39.981028.48s
11th217Tyler PIGHIN Cranbrook, BC      3:41.761130.26s
12th205Josh DE LA SALLE Whitehorse, YT      3:42.111230.61s
13th206Eric FISHER Calgary, ABGraviti Driven Racing      3:46.061334.56s
14th204Chris HANCOCK Cumberland, BCGravity MTB      3:53.351441.85s
15th218Wade DONALD Cranbrook, BC      3:54.161542.66s
16th215Daniel KOREL Squamish, BC      4:03.691652.19s
17th207Joseph BARBOUR North Vancouver, BC      4:03.951752.45s
18th214Marty MADSEN Okotoks, ABClassic Cycle Okotoks / Classic Source For Sport      4:24.73181:13.23
19th1221Blair HAMRE Grande Cache, AB      4:25.42191:13.92
202Chris GIESBRECHT Elkford, BC           DNF

Male: 45-54  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st229James STEWART (CAN) Golden, BCDERAILED      3:23.591-
2nd228Cory LELLERL Squamish, BCC4 Norco Racing      3:25.3621.77s
3rd223Robert VENABLES Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles      3:26.5432.95s
4th231Derek BIRD Fernie, BCBirdhouse Roofing      3:27.7744.18s
5th220Kevin FOWLIE Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing      3:44.31520.72s
6th224Graham BEATTY North Vancouver, BC      3:49.48625.89s
7th219Darren LARSON Mission, BCRippers Lounge Racing      3:56.95733.36s
8th221Brett CARELS Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing      4:06.87843.28s
9th226Thomas HILL Nelson Bc, BC      4:23.45959.86s
10th225Andrew KEEN Calgary, AB      4:34.79101:11.20
11th227Michael STEWART Garibaldi Highlands, BCC4      4:36.19111:12.60
12th222Craig JOHNS Calgary, ABGraviti Driven Racing      4:55.75121:32.16
13th232Paul SUDLOW Calgary, AB      6:02.51132:38.92
14th230Mark DOBIE Penticton, BC      6:04.58142:40.99
-Jerrod HOSKINS Calgary, ABGraviti Driven Racing           DNS
-Peter SCHENK Garibaldi Highlands, BC           DNS

Male: 55+  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st235Don VAN EESTEREN Garibaldi Highlands, BC      3:26.251-
2nd237Michael MOONEY North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing      3:42.87216.62s
3rd238John NIHSNER Golden, BCDERAILED      3:55.66329.41s
236Peter CARSON Georgestown, ON           DNS

Male: Pre-runner  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st322Ewan THOMSON Okotoks, ABCalgary BMX      3:48.011-
2nd323Cohen JOHNS Calgary, ABGraviti Driven Racing      4:41.51253.50s
324Ryan HOSKINS Calgary, ABGraviti Driven Intense           DNS



Female: Pro  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st8Rachel PAGEAU Chicoutimi, QC3:38.1513:33.971-
2nd1Claire BUCHAR Whistler, BC3:40.4423:37.3223.35s
3rd6Jennifer MCHUGH Fernie, BC3:57.0963:38.1834.21s
4th4Lucy SCHICK Gibsons, BCMaxxis / Norco / NS Billet / oneup components3:47.5733:43.5649.59s
5th3Julia LONG Whistler, BC4:01.6883:46.74512.77s
6th7Ainhoa IJURKO Squamish, BC3:57.0353:46.97613.00s
7th2Bailey GOLDSTONE Squamish, BC3:48.6943:56.46722.49s
8th5Kyleigh STEWART Kamloops, BC4:00.5374:08.18834.21s
9th9Stephanie NYCHKA Calgary, AB4:13.5094:17.13943.16s
-Vaea VERBEECK Vernon, BC      DNS     

Female: Open  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st314Joy ATTALLA Fernie, BC      4:17.481-
2nd317Kalani SCOTT Revelstoke, BC      4:22.7225.24s
3rd316Jasmine FUNK Prince George, BC      4:37.58320.10s
4th311Andrea BALUTIS Calgary, ABSlaydiesMTB      4:37.69420.21s
5th315Michelle THORNE Fernie, BC      4:40.79523.31s
6th312Katherine BARRY Port Moody, BC      4:45.03627.55s
7th318Sofia FORSMAN Garibaldi Highlands, BC      4:59.19741.71s
-Taylor CHRUSZCZ Revelstoke, BC           DNS
313Clare LIVINGSTONE Squamish, BC           DNS

Female: Expert/Sport: 19-34  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st276Chandrima LAVOIE Nelson, BC      3:59.751-
2nd101Katie SPITTLEHOUSE Rossland, BC      4:04.6924.94s
3rd102Kirsten VAN HORNE Nelson, BC      4:08.3738.62s
4th106Brittany WOOD Port Moody, BC      4:09.92410.17s
5th103Lauren DUDAR Golden, BCDERAILED      4:12.20512.45s
6th105Nicole KENNEDY Garibaldi Highlands, BC      4:26.55626.80s
7th104Krista COOK Castlegar, BC      4:31.22731.47s
100Lauren ECKERT Spokane Valley, WA, USA           DNS
-Tori KALYNIUK North Saanich, BCLocal Ride RT           DNS

Female: 13-14  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st145Cameron BRAGG Whistler, BC      4:28.771-
2nd146Tayte PROULX-ROYDS Kelowna, BCLiv Canada Off-Road Team      4:29.8421.07s

Female: 15-16  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st194Lucy VAN EESTEREN Garibaldi Highlands, BC      3:59.001-
2nd191Tori WEATHERBIE Squamish, BC      4:28.30229.30s
3rd195Kayley SHERLOCK Squamish, BC      4:39.42340.42s
4th192Heidi SCHENK Garabaldi Highlands, BC      4:58.72459.72s
5th196Emily GOOD Garibaldi Highlands, BC      5:06.0451:07.04
6th193Jorja MACINTOSH Calgary, AB      7:13.5463:14.54

Female: 17-18  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st63Emmy LAN Comox, BCCommencal Canada3:46.7313:44.571-
2nd62Lily BOUCHER Squamish, BCCommencal Canada4:17.8224:09.74225.17s
3rd65Vanessa BRUNEAU North Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles4:53.6034:43.79359.22s
4th64Elly HOSKIN Garibaldi Highlands, BCTeam Squamish Cycling5:09.3344:47.3941:02.82
61Ayva GAUDET Whistler, BC      DNS     DNF
-Gracey HEMSTREET Sechelt, BC      DNS     DNS



Mixed: Adaptive (e Assist)  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st310Landon MCGAULEY Kamloops, BC      4:28.281-
2nd309Ethan KRUEGER Surrey, BC      4:36.6628.38s
3rd305Scott PATTERSON Vancouver, BC      5:01.79333.51s
4th300Richard VANDERWAL Toronto, ONHandcycle Club of Canada      5:40.5641:12.28
5th302Robert BUREN Oakville, ON      5:46.4351:18.15
6th307Cameron LOCHHEAD Kelowna, BCSilver Star Bike Team      5:52.8061:24.52
7th304Sierra ROTH Victoria, BC      6:08.7371:40.45
8th303David SAGAL Calgary, AB      6:19.9981:51.71
9th308Cole BERNIER Kelowna, BC      7:35.4893:07.20

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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