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2021 BC Cup p/b Cobotix round 2 at Fernie, BC

(2021 Canada Cup, Round 2)

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Male: Pro  Finish spread

46 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st14Kirk MCDOWALL Anmore, BCDunbar Cycles Devinci2:53.1922:50.141-
2nd27Jackson FREW Gowrie, AustraliaAuscycling2:57.7582:51.9321.79s
3rd36Forrest RIESCO Gibsons, BCCommencal Canada3:12.45262:52.0531.91s
4th47Peter KNOTT Whistler, BC2:57.7172:52.7642.62s
5th25Kendall MCLEAN Ladysmith, BC2:57.5662:54.6554.51s
6th43Samuel THIBAULT Bromont, QCCNCB-Bolt2:58.29102:54.9764.83s
7th34Vlad SHERRYUBLE Ottawa, ONAesthetic2:58.2292:55.8175.67s
8th28Patrick LAFFEY Qualicum Beach, BC2:57.0832:57.6287.48s
9th19Emmett HANCOCK Kelowna, BCBlueprin / Fox / Norco / POC / Shimano / Vorsprung3:02.34132:58.1898.04s
10th50Brett RHEEDER Vernon, BC3:11.78232:59.26109.12s
11th44Adam WOODHOUSE North Vancouver, BC3:06.06172:59.66119.52s
12th40Keegan FRY Rossland, BCVan Pits3:01.72113:00.791210.65s
13th15Chris KOVARIK Whistler, BC3:01.79123:01.001310.86s
14th20Luke STEVENS Revelstoke, BC3:05.75163:03.041412.90s
15th11Anthony EVANS Penticton, BC3:03.84153:03.051512.91s
16th53Rob DAVIS North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:08.27203:03.711613.57s
17th21Sheldon SMITH Revelstoke, BC3:08.58213:03.831713.69s
18th17Lucas CRUZ Pemberton, BCNorco3:15.29273:04.211814.07s
19th31Dean TENNANT Shawnigan Lake, BCDunbar Cycles3:07.01183:04.291914.15s
20th37Gabriel NERON Squamish, BCDunbar Cycles2:52.1513:04.582014.44s
21st46Ryan MENTAKIS Whistler, BC4:30.81413:07.472117.33s
22nd26Sky DUNN-SARVIS Argenta, BC3:12.18253:07.772217.63s
23rd42Brandon DOUGLAS Williams Lake, BC3:09.61223:08.552318.41s
24th29Justin CLEMENTS Calgary, AB3:19.94313:08.702418.56s
25th24James FROST Singhampton, ON4:18.01393:08.812518.67s
26th23Yoann BARELLI Whistler, BC3:02.65143:09.822619.68s
27th30Jack PELLAND Garabaldi Highlands, BCC4 / Corsa Cycles / ENNEF3:11.78233:09.862719.72s
28th18Cody MACARTHUR Duncan, BCDunbar Cycles3:16.65283:10.532820.39s
29th38Wilson THOMPSON Williams Lake, BC3:21.09323:11.642921.50s
30th41Garrett MACINTOSH Garibaldi Highlands, BCDunbar Cycles2:57.3853:13.753023.61s
31st52Simon TELLIER Victoria, BC3:41.50373:13.833123.69s
32nd54Harry ARMSTRONG Squamish, BC3:16.88293:16.283226.14s
33rd39Logan MERRINGER Rossland, BC3:07.41193:16.353326.21s
34th49Heiko KRAUSE Smithers, BC3:24.23343:18.223428.08s
35th22Max GRAYSTON Whistler, BC3:32.88363:18.593528.45s
36th203Adam MANTLE Squamish, BCCorsa / Dunbar Cycles3:21.843631.70s
37th35Yusuke YAMAMOTO Burnaby, BCDunbar Cycles3:22.20333:22.853732.71s
38th45James BEZEAU-TREMBLAY Mirabel, QC3:30.03353:24.633834.49s
39th32Steve RIOUX Quebec, QC4:26.52403:28.153938.01s
40th13Travis ROESNER Kimberley, BC3:17.64303:38.144048.00s
12Tristan SANDERS Whistler, BC2:57.354DNF
33Cordell TREIT Vancouver, BC3:59.4238DNF
51Jeremy MCDOWELL Nanaimo, BC4:37.5142DNS
48Logan KEEN Calgary, ABForbidden / Inside Line Mountain Bike ServiceDNFDNS
-Samuel BLOUIN Saint Ferreol Les Neiges, QCDNSDNS
-Adriano DIGIACINTO North Vancouver, BCDunbar CyclesDNSDNS

Male: Expert: 15-16  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st1230Bodhi KUHN Rossland, BC2:57.171-
2nd1253Ryan GRIFFITH Squamish, BC3:01.8124.64s
3rd1505Max HALCHUK Kelowna, BC3:03.4336.26s
4th1454Jon MOZELL North Vancouver, BC3:04.4047.23s
5th1501Dane JEWETT Squamish, BC3:10.60513.43s

Male: Expert: 17-18  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st71Jackson GOLDSTONE Squamish, BC2:53.4612:58.001-
2nd67Cole STINSON Black Creek, BCGravity MTB racing3:10.1043:05.8227.82s
3rd78Elijah BARRON Cobble Hill, BCGravity MTB3:30.71103:06.2438.24s
4th80Haydyn WYNTER Squamish, BC3:09.8633:08.00410.00s
5th70Ivan HANCHARD Smithers, BCGravity MTB3:15.9353:13.21515.21s
6th73Christopher BEATON Pemberton, BCGarbanzo bike and bean3:22.1083:13.76615.76s
7th68Jack LINNELL Pemberton, BCDunbar Cycles3:20.4973:13.90715.90s
8th77Mason GAUTREY Whistler, BC3:16.8263:20.22822.22s
9th72Grady FOCHUK 150 Mile House, BC3:23.9693:20.23922.23s
10th79Connor WHITE Calgary, AB3:42.65123:22.701024.70s
11th75Nate ATKINS Nelson, BC3:38.50113:41.331143.33s
12th74Matthew DEGIUSTI Calgary, AB3:56.92133:44.401246.40s
13th76Drew MOZELL North Vancouver, BC3:09.7723:47.901349.90s

Male: Expert/Sport: 19-34  Finish spread

63 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st279Carl GOODWIN Whistler, BCArbutus Sports / Corona Excavations / Gibbons3:13.051-
2nd274Eric WAHN Nelson, BC3:13.1320.08s
3rd270Levi KOROSCIL Nelson, BCNRG Enterprises Ltd3:15.1032.05s
4th259Paul GASCON Calgary, AB3:19.9546.90s
5th267Matthew ROBINSON Whistler, BCEVO Whistler / Village Sports3:20.8557.80s
6th272Ben PORTEOUS Neslon, BCDunbar Cycles3:21.6668.61s
7th273Kristopher MCMECHAN Nelson, BC3:23.28710.23s
8th242Sean HAYZELDEN Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:24.94811.89s
9th265Rylan DYCK Calgary, AB3:25.12912.07s
10th262Niall WOLFE Calgary, AB3:26.031012.98s
11th247Zach SINGER Kimberley, BC3:26.331113.28s
12th275Iain MAY Nelson, BC3:26.391213.34s
13th299Yannik SCHULZ Golden, BC3:26.571313.52s
14th278Johannes (Casper) VAN GEEST Squamish, BC3:27.661414.61s
15th277Russ FOUNTAIN Nelson, BC3:29.251516.20s
16th109Cole James NELSON West Vancouver, BC3:30.911617.86s
17th292Ewen MACKAY Whistler, BCGravity Driven3:31.471718.42s
18th293Nicholas BARREAU Squamish, BCOTC Racing3:33.471820.42s
19th287Tom SCHEID Golden, BCDERAILED3:34.911921.86s
20th248Dan MCCUTCHEON Cranbrook, BC3:34.922021.87s
21st261Eric KUIACK Kelowna, BC3:35.502122.45s
22nd296Daniel WIGEN Vancouver, BC3:36.192223.14s
23rd285Cam QUADRELLI Langley, BCEmployment Insurance3:37.822324.77s
24th245Dennis HOLLAND Fernie, BC3:38.002424.95s
25th257Peter BURKITT Rossland, BC3:39.182526.13s
26th289Noah REDECOPP Calgary, AB3:40.032626.98s
27th271Luke PATTERSON Nelson, BC3:40.512727.46s
28th252Alex ARNOLD Sparwood, BC3:41.442828.39s
29th298Jacob DISTILL Squamish, BC3:42.372929.32s
30th263Sheldon SCHONERT Victoria, BC3:42.643029.59s
31st295Luke STACK Nelson, BC3:42.823129.77s
32nd266Zachary HUDY Vancouver, BC3:43.073230.02s
33rd246Brett WARD Squamish, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:43.493330.44s
34th283Dalton LINK Fernie, BC3:44.393431.34s
35th268Shawn O'KEEFE Castlegar, BCTrek3:45.203532.15s
36th254Ondrej VANA Squamish, BC3:45.773632.72s
37th286Rory JONES Fernie, BC3:45.803732.75s
38th251Stephen SHORE Whistler, BCInstinct Development3:46.703833.65s
39th269Samuel GRAINGER Whistler, BCCorona / Evolution Whistler / Gibbon's3:48.013934.96s
40th260Charles Roge Maic JUMAWAN Calgary, AB3:48.254035.20s
41st291Christopher MCDOWELL Calgary, AB3:48.314135.26s
42nd281Pat DU BOS Whistler, BC3:48.454235.40s
43rd243Noah DORÉ Richmond, BC3:48.644335.59s
44th288Cael GEIER Squamish, BC3:52.904439.85s
45th16Damian FLEETWOOD Rossland, BC3:55.354542.30s
46th290Sam MEGHJI Calgary, AB4:03.414650.36s
47th297Abdellaziz ZOUAOUI Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles4:03.814750.76s
48th264David BIBEAU Golden, BC4:04.144851.09s
49th249Joshua FULTZ-VEINOTTE Calgary, ABGravity Driven4:10.084957.03s
50th253Aslan MACY Slocan, BC4:11.475058.42s
51st250Jacob BENN Roseberry, BC4:15.50511:02.45
52nd294Brennan KRETT Okotoks, ABClassic Cycle Okotoks / Senders Internatio / Spy4:17.46521:04.41
53rd284Gareth JONES Whistler, BC4:21.90531:08.85
54th1227Matteo BREGLIANO Foothills, AB5:08.07541:55.02
244Matthew TONGUE Whistler, BCDNF
258Vince BOUWSEMA Nanaimo, BCDNF
280Colby PRINGLE North Vancouver, BCDNF
282John BENNETT Sparwood, BCDNF
255Drake WALKER Kamloops, BCDSQ
241Tom HAVRDA Courtenay, BCGravity MTB racingDNS
256Dave WEEKS Pemberton, BCDNS
-Connor HELMER Cultus Lake, BCDNS

Male: Sport: 15-16  Finish spread

47 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st174Dylan MARINO Whistler, BC3:08.181-
2nd186Kyle CRAIG Garabaldi Highlands, BC3:08.7220.54s
3rd151Henry SHERRY Victoria, BCNolan Riding3:08.8230.64s
4th175Zac STRATTON Pemberton, BC3:11.3843.20s
5th170Logan CHAPMAN North Vancouver, BC3:12.3854.20s
6th177Mavic THORPE SHAW North Vancouver, BC3:17.8869.70s
7th165Jack MACLEOD Squamish, BC3:19.49711.31s
8th155Ethan DONOHOE Whistler, BCInstinct Development3:19.50811.32s
9th153Rosaire WATSON Victoria, BCNolan Riding3:19.62911.44s
10th162Jacob QUIST Squamish, BC3:19.731011.55s
11th188Zeth ELLIS Fernie, BC3:22.491114.31s
12th178Wyatt HARRINGTON North Vancouver, BC3:25.281217.10s
13th159Zachary FORTIN Kamloops, BC3:26.471318.29s
14th150Jimi VOSS Victoria, BCNolan Riding3:28.881420.70s
15th154Jake POLITO Whistler, BC3:29.001520.82s
16th182Cody WHARTON Golden, BC3:29.051620.87s
17th181Finnegan CRAIG Golden, BC3:29.911721.73s
18th152Maddox WYKER Courtenay, BCGravity MTB & Blacks Cycle3:30.231822.05s
19th176Seth PROULX-ROYDS Kelowna, BCSilverStar Race Team3:33.341925.16s
20th187Nolan FIELDING Squamish, BC3:34.872026.69s
21st167Cory FITCHETT Kelowna, BC3:35.332127.15s
22nd166Lochlan HARVEY Whistler, BC3:38.382230.20s
23rd180Owen MCLENNAN Golden, BCGravity Driven3:39.362331.18s
24th184Nathan HAWKINGS Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:40.472432.29s
25th168Aven ELSBERG Whistler, BC3:41.262533.08s
26th171David MCCLYMONT Kamloops, BC3:48.732640.55s
27th169Sam BEATTY North Vancouver, BC3:49.752741.57s
28th163Ryan GRIMM Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:55.092846.91s
29th185Tanner FINDLAY Delta, BC3:58.162949.98s
30th190Liam CAMPBELL North Vancouver, BC3:58.313050.13s
31st160Danny KROEKER Kamloops, BC4:00.163151.98s
32nd161Cole GERMAIN Whitehorse, YT4:02.093253.91s
33rd189Luke STENBERG Victoria, BC4:08.153359.97s
34th1507Yuri KLOBUCAR Duncan, BC4:13.89341:05.71
35th179Clem LOVELESS Cumberland, BCGravity MTB4:14.68351:06.50
36th1224Tristan HAMRE Grand Cache, AB4:15.72361:07.54
37th183Cedric CHARRON Pemberton, BC4:17.18371:09.00
38th156Lucas DAINES Kelowna, BC4:39.17381:30.99
39th158Dexter WINTON Langley, BC4:40.13391:31.95
40th321Jesse HUNTER Prince George, BC5:31.09402:22.91
41st157Steven MACCORMACK Sparwood, BC5:51.10412:42.92
172Brock HAWES Sun Peaks, BCDNF
1508Keton MURPHY Okotoks, ABDNS
164James ESCOTT Heffley Creek, BCDNS
173Ethan HOOPER Heffley Creek, BCDNS
-Jesse-Fin GROOT Whistler, BCDNS

Male: Sport: 17-18  Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st99Wei Tien HO Whistler, BC3:01.421-
2nd87Marcus GOGUEN Whistler, BC3:07.8926.47s
3rd88Spencer YOUNG Duncan, BCNolan Riding3:10.7439.32s
4th92Ryan MCINTOSH (u21) Mount Currie, BC3:20.07418.65s
5th89Leighton PILLIPOW Prince George, BCPrince George Cycling Club3:24.76523.34s
6th320Max SYLVAIN Fernie, BC3:30.47629.05s
7th98Matthew MCMILLAN Coldstream, BCSilver Star Bike Team3:31.67730.25s
8th86Andrew PICKARD Kelowna, BC3:32.96831.54s
9th319Jamie GLASS Delta, BC3:34.31932.89s
10th94Mastin HOOPER Heffley Creek, BC3:35.991034.57s
11th91Tom FRASER Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:36.251134.83s
12th95Colt DONALD Cranbrook, BC3:40.111238.69s
13th93Taylor MUNDEN Kamloops, BC3:42.711341.29s
14th96Lance CALAGAN Calgary, AB3:45.931444.51s
15th138Jett NELSON West Vancouver, BC3:50.641549.22s
16th97Kalan KORETZ Prince George, BC4:10.95161:09.53
-Connor HOSKINS Calgary, ABGraviti Driven RacingDNS
1506Christopher GILES High River, ABDNS

Male: Adaptive (e Assist)  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st310Landon MCGAULEY Kamloops, BC4:28.281-
2nd309Ethan KRUEGER Surrey, BC4:36.6628.38s
3rd305Scott PATTERSON Vancouver, BC5:01.79333.51s
4th300Richard VANDERWAL Toronto, ONHandcycle Club of Canada5:40.5641:12.28
5th302Robert BUREN Oakville, ON5:46.4351:18.15
6th307Cameron LOCHHEAD Kelowna, BCSilver Star Bike Team5:52.8061:24.52
7th304Sierra ROTH Victoria, BC6:08.7371:40.45
8th303David SAGAL Calgary, AB6:19.9981:51.71
9th308Cole BERNIER Kelowna, BC7:35.4893:07.20

Male: 13-14  Finish spread

29 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st129Callum ELBURN North Vancouver, BC3:24.711-
2nd120Mateo QUIST Squamish, BC3:29.0424.33s
3rd123Jaxon BLAKE Kelowna, BC3:36.95312.24s
4th119Isaac HULME Fernie, BC3:38.31413.60s
5th115Ryder WILSON Nanaimo, BC3:43.35518.64s
6th137Ryder DECHKA Calgary, AB3:45.27620.56s
7th135Jed FLEMING Golden, BCDERAILED3:49.09724.38s
8th117Rhys VATH 150 Mile House, BC3:53.28828.57s
9th130Ethan ESKELIN Kimberley, BC3:53.35928.64s
10th124Wyatt ATKINS Nelson, BC3:54.331029.62s
11th136Rory WELLS Squamish, BCTeam Squamish3:57.521132.81s
12th126Sam TIERNEY Mount Currie, BC3:58.781234.07s
13th128Alex VAN IPEREN BENOIT North Vancouver, BC4:07.921343.21s
14th132Julian MOUTINHO Victoria, BCNolan Riding4:08.051443.34s
15th111Noah MILNER Vernon, BC4:09.541544.83s
16th118Lucas ZHOU Surrey, BC4:10.281645.57s
17th121Sean MACLEOD Garibaldi Highlands, BC4:14.791750.08s
18th127Grayson BARTH Whistler, BCZep Mtb Camps4:16.761852.05s
19th133Jack GALBRAITH Kamloops, BC4:16.891952.18s
20th113Ian BARCELLOS Vernon, BCNOCS4:17.792053.08s
21st131Tayton ROBISON Kimberley, BC4:19.362154.65s
22nd116Oihanes MOLINER CLARK Williams Lake, BC4:24.89221:00.18
23rd114Lucas RYALL Mission, BCIndependent Cycles4:38.79231:14.08
24th134Austin MAKSAN Mill Bay, BCCowichan Cycles4:40.00241:15.29
25th125Linden SINOW-HORTON Maple Ridge, BC4:54.90251:30.19
26th122Drew SOLMES Vernon, BCNorth Okanagan Cycling Society5:21.45261:56.74
27th112Kai LUND North Vancouver, BC6:37.70273:12.99
-Stein OSBORNE Golden, BCDNS
-Anthony SHELLY Whistler, BCDNS

Male: 35-44  Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st210Rafael WEBBER Port Moody, BC3:11.501-
2nd209Tom POWER Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:14.7223.22s
3rd208Dan SIMS North Vancouver, BCCorsa / Dunbar Cycles3:17.6536.15s
4th212Tim COLEMAN Coquitlam, BC3:19.1747.67s
5th201Kevin BARTKOWSKI Heffley Creek, BC3:23.12511.62s
6th211Kurtis CROWDER Fernie, BC3:23.73612.23s
7th213Kurtis ELLIS Fernie, BC3:31.59720.09s
8th200Joe BAUCKHAM North Vancouver, BC3:34.27822.77s
9th69George AMOS North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:36.33924.83s
10th216Joey BARBA Edmonton, ABGround Zero3:39.981028.48s
11th217Tyler PIGHIN Cranbrook, BC3:41.761130.26s
12th205Josh DE LA SALLE Whitehorse, YT3:42.111230.61s
13th206Eric FISHER Calgary, ABGraviti Driven Racing3:46.061334.56s
14th204Chris HANCOCK Cumberland, BCGravity MTB3:53.351441.85s
15th218Wade DONALD Cranbrook, BC3:54.161542.66s
16th215Daniel KOREL Squamish, BC4:03.691652.19s
17th207Joseph BARBOUR North Vancouver, BC4:03.951752.45s
18th214Marty MADSEN Okotoks, ABClassic Cycle Okotoks / Classic Source For Sport4:24.73181:13.23
19th1221Blair HAMRE Grande Cache, AB4:25.42191:13.92
202Chris GIESBRECHT Elkford, BCDNF

Male: 45-54  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st229James STEWART Golden, BCDERAILED3:23.591-
2nd228Cory LELLERL Squamish, BCC4 Norco Racing3:25.3621.77s
3rd223Rob VENABLES Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:26.5432.95s
4th231Derek BIRD Fernie, BCBirdhouse Roofing3:27.7744.18s
5th220Kevin FOWLIE Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:44.31520.72s
6th224Graham BEATTY North Vancouver, BC3:49.48625.89s
7th219Darren LARSON Mission, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:56.95733.36s
8th221Brett CARELS Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing4:06.87843.28s
9th226Thomas HILL Nelson Bc, BC4:23.45959.86s
10th225Andrew KEEN Calgary, AB4:34.79101:11.20
11th227Michael STEWART Garibaldi Highlands, BCC44:36.19111:12.60
12th222Craig JOHNS Calgary, ABGraviti Driven Racing4:55.75121:32.16
13th232Paul SUDLOW Calgary, AB6:02.51132:38.92
14th230Mark DOBIE Penticton, BC6:04.58142:40.99
-Jerrod HOSKINS Calgary, ABGraviti Driven RacingDNS
-Peter SCHENK Garibaldi Highlands, BCDNS

Male: 55+  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st235Donald VAN EESTEREN Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:26.251-
2nd237Michael MOONEY North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:42.87216.62s
3rd238John NIHSNER Golden, BCDERAILED3:55.66329.41s
236Peter CARSON Georgestown, ONDNS

Male: Pre-runner  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st322Ewan THOMSON Okotoks, ABCalgary BMX3:48.011-
2nd323Cohen JOHNS Calgary, ABGraviti Driven Racing4:41.51253.50s
324Ryan HOSKINS Calgary, ABGraviti Driven IntenseDNS



Female: Pro  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st8Rachel PAGEAU Chicoutimi, QC3:38.1513:33.971-
2nd1Claire BUCHAR Whistler, BC3:40.4423:37.3223.35s
3rd6Jennifer MCHUGH Fernie, BC3:57.0963:38.1834.21s
4th4Lucy SCHICK Gibsons, BCMaxxis / Norco / NS Billet / oneup components3:47.5733:43.5649.59s
5th3Julia LONG Whistler, BC4:01.6883:46.74512.77s
6th7Ainhoa IJURKO Squamish, BC3:57.0353:46.97613.00s
7th2Bailey GOLDSTONE Squamish, BC3:48.6943:56.46722.49s
8th5Kyleigh STEWART Kamloops, BC4:00.5374:08.18834.21s
9th9Stephanie NYCHKA Calgary, AB4:13.5094:17.13943.16s

Female: Open  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st314Joy ATTALLA Fernie, BC4:17.481-
2nd317Kalani SCOTT Revelstoke, BC4:22.7225.24s
3rd316Jasmine FUNK Prince George, BC4:37.58320.10s
4th311Andrea BALUTIS Calgary, ABSlaydiesMTB4:37.69420.21s
5th315Michelle THORNE Fernie, BC4:40.79523.31s
6th312Katherine BARRY Port Moody, BC4:45.03627.55s
7th318Sofia FORSMAN Garibaldi Highlands, BC4:59.19741.71s
313Clare LIVINGSTONE Squamish, BCDNS
-Taylor CHRUSZCZ Revelstoke, BCDNS

Female: Expert/Sport: 19-34  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st276Chandrima LAVOIE Nelson, BC3:59.751-
2nd101Katie SPITTLEHOUSE Rossland, BC4:04.6924.94s
3rd102Kirsten VAN HORE Nelson, BC4:08.3738.62s
4th106Brittany WOOD Port Moody, BC4:09.92410.17s
5th103Lauren DUDUR Golden, BCDERAILED4:12.20512.45s
6th105Nicole KENNEDY Garibaldi Highlands, BC4:26.55626.80s
7th104Krista COOK Castlegar, BC4:31.22731.47s
-Tori KALYNIUK North Saanich, BCLocal Ride Race TeamDNS
100Lauren ECKERT Spokane Valley, WA, USADNS

Female: 13-14  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st145Cameron BRAGG Whistler, BC4:28.771-
2nd146Tayte PROULX-ROYDS Kelowna, BCLiv Canada Off-Road Team4:29.8421.07s

Female: 15-16  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st194Lucy VAN EESTEREN Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:59.001-
2nd191Tori WEATHERBIE Squamish, BC4:28.30229.30s
3rd195Kayley SHERLOCK Squamish, BC4:39.42340.42s
4th192Heidi SCHENK Garabaldi Highlands, BC4:58.72459.72s
5th196Emily GOOD Garibaldi Highlands, BC5:06.0451:07.04
6th193Jorja MACINTOSH Calgary, AB7:13.5463:14.54

Female: 17-18  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st63Emmy LAN Comox, BCCommencal Canada3:46.7313:44.571-
2nd62Lily BOUCHER Squamish, BCCommencal Canada4:17.8224:09.74225.17s
3rd65Vanessa BRUNEAU North Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles4:53.6034:43.79359.22s
4th64Elly HOSKIN Garibaldi Highlands, BCTeam Squamish Cycling5:09.3344:47.3941:02.82
61Ayva GAUDET Whistler, BCDNSDNF
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