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Pro men  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st27Gabriel NERON Squamish, BCDunbar Cycles1:57.281-
2nd35Garrett MACINTOSH Garibaldi Highlands, BCDunbar Cycles2:00.7723.49s
3rd38Henry FITZGERALD West Vancouver, BCNorco2:00.8733.59s
4th33Heiko KRAUSE Smithers, BC2:01.6044.32s
5th133Patrick LAFFEY Qualicum Beach, BCDevinci2:02.3655.08s
6th34Jack PELLAND Garibaldi Highlands, BCC4 / Corsa Cycles / ENNEF2:04.3567.07s
7th37Daniel SHAW North Vancouver, BCKnolly Bikes2:04.3877.10s
8th32Wilson THOMPSON Williams Lake, BC2:04.4187.13s
9th39Sky DUNN-SARVIS Argenta, BC2:05.4298.14s
10th36Jacob TOOKE Vernon, BCWe Are One Composites2:05.59108.31s
11th29Logan MERRINGER Rossland, BC2:06.41119.13s
12th31Brandon DOUGLAS Williams Lake, BC2:08.701211.42s
13th30Raimundo GUZMAN Squamish, BCPenalolen bmx racing2:08.881311.60s
14th26Adam WOODHOUSE North Vancouver, BCC4 / Norco Racing2:09.791412.51s
15th338Yusuke YAMAMOTO Burnaby, BCDunbar Cycyles Corsa Cycles2:12.621515.34s
132Peter KNOTT Whistler, BCDNS

Open men

1 competitor found

Expert/Sport 19-34 men  Finish spread

47 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st129Iain CHRISTIE Whistler, BC2:05.641-
2nd144Colby PRINGLE North Vancouver, BC2:07.6922.05s
3rd148Logan VAN EESTEREN Squamish, BC2:08.1732.53s
4th131Fraser DOWLING Whistler, BC2:08.5042.86s
5th138Ryder BULFONE Garibaldi Highlands, BC2:08.6953.05s
6th159Marcus CANT Kamloops, BCWe Are One2:08.7363.09s
7th136Nathaniel SPITZ Squamish, BC2:08.7873.14s
8th122Carl GOODWIN Christchurch, New Zealand2:09.6584.01s
9th168Chad BOXALL Whistler, BC2:10.7395.09s
10th124Alexis BOTTIN Whistler, BC2:10.83105.19s
11th140Jake POWELL Whistler, BC2:15.33119.69s
12th130Sean HAYZELDEN Garibaldi Highlands, BC2:15.921210.28s
13th127Ryan SEVERS North Vancouver, BC2:17.671312.03s
14th116John KANAVAROS Richmond, BCOTC Racing2:17.751412.11s
15th143Adam RAMSAY North Vancouver, BC2:18.211512.57s
16th114Kolt HOYLE Pemberton, BCCUBE Bikes2:18.221612.58s
17th134Jordan ROMANIUK North Vancouver, BCOTC Racing2:18.391712.75s
18th111Johannes (Casper) VAN GEEST Squamish, BCC42:18.651813.01s
19th149Devin STOWE Courtenay, BC2:19.021913.38s
20th118Will HAWKINS Whistler, BC2:20.142014.50s
21st120Ivan AYALA Vancouver, BC2:20.192114.55s
22nd151Jonny EDEN Whistler, BC2:21.052215.41s
23rd115Cole LAPSHINOFF Whistler, BC2:21.082315.44s
24th147Liam CLARKE Campbell River, BCSwicked Cycles2:21.752416.11s
25th156Josh KOBER Penticton, BC2:22.652517.01s
26th135Eric HARTLEY Port Moody, BCOTC Racing2:24.082618.44s
27th119Daniel BOYLE Whistler, BC2:24.412718.77s
28th150David SYMONS Anmore, BC2:24.782819.14s
29th152Eduardo GODINEZ Vancouver, BC2:27.022921.38s
30th126Tancrède CANTAYRE Montgaillard, France2:27.313021.67s
31st117Dave WEEKS Pemberton, BCZep Mtb Camps2:27.663122.02s
32nd139Sylvain EPITALON Guelph, ON2:28.313222.67s
33rd141Cody LINDSAY Vancouver, BC2:29.333323.69s
34th146Tom HAVRDA Courtenay, BCValley Kitchens Racing2:30.463424.82s
35th142Finn MANN Vancouver, BC2:31.233525.59s
36th113Michael NASH Vancouver, BC2:31.843626.20s
37th145Adam DUNNE Vancouver, BC2:32.593726.95s
38th137Liam SHELDON Victoria, BC2:38.443832.80s
39th125Louis KUBASIK Mount Currie, BC2:39.823934.18s
40th123Lewis ROBINSON Southhampton, UK2:41.294035.65s
41st128Jacob BENN Roseberry, BC2:42.184136.54s
42nd155Robert FENTON Vancouver, BC2:44.474238.83s
43rd121Aaron ERSKINE Burnaby, BC2:52.614346.97s
44th153Oscar AGUIRRE Vancouver, BC2:53.164447.52s
45th112Chad COATES Maple Ridge, BC5:46.08453:40.44
154Carlos RODRIGUEZ (BC) Burnaby, BCDNS
157Karson HUDDER Gibsons, BCDNS

Expert: 15-16 boys  Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st58Bodhi KUHN Rossland, BC1:59.971-
2nd64Brock HAWES Sun Peaks, BC2:01.0221.05s
3rd62Jon MOZELL North Vancouver, BC2:01.4231.45s
4th55Ryan GRIFFITH Squamish, BC2:03.9744.00s
5th52Wyatt HARRINGTON North Vancouver, BC2:04.3354.36s
6th53Dane JEWETT Squamish, BC2:04.5864.61s
7th51Henry SHERRY Victoria, BCNolan Riding2:04.7674.79s
8th56Rosaire WATSON Victoria, BCNolan Riding2:06.6886.71s
9th54Max HALCHUK Kelowna, BC2:06.7596.78s
10th59Jack MACLEOD Squamish, BCBlueprint Athlete Development2:06.76106.79s
11th57Logan CHAPMAN North Vancouver, BC2:07.19117.22s
12th60Seth PROULX-ROYDS Kelowna, BCSilverStar Race Team2:19.261219.29s

Expert: 17-18 boys  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st8Coen SKRYPNEK Squamish, BC2:00.201-
2nd1Drew MOZELL North Vancouver, BC2:02.3322.13s
3rd10Wei Tien HO Whistler, BC2:03.2933.09s
4th13Wynter HAYDYN Squamish, BC2:03.4143.21s
5th7Elijah BARRON Cobble Hill, BC2:04.5354.33s
6th2Ivan HANCHARD Smithers, BCGravity MTB racing2:04.6264.42s
7th4Cole STINSON Black Creek, BCGravity MTB racing2:06.9776.77s
8th12Yoav RAPOPORT Kefr Vitkin, Israel2:08.7588.55s
9th3Spencer YOUNG Duncan, BC2:09.2299.02s
10th5Leighton PILLIPOW Prince George, BC2:09.64109.44s
11th11Matthew MCMILLAN Coldstream, BCSilverstar Bike Team2:11.711111.51s
6Jackson GOLDSTONE Squamish, BCDNS
9Mason GAUTREY Whistler, BCDNS

Sport: 15-16 boys  Finish spread

53 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st208Zac STRATTON Pemberton, BC2:03.731-
2nd209Sami TEITZEL Pemberton, BC2:09.3725.64s
3rd193Jimi VOSS Victoria, BCNolan Riding2:09.8736.14s
4th207Jake POLITO Whistler, BCInstinct Development2:10.3446.61s
5th228Jacob QUIST Squamish, BC2:13.0359.30s
6th217Kyle CRAIG Garabaldi Highlands, BC2:13.1569.42s
7th199Cody WHARTON Golden, BCSelkirk Sports2:13.4579.72s
8th215Brian JU North Vancouver, BC2:13.96810.23s
9th235Clem LOVELESS Cumberland, BCGravity MTB racing2:14.27910.54s
10th206Lochlan HARVEY Whistler, BC2:14.411010.68s
11th225Cory FITCHETT Kelowna, BC2:14.501110.77s
12th218Nathan HAWKINGS Squamish, BC2:14.901211.17s
13th213Cohen MAH North Vancouver, BC2:15.431311.70s
14th201Liam OWEN North Vancouver, BC2:16.191412.46s
15th205David PEATFIELD Whistler, BCZep Mtb Camps2:16.301512.57s
16th227Nolan FIELDING Squamish, BC2:16.531612.80s
17th238Liam FILLINGER Abbotsford, BC2:16.741713.01s
18th221Aven ELSBERG Whistler, BCInstinct Development2:16.981813.25s
19th203Zachary FORTIN Kamloops, BC2:17.791914.06s
20th214Liam CAMPBELL North Vancouver, BC2:18.062014.33s
21st194Maddox WYKER Courtenay, BCGravity MTB2:18.892115.16s
22nd233Griffin TULK Squamish, BC2:20.642216.91s
23rd223Julian SANTANA Squamish, BC2:20.842317.11s
24th195Julian HASSAN West Vancouver, BC2:20.862417.13s
25th198David MCCLYMONT Kamloops, BC2:21.302517.57s
26th219Luis LASKOWSKI Smithers, BC2:21.952618.22s
27th337Felix TRITTHART Roberts Creek, BC2:22.652718.92s
28th200James MARMION North Vancouver, BC2:22.762819.03s
29th224Jesse HUNTER Prince George, BC2:23.552919.82s
30th236Jordan LATAUT Kelowna, BC2:23.643019.91s
31st171Tanner FINDLAY Delta, BCC4 Norco Racing2:25.963122.23s
32nd220Allen MILLER Smithers, BC2:26.133222.40s
33rd287Ethan SPITTEL Squamish, BC2:26.813323.08s
34th240Owen ROBERTSON Victoria, BCNolan Riding2:26.923423.19s
35th191Kai FULTON Vancouver, BC2:27.043523.31s
36th216Sean QUEENAN Comox, BC2:28.713624.98s
37th234Ben HIPPMANN Vancouver, BCDEVO / EscapeVelocity Society2:30.083726.35s
38th204Danny KROEKER Kamloops, BC2:31.813828.08s
39th210Gabriel RIOPEL Squamish, BC2:32.253928.52s
40th242Anders FANSLAU Brackendale, BC2:33.394029.66s
41st226Moritz TALAN Pemberton, BC2:36.104132.37s
42nd239Jack LOOKER Brentwood Bay, BCNolan Riding2:36.244232.51s
43rd212Samuel MONROY Garibaldi Highlands, BC2:37.644333.91s
44th230Cedric CHARRON Pemberton, BC2:40.114436.38s
45th237Ethan WOODS Abbotsford, BC2:41.544537.81s
46th232John KIRKHOPE Nanaimo, BC2:42.584638.85s
47th192Dexter WINTON Langley, BC2:42.864739.13s
48th222Nicholas DELORME Victoria, BC2:45.564841.83s
49th202Ethan HOOPER Heffley Creek, BC2:47.884944.15s
50th241Joshua PAOLOZZA Sechelt, BC2:48.115044.38s
51st229Alex HRABOWSKY Richmond, BC3:18.41511:14.68
52nd196James ESCOTT Heffley Creek, BC3:26.86521:23.13
231Michael DELESALE Vancouver, BCDNS

Sport: 17-18 boys  Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st177Garrett DAVIES Abbotsford, BC2:05.831-
2nd172Jamie GLASS Delta, BCC4 / Caps South Shore / Norco2:10.9525.12s
3rd176Connor HALLAS Sooke, BCNolan Riding2:11.5035.67s
4th174Olin COATES Clearwater, BC2:12.8747.04s
5th179Ryan MCINTOSH (u19) Mount Currie, BC2:15.4359.60s
6th182Logan SADAN Pemberton, BC2:17.45611.62s
7th178Devin FAWKES Nanaimo, BCGravity MTB Race2:17.90712.07s
8th328Levi MURAL Sechelt, BC2:19.01813.18s
9th187Cole DES LAURIERS West Vancouver, BC2:19.29913.46s
10th180Justin LESSARD North Vancouver, BC2:19.451013.62s
11th175Joran BRANTING Duncan, BC2:23.961118.13s
12th188Marcus SAYWELL Nanaimo, BC2:24.341218.51s
13th189Mastin HOOPER Heffley Creek, BC2:24.721318.89s
14th184Clayton BURROWS Sechelt, BC2:26.251420.42s
15th185Andrew WHITMAN Abbotsford, BC2:31.321525.49s
16th183Alex BIDDLECOMBE Richmond, BC2:41.961636.13s
17th170Jake KLAS Lions Bay, BC2:47.981742.15s
186Jack CHARLTON Cultus Lake, BCDNS
181Marcus ELSTONE Sunshine Coast, BCDNS

CGP Staff men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st325Layne HEMSTREET Sechelt, BC2:15.451-
2nd326Tyler MURYN Roberts Creek, BC2:22.5527.10s
3rd327William STANHOPE Grand Forks, BCCoast Gravity Park3:43.4231:27.97
330Curtis ROBINSON Roberts Creek, BCSpecialized Coast Gravity ParkDNS

13-14 boys  Finish spread

41 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st302Floyd GUY Pemberton, BC2:09.881-
2nd292Anthony SHELLY Whistler, BCInstinct Development2:12.0722.19s
3rd299Mateo QUIST Squamish, BC2:19.0939.21s
4th278Noah MILNER Vernon, BC2:20.15410.27s
5th286Jack MCCREDIE Whistler, BC2:22.55512.67s
6th306Charlie MCLELLAN Garibaldi Highlands, BC2:23.07613.19s
7th273Lucas RYALL Mission, BCIndependent Cycles2:23.59713.71s
8th289Cole GAUTREY Whistler, BC2:23.85813.97s
9th211Mason CRUICKSHANKS Squamish, BC2:24.56914.68s
10th272Ryder WILSON Nanaimo, BC2:25.801015.92s
11th294Sami TURUNEN Kamloops, BC2:26.031116.15s
12th300Ian BARCELLOS Vernon, BC2:26.121216.24s
13th298Jaxon BLAKE Kelowna, BC2:26.741316.86s
14th296West POLLOCK North Vancouver, BCDEVO2:27.661417.78s
14th288Sean MACLEOD Squamish, BCBlueprint Athlete Development2:27.661417.78s
16th281Rafe HUDSON Whistler, BCZEP2:27.791617.91s
17th293Felix CHALA Kamloops, BC2:28.991719.11s
18th282Cameron KEULING Whistler, BC2:30.281820.40s
19th291Jonah RICKARD North Vancouver, BC2:30.941921.06s
20th303Eric RELLING Vancouver, BC2:31.172021.29s
21st277Kai LUND North Vancouver, BC2:33.232123.35s
22nd274Koen LEFEVRE Ucluelet, BC2:33.562223.68s
23rd312Ewen STEEL Comox, BCGravity MTB2:34.512324.63s
24th280Grayson BARTH Whistler, BCZep Mtb Camps2:35.002425.12s
25th284Joffre STOREY Sechelt, BC2:35.132525.25s
26th307Ryder WOODS Abbotsford, BC2:36.712626.83s
27th301Luke MACKIE North Vancouver, BC2:37.692727.81s
28th271Aidan KENNELLY Roberts Creek, BC2:39.452829.57s
29th290Aidan CHERNENKOFF North Vancouver, BC2:41.332931.45s
30th309Lochlan STANLEY West Vancouver, BC2:41.883032.00s
31st285Tristan MCLEOD Gibsons, BC2:46.533136.65s
32nd304James TIWARI North Vancouver, BC2:46.583236.70s
33rd276Moses MILLEY North Vancouver, BC2:46.743336.86s
34th305Noah BENSLEY Surrey, BC2:48.113438.23s
35th297Oakley SALVISBURG Cowichan Bay, BC2:49.833539.95s
36th283Thomas KERR Roberts Creek, BC2:55.603645.72s
37th275Taylor ESCOTT Heffley Creek, BC2:55.863745.98s
38th295Cyrus NABAVI North Vancouver, BCEscape Velocity Youth Development3:04.813854.93s
39th279Drew SOLMES Vernon, BC3:11.79391:01.91
40th311Bradley THOMAS Roberts Creek, BC3:35.18401:25.30
41st308Karson TURNER Sechelt, BC3:56.11411:46.23

35-44 men  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st98Tom POWER Squamish, BCRippers Lounge Racing2:10.971-
2nd97Brian MUSSELLAM Powell River, BC2:12.5621.59s
3rd100George AMOS North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing2:19.8938.92s
4th92Rory BEIRNE Nanaimo, BC2:23.70412.73s
5th96Joseph BARBOUR North Vancouver, BC2:25.66514.69s
6th99Joe BAUCKHAM North Vancouver, BC2:27.04616.07s
7th101Daniel KOREL Squamish, BC2:28.21717.24s
8th102Edmund SMITH (sen) Gibsons, BCBag of Cans Racing Brigade2:31.04820.07s

45-54 men  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st93Michael STEWART Squamish, BCC4 Norco Racing2:23.051-
2nd94Graham BEATTY North Vancouver, BC2:28.8325.78s
3rd86Kal BRAGG Whistler, BC2:32.5639.51s
4th91Colin YARROW North Vancouver, BC2:35.58412.53s
5th90Kevin FOWLIE Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing2:43.57520.52s
6th89Brett CARELS Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing2:44.29621.24s
7th88Mark DOBIE Penticton, BC2:49.03725.98s
8th85Cecilio (Junjun) MULLEDA Sechelt, BC3:16.39853.34s
87Yaron RAPOPORT Kefr Vitkin, IsraelDNS

55+ men  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st80Donald VAN EESTEREN Squamish, BCRippers Lounge Racing2:20.021-
2nd84Mike WALLACE North Vancouver, BC2:27.6027.58s
3rd81Michael MOONEY North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing2:28.0938.07s
4th82John NIHSNER Golden, BCDERAILED2:36.01415.99s
5th83Ian RUDD North Vancouver, BC3:08.09548.07s

Pre-runner men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st352Emmett GUY Pemberton, BC2:31.201-
2nd350Cooper SALVISBURG Cowichan Bay, BCExperience Cycling2:53.00221.80s
3rd353Rex JOHNSON Abbotsford, BC2:54.16322.96s
4th351Keir BRAGG Whistler, BC3:13.84442.64s



Pro women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st165Ainhoa IJURKO Brackendale, BCCanyon Collective2:26.451-
2nd40Emilie-Soleil PATTERSON Revelstoke, BC2:33.1426.69s
3rd41Tori WOOD Squamish, BC2:34.3437.89s
4th44Brittany FALCONER Courtenay, BCGravity MTB racing2:48.34421.89s

Open women  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st167Marley SHEPPARD Whistler, BC2:47.361-
2nd161Amanda BAYLEY North Vancouver, BCOTC Racing3:26.03238.67s
3rd163Alex BARR Whistler, BC3:48.3231:00.96

Expert/Sport 19-34 women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st166Tori DZENIS Whistler, BC2:26.351-
2nd164Madison SKRYPNEK Squamish, BC2:39.26212.91s
3rd169Jasmine FUNK Prince George, BC2:43.06316.71s
4th162Lauren ECKERT Spokane Valley, WA, USA3:28.2241:01.87

13-14 girls  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st266Cameron BRAGG Whistler, BCInstinct Development2:36.281-
2nd267Tayte PROULX-ROYDS Kelowna, BCLiv CAN Off-Road Team2:39.5723.29s

15-16 girls  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st70Lucy VAN EESTEREN Garibaldi Highlands, BC2:26.131-
2nd79Kayley SHERLOCK Squamish, BC2:34.9428.81s
3rd66Emma WILSON Squamish, BC2:41.32315.19s
4th67Rachel GANT North Vancouver, BC2:42.05415.92s
5th68Tessa WANG North Vancouver, BC2:42.13516.00s
6th71Tori WEATHERBIE Squamish, BCNFA / One up components2:45.00618.87s
7th72Sofia GUY Pemberton, BC2:53.56727.43s
8th73Heidi SCHENK Garibaldi Highlands, BC2:58.16832.03s
9th78Spencer PASCUAL Garibaldi Highlands, BC2:58.33932.20s
10th69Quinzee ELSBERG Whistler, BC2:59.951033.82s
11th74Emily GOOD Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:00.071133.94s

17-18 girls  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st48Gracey HEMSTREET Sechelt, BCCommencal Condos CGP Fox Ryders Eyewear2:24.371-
2nd47Eva LEIKERMOSER Comox, BCGravity MTB2:25.4921.12s
3rd43Jade BLOUIN-COMEAU Comox, BCGravity MTB racing2:32.1337.76s
4th49Elly HOSKIN Garibaldi Highlands, BCTeam Squamish Cycling2:34.0249.65s
5th45Vanessa BRUNEAU North Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles2:37.58513.21s
6th46Isabelle ORSLER Comox, BCGravity MTB racing3:09.82645.45s

35+ women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
1st261Kallyn KEIL Vancouver, BC4:06.661-
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