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Grassroots Enduro at Sleepy Hollow Ski and Bike Center, VT

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Open men  Event progression Finish spread

45 competitors found

PosBib Name Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st282Cody PHILLIPS 1:2042:3313:531-
2nd207Clemente VARAS 1:1712:3523:532-
3rd368Emmet AVERY 1:1932:3633:553 2s
4th377Chris MACDONALD 1:1712:3963:564 3s
5th287Connor GRAY 1:2282:3854:005 7s
6th206Shaun ROBERTS 1:2042:4074:006 7s
7th208Keith JENNINGS 1:26142:3744:027 9s
8th366Ben EMERY 1:2042:4184:028 9s
8th196Jake WHITLOCK 1:2172:4184:028 9s
10th370Alex TROCHE 1:26142:44114:111018s
11th260Daniel HOCK 1:25132:48124:121119s
12th234Mike DAUBERT 1:24102:49134:131220s
13th361Sean O'CONNOR 1:24102:50144:141321s
14th373Rob GALLOWAY 1:2392:51164:141421s
15th381Koby GORDON 1:24102:52174:161523s
16th338Merrick GILLIES 1:29212:50144:181625s
17th379Tyler ARNOLD 1:28172:53184:211728s
18th261Tom SCHOORLEMMER 1:28172:56204:241831s
18th372Aaron STIEF 1:28172:56204:241831s
20th188Tom RYKR 1:28172:57224:252032s
21st237Paul HAUF 1:35262:55194:302137s
22nd374Sean MELINN 1:31242:59234:302237s
23rd388Crawford MORRIS 1:34253:00244:342341s
24th375Kevin HANS 1:30233:04254:352442s
25th378Erik WILSON 1:29213:05264:352542s
26th225Dustin CRESSMAN 1:27163:09284:352642s
27th367Paul CLAUSS 1:37313:06274:432750s
28th376Jeffrey JOHN 1:35263:13304:482855s
29th256Chris DUPLAY 1:36283:15314:512958s
29th362Scott MCCAMP 1:36283:15314:512958s
31st299Zach BUCHANAN 1:43353:10294:523159s
32nd258Frederic SANSOZ 1:37313:18334:54321:01
33rd359Tom CONNOR 1:36283:20364:56331:03
34th387Aiden GILBERT 1:42333:18335:00341:07
35th380James HALL 1:43353:19355:03351:10
36th242Brett JOHNSON 1:42333:21375:03361:10
37th365Gary TILDEN 1:44373:24385:08371:15
38th364Forest ANDERSON 1:45393:24385:09381:16
39th264Evan MOREAU 1:44373:27405:12391:19
40th369Andrew NELSON (east) 2:51432:4185:33401:40
41st273Giles ANDERSON 1:52423:43415:34411:41
42nd360Al LAURENT 1:50413:49425:39421:46
43rd303Chris PODKOWKA 1:46404:05435:51431:58
44th363Greg DURSO 3:19445:40458:59445:06
45th386Bino CUMMINGS 4:59455:194410:18456:25

U15 boys  Event progression Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st371Reuben STIEF 1:2612:4914:151-
2nd229Eli QUICKEL 1:2822:5624:232 8s
3rd278Lucas BARTON 1:3133:0034:31316s
4th384Griffin LARSON 1:3643:0644:41426s
5th231Ben WILSON 1:5254:3256:2552:10

U21 men  Event progression Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st383Sam HAYDEN 1:2612:4914:151-
2nd180Gabe GORE 1:4333:1224:55240s
3rd382Joe LECLAIR 1:4123:1934:59344s



Open women  Event progression Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st252Sarah HOWERTER 1:2712:5014:161-
2nd214Hannah HARRINGTON 1:2822:5224:202 4s
3rd213Anna SVAGZDYS 1:2932:5534:243 8s
4th250Andria GOLDEN 1:3042:5644:26410s
5th358Kristina USHAKOVA 1:3352:5854:31515s
6th197Hanna HOLM 1:3773:0764:44628s
7th357Sarah LIVINGSTON 1:3563:1974:54738s
8th253Julia AUSTIN 1:4183:3085:10854s
9th385Melissa CUMMINGS 6:3697:00913:3699:20
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