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The Malverns MTB Festival - GT Bicycles Dual Slalom at Eastnor Deer Park

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U19 men

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Final Seed
1st107Logan SMITH 1st-A17.702s21
2nd114Lewis CARR (u18) 2nd-A17.640s12
3rd111Rubin PASSBERGER 1st-B18.299s33
4th106Harry KIRBY 2nd-B18.518s44
5th108Izak WILLIAMS 1/418.854s55
6th103Luke REEDER 1/419.021s66
7th116Shane WINDRIDGE 1/419.058s77
8th110Tod BUCHANAN 1/419.280s88
9th115Jack GWILLAM 19.480s99
10th102Leon ATKINS 19.503s1010
11th112Ethan DOWELL 19.584s1111
12th105Joseph FOULGER 20.007s1212
13th109Aidan WORDEN 20.748s1313
14th100Nathan DE VAUX 21.684s1414

19+ men

60 competitors found

PosBib Name Final Seed
1st5Will SOFFE 1st-A17.367s21
2nd2Aidan BISHOP 2nd-A17.098s12
3rd48Gareth HOPKINS 1st-B17.584s33
4th156Ben DEAKIN 2nd-B17.720s54
5th40Oliver JONES (mas) 1/417.661s45
6th24James ANDERSON (elt) 1/417.784s66
7th42Mathew COOPER 1/417.964s147
8th58Giles AUSTING 1/418.206s178
9th22J.J. SCOTT 1/817.816s79
10th27John RIDDELL 1/817.842s910
11th21Finn TENNANT 1/817.908s1111
12th3Lewis LACEY 1/817.929s1212
13th1Rob WEBB 1/818.218s1813
14th141Matt GARDINER 1/818.322s2014
15th46Pete BOWCOCK 1/818.451s2315
16th11Fynn WATSON 1/818.547s2516
17th38Mike TAYLOR (mas) 1/1617.836s817
18th16Laurie TENNANT 1/1617.862s1018
19th49Joe VARNDELL ° 1/1617.933s1319
20th159Dave RICHARDSON (vet) 1/1618.104s1520
21st31Scott CORDY 1/1618.130s1621
22nd30Ash RICHARDSON 1/1618.224s1922
23rd63David HEMMING (vet) 1/1618.357s2123
24th20Kester MCQUEEN 1/1618.412s2224
25th33Richard BALDWIN 1/1618.474s2425
26th32William CLELAND 1/1618.557s2626
27th55Ed KITCHING 1/1618.578s2727
28th37John LAVERTY 1/1618.593s2828
29th6Jim BUCHANAN 1/1618.628s2929
30th7Andy WARD (mas) 1/1618.646s3030
31st44Henry SHARMAN 1/1618.704s3131
32nd64Keith FOULGER 1/1618.735s3232
33rd19Tim COLLINSON 18.766s3333
34th39Jon MOSS 18.771s3434
35th47Steve HARRIS 18.872s3535
36th59Jon GAMMIDGE 18.916s3636
37th84Rich WILLIAMS 18.933s3737
38th14Bruce WILLISON 19.121s3838
39th157Hans REY 19.152s3939
40th17Tom FROST 19.197s4040
41st9Gary WOODHOUSE 19.230s4141
42nd41Andrew FLETCHER (mas) 19.425s4242
43rd23Ben GREEN (vet3) 19.549s4343
44th18Callum RUSHTON 19.582s4444
45th54Chris WALKER (vet2) 19.688s4545
46th12Ollie CLEMENTS 19.697s4646
47th15Alex POWELL (sen1) 19.826s4747
48th43Ian HUMBLE 19.917s4848
49th62Miles KIRBY 19.983s4949
50th128Ben LEE 20.114s5050
51st50Jason SALDANHA 20.450s5151
52nd57Antony WOODWARD 20.579s5252
53rd61Richard STANNARD 21.052s5353
54th53David GILBERT (vet) 21.280s5454
55th34David DABBS 21.412s5555
56th26Taylor CRAIG 21.445s5656
57th36Gareth BEZANT (mas) 24.581s5757
58th51Chris BATES 25.279s5858
59th13Lewis GERAGHTY 25.449s5959
45Kieran RONS DSQ

° Rider racing out of category



Open women

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Final Seed
1st121Rhiannon GUNNER 1st19.866s21
2nd120Sian DILLON 2nd19.637s12
3rd125Rebecca BOOTH 20.096s33
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