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The Malverns MTB Festival - PinkBike Balance Bike Quad Eliminator at Eastnor Deer Park

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The original results are available at http://www.actionsportstiming.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Balance-Bike-Quad…

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2 boys

13 competitors found

3 boys

28 competitors found

4 boys

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Final
1st52Harvey SMITH (bbike) 1st-A1
2nd45Calum RABONE 2nd-A2
3rd49Hadley PIERCEY 3rd-A3
4th53Kade Devundre VIOLON 4th-A4
5th43Dylan GAMMIDGE DNS-B5
6th50Alexandra TULIP DNS-B6
7th54Max GEORGE DNS-B7
8th47Riley STARKE DNS-B8
9th42Charlene ALLSOPP 9
10th44Aubrey BRUNSDEN 10
11th48Laura CARRICK 11
46Leo COX

5 boys

4 competitors found



2 girls

7 competitors found

3 girls

6 competitors found

5 girls

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Final
1st72Grace TULLEY 11pts1
2nd74Frankie WOOD 10pts2
3rd73Ochre CHIDLEY 6pts3
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