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Male: Superclass

9 competitors found

Male: U7

14 competitors found

Male: 7yrs

17 competitors found

Male: 8yrs

29 competitors found

Male: 9yrs

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 2F 1F
1st181James BIBBY Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Mid Lancs BMX112411st
2nd555Isaac SMITH Preston Pirates / Rabracing4521112nd
3rd01Joseph ROOKE Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Bideford BMX132623rd
4th611Marcus MULLEN Preston Pirates121424th
5th717Leo ROWLANDS Bruntwood Park214745th
6th634Zac HAMILL Runnymede Rockets4631336th
7th284Ronnie PAIN Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M Source313737th
8th500Samuel RICHES Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Green Machine TRiBE233848th
9th975Layton HARDING Bournemouth / Sorted Racegear11137
10th086Adrian GAILITIS Peckham Challengers52186
11th307Zach EVERLY Derby / Hashtag 59622105
12th776Itai JAMERA Crucial BMX / Derby2215DNF
13th199Ahkyn BRAZIER Club Cyclopark344115
14th510Harry SWALES Gosport335118
15th202Louis SWALES Birmingham345126
16th294Alberts ALEIDZANS Bournemouth433107
17th102Oliver MERRON BDP Moto 1 Race Team / T.N.T.24713
18th875Nile EL-KINDY Knightwood56415
19th642Huwie HALL Cheshire Ghostriders BMX47415
20th548Emile CHALLENGER Brixton55616
21st169Saimons STEPANOVS Bournemouth66517
22nd559Oliver TAYLOR (u10) Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution57517
23rd668Jett THOMPSON Gosport65617
24th688Alexander OSORIO FALCONES Peckham Challengers74718
25th237Bramley HEAVER Andover / Team AIR85619
26th979Zach WORTHINGTON Preston Pirates / Send It BMX Race Team76720
27th216Theo DAVIES Mid Lancs BMX / Send It BMX Race Team67720
28th289Barry IRVINE Western Titans88622
29th144Noah BAGWELL Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution77822
30th410Jasper KIMBER Gosport78823
31st710Billy CHEESEMAN Gosport88824
32nd753Mason BARNARD Birmingham88824

Male: 10yrs

50 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st3Ethan RODGERS Birmingham / Team Meybo UK11131st21st
2nd5Charlie WILLCOCKS Bournemouth / Team Mind13262nd22nd
3rd1Freddie PARKINSON Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX11131st13rd
4th18Zane WILLIAMS Peckham Challengers16182nd14th
5th017Harry TYERS Hackney22482nd45th
6th21Thomas HONEYWILL Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE21474th36th
7th667Hunter MALYON Brixton31374th37th
8th258James MILLER (u11) Andover / Team AIR24281st48th
9th17Oliver ARNOLD Torbay BMX Racing Club13263rd5
10th918Thomas PALMER (u11) Preston Pirates443114th5
11th8Sullivan COLLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club24393rd8
12th16Colby WILLIAMS Peckham Challengers13151st8
13th9Dylan SPENCE Nottingham Outlaws / Team Bunneys52293rd7
14th135Oscar CHAMBERS (u11) Brixton32163rd6
15th030Joe DOUGLASS Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club24174th7
16th504Mark TWORZYDLO Peckham Challengers442102nd6
17th7Rocco DAVIS 365 BMX Racing / T.N.T.32275th
18th775Edward JONES (u11) Bruntwood Park23495th
19th20Ignacy LOREK Merton Saints11135th
20th728Otto BOWDEN Mid Lancs BMX553135th
21st4Joshua SYLVESTER Bournemouth / Mongoose Factory BMX Team UK41386th
22nd401Ralph SOWERBY Decoy455146th
23rd054Adam ARNOLD (u11) Braintree BMX Racing Club536146th
24th076Gilmour GREEN Bristol / Rustynut Racing654156th
25th26Clayton LEAT Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club634137th
26th033Ralph BAKER Nuneaton31597th
27th500Jawdan AJIBADE Brixton554147th
28th11Josh JEPSON Bruntwood Park363127th
29th27Harry HOLMES (HBC) Hackney744158th
30th994Xavi FOX-COOPER Bruntwood Park635148th
31st2Jake SMITH (u11) Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Green Machine TRiBE22268th
32nd141Charlie CRAIG (u11) Manchester32388th
33rd521Evan DAVEY Cornwall BMX Racing Club46515
34th22Bence Tibor KISS Peckham Challengers3DNF515
35th420Max VASS Runnymede Rockets45615
36th24Benedek MARKO Bournemouth62715
37th874Hayden CARTWRIGHT Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution55616
38th173Louie KUCHARIK Derby66517
39th433Henry PHILLIPS Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution57517
40th12Bodhi MARKLEY Concept Meybo UK / Knightwood66618
41st148Jamie TERBLANCHE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club66618
42nd14George REDDIN Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Technique48618
43rd430Samuel DOLAN Bruntwood Park74718
44th337Ethan HOWELL Nottingham Outlaws57719
45th15Harley REID (bmx) BMX United / Gosport77620
46th142Joey DEMIR Peckham Challengers85720
47th19Jude HOUGH Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX77721
48th31Riley BUTT Bideford BMX77721
49th852Alex ALAMUDI Peckham Challengers77822
50th29Stanley FARMER Peckham Challengers76DNS22

Male: 11yrs

45 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st5Ti D-S Factory Supercross / Peckham Challengers11241st11st
2nd3Coby WRAYFORD Clark & Kent / Decoy / Staystrong21141st12nd
3rd01Harry DONALD Birmingham11131st23rd
4th19Ned GUPPY Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Decoy12142nd34th
5th4Harry BAILEY Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club31151st25th
6th12James COTTRELL BMX Widow Photography / Preston Pirates12252nd46th
7th6Isaac SHORE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT23162nd47th
8th816Oscar JEWELL Andover / Team AIR22373rd38th
9th7Ronnie RICHARDS Fast Signatures BMX Team / Gosport11242nd6
10th11Chrystiano GOODMAN Peckham Challengers428143rd7
11th622Maxwell LAWRENCE Braintree BMX Racing Club343104th5
12th13Elvis LAWRENCE DC Cycles / Runnymede Rockets12253rd5
13th192Nate HAMILTON North East465154th8
14th15Thomas WESTMORE Runnymede Rockets354124th7
15th21Newton HINDLEY Andover / Team AIR443114th6
16th16Eli LAMB Fast Signatures BMX Team / Gosport664163rd8
17th9Oliver TYERS Hackney21365th
18th812Ben MILLINGTON Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club23275th
19th501Eddie MILLINGTON Bristol544135th
20th18Henry THOMSON North East475165th
21st970A.J. MOORE Peckham Challengers535136th
22nd14Pepe LOPEZ T.N.T.254116th
23rd486Rhys DOUGAN Western Titans644146th
24th808Thomas VARUTTI Peckham Challengers357156th
25th081Dylan SLATTER Hayes Hawks545147th
26th350Harry STEPHENS (u12) Bournemouth / Team Mind354127th
27th25Logan YOUNG Knightwood563147th
28th033Huey LILLINGTON Bournemouth636157th
29th766Edward MILLER Preston Pirates632118th
30th681Henry SHENTON Nottingham Outlaws44198th
31st274Nathaniel EAMES Preston Pirates565168th
32nd10Robin MATERN ALONSO GT Factory BMX UK / Peckham Challengers32388th
33rd309Milo WELLER Bruntwood Park73616
34th933Alfie SIMM Preston Pirates55616
35th29Layne GODDARD Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club66618
36th23Ashton ARENA 77519
37th275Owen MILLER Burnham48719
38th37Noah KLEIN Hackney86620
39th495George KAVANAGH-CLARKE Peckham Challengers77620
40th136Karl PEELO Peckham Challengers75820
41st34Lewis LINSCOTT Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club77721
42nd997Caiden THOMPSON Peterborough Phantoms67821
43rd253Cooper WESTWOOD Derby87722
44th598Ted YOUNG Runnymede Rockets78722
45th196Morgan PALMER Andover / Team AIR88723

Male: 12yrs

38 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st5Heath THOMAS Braintree BMX Racing Club / Thrill Factory UK11131st11st
2nd01Benjamin LARKINS Gosport / Pure Bicycles11131st12nd
3rd10Kai BOWEN Peckham Challengers11131st23rd
4th4Bradley JAMES Decoy11241st34th
5th6Lucas SEALEY Preston Pirates / Rabracing23272nd25th
6th200Jack DAVEY (u13) Cornwall BMX Racing Club22154th36th
7th12Alex DUNKLEY North East / Odum23273rd47th
8th11Freddie FRANKLIN Knightwood / Rustynut Racing33393rd48th
9th7Felix LOPEZ T.N.T.31374th5
10th8Lucas OSBORNE Birmingham / Sorted Racegear32383rd5
11th24Harvey TOMLINSON Merton Saints455142nd6
12th13Jenson HUNT Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Crucial BMX525122nd7
13th27Davi TIMMA Derby352102nd8
14th29Ted SPENCER Peckham Challengers424103rd7
15th19Ethan WINK Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club547164th6
16th21Louis AVERY Decoy / Psykopath Industries564154th8
17th25Enzo SHAW Club Cyclopark646165th
18th021Nataniel TONSKI Peckham Challengers346135th
19th116Eli PRICE Peckham Challengers556165th
20th35Finlay CRANIDGE Nottingham Outlaws / Team Bunneys865195th
21st281Benjamin ROUGH Hayes Hawks444126th
22nd161Leonard MANDZI Merton Saints675186th
23rdW3Emie SEWARD Blackpool / Crucial BMX472136th
24th17Sunny REID BMX United / Gosport463136th
25th754Eric MCSWITY Manchester / MCR667197th
26th42Freddie GATTESCO Runnymede Rockets755177th
27th41Kayden EL-KINDY Knightwood856197th
28th26Amos GUPPY Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Decoy24177th
29th31Olly KIRBY Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE574168th
30th1XElisha JAMERA Crucial BMX / Derby2338DNF
31st30Oliver SIM Mid Lancs BMX63413DNF
32ndW4Luke WILLCOCKS Bournemouth / Halo Wheels BMX Race team12DNF11DNS
33rd28Chase BARNARD Birmingham78621
34th737Isaac CORFIELD Manchester / MCR68721
35th430Teddy HEADLEY Peckham ChallengersDNF7722
36th068Salvador MORGAN HackneyDNF6822
37th077Oliver WOOD (u13) Bexhill Bike Park77822
38th141Olly TERBLANCHE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution78DNS24

Male: 13yrs

39 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st209Reuben BYRNE 21141st11st
2nd01James CLITHEROE Hardknox Byke Coaching / Mid Lancs BMX11132nd22nd
3rd029Jeremy LIN Alans BMX Heritage / Birmingham42171st23rd
4th1Finley HOUGH Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX23273rd34th
5th8Noah EVERLY Derby / Hashtag 5933282nd15th
6th5Oliver COPPING Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Crucial BMX544134th36th
7th309Mason LANG Fluent Bicycle Motocross11131st47th
8th6Fynn PHILLIPS Bournemouth / Mongoose Factory BMX Team UK12251st48th
9th11Eli SMITH Preston Pirates / Rabracing31263rd6
10th4Harry KEET Andover / Concept Meybo UK12472nd5
11th13Finlay COLLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club235104th8
12th058Cody COKER Hayes Hawks21363rd7
13th365Caden DONE Blackpool42394th5
14th17Freddie DUDMAN Concept Meybo UK / Runnymede Rockets34293rd8
15th845George CHAPMAN (bmx) Decoy653144th7
16th16Jack BAILEY (u14) Decoy / Rustynut Racing13152nd6
17th22Joe PENTON-VOAK Bristol535135th
18th15Samson TOWNSEND Bournemouth456155th
19th051Cameron COX (u14) Runnymede Rockets32385th
20th34Nathan BARATA Hayes Hawks654155th
21st23Lucas WEBSTER Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club345126th
22nd32Sam ELLIS (u14) Preston Pirates / Sorted Racegear567186th
23rd20Barnaby TUCKER Bournemouth663156th
24th359Daniel STEPHENS Bournemouth458176th
25th21Zachary TIER Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M Source556167th
26th18Kemi COOKE Doncaster BMX Racing / Odum446147th
27th286Sean BROWN Birmingham864187th
28th7Henry RAYNER North East / Odum244107th
29th28Louis PINDER Torbay BMX Racing Club765188th
30th995Bobby FOX-COOPER Bruntwood Park676198th
31st666Jamie HAYWARD Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution676198th
32nd27Jono HARRADINE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution775198th
33rd26Zack AVERY Decoy57719
34th026Oliver MUCHA Warsop Wheelies86721
35th25Bradley DAVISON Runnymede Rockets77822
36th983Tyler YATES Mid Lancs BMX88723
37th444Theo ROBBINS Andover / Team AIRDNF8723
38th563Ollie COTTAM Manchester / MCRDNFDNSDNS28
39th9Ben MOSLEY Fast Signatures BMX Team / GosportDNSDNSDNS29

Male: 14yrs

44 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st7Henry EYRE Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Decoy11241st21st
2ndW1XFreia CHALLIS Braintree BMX Racing Club / Moore Large RADIO Race Team21141st22nd
3rd4Gabe SIMPSON Manchester / ProStart BMX12142nd13rd
4th18Jay-Teale SIMPSON-DAVIES JumpClub S&M Source / Peckham Challengers32383rd34th
5th10Curtis COPELAND Birmingham / Psykopath Industries334104th45th
6th19Elliot BROOKE Preston Pirates / Rabracing42172nd46th
7th2Xander MAVOLWANE WRIGHT Peckham Challengers / Thrill Factory UK11131st17th
8th5Jared HILL Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club / Pure Bicycles11131st38th
9th156Hugo MOON Runnymede Rockets14272nd5
10th37Corey MCKIE Manchester52294th7
11th28Josh WILLIAMS (u15) Preston Pirates31152nd8
12th22Charlie GRANGER Fast Signatures BMX Team / Gosport12253rd5
13th31Jesse MILDENHALL Hackney253103rd6
14th25Samuel HAMBLING Ipswich334104th8
15th467Ted WARWICK Runnymede Rockets23383rd7
16th11Thomas MILLAR BDP Moto 1 Race Team / Hackney23494th6
17th20Jayden GREEN Blackpool / Send It BMX Race Team25295th
18th26Jayden FAWCETT Hardknox Byke Coaching / Manchester453125th
19th21Raio STEPANOVS Bournemouth42395th
20th32Kayn-Cruz PETIX Peckham Challengers364135th
21stW4XElsa RENDALL TODD Club Cyclopark / DC Cycles533116th
22nd48Ellis BERRY Mid Lancs BMX345126th
23rd39Niall O'CONNELL BMX Widow Photography / Preston Pirates544136th
24th46Joseph BAMFORD Bruntwood Park444126th
25th184Malachi PRICE Peckham Challengers736167th
26th23Lewis COOK (u15) Cumbernauld Centurions256137th
27th38Zach REEVES Derby445137th
28th50Jensen LEDGERWOOD-BARR Torbay BMX Racing Club656177th
29th745Romeo CAPPAI Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M Source655168th
30th782Zak CHAPMAN Manchester / MCR665178th
31st41Jayden TUDOR Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club665178th
32nd13Jacob DANIELL Love Not Money - Dirtworks / Nottingham Outlaws41278th
33rd040Elijah BANTON Peckham Challengers54817
34th33Rhodri JONES (u15) Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Rustynut Racing57618
35th43Oakley HOOPER Decoy57618
36th45Reece TOOLE Manchester / MCR86519
37th594Lui-Kye MAPP Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club77620
38th419Aidan TREW Braintree BMX Racing Club76720
39th337Alfie THOMPSON Peterborough Phantoms67720
40th832Tommy HADDLETON Andover / Team AIR77721
41st171Dylan BARLOW Runnymede Rockets77721
42nd070Caden ROBERTS Cornwall BMX Racing Club / DC Cycles68721
43rd912Harry ELLWOOD Cardiff BMX Racing Club76821
44th280Charlie ROUGH Hayes Hawks88723

Male: 15yrs

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st1Ben CORNISH Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club11132nd11st
2nd1XOlly KENDALL JumpClub S&M Source / T.N.T.24393rd32nd
3rd12Reuben SMITH JumpClub S&M Source / T.N.T.11131st43rd
4th7Miller HUGHES Club Cyclopark13261st24th
5th10Lewis LONGLEY ProStart BMX / T.N.T.41384th15th
6th3Harry TANNER GT Factory BMX UK / Manchester11572nd26th
7th18Charlie BIGGER Manchester / MCR22152nd3DNF
8th9Zak GREENE Derby / Moore Large RADIO Race Team34293rd4DNF
9th5Harrison COLLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club21141st5
10th13Lewis FLETCHER (u16) 365 BMX Racing / T.N.T.254113rd8
11th16Danny Jake MONFORTE GT Factory BMX UK / Peckham Challengers32164th7
12th22Benjamin WEISS Birmingham446144th6
13th19Arne ESSLEMONT Andover / Team AIR33393rd5
14th39Dexter GAMBE Peckham Challengers32274th6
15th785Lucas SMITH (MLANC) Hardknox Byke Coaching / Mid Lancs BMX22482ndDNF
16th6Harrison BELL Pure Bicycles / Western Titans12251stDNF
17th29Chay YOUNG Hayes Hawks453125th
18th17Samuel DAY Gosport366155th
19th28Joshua SIMPSON-JACOBS Peckham Challengers644145th
20th14Max DUDMAN Concept Meybo UK / Runnymede Rockets534125th
21st21Ike DULY Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M Source533116th
22nd41Louis TAY EDWARDS Hackney465156th
23rd35Lamin AKERELE Peckham Challengers564156th
24th23Joseph MAKEPEACE North East / Pure Bicycles665176th
25th68James JOHANSEN Gosport556167th
26th746Ethan CHANTLER Blackpool577197th
27th31Jay DREW Gosport776207th
28th11Oskar ALVAREZ GT Factory BMX UK / Peckham Challengers43297th
29th37Lorenz PATTEN Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Peckham Challengers745168th
30th508Joseph LONG Braintree BMX Racing Club676198th
31st15Kaishu FLUKES Bath BMX655168th
32nd40Samuel MUCHA Warsop Wheelies65DNF18DNS
33rd32Cian BROWN KBMX-UK / Knowsley76720
34th46Johnny JACKSON Hayes Hawks77721

Male: 16yrs

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 2F 1F
1st2Taylor HUNT Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Crucial BMX111311st
2nd10Freddie CADMAN CARPENTER Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club4721332nd
3rd01Lukah MCKENZIE Peckham Challengers112413rd
4th14Owen PUTLAND Peterborough Phantoms333934th
5th968Ned PENNY Bath BMX / Psykopath Industries122545th
6th17Jake ADCOCK Gosport / ICE Bikes UK Factory Team221526th
7th7Joseph CAREY Concept Meybo UK / Peterborough Phantoms211427th
8th15Alistair GARDNER Bournemouth / Team Mind231648th
9th4Ben FITZSIMMONS Cumbernauld Centurions13485
10th239Mickey PORTER Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club463137
11th23Sonny FLAVELL Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Bideford BMX31377
12th19Rossi O'BRIEN ICE Bikes UK Factory Team / T.N.T.644146
13th941Kurtis SVEIKUTIS Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Love Not Money - Dirtworks525128
14th26Kieran BENEOCHRIST Peckham Challengers22265
15th8Jayden SEWARD Blackpool / Crucial BMX383146
16th11Harvey FAWCETT Hardknox Byke Coaching / Manchester434118
17th12Luke MORRIS Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution44614
18th6Billy BROWN Bournemouth / Clark & Kent / Staystrong34714
19th28Oscar MASSIEU-COWLARD Bournemouth / Team Mind55515
20th9Jude GREEN JumpClub S&M Source / T.N.T.54615
21st24Tai BRIDDEN Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Decoy55616
22nd30Joshua CATES Braintree BMX Racing Club / Thrill Factory UK66517
23rd134Thomas GRIEG Preston Pirates / Send It BMX Race Team65718
24th35Callum DALEY Runnymede Rockets78419
25th31Jack RIXON Hackney78520
26th099Keanu SCHAFER-COHEN Hackney77620
27th457Dylan WILLIS Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution67720
28th21Sebastian HAMBLING Ipswich75820
29th29Ezra THOMPSON Brixton87722
30th138Kendall GRIEG Preston Pirates / Send It BMX Race Team86822
31st34Erik BAMFORD Bruntwood Park86822
32nd607Barney DEVEREUX Milton Keynes BMX Racing ClubDNSDNSDNS30

Male: 17-18

28 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 2F 1F
1st8Alfie BAX Bath BMX / Clark & Kent / Staystrong221511st
1st496Adam GILBERT (SC) Braintree BMX Racing Club / Thrill Factory UK244101st
2nd11Joshua IZZARD Halo Wheels BMX Race team / Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club132612nd
2nd900Leon PARKER-LIVESEY Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX42392nd
3rd3Max AVERY Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE141622nd
3rd357Ashton COOPER Hardknox Byke Coaching / Mid Lancs BMX15283rd
4th33Shaun TOBIN Hayes Hawks / JumpClub S&M Source213624th
4th779Spencer GIBSON Birmingham / Concept Meybo UK33176th
5th424Ben CURLING Pure Bicycles / Runnymede Rockets322735th
5th300Charlie ROY BDP Moto 1 Race Team / Hayes Hawks665174th
6th16Kolby ELLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Bideford BMX413846th
6th141George HUNT (BRUM) Birmingham / ICE Bikes UK Factory Team716147th
7th17XKana BUSBRIDGE Club Cyclopark4261247th
7th139Casey MARKLEY Concept Meybo UK / Knightwood577195th
8th859Kamil SULEYMAN DC Cycles / Hackney11133DNF
9th23Josh ADAMS (jun) Cumbernauld Centurions23495
10th19Oliver NISCO Runnymede Rockets534128
11th19XFinley JACKSON (jun) Merton Saints444126
12th27XLuke DAVIES-HAYES Mid Lancs BMX / Send It BMX Race Team652137
13th12XEwan THOMSON Braintree BMX Racing Club345125
14th15Dylan MERRICK Runnymede Rockets / Sorted Racegear355137
15th41Matt MCHUGH BMX Widow Photography / Preston Pirates565166
16th816Zakaria YESEMA Peckham Challengers663158
17th21Rudy MILDENHALL Hackney55717
18th412Kyran PATEL Hayes Hawks67619
19th26Finley LYNCH Andover / Rustynut Racing77620
20th35Finley RANDLE Redditch Premiers76720
21st27Tyler CHADWICK Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Send It BMX Race Team77721

Male: 19-29

21 competitors found

Male: 30+

11 competitors found

Male: 40+

14 competitors found

Male: 50+

12 competitors found

Male: Cruiser: 9-12

22 competitors found

Male: Cruiser: 13-14

19 competitors found

Male: Cruiser: 15-16

19 competitors found

Male: Cruiser: 17-29

27 competitors found

Male: Cruiser: 40-44

18 competitors found

° Riders racing out of category

Male: Cruiser: 45-49

20 competitors found