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DateRace Venue Competitors Men's FTD Rider Women's FTD Rider
16th Aug 20202020 Tweedlove Triple Crown #2 - Vallelujah
(2020 BEMBA National Enduro Series, Round 1)
31st May 20202020 Tweedlove Triple Crown #1 - TenduroInnerleithen-
1st Sep 2019Tour O The Borders Powered by PirelliPeebles-
18th Aug 20192019 BEMBA National Enduro Series #5 photo_library
(2019 Tweedlove Triple Crown, Round 3 - BNES)
Innerleithen34716:51.54Christopher GALLAGHER21:17.30Jess STONE
16th Jun 2019Cycle Law Scotland Skinny TweedPeebles3232h17:15.00Ed CATFORD2h36:32.00Rachel HUGHES
9th Jun 2019Transcenduro Boost photo_libraryInnerleithen9111:40.62William BRODIE13:56.91Emily CARRICK-ANDERSON
9th Jun 2019Transcend Epic photo_libraryInnerleithen1141h04:20.49Thomas MITCHELL1h22:10.02Ellie MAXFIELD
9th Jun 2019Enjoyro photo_libraryInnerleithen2399:40.00Callum HAY (yth)10:29.00Janey KENNEDY
9th Jun 2019Bosch eMTB Challenge photo_libraryInnerleithen5018:54.65Darren HOWARTH19:44.24Tracy MOSELEY
8th Jun 2019Gritopia photo_libraryInnerleithen131
8th Jun 20192019 Tweedlove Triple Crown #2 - Transcenduro photo_libraryInnerleithen32618:47.65Christopher GALLAGHER21:23.63Rebecca BARAONA
25th May 2019Glentress 7 photo_libraryGlentress5997h03:57.00Jonte WILLINS7h12:03.00Ishbel STRATHDEE
24th Mar 20192019 Tweedlove Triple Crown #1 - Vallelujah photo_libraryGlentress51016:09.05Ben BALFOUR18:32.53Tracy MOSELEY
2nd Sep 2018Tour O The BordersInnerleithen-
19th Aug 2018King & Queen of the hill photo_libraryGlentress32915:42.19Danny HART (elt)18:28.47Rebecca BARAONA
10th Jun 2018UK Enduro National Champs '18 photo_libraryGlentress50416:04.25Lewis BUCHANAN (elt)19:13.26Rebecca BARAONA
9th Jun 2018Skinny TweedPeebles-
9th Jun 2018Gritopia photo_libraryPeebles1412h14:37.00Ruairi REVELL2h42:56.00Jackie REID
8th Jun 2018Love CrossPeebles-
2nd Jun 2018G-Form Enjoyro photo_libraryGlentress20716:41.00Crawford CARRICK-ANDERSON18:55.00Anna MCGORUM
26th May 2018Glentress 7 photo_libraryGlentress6587h07:14.00Jonte WILLINS6h54:03.00Ellie DAVIES
25th Mar 2018Whyte Vallelujah photo_libraryGlentress51018:09.69Sam FLOCKHART22:17.54Polly HENDERSON
20th Aug 2017King & Queen of the hill photo_libraryInnerleithen36215:29.60Lewis BUCHANAN (elt)22:06.51Eilidh WELLS
11th Jun 2017Shimano International Enduro photo_libraryGlentress44023:31.53Greg CALLAGHAN27:10.45Tracy MOSELEY
10th Jun 2017Skinny TweedPeebles-
9th Jun 2017G-Form EnjoyroGlentress24815:25.00Crawford CARRICK-ANDERSON19:05.00Georgia LESLIE
27th May 2017Glentress 7 photo_libraryGlentress-
26th Mar 2017Vallelujah photo_libraryGlentress45320:59.63Gary FORREST25:31.07Janey KENNEDY
21st Aug 2016King & Queen of the hill photo_libraryInnerleithen37217:14.00Gary FORREST21:42.00Katy WINTON
22nd May 2016Shimano International Enduro photo_libraryGlentress47524:41.31Greg CALLAGHAN28:15.66Tracy MOSELEY
15th May 2016Skinny Tweed photo_libraryPeebles4162h12:11.00Michael MCCONNELL2h34:48.00Moira JENT
27th Mar 2016Vallelujah photo_libraryGlentress40622:01.00Christopher GALLAGHER27:25.00Eilidh WELLS
23rd Aug 2015King & Queen of the hill photo_libraryGlentress38918:37.00Greg CALLAGHAN22:32.00Katy WINTON
29th Mar 2015Vallelujah photo_librarySelkirk41314:01.00Crawford CARRICK-ANDERSON18:51.00Jess STONE
24th Aug 2014King & Queen of the hill photo_libraryGlentress40522:23.00Chris BALL (1)30:18.00Roslynn NEWMAN
26th May 2013POC King & Queen of the hillGlentress37026:19.00Gary FORREST33:44.00Emma GUY
27th May 2012POC King & Queen of the hill photo_libraryGlentress20340:15.00Andy BARLOW46:13.00Katy WINTON
26th May 2012Mini DHInnerleithen721:51.69Calum MCGEE2:22.87Lauren BEATY
TBA2020 Tweedlove Triple Crown #3 - King & QueenInnerleithen-
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